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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Cousin (2024)

How do we talk about a complete family without the cousins? We’re talking of people that have added colour, vitality and light to our lives. We’re talking about people that have shown signs that you can trust them to be there when the chips are down. People you can truly call your own.

Because today is your cousin’s birthday, because it is a special day and you’re grateful for him/her, because you’re thankful for the spark and colour they bring, then, today is an excellent opportunity to pray for them and to wish them an amazing year.

It is an opportunity to wish them well, to speak blessings and growth into their lives. It is also an opportunity to speak long life, prosperity and good health in their lives. So, go ahead and send your good wishes to your cousin with these heart touching birthday wishes for cousin.

Check them below!

Happy Birthday To My Cousin

To wish your cousin a happy birthday, and to pray that he/she blossoms and prospers in this new year, check the thoughtful messages below.

1. It’s world cousin day today! Dearest cousin, I’m glad that you’ve added another year today. I’m glad that you’re growing better and bigger. I just want to say thank you for your care and support over the years. And I want to say that I love you so much. Happy birthday.

2. I actually wish that you grow up to realise that you are complete in every sense. I wish that you grow up to see that you are so much more. And I hope that you grow up to be self-assured and confident. Happy birthday, my cousin.

3. You are an inspiration through and through. Thank you for spurring me on to good things. Thank you for constantly showing me that I can achieve anything I set my heart to. Happy birthday, cousin of life.

4. You are so selfless! And every day, I see another definition to selflessness. Thank you for being a model and a wonderful person. Happy birthday, cousin.

5. I love how you try to look after us. I love how you put family first. And I love how you’ve set your priorities. May this year bring you blessings and countless opportunities. Happy birthday!

6. I pray that you will look back and remember this year for good. I hope that this year surpasses all your expectations for it. Happy birthday, cousin!

7. Actually, you add colour to all our lives. And I never want you to doubt your relevance in our family. Happy birthday, coz. Blossom!

8. I can’t wait to smother you with hugs when we see. I’m super proud of the man you’re growing up to be. I’m glad that you have a sense of purpose, and know where you’re headed to. May this year bring you connections and warm relationships. Happy birthday, darling!

9. I hope that this year gives you countless reasons to be happy. Because I never want you to lose your spark at all. Happy birthday, cousin!

10. You’re by far the most easy-going person I know. Thank you for bringing so much calm and peace to us all. Thank you for being all shades of wonderful! Happy. 20th birthday, my darling cousin.

11. I pray that you enjoy limitless opportunities in this new year of yours. I hope that your eyes open up to a world of countless opportunities and possibilities. Happy birthday, cousin!

12. I pray that this year will see you better and stronger. I pray that it will see you more established in your purpose and plans for your life. Happy birthday!

13. May this new year see you walking more in the way of the Lord. May you never lose your footing or way in life. Happy birthday to you, cousin!

14. You’ve been such a blessing to our family. And surely, you’ve added colour to the lives of others. In your new year, I pray that you will keep touching lives positively. Happy birthday.

15. May peace and joy fill your heart till overflowing. May you experience good health and abundance like never before. Happy birthday, cousin. I love you.

16. May you continue to soar. May your strength not flag down. And may you enjoy good health, so you can pursue all your goals. Happy birthday!

17. Today’s a special day for you. And I pray that you’ll keep enjoying only special blessings. Happy birthday, darling.

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18. May this year bring you closer to your dreams. May it bring you closer to the plans you’ve set for yourself. Happy birthday, darling.

19. May you enjoy blessings all-round. May good health and long life be abundant for you. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you!

20. May you reach every one of your goals. Small and big, may you live them out in reality. Happy 25th birthday, darling cousin. It’s a beautiful year already.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin – Male

Birthdays are wonderful times to send in beautiful and thoughtful messages for the new year.

Your male cousin would definitely appreciate these birthday wishes.

21. I’m thankful for your life and for the blessings of the past year. I definitely cannot wait for the good things I know you’ll experience in this new year. Happy 24th birthday, dearest cousin.

22. Honestly, I’ve learnt that family will always be important. That they’ll always be the ones to have your back when things go awry. Thank you for being my family. And for always being here for me, both in good and bad times. Happy birthday to you.

23. As you celebrate adding another year today, I pray that there will be countless opportunities to shine your light for your world to see. I pray that there will be countless opportunities to use your talent to bless the people around you. Happy birthday, cousin of life.

24. You are a good man indeed. Years have proven this fact to me. I’m so happy to be family with you. I’m so glad to have someone like you fighting in my corner. May your new year be filled with God’s love and mercy. Happy birthday, brother and cousin.

25. You always strive to see that the people around you smile. As much as possible, you want them to be comfortable, and to thrive. As you celebrate turning 30 today, I pray that you will always be comfortable and that you’ll find so many reasons to smile and thrive. Happy happy birthday!

26. You make the world a better place with the things that you do. You make this family a wonderful place to be in. I’m always grateful for you. And I pray for more strength and blessings for you. Happy birthday, coz!

27. You’re an interesting man, and there’s really no one like you in the entire world. I love you with all my heart, and I wish you long life, prosperity and good health in this new year. Happy 27th birthday, cousin.

28. I hope that you have a fantastic new year. One that is as fantastic as you. I also hope that the bulk of your dreams will come to reality for you. Happy birthday, my cousin.

29. I know that life isn’t all rosy. But it won’t stop me from wishing you a rosy new year. I see all the struggles of the past year. And I’m certain God will allow only wonderful opportunities come your way this new year. Happy birthday, coz!

30. I’m happy that I have an amazing cousin to do life with. I’m happy that you’re a part of our family. I’m proud of you, and I love you always. Happy 15th birthday, cousin!

31. Lord knows that I will not stop offering prayers up on your behalf. I won’t stop asking that you reap the rewards of your labour. I won’t stop praying that you live long and full on earth. Happy 27th birthday, cousin.

32. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. The past few years may have been rough on our relationship, but I still love you. Here’s to an amazing and wonderful year for you. Happy birthday!

33. This year already feels different. It already has breakthrough written all over it. This is how I know that you’ll enjoy success in all your endeavours. And that you will enjoy fruitfulness like never before. Happy birthday, coz!

34. When thoughts of you come to mind, I always ask that you grow up to realise your worth. That you grow up to discover that you’re whole. Nothing has changed still. I want you to realise that you’re worth more than gold and silver in this new year. Happy 26th birthday, cousin!

35. May you always enjoy the rewards of your labour. May negativity be far away from your dwelling. And may you encounter success all the time. Happy 35th birthday, cousin.

36. You’re a vibe on your own! And you bring extras all the time! Thank you for loving us extra. Thank you for forgiving and caring for us extra. May you experience a new year of extras. Happy birthday, cousin!

37. I’m so glad that you’re family. In this time when a lot of people can’t boast of a relationship with their cousins, I’m glad that I have you. Thank you for the access, and for extending an arm of friendship. Cheers to an amazing new year. Cheers to 40.

38. We’re cousins and best friends. It’s really not hard to imagine why. You have the most beautiful heart ever. You’re kind, patient and loving. I’m always glad for you, and I wish you a wonderful year. Happy 28th birthday, cousin.

39. I hope you enjoy a year without the constant calculations. Lord knows that you deserve to have loads of fun and enjoyment. You are always going all the way for other people, and you deserve a year of relaxation. Here’s to a fun-filled new year, cousin. Cheers!

40. I’m so certain that this year will be more than you think it would be. I’m certain that you will enjoy blessings, favour and unlimited connection. Happy 37th birthday, cousin. It’s a beautiful year already.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin – Female

Females may get emotional with thoughtful messages, birthday wishes being one of such. But you can also make them laugh with these funny birthday wishes.

41. Have you taken out time to reflect today? You know, I heard reflecting on the meaning of life, the step you’re about to take, and what you really want, are part of becoming older. Happy birthday, cousin. Here’s to reflecting plenty!

42. What haven’t witnessed in your life? In other news, that is a sign of someone that has gone through a lot in life and is getting older. Well, I’m glad you’re in my corner. So I can come for life’s advice whenever I need it. Happy birthday!

43. I’m getting you a bonnet/hat today. It’ll be a reminder of how long you’ve lived, and the many trends you’ve watched evolve over time. Don’t thank me! I do love you. Happy birthday, cousin!

44. Time indeed flies when you’re having fun. Only, you’ve not been having fun. Because you’ve been too busy trying to secure the bag and money. Well, here’s the year you’ll learn to relax. Because what is life without enjoyment, and because you’re getting older! Happy birthday, my cousin of life.

45. Thank you for your all-round expertise. That can only come with old age. Cheers to a year of dishing out life experiences and nuggets for us younger ones. Happy birthday, princess!

46. It’s a double blow you’re facing today. The fact that you’re getting older, and the fact that sibling responsibility is knocking. But you’ll be fine. Happy birthday!!!

47. Feel free to pull the age card whenever we have an argument or disagreement. I won’t hesitate to remind you of how you’re getting close to the years of wrinkles and creaking bones. Happy 35th birthday, cousin!

48. You’ve been around for as long as I can remember. There’s no memory of mine that your presence doesn’t colour. Thank you for staying through. And thank you for being older. That way, I’ll enjoy the privileges of having a big sister. Happy birthday, coz!

49. You always stand out! Before you conclude that it’s your person or dress sense, it’s because you’re older, and have an idea on everything. Happy birthday!

50. I look at you and hope fills my heart. I don’t have to make too many mistakes. You’ll make them for me. I don’t have to worry about a new wardrobe once in a while. I’ll have yours to raid. Happy happy birthday, cousin!

51. I hear people say that you’re still young. Well, we’ll give it 5 more years and see if the report doesn’t change. LOL! Happy birthday!

52. You’re deeply rooted. In almost everything, you have an idea or suggestion. That’s one sign of old age and someone who has seen and experienced lots of trends. Happy birthday, cousin!

53. Here’s to remaining forever young. The outer part may age with wrinkles and all. But my mind will always carry memories of you as you are now. Happy birthday!

54. I saw a tinge of grey the last time. Thankfully, you can just take out the affected part, or just dye it black! I can help with either. Happy birthday, cousin!

55. Here’s to a hear of shouting some more, and looking after the siblings. You may not have it together all the time, but the shoutings aren’t as loud as before. Happy birthday, cousin!

56. We’ve seen a lot together, true. We’ve experienced a lot, and we have lots of stories to tell. But I just want to remind you that I’m still the younger one. Happy birthday, cousin!

57. Your age is going to remain a blackmailing chip forever. I’ll use it to get whatever I want. So, be warned in advance! Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

58. You know, you seem to have it all. Athletic body, smooth and soft skin, and the rest of them. Well, flash news! These won’t be there forever. Feel free to call me a hater. Happy birthday, cousin. You know I love you so much!

59. Here’s to having more money in your account. As an older adult, I heard you should have backup investments and all. Happy birthday!

60. How you defend me before outsiders and whoop me privately is so sweet. Thank you for being all shades of protective with me. Love you loads, cousin. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Your birthday wishes to your cousin brother can also be warm and funny at the same time.

Check the wishes below out!

61. Well, aren’t you ageing and getting to that point when wrinkles will mar your face! At least, we’re gradually approaching the time when you’d stop hyping how handsome you are. (Rolls eyes). Still, I love you so much. And I pray that you have the best year ever. Happy 30th birthday, cousin.

62. Just the mere thought of you is enough to make me laugh till my cheeks hurt. You’re truly a vibe! Your facial expression, the way you pose and talk is everything! Glad to have someone like you to make me laugh, and to make the family moments lively. Happy birthday, dearest cousin. I love you!

63. Here’s to the oldest person in our circle of friends. Thank you for blazing the trail for us all. Rest assured, we’re coming for life lessons and nuggets. Because, of course, we don’t have to make the same mistakes when you’re with us. Happy birthday, coz!

64. I’ll always see you as a young boy, even though you’re ageing and all. (Tongue out). You’ll always be that person that chased me around, tricked me on too many occasions, but defended me to the outsiders. Here’s to the best cousin I could have ever asked for! Happy birthday, dear!

65. Since you’re the all-knowing one, and you’re obviously older today. I’ll be coming for life lessons. After all, you don’t want me making the same mistakes as you’ll make in the coming years. Happy birthday!

66. Age is really just a number. In my mind, you’ll always be ever young. Please read that the other way round! Anyways, you’ve been such a wonderful addition to not just the family, but to my life as well. I love you, and I wish you heaven’s best today!

67. You’re really grown! From playing in only pants to sucking on your thumb. You’ve come a long way! Here’s to an amazing year. And you can be sure that I’ll send you some those little baby pictures once in a while. Happy birthday, cousin.

68. Baby boy of life! Soon, it’ll be a pleasure watching you relinquish that title to someone else. At least, we’ll see the last of you “feeling yourself,” and obsessing about your fine looks all the time! For now, happy birthday, cousin!

69. Here’s to a year of saving for the future. I already see retirement looming. And as a good person, I’m reminding you of the need to save in preparation for it. Don’t thank me! What are cousins for?! Happy birthday, dearest cousin. I love you so much!

70. It’s really funny watching your siblings look up to you. You that just want to live the baby boy life. Now, you have to coordinate the affairs of others. I’m not laughing. (I am actually). But I am just amazed, and I also want to say that I love you. I love your sense of responsibility, and I love your selflessness. Happy birthday, coz.

71. If we aren’t getting close to the years of massages, I don’t know what else we’re doing. But I’m glad! Because I can’t wait to see you struggle to walk around, see the fine lines on your face, and to hear the creaks from your bones. Good thing is, even though you’ll get there before me, you can also watch me go through the same process. Happy happy birthday, my cousin. I love you so much.

72. You have the finest skin ever. But, thankfully, who stays young forever? You should know the answer. So, here’s to enjoying the years without wrinkles and all. I’ll be cheering for you. Happy birthday!

73. Thankfully, you’re ageing like fine wine. Else, you’d have had to endure the plenty jabs I’d have thrown at you. Happy birthday, dearest cousin. Live long and full!

74. Along with living is growing older. Here’s to my many laughters, watching you navigate the journey of marriage and child-rearing. Something you said was going to happen far away in the future. Now that future is so close! Happy birthday, baby girl!

75. Tomorrow, we’ll start learning how to use the gram. ‘Old age’ shouldn’t stop you from learning the latest! Yes, I love you that much! Happy birthday, my darling.

76. I know how you love your freedom. So, it’ll be fun watching how this new year will bring new restrictions. How the new year will add more responsibilities to the ones you already have. Happy 25th birthday, cousin. By now, you already know that I love you.

77. Here’s to a night of dancing, drinking and partying like non-stop. Because soon, you’ll be too tired to go at it for a half a night, let alone a full one. Happy birthday, coz!

78. I’ll forever hold the fact that you’re older than me over you. It’ll be my blackmailing chip whenever I need to get things from you. The only reason I’m telling you, is so you know beforehand. And so you don’t accuse me of blackmail! Happy birthday, cousin!

79. Honestly, with the way you’re going, like you’ll be young forever and all. I just want to remind you that you’re growing older. You won’t be young forever. Just have that at the back of your mind. Happy birthday! Long life, prosperity and good health.

80. We’re finally getting to the point where we don’t have to watch you obsess over your skin and looks. Praise God! Happy birthday, my love. There’s really no cousin like you in the entire world.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

These birthday messages will double as wishes and prayers for your cousin sister for her new year.

Try them out!

81. This new year is a wonderful time to wish you some good old wishes. So, as you add another year today, I wish you long life, prosperity and good health. These wishes never go out of fashion for me, and they sum up the things I want for you in this new year. Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

82. I’m really fortunate to be friends with someone as kind and amazing as you are. May God never cease to shower you with his favour and joy. Happy birthday, sister.

83. I can already feel that it will be a year of good surprises for you. So, enjoy a year filled with more surprises than you can count. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

84. You’re so loved and cherished. I want you to remember this all the time, and to affirm it too. You’re completely loved and cherished, and we will always have your back. Happy 16th birthday, cousin.

85. High five for the achievements of the past year! You’re one young lady that keeps inspiring and doing us proud. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year filled with more achievements. Happy birthday, cousin sister!

86. You’re one lady that is dear to my heart, Lord knows. In addition to the gifts you’ll receive today, I pray that heaven will continually shower you with unending gifts. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

87. This is a time when you need clarity and direction like never before. I see that you’re kind of anxious and worried about making the wrong choices. But I want you to be at ease. You will find the clarity and guidance you need to navigate this year and the coming ones. There’ll be so much clarity, that you’ll hardly remember this time when you seemed confused all the time. Happy birthday, cousin sister!

88. You’re one of the happiest and joyful persons that I know. I pray that in this new year, you’ll continually stay high on joy and happiness. Happy birthday, darling cousin.

89. I love your style and how you carry yourself. I love the class and aura that you exude always. You’re loads of inspiration! Here’s to a new year of class and prosperity. Happy birthday, cousin!

90. I want you to remember to deliberately take life easy. What’s yours will come to you, and you’ll be able to live the kind of life you’ve always imagined for yourself. Happy happy birthday, cousin of life.

91. It does feel like we’re growing apart most times. Still, you’re my favourite cousin sister. As you turn another year today, I pray that God will keep bestowing you with his favourite blessings and favour. Happy birthday!

92. If there’s anything I’m certain of in life, it is the fact that things will work out eventually. As you step into a new year, I pray that the universe will align for you and that you’ll live out your dreams. Happy 24th birthday, cousin.

93. You’re one of the very reliable humans I know. I’m glad to have someone like you in our family. I’m grateful for having someone like you in my corner. May God continually bless you with good health, wisdom and long life. Happy birthday!

94. It is so easy to relate with you. And one can totally be his/herself with you. I’m glad that I have a cousin sister that doubles as my friend and confidante too. I pray that 29 will be an amazing year for you. Happy birthday, amazing woman.

95. Your smiles can turn a bad day into a good one. Your words are full of life and are uplifting. As you celebrate another new year, I pray that you will find and walk in purpose like never before. Happy birthday, cousin!

96. You’re a remarkable woman through and through. And I am so glad and fortunate to be associated with you. Here’s to a remarkable new year. Happy birthday!

97. There aren’t many people like you. Don’t ask me how I know this. I just know that there aren’t many people like you. Thank you for the arm of friendship. Thank you for making it easy to be your friend and sister. Cheers to a new year, cousin sister.

98. I pray that this year will give you countless opportunities to use your talent. I pray that many people will benefit from your gift. And that they will find healing and closure through you. Happy 31st birthday, cousin sister.

99. May your light continue to shine for the whole world to see. May you experience abundance and love like never before. And may you be surrounded by warm friendship and relationships. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

100. As you celebrate a new year, may this not be your last. May you celebrate decades upon decades of life, good health and prosperity. And may we always have reasons to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

I hope you found these heart touching birthday wishes for cousin helpful.

I hope you were able to make your cousin’s day even more special with these wishes.

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