Happy Messages for a Special Friend

2024 Special Birthday Message for a Special Friend

Birthdays are special. They remind all and sundry that one is a winner and a survival.

Of millions of spermatozoa that are released for a survival race, only one made it to embrace the egg, fertilize and become a foetus, brought forth as unique babies nine months after. You! Your friends! Your loved ones! The celebrants!
A definite winner.


The struggle for survival continues in lifae through many challenges. That one is alive and well, is cause for celebration! There are so many other things to celebrate just because we are alive.

It’s your friend’s birthday. That friend that’s so dear to you, and you’d like to celebrate. You have wonderful memories of these special ones, memories begging for expressions.
Sometimes, we are too busy or preoccupied to let them know they mean the world to us for their love, support, and encouragement.

Hold back no more. Make their day with a beautiful birthday message that aptly expresses that you care.

Birthday Wishes for a Unique Friend

Here are beautiful Birthday Messages/Wishes for a special friend.

1. Happy birthday, my dearest friend. You mean the world to me. May your day be filled with joy and your expectations receive manifestation. Congratulations love!

2. Wishing you a day as special in every way as you are. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

3. Happy birthday, bestie! My shadow, my gist partner, mischievous imp and partner in outlandish adventures! Love you to the moon and back. Have a glorious day!


4. You are my friend in every sense that counts. Supportive, encouraging and always there for me. It’s your day, may it be filled with joy, love, peace and many blessings. Happy birthday, guy!

5. It’s your day, dear friend. Take the world by its horn, a little bird just told me it’s your time to shine. Happy birthday!

6. No matter the happenings around me, I know I can always count on your love and understanding. You are one in a million! Happy birthday!

7. It’s your day friend. You are a great friend, you deserve the best. Happy birthday to you. Have a fantastic day!


8. My birthday wishes for you, my dearest friend, is that God grants your secret desires, wipe your tears and remove your pains. Happy birthday.

9. Happy birthday to you, my friend. You are loving and special. You are blessed with a large heart and gentle demeanour. The world is a better place because of people like you. Congratulations!

10. Happy birthday to a national treasure, an international celebrity! You are an awesome friend. Rock your day like a star.

11. It’s your day darling friend, enjoy it. Be happy! Your star shall shine without fail. Happy birthday.

12. You are a special gift to this world. A blessing and inspiration to our generation. May your days be long. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear friend.


13. Happy birthday, mon ami. You are a wonderful friend. May your dreams be fulfilled beyond your imagination.

14. A special day for a special friend. May the Lord make each day extra special for you this year. Happy birthday. You rock!

15. Happy birthday, Sunshine! May your journey in life be as fulfilling as you desire. You deserve the best life has to offer.


16. Happy birthday to a true friend. A worthy friend, tested and trusted over the years. May your light shine without dimming and your glory spread from coast to coast.

17. Happy birthday to the one dearest to my heart. You are indeed special. You make my life rock without stumbling. Your joy shall be without limits. Have a blast, dearie!

18. Happy birthday, dear friend. You are loving, caring, generous to a fault, but a no-nonsense taker! Do you know how special you are? I guess not. Rock your day in merriment.

19. Happy birthday, darling friend. As you celebrate today, sounds of joy and victory shall continually resound in your life. Congratulations!

20. Happy birthday to my extraordinary friend. You define the meaning of special. You are unique and truly special. You rock!

21. Happy birthday to a faithful, loyal and trustworthy friend. May the Lord shower you with blessings, grace and love.

22. You are a special friend. Life is great, merry, hopeful and meaningful with you around. May your cup of joy be full and run over several times over. Happy birthday to you, dearest.

23. You are so special and dear to my heart. You deserve to be celebrated today and always. My birthday wishes for you is for you to be filled with special favour, grace and love.
Happy birthday.


24. You are a special friend. I’ve never met someone so loving, caring, giving and trustworthy.
May the new year bring many wonderful adventures your way. Happy birthday to you.

25. You are an awesome and inspiring friend. I hope the new year brings many wonderful surprises especially for you.
Happy birthday you, with all my love.

26. Reminiscing about the times we have spent together, brings a smile to my face. Happy times, wonderful memories! I love you, pumpkin. Happy birthday to you. Rock your day with careless abandon.

27. It’s your day, girlfriend. Rock it like there’s no tomorrow, I got your back. Happy birthday to a most special friend.

28. Happy birthday to my special friend. Time and distance failed to wipe the memory of our special time together. You are simply unforgettable! Enjoy your day.

29. Happy birthday to my superhero. You are my champion, mentor and undisputable all-time friend. I’m glad to have you in my life. Grace shall abound for you to prosper, excel and grow in all ramifications, this new year.

30. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me apart from my family. You are that friend that is closer than a brother. I appreciate you more than words can express.
Happy birthday to you. Have fun!

31. Happy birthday to my smiling angel. You are such a cheerful and carefree person. You always exude joy, happiness and peace. You inspire confidence. Rock your day.

32. I’m glad you are my friend. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Smart, intelligent and cute to boots. You deserve the best in life. Grab it, it’s all yours! Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday, my love. Thanks for loving me so much. I feel so special. On this day of yours, I wish you greater heights and fulfilment. Cheers!


34. Happy birthday, my dearest friend. You are such a sweetheart. You deserve the best and lousiest birthday bash because you are special.

35. The true meaning of love and friendship eluded me until I met you. You are uniquely different and adorable. Dependable and resourceful. Happy birthday, my sugarpie! Enjoy today like there’s no tomorrow.


36. We have come a long way, and I’ve come to appreciate what a treasure you are. You have been consistently faithful and endearing. What more can I wish for? A year filled with joy and laughter, blessings and successes. Hip! hip! hurrah!

37. A true friend accepts one’s past and supports one in the present. You are a true friend, dearie. I can always count on you to encourage my future endeavours. You are a rare find! Happy birthday with lots of love.

38. It’s your birthday, my beauty! Time to loosen up and celebrate a special friend. A friend that’s more like a sister.
Wishing you love, peace, joy and success. Congratulations, my sweetie pie!

39. Happy birthday, dear. Today shall be the beginning of uncommon blessings and favour in your life. Cheers.

40. A special day for a special friend comes with a special Thanksgiving for God’s numerous blessings. Happy birthday, sugarplum. May the Lord add to your life everything that pertains to life and godliness, with long life and prosperity.

41. Happy birthday, dear friend. May everything you have ever wished for, come to manifestation. God will multiply you in all areas of your life. You mean the world to me. Have fun.

42. Happy birthday, my beautiful friend. May God grant all your heart desires on this special day and single you out for His uncommon favour. Love you, darling.


43. On this special day of yours, here is wishing you the best of earthly and heavenly blessings. You will manifest God’s glory at all times, my dearest. Happy birthday! Do have lots of fun.

44. Hey, it’s your birthday, my handsome! Whisper your wish, cross your heart and catch the seal of deeds. A special angel is here to make it happen. Happy birthday to you, love. May all your dreams be fulfilled.

45. A beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful soul. Friends are a dime a dozen, but true friends are as scarce as precious stones. You are a rare gem, you have no mean bone in your body. Happy birthday to you, my angel. God bless you.

46. Appearance is very deceptive, no matter how obvious you think the fact is. Behind that hard exterior, is a heart of pure gold. You are a treasure, a rare find! I celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday to you.

47. We’ve come a long way, dearest. Through thick and thin, joy and sorrow, laughter and grief- love’s shining light beamed. Happy birthday, my sweetie pie. May the Lord give you a new song this season.

48. It’s hard to keep still, I’m brimming with excitement. It’s my best friend’s birthday, hurray! If I could, I’d give you the world on a platter of gold. You deserve this and every good thing in life. Happy birthday to you. Have a wonderful day!

49. God is good, I know this because you are in my little corner of the world. You are everything beautiful ever imagined. Happy birthday to you. May your life be filled with wonders and joy.

50. Happy birthday to a special friend. Quiet and dependable, staunch and loyal, I’m proud to be your friend. Wish you long life and prosperity.

51. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. May this new year bring you abundant blessings and breakthrough. Congratulations, dear. Enjoy your day.

52. Happy birthday to my dearest pal. Wish you long life in good health. May the Lord guide and protect you. Congratulations!

53. It’s amazing how you meet awesome people in a most unusual way. I thank God our paths crossed. Happy birthday to you darling, may your star continue to shy without pause. Have a wonderful day.

54. My beautiful lady is plus one today. Happy birthday, honeypie. The chef in my life. Honey, God bless and keep you and may wisdom and humour never depart from your life. Rock your day, have fun!


55. Happy birthday to my radiant friend. The guy with the golden smile and cute beard. Keep living, keep excelling and keep winning. Enjoy yourself, it’s your day!

56. Bushy eyebrow, clean-shaven, great physique, wonderful sense of humour, and a smile to die for. Happy birthday, my handsome dude. Yours is the stuff Hollywood is made of. Have a superb celebration.

57. Happy birthday, my dear sister. Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of God is risen upon you. May your day be filled with joy and happiness. Congratulations!

58. A wonderful birthday to my darling friend. Wishing you many more fruitful years. Have a lovely day!

59. Happy birthday to my amazing friend. Funny, popular, charming and fun to be with. Never a dull moment with you around. You are the life of ever party or gathering. I celebrate you today and forever. Congratulations!

60. Today’s your day, friend. The future is bright with hope. Leave the past and its scars behind, step into the beautiful future beckoning with lits of promises. Have a great birthday.


61. It’s your day of celebration, my friend. It’s time to count the blessings, not the years. Age is just a figure, the blessings are numerous. Happy birthday.

62. Happy birthday to my kid brother. The one with the enchanting smile and huge heart. The sole custodian of my ‘mumu’ button. The one that has a permanent residence in my heart. Love you, darling.

63. Finally, it’s here!!The queen is plus one today. A lady with a heart of gold. My boo of life, my very shadow. On this beautiful day of yours, I wish u all the good things that this life has to offer. Shine, baby shine. Happy birthday, love. Have a blast!


64. Happy birthday to my dear friend. Welcome to your most glorious season yet. The Lord
shall take you from strength to strength, He will make all good things to abound towards you. Congratulations!

65. Love makes the world go round. Your love definitely makes my world a beautiful place. Happy birthday my sweet potato. God bless and keep you for me… Many more years ahead in success, good health and grace. Need I tell you? I love you to pieces.

66. Happy birthday my darling. God bless and keep you for me my China doll. Have a wonderful day. I love you.

67. Hurray, it’s celebration time. Let the drums roll. My Prince is plus one today. It’s incredible to think we’ve been friends for years when it seems like days. You are fun to be with.
Happy birthday, dear. Have a blast!

68. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your latter years be extraordinarily greater than the former as He that has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete in the name of Jesus.
Enjoy your day.

69. You are beautiful, precious and priceless, intelligent, and independent. Smart and hilarious, with a heart of gold.
On your special day, I wish you success, good health, long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.

70. To a special friend on your birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness with nil worry, and a planeload of dreams come true. Your ship of expectations shall never sink like the Titanic. Happy birthday!

71. Happy birthday to my big brother. I can’t thank you enough, my champion and hero. My journey through adolescence to adulthood was smooth sailing because you are always there for me. You are the best brother anyone could wish for. Love you, my superhero.

72. Happy birthday, my dearest brother. You are all I have in this world, and you have never failed me once. Thanks for seeing me through my academic pursuit. I’m so proud of you. May the Lord reward you handsomely with more than your heart desires.

73. Happy birthday, sis! Thanks for being there for me when I was in the throes of death. Your unflinching love pulled me through. You are awesome! May the Lord grant you sound health, joy and prosperity.


74. True friends are gifts from God. Special friends are given as our guidance angel. My very own angel and treasure, I cherish you. Happy birthday to you. Cheers!

75. Happy birthday, darling friend. You are beautiful and superbly endowed. Wise, smart and endearing. Have a great year!

76. To my dear friend, thanks for always watching my back and keeping me out of trouble. You have no equal, you are truly the best. Happy birthday to you.

77. Happy birthday, darling. For the uncountable roles you played in my life, you deserve a million award. Thanks for always watching out for me.
Have fun, love!

78. Happy birthday, darling. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful experiences we shared together. Now, I’m blessed with beautiful memories and hope for a great future.

79. It’s your birthday, honey. Dream big and keep your hope alive. Your breakthrough is here already. Happy birthday to you, honey pie!

80. Congratulations, my adorable friend. Fly and soar high, the sky isn’t your limit. Your biggest dream shall come true and your stars will keep shining because you are so special. Happy birthday.

81. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my sunshine, my world. You are my priceless treasure. I love you from the depth of my being.


82. I’m where I am today because of you. You are my guidance angel. You add value to my life at every turn you take. I appreciate you.
Happy birthday to the most important person in my life.

83. Happy birthday, dear. God bless you this year and the years to come. Have a wonderful time!

84. Dearest friend, you are one person that dazzles me with your maturity and approach to life’s issues. I know God has endowed you with wisdom and I pray that it won’t diminish but it shall grow and you will do greater exploits with it in Jesus Name.

85. I celebrate you, dear brother and friend. I pray that heaven shall release your heart desires on this special day of yours. Do have the best of fun. Much love to you. Happy birthday.

85. Happy Birthday, my warrior. In this new age, you will enjoy unlimited grace, peace and favour in Jesus’ name.
Have a blast, dear!

86. Happy birthday to the great celebrant of today. You are special and greatly loved. Wish you many more flourishing years in return.

87. Birthdays are special occasions. They present a special opportunity to celebrate people who are dear to our hearts. You are very special to me. I celebrate you now and ever. Happy birthday, darling.

88. Happy birthday to my dear friend. As you begin a new year today, may your life be filled with blessings, your heart with songs of joy and your heart with laughter. Cheers!

89. My precious friend, I celebrate you today as always. You are precious in the sight of God, may that God keep and preserve you to fulfil His purpose. Congratulations dear friend. Happy birthday.

90. Happy birthday, my adorable friend. Amiable, enchanting, lively and lovely – you are an unforgettable personality. May your light shine brighter and brighter and your joy fills to the brim. Congrats, girl.


91. It’s raining hard today, and that’s because God heard my prayers and answered by sending you showers of blessings, mercy and favour. Happy birthday with lots of love.

92. The day is bright and beautiful. The sun is out and shining brightly. No shadow or gloom in sight. Heaven decides to honour your birthday with its blessings. You are so special and loved. Happy birthday with loads of kisses.

93. Congratulations to my dear friend, on a special day like this. Happy birthday, love. It’s going to be s beautiful year, mark my word. Enjoy your day, have fun.

94. True love and true friends are hard to find. Yet, love found me and became my very best friend. Aren’t I blessed? Happy birthday, my love. Your joy shall be full always.

95. It’s time to celebrate my amiable friend. Easygoing, peace-loving, but no one’s fool. You captured my heart and stayed put. You are simply adorable! Happy birthday to you.

96. Today is your birthday, sister, yet words failed me. Many emotions churning inside of me, vying to find expression. You mean the world to me, my sister, friend, confidant and counsellor. On a day like this, I’d like you to know I love and appreciate you. Happy birthday, sweet sister. Wishing you joy and happiness in all your ways.

97. Today is your birthday, little sister, and I don’t really have the right words to say to you. Every word I come up with seems lame and inadequate. Obviously, you know I love you….with all my heart. Happy birthday, my darling sister, my mirror image. Beautiful and elegant. Have a wonderful day, love.

98. Happy birthday to my best friend, my secret keeper, gist/gossip partner, and my bank ATM. I’m honoured to have you in my life. Thanks for the perfect friend with the right attitude. My sweetie puff, have a great day filled with so much fun.

99. Happy birthday to a friend that’s more like a sister. Your love and loyalty is way out of this world. I’m blessed to have you in my life. Your health shall never fail and your road to fulfilment shall be lined up with destiny helpers. It’s your day, girlfriend, have fun! Lots of fun!

100. Hey, it’s my best friend birthday today. I feel like writing an epistle, but it’ll keep. One day, I’d write a book about you, and it’d turn out to be an all-time best seller! You are awesome and amazing! Impressive, intelligent and insightful! All the positive impacts you have on me, nicely sum up my success story. Happy birthday, sugarplum! Enjoy your day. God bless you.


101. Happy birthday to us, my twin brother and best friend. God knows how incomplete my life would be without you, so He gave me a twin brother that’s my mirror image. We have so much in common it’s deliciously scary! I love you, my guy. Together, we rock! May today be as beautiful as you desired.

102. Happy birthday to my gorgeous friend. You are beautiful within and without. Nothing repulsive about you! Charming, polished, graceful and well-bred. I’m so proud to call you my friend, I shamelessly drop your name.
You are a star! May you find joy and fulfilment in all your future endeavours.

103. Happy birthday to my guy! We’ve come a long way from our playing football on streets days. We’ve always watched out for each other and time has only strengthened the chord of love and friendship. Enjoy your day, dude! Have a blast!!

104. Rainbows are forever, as long as it rains. So is my love for you as long as we live. You are the breath that I take, loving you fills me with joy. Knowing that you love me just as much, fulfils me. Happy birthday, my darling friend. May your days be lined with rainbows, colourful and beautiful!

105. Happy birthday to my darling friend. I love you, hope you know. Thanks for all the times you held my hands, just so I wouldn’t sink into life’s numerous pits of despair or trouble. You are the best!

106. May this birthday bring smiles to your face, and joy in your heart. Have a fantastic birthday, my adorable friend. You’ve been a true source of inspiration to me.

107. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. We fight and makeup. Sometimes we yell or strongly disagrees on trivial or vital issues, we’d sulk and go incommunicado. The sweet thing is, those ugly moments never last. Our love always comes through. It’s impossible to replace you, darling. Love you loads. Enjoy your day.

108. Happy birthday, pumpkin. Even if I tried very hard, I can never fully repay all your love for me. I wish you a new year filled with laughter and peace, lots of happiness and love.

109. Honey, it’s your birthday. What a lovely day! May God’s grace continue to radiate in your life. May all your good wishes come true. Do have a fabulous celebration.

110. Happy birthday to my exceptionally beautiful and elegant friend. God bless your new age. Have a wonderful day. Cheers.

111. Happy birthday, Gorgeous. May you live long in good health and abundance of joy and blessings. Have a beautiful day!

112. Happy birthday to my darling friend. You are very special to me. You always encourage and support me. The one who never fails to urge me on to success because you believe in me. I’ll always cherish you. You mean the world to me.

113. Happy birthday to someone special. My sweetheart, I appreciate you with all my heart. Thanks for always being there for me even when it’s apparently inconvenient. May this year be filled with joy and songs of testimonies.


114. Happy birthday to my sugar pie. Close your eyes and make a wish, expect the best from the throne of grace because you are one of God’s precious seed. Have a great day!

115. Happy birthday to the most special person in my life. Wishing you joy, peace, sound mind and good health.

116. Happy birthday to a friend in a million! You are extremely loyal and dependable. Your love found me and never let me go. I simply adore you. May this new year bring you unimaginable blessings. Cheers.

117. Happy birthday, friend. Dude, thanks for always looking out for me. I appreciate you, my guy. Have a blast!

118. Special is who you are. In disposition, character and personality. No one else comes even close. Happy birthday, dear friend.

119. Happy birthday to my dear friend. May God release a fresh favour over you and your family. May He open doors of opportunities and give you a revelation of where you need wisdom. Enjoy yourself.

120. Happy birthday, my dear friend. May God speak blessings of sound health, wealth, success, happiness and prosperity over your life.

121. Thinking about you on this special day brings memories of our special time together. You are such a delightful person to be with. As you spread joy, may your joy be filled to overflowing. Happy birthday, dear.

122. On this special day of yours, may you experience double honour, blessings and joy. Your expectations shall not be cut off. Happy birthday, love.

123. Happy birthday to my pen pal. You are my best friend. You give me an outlet to pour out all my bottled-up emotions, thank you. You inspire me to be the best I can be. Favour, honour and success shall be your portion.


124. Happy birthday to my dear friend. May this new year bring beauty, favour and blessing to you. Sorrow shall be far from you. It is well.

125. Happy birthday to my prayer warrior. Thanks so much for all the hours you spent on your knees interceding for me. May the Lord be gracious unto you and bless you when you call upon Him.

126. Happy birthday to my benefactor. May you be favoured mightily and blessed bountifully all the days of your life. Congrats!

127. Happy birthday to my helper. I’d have been nowhere to be found if not for you. Thanks for a love so beautiful and consistent. Thanks for not calling it quits when it’s most tempting. God bless you real good.

128. Happy birthday to a very special friend. The one who holds me accountable and wouldn’t allow me to fall flat on my face. May the Lord bless you from Zion and cause Hus face to shine upon you. It’s your day, enjoy His presence.

129. Gosh, it’s my friend’s birthday! Special is your middle name, extraordinary is your nickname. You are way out of this world. Happy birthday, dearest. It’s your day, grab the fun!

130. Happy birthday to my backbone, my quarterback! I can’t imagine my life without you. You rock my world, my dear. Have a great day!


131. Birthdays are special occasions of celebrating special people. You are a special friend, darling. I love being with you because you add value to me. May you increase in wisdom, grace and favour. Happy birthday.

132. Happy birthday, dear friend. From the moment I met you, my life took a turn for the best. Thanks for connecting me to my dream job. Have an awesome year ahead!

133. So much sense in one so young. So much grace, yet humble. I’m in awe of you, darling. You are way ahead of your generation in more ways than one. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to a shining star.

favourHappy birthday to my ever-optimistic friend. You have saved my life many times over. With you, the cup is never half empty, but half full. You are truly amazing. Have fun today and always.

134. Thoughts of you fill my heart with cosy feelings of warmth and love. You are so sweet, honey. Happy birthday, dearest. Wish you lots of happiness, success and fulfilment.


135. When things are gloomy and bleak, you always point out the glimmer of light on the horizon and hope is restored. Happy birthday to my ever positive friend. May you never experience devastating disappointments. Your portion is God’s favour.

136. Happy birthday, dear friend. It’s your day, groove, catch fun and enjoy yourself to the full. Cheers.

137. Happy birthday, friend. I remember all the happy moments we’ve shared together and I feel like hopping on the next available plane to be with you. Alas, work won’t permit me, but I wish you a most wonderful day.

138. Happy birthday, dearest. My one wish to spend the day with you has been thwarted. I’m sending instead, a truckload of fun, love, blessings and God’s favour.
Have a blast!

139. Happy birthday to my pastor friend. This new year, I pray for fresh wine, grace and oil. May you receive anointing to do great exploit.

140. Happy birthday, friend. It’s celebration galore! Where’s the party? This new year, my prayer for you is unlimited favour and celebration.

141. Happy birthday to my adventurous friend. May every day bring fun, stimulating and exciting experiences for you this year.

142. True friends are hard to find. You are my best friend and confidant. Thanks for all the hugs to ease my hurts, the embraces to celebrate my joy. Happy birthday, honey. The years to come shall bring unspeakable joy and overflowing blessings to you.


143. Happy birthday, dear friend. You taught me to dream and reach for the stars. Today, as you dream big and reach for the moon, your hand shall achieve greatness and excellence. Congratulations!

144. You are unforgettable, love! Distance has made my heart grown fonder of you. Happy birthday, sweetie pie! I celebrate you today and always, have fun!

145. Happy birthday to my posh friend. Elegant, beautiful and delightful fashion sense, you never fail to dazzle me. Grace has brought you this far, God’s grace will take you to higher ground this year. Congratulations!

146. Happy birthday to my charming friend. We’ve come a long way and still waxing strong. Your strength will not fail in the days of adversity. God’s grace will abound for you always.

147. Hurray, my friend is a year older today! Happy birthday, dearie! Wish you many more fruitful, peaceful and fulfilling years.

148. Life is made up of times and seasons. Today’s your birthday, my precious friend. It’s a double celebration because it’s your season of unprecedented upliftment. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy God’s abundant grace for exploit.

149. A special friend’s birthday calls for a special celebration. It’s gonna be great! Happy birthday to my childhood friend that defies distance and other barriers to keep the relationship alive. Love you loads, dear. Have lots of fun!

150. Few people have earned my respect, so few that I can count them on one finger. You top the list. You are awesomely special and loved. Happy birthday, my precious friend. May your day be filled with beautiful and joyous moments today and always. Cheers.



Written by Ajala Abiodun

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