Happy Sunday Love Messages for My Wife
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Best Happy Sunday Love Messages for My Wife (2024)

Wives are great support systems and should be celebrated every day. Nonetheless, sending them love messages at the beginning of a week which is Sunday gives them some sort of assurance that the new week will be great.

Showering encomium on your wife on Sunday morning and wishing her the best will go a long way in making her feel loved and thankful.

Below are the best happy Sunday love messages for my wife to show love to your wife as she begins a new week. Please, read through and pick as much as you want.

Good Morning My Love Happy Sunday

Do you need a romantic and enticing message for your wife on Sunday morning? Choose from these beautiful good morning happy Sunday messages to send to her.

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1. This is a reminder that I love and care about you. Nothing is going to stop me from loving you. You have been there my whole life. Let’s go dance like there’s no tomorrow. Happy Sunday, my love.

2. As long as God still exists, I will never stop loving you. You are my wife and the mother of my children. So lucky to call you mine. I love you so much, darling. Happy Sunday, darling.

3. You made me the responsible man and husband I am today. The qualities you exude as a wife and a mom are so beautiful. All thanks to God for the gift of you. Happy Sunday, my dear.

4. You are an incredible woman and I thank God for making our paths cross. Thank you for being so selfless and enduring. Happy Sunday, darling. I love you so much.

5. Your positive vibes are topnotch; they simply can’t be gotten elsewhere. Thank you for taking hold of this family. You are such a great woman of substance and high values. I appreciate you. Happy Sunday, love.

6. It’s my promise to be the best husband to you, and I will never fail to fulfil it. You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll continue to get from me. Happy Sunday, my darling. I love you so much.

7. Apart from being a goal-getter, you are an awesome wife. You are so peaceful and understanding. Thank you for always staying by my side and supporting me every step of the way. I love you so much. Happy Sunday.

8. I know this Sunday will be so different, because I got to wake up beside you, and not far away like every other day. How do you feel having me around? Now, let’s go to Church. Happy Sunday.

9. May you continuously record beautiful memories in your life, as you praise the Lord today. Amen. I love you so much, and I hope you that you enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

10. Nothing makes me happy than spending the beginning of the week with you. It’s an assurance that my week will be full of beautiful memories. Happy Sunday, my love.

11. I want you to start your day on a positive note. Don’t stop believing in yourself. I wish you the best of today, baby. Happy Sunday to you. Love you.

12. Always remember that no matter what happens, God will always be in control. He will always show up and make things work out for your good. Happy Sunday, my love.

13. I will always be here to encourage and support you when things go wrong. Wipe your tears, because it’s a beautiful Sunday. Have a happy Sunday, my dear wife.

14. Whatever is disturbing you today, take it to the Lord in prayers. He will surely do what no man can do. So, be cheerful and praise Him. Happy Sunday, sweetheart.

15. Even as it is Sunday, don’t stop spreading positive vibes. Don’t stop touching lives. Thank you for being so amazing, over the years. Happy Sunday, my love.

16. You are the only one that makes my heartbeat all the time. You know that I have never stopped loving you. My love for you will forever be. Happy Sunday, lovely wife.

17. My life changed totally when you became my wife. You have been really amazing. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Don’t forget to say a prayer for me. Happy Sunday, baby.

Sunday Love Letters to My Wife

Here are beautiful and straightforward love letters to send to your wife on a Sunday. She will definitely love to see it.

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18. May the beginning of this week be the beginning of greater blessings and opportunities in your life. Wishing you a bright and beautiful Sunday, my love.

19. May this Sunday make all your heart’s desires to come to pass. May you have a fantastic week ahead, in Jesus name. Happy Sunday to you.

20. It’s a beautiful day to forget all the bad memories of the past week. Just prepare yourself for yet another beautiful week that starts with a beautiful Sunday experience. Happy Sunday, my dear.

21. May joy and happiness never depart from your life, this Sunday and forever. I wish you a beautiful Sunday experience. Happy Sunday, my love.

22. Let the sun keep shining on your path and never forget my words to you. I love you, and no matter what happens, it stands forever. Have a bright and beautiful Sunday.

23. Even the most expensive things in the world cannot compare to how much you mean to me. My life has been at it’s best, ever since I met you. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life. Happy Sunday, baby.

24. May today be the beginning of all the wonderful things you quietly pray about in life. I wish you Heaven’s best now and forever. Happy Sunday, sweetheart.

25. Today is Sunday, but I would love to encourage you. Don’t stop, please keep going. Whatever happens, is destined to be part of your success. I will always be with you. Happy Sunday, baby.

26. The future is bright with you in it. Don’t be confused. Just set your mind straight, and trust God. He’s going to make things beautiful in His time. Be patient. I love you and have a happy Sunday.

27. May this new week bring us good tidings. Don’t forget that you are my wife, and I will always love and cherish you. Have a happy Sunday, beautiful.

28. My love, let everything and every day remind you that my love for you remains the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Have a happy Sunday, my lovely wife.

29. May we be patient enough to enjoy loads of blessings that will come our way, this new week. May God continue to bless the works of our hands. Amen. Happy Sunday to me and you.

30. May this Sunday bring your wonderful testimonies. May your day be bright and beautiful, in Jesus name. Amen. Happy Sunday, darling wife.

31. You deserve the best every day. Thank you for being so supportive of me and the family. God bless you every day. Happy Sunday to you, my wife.

32. May this Sunday bring endless opportunities and love into your life. May you always be surrounded by myself and our kids. Wishing you a bright and beautiful Sunday. I love you.

33. Thank you for being such a huge blessing to us. May your Sunday be blessed just like you bless our lives. Happy Sunday to you, wifey. I love you so much.

34. May this Sunday bring plenty of my love to your heart. May your day be overflowed by the power of the Holy Spirit. You’re lifted, darling. Happy Sunday to you.

Romantic Sunday Love Messages

Who says you can’t be romantic on a Sunday? These romantic Sunday messages will definitely cause your wife to give an impromptu testimony in Church.

35. Hey dear! Wake up and embrace the miracles of this beautiful Sunday morning. May this morning bring you a thousand reasons to praise God throughout your life. Amen. Happy Sunday, love.

36. It’s Sunday again! Be grateful for where you are and what you have. Be grateful for the gift of marriage and beautiful friendships. Commit everything unto God, and watch Him do wonders. Happy Sunday, my love.

37. Thank God for His blessings and faithfulness in your life. Thank God for the opportunity of having to wake up beside your husband. Have a beautiful Sunday, baby.

38. Let holiness be your watchword today. Be at peace with everyone you meet. Lastly, don’t stop believing in God. Happy Sunday, my beautiful wife.

39. I hope that you realize that it’s a great blessing to be amongst the living today. This is an opportunity to praise God with the whole of you. Happy Sunday, baby.

40. May this Sunday be the beginning of a new week full of love and happiness for you and everyone you come across. It’s a blessed week already. Happy Sunday, my dear.

41. Every Sunday is the beginning of a new week. May it bring forth breakthroughs and blessings from above. I hope you’re ready for the word of God today. Happy Sunday, dearie.

42. It’s Sunday! You need all the rest you can get. So please, rest and have fun. Tomorrow is another day of serious work. I love you, baby. Have a stress-free Sunday.

43. Happy Sunday, my sweetheart. It’s another beautiful day to be thankful to God for having you in my life. I love you so much, my wife. Enjoy your day.

44. Don’t you ever think that I’m going to leave you alone. No! The plan is to grow old with you, with our kids surrounding us. It’s Sunday! Be happy, my baby.

45. You’re always very beautiful, every Sunday morning. You’re beautiful on every other day too, but the beauty is irresistible every Sunday morning. I can’t stop thanking God for blessing me this much. Happy Sunday, my wife.

46. You’re an epitome of beauty and brains. Lord knows there’s be no Thanksgiving without you. You’re the only reason for my Thanksgiving. Thank you for being a good wife. Happy Sunday to you.

47. We’ve gone through so many obstacles together, but you alone made it easy to scale through. Your bravery is one to be studied. Thank you for completing me. I love you. Have a happy Sunday.

48. I can only look younger, when I have you. You’re my anti-ageing cream. I love how you make me feel fulfilled. Thank you for always loving this big head. I love you too. Happy Sunday, babes.

49. Love doesn’t cost a thing, with the right one. Thank you for making loving the easiest thing to do. I won’t stop loving you, because it’s so easy for me. Have a happy Sunday, my dear.

50. You already know how much I love and care about you. You’re the only one who got undiluted love for me. I deeply appreciate your love towards me. Happy Sunday, baby.

Thank you for checking this page for the best happy Sunday love messages for your wife you will ever come across. Please, stay with me for more contents. Also, do well to share. Thank you.

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