1st Birthday Wishes

2020 Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for a Special Baby

Do you care to send a baby boy or girl some birthday wishes or prayers for their 1st birthday? The lovely 1st Birthday Greetings below should help.

Of course, you will have to send to their mother or father.


Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to Baby Girl or Boy

Celebrate your special baby with these “Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for a Special Baby”

1. Happy birthday, baby boy. I wish you grow more brilliantly in God’s knowledge.

2. Wow! How time flies… You’re one already. I pray you will never be found wanting. Happy first birthday to you.

1st Birthday Wishes

3. May the grace of God never depart from you as you continue to live. Happy birthday at 1.

4. May you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God’s will. Happy 1st birthday to you.

5. May you always grow in the fear and understanding of the most High. Happy birthday at 1.


Birthday Wishes for 1st Birthday

6. May you grow up to be a mother of so many great nations. I wish you walk into an encounter with Christ. Happy birthday at 1.

1st Birthday Wishes

7. He’s one already. I pray as you look at him every day, May you always be happy to have him. Happy 1st birthday, Junior.

8. The grace of the Lord shall be sufficient for you as you turn 1. Happy birthday to you at 1.

1st Birthday Wishes

9. May you turn 5, 10, 40, even 100. All in God’s unending love. Amen. Happy 1st birthday, little one.

10. May the favour of God always single you out for success. Happy 1st birthday to you.


Lovely 1st Birthday Messages and Greetings for a Baby

11. May the good Lord be your strength as you grow. Happy birthday at 1.

12. The joy and happiness of God will never go out of your life. Happy birthday to you at 1.

1st Birthday Wishes

13. Where others are failing and falling, you’ll succeed and rise in Jesus’ name. I wish you a happy experience in life.

14. Happy 1st birthday baby girl. May you grow into the perfect woman God wants you to be.

15. May he always give you joy and happiness. God will never take him away from you. Happy 1st birthday to him.


Cute Wishes for Child’s First Birthday

16. Happy 1st birthday to you. May you grow in wisdom and stature.

17. May you grow in knowledge more than your equals. Happy birthday at 1.

1st Birthday Wishes

18. May you always find reasons to make your parents happy. Wish you a happy birthday full of chocolates and candies.

19. May all your parents’ wishes come to pass in your life. Happy first birthday.

20. You’ll be blessed with success, happiness, and riches from above. Happy 1st birthday to you.

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