Good Night Wishes for Him

Sweet Romantic Good Night Wishes for Him (2024)

The night time is a period most people look forward to with so much eagerness and gracefulness. The day must have been eventful no doubt, but the night needs to be as peaceful as possible. This helps to relieve the tension that so much accompanied the day.

As such, one may want to consider the plight of a husband or boyfriend who had it all worked up for the whole day. Much more is to make the night more relaxed for him after a stressful day.

So, here for you are messages that will surely make him blush and love you more. And you may also want to consider the ways to make him miss you really bad and long for you for the night.

I’ve got a long list readily made just for you. Choose from these sweet romantic good night wishes for him.

Here we go…

Good Night Wishes for Boyfriend

Help your man have a swell night rest with a beautiful message to think of by choosing from these good night wishes for boyfriend.

1. It was an awesome time with you today. I hope you have a sweet night rest, baby. I’ve missed you badly.

2. Thanks for being a sweetheart and for making my day so memorable. Happy night rest!

3. For the awesomeness of your soul and the beauty that you embody, I wish you a sweet night rest.

4. I will choose no other but you even in the world to come for being a good man. Thank you, and good night.

5. Our first time together seems like we’ve known for ages. Have a good night boo.

6. With our new relationship, I can only hope it gets sustained till eternity. Sweet dreams!

7. You’ve proven to be the best and reliable man in diverse ways. May you feel good this night.

8. I look forward to more pleasant moments with you. Happy night rest, my love.

9. I now have someone I could call my mine and that’s just you. Sweet dreams my one and only.

10. Thank you for being an amazing fellow. I love you like that. Sleep tight and dream of me.

11. You deserve the sweetest sleep you can even think of. That’s for the love of an amazing person like you.

12. I wish I could get you a golden bed to sleep on tonight. You’re such an angelic man and you deserve such a golden treatment.

13. I hold you dear to my heart because you’re the best of men I’ve ever known. Good night, love.

14. For the good man that you are, I wish you a splendid night rest.

15. I am sending you my warm hugs to keep you safe and warm all through the night. Sweet night rest I wish you!

16. May your night be as adorable as you are, my dear. Sweet dreams.

17. My heart reaches out to you this night, may your dream be colourful!

18. To my lovely man who is second to none, God bless and keep you safe all through the night.

19. May you experience supernatural breakthrough all through the night, my sweetheart.

20. I pray you sleep soundly and wake up with an open mind to the new directives over your life.

21. We have always been good together and I can only wish every night will be a blissful one for you.

22. With you beside me, I can always boast of an eventful day, while I wish you a wonderful night rest.

23. With your outstretched hands of love, everything becomes beautiful and wonderful for me. Have a lovely night, dear.

24. If I don’t wish you, my love, a good night rest, who else will? Sweet dreams, dear.

25. Angels like you can never be ignored on every blessed night. Have a good night.

Good Night Wishes for Husband

Think of how to make your husband feel so special despite all the day’s hard work while he feels relaxed and refreshed all through the night with these sweet messages for husband.

26. I am sending you this beautiful hugs and kisses to wish you a swelling night. Have a good sleep, dear.

27. Remember to pray and keep all worries out of your mind as you sleep peacefully tonight. Nighty night!

28. I send my hug for warmth, I send my prayers for safety as you sleep this graceful night. Until tomorrow, dear.

29. May grace, peace and mercy follow you throughout the night, darling. I’ll surely dream of your face!

30. I’m beginning to see the wonders our union is going to bring, as I pray you safety all through the night.

31. May angels gather around you and keep you safe throughout the night. A sweet night to you the love of my life!

32. You really did a whole lot for me today. God bless you for being a good friend and do sleep well tonight.

33. My wish for you tonight: sleep well, sweet dreams and wake soundly.

34. May God keep and protect you all through the night. Sleep well darling and ensure you dream of me.

35. As the day is covered with a cold night, I send you my hug to keep you warm all through the night.

36. The peace you bring to my heart and the joy that radiates my face always give me the assurance of refreshing night rest. Sweet dream, my love.

37. My luck on earth is the joy of having a courageous and resourceful man like you. Have a blissful night sleep, darling.

38. The day has been bright and beautiful. The night will be cosy and peaceful with your arms around me.

39. While I dream of you, do well to do the same for me. See you in the morning, dear.

40. With the thought of me in your heart, it’s time to rock you to the dreamland.

41. So much energy has been exhausted for the day, come to the bosom of my comforting arms while I rock you to sleep, baby.

42. Fill your heart with the beautiful thought of me, while you dream of the beautiful moments we’ve had.

43. My comfort and happiness have been your great delight. For all you do, remember God loves you as much as I do.
Sweet night!

44. The day might have been stressful, but I’m here to make the night restful for you, darling. Sweet dreams.

45. Sleep will fail me if I don’t hear your voice. But I know my message will do the magic I desire that your night will be.

46. This night is a beautiful time to fill the heart with the beautiful memories of the day. You’re always on my mind.

47. With a good night sleep in your graced arms, it’s going to be a refreshing moment as I look forward to a productive day tomorrow. Good night, darling.

48. As you escape the dangers of the day and despair of the night, so do I assure you of my love for you.

49. Spending time with you is gracious. Sleeping beside you all night is heavenly.

50. I wouldn’t want to wake up from my dream world so long you’re always there with me.

Good Night Wishes for Him with Images

A creative way to make your man fall for you all over again has been beautifully crafted with lovely wishes. You can always choose from this list with images.

51. Sweetheart, I love you dearly. I assure you, no one can take your place in my heart. Nighty night!

52. The evening outing was great. We can hang out more often so we can rock and bond more. Enjoy your night!

53. Just as we parted in peace tonight, may we wake up to meet in peace again.

54. Every outing we have together always leave me with wonderful memories of you. I love you! Have a swell night.

55. My arms are wide open to receive and comfort you after a long day at work.

56. You deserve some good sleep now because you’ve had an exhausting day.

57. As the curtain of each day draws close, I will always ensure the home is worth coming for you. Happy night rest, dear.

58. As each night falls, I long to fling myself into your arms while we cuddle to sleep. Lovely night to you, my darling.

59. You’ve brought me so much joy. Now it’s time to wish you a blissful night rest.

60. You are so sweet my hubby. Now I’m wishing you the rest that is as sweet as you.

61. You’ve done so much for me and brought so much joy into my life. I cherish having you close to my side every night.

62. I long to sleep and wake beside you every blessed day. It gives me a deep sense of hope and courage for each new day.

63. I’ll send to you guardian angels who will watch and keep you safe all through the night. Nothing shall harm you for you are kept safe and secured.

64. As you sleep soundly tonight, may you wake with peace and the vigour for a brighter day.

65. May the sweet experiences of the night invigorate you for a much better experience for tomorrow.

66. As you sleep tonight, may the pressure of the day be eased and the stress be relieved.

67. Have of restful sleep and be of a relaxed mind. It really was a long day for you.

68. I pray God bless and keep you safe every blessed night. Good sleep, my darling.

69. The only wish I’d make every night is to sleep and wake beside you every blessed day.

70. There’s much to be done by tomorrow. Do catch enough rest tonight and relax your mind.

71. A day at a time, you can only achieve what is already set ahead for the day. Have a soulful night rest darling.

72. The darkness of the night will soon roll over to produce a bright day. So keep all worries away as you sleep tonight.

73. Night time is for rest time. Rest your soul and body, but be alive in your spirit.

74. What is not achieved today can still be achieved tomorrow. God is by your side. Sleep well for this night.

75. Fill your heart with great thoughts of me while you sleep tonight. Go to bed, and dream of me, dear.

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Him Long Distance

Draw his heart more towards you irrespective of the long-distance with these romantic good night wishes just for him alone.

76. You may be far away but you’re not far in my heart. Sweet dreams, honey.

77. I hope you will always be near when I want to fall asleep and always wake up in your comforting arms.

78. Saying good night without your presence is difficult. Still, I relish welcoming you into the breaking of a new day.

79. It’s hard to say good night to you without your presence. But I will surely be the first to welcome you into a bright new day.

80. I can’t help thinking about you every night because of how much I miss your presence. You are my world. Sweet dreams.

81. Where your heart goes is where mine is also. Always waking up next to you is what my heart always yearns for.

82. Distance means nothing to me where your love is. But as it stands, your face alone will I always be dreaming of.

83. I think of your love to give me a sweet night rest. Think of mine too so you can sleep like a baby.

84. I may miss your presence but I sure know I won’t miss seeing your handsome face in my dream.

85. I can’t fall asleep without filling my heart with the thoughts of you.

86. No matter how apart we are, I really long to always behold your image and see you in my dreams.

86. I know the sooner we see, the livelier I’d be. Sweet night rest my angel.

87. I’m sending you a nightingale to keep you company all through the night with its melodious songs.

88. I pray tonight won’t be a long one because you’re not here to rock me to sleep.

89. When you’re here with me, I’m sure of sweet dreams. But without your presence, I dread having nightmares. That’s how much you mean to me.

90. Remember to think of me while you sleep tonight.

91. May the blanket of my love for you keep you warm and safe all through the night.

92. As you lay on the pillow, may good thoughts fill your heart and sweet dreams come to your eyes.

93. My love and king, your queen is here to wish you a wonderful night rest.

94. The stars I see in your eyes every night are lovelier than the ones in the sky.

95. Sleeping without you has proven much difficult, but I’m left with no choice. Nonetheless, I wish you a lovely night rest

96. Before you sleep, remember to say a word of prayers about us. We are prosperous by God’s grace.

97. Don’t just sleep with eyes closed and with mind awake. Relax your mind and enjoy your night rest.

98. As you go into the night, keep all fears and pressure aside while you drift into a sweet sleep.

99. Praying for you has a way of drawing our hearts close to each other. I won’t stop doing so for as long as I live. Sweet dreams, my love.

100. Having you is enough fun and excitement on its own. But your absence is always a challenge to contend with every night. Can’t wait to have you by my side. Sweet night, baby.

You can’t but bring a smile on his face once he reads these sweet romantic good night wishes for him.

Hope I’ve been able to serve you much better and even pray to serve you just to your expectations.

Use the comment section to reach out to me if need be. Pending the time, feel free to choose and use any of these messages.

Still, I will love to hear from you. Cheers!

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