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2024 Romantic Love Paragraphs for Him – Boyfriend

Loving someone and being loved in return is a sweet thing to experience. But one doesn’t always feel the giddiness that comes with loving one’s partner all the time because we all are imperfect beings.

For this, there should be exciting ways to spice up your love life, one of which is to reminisce about your good times together. So, sending your boyfriend a romantic love paragraph will make the relationship thrive the more even in trying times.

If your quest to compose sweet love lines for your boyfriend seems like a herculean task for you, you need not be troubled. These are lovely and romantic love paragraphs for him that are just so perfect for you to make you win his heart over while it also helps build his confidence in the relationship with you.

I’m sure you’re ready for the best excitement from this compilation of romantic love paragraphs for him. Here you go then.

Long Cute Love Paragraphs for Him

Either through customising greeting cards, texting or tale-telling, these cute love paragraphs can melt the heart of your boyfriend the more towards you.

1. Your bold and handsome smile gives me great joy. Fulfilled I’m the reason behind your graceful smile. You are the joy of my heart and the second reason (after God) I beam with all smiles. Thinking of another man is never an option for me at this moment. Losing you is like losing my life. We are meant to be together forever. I love you, my darling.

2. You came around at the moment I was beating out past memories. I was becoming rigid and you were meant to be just a casual friend. But the closer you get, I couldn’t help but bend my heart in the acceptance of you. I’d raised my standard for whoever is worth winning my heart. You still fit in perfectly and we could roll without much difficulty. Now that I’ve come to love you, nothing will stop what I feel for you.

3. When I first met you, I was a little judgemental and sceptical. I’m glad I never judged you by your first appearance and our first encounter. You are so sweet to behold. You are the only book I have now. And wouldn’t want to stop reading till I read from back to back, and all over again.

4. I never felt anything for anyone else after I met you. Your love is so magical. You’ve enchanted my heart so much that I’m able to look past your pockets and still decide to go for you. Whatever you’ve done to win my heart, I encourage you to fan it to flames. I know this love will never burn out. It will flame till eternity.

5. Whenever I err, always find a way to remind me of all our convictions and promises to each other. All I do too is to remind myself how I got to know we are meant to be. I hold all convictions dear to my heart and will ever live to treasure the very day I gave you my yes.

6. Ever since you caught my attention and managed to magnet my heart to yours, never have I been able to imagine life without you. The connection is just so real and amazing. I will live to forever tell the beautiful story to all who cares to know. I love you forever my darling.

7. I have always felt living apart will make the hearts grow apart. But you’ve proven to me severally that out of sight is never out of mind. You’ve shown me much love and care even more than we were closer. It’s all for good that you’re away for the time being. But I pray it won’t tarry before you return with great achievements so we can consummate our union. Till you return, I remain committed to you, my darling.

8. I wouldn’t know the best way to tell you I love you. I’m beginning to feel more like the expression is becoming casual day by day. I’d love to find my special way of adoring you because you remain my very best man. So, saying it is not just enough, I will really show you how much I truly do.

9. The receipt of no message from you in a day makes the day incomplete. Your message is a soothing balm to fill my day with so much happiness especially when stressed. The smile it often brings to my face makes my day a happy one. I hope my message here will keep your day sweet and lively. I love you, my darling.

10. You make falling in love so easy for me, and you make life worth living with an adorable personality like you. Even with tears filled eyes, you still always make me grin with a smile. Even when I’m stuck and fearful, you always help me overcome. No day spent with you goes without having something tangible to learn from you. That shows how blessed I am to have someone like you to rock my world.

11. I’ve tried to live a day without you. It seems like an endless journey to a world beyond. I didn’t believe I could survive until you returned to me in perfect shape. Trust me babe, where you are, I’d always love to be. Life without you is just sweetness. Like a fish in the ocean, I’m so bonded with the love of you.

12. Having you as the one to pay my bride price gives me a comforting feeling that I’m making the best choice in life. You’ve proven beyond doubt that you have all it takes. You are responsible. You are adorable. You are reliable, and you worth experiencing the best love in the whole world. I give you my heart, my prince charming.

13. So much I think and admire about you. Your words are graceful, your walk is your is elegant, your smile is peaceful, your gaze is alluring, your presence is comforting, and your touch is heavenly. We bond in love, we grow in oneness, we live in understanding and we thrive more in tolerance.

14. I never thought I deserved so much. The gift of you is more than silver and gold. Your readiness to stick your neck all out for me strikes so much balance and security in me. You’ve made yourself a significant part of my life. I won’t let go. Will surely hold on.

15. Our bond is more of an exhilarating experience to me. Our experiences together mean the whole world to me. None can ever be traded for anything, as I hold all dear to my heart. The play, the gist, the fights and the struggles. We grow to love and accept each other. And we live to tell of the good tales to others.

16. We are so real, strong and secured in each other’s love. For this, there’s nothing I can’t share with you. That’s how safe I’ve come to be with you. You have the right word for each moment, you have the matured spirit to accommodate every challenge, and the right attitude to face each day as it comes.

17. You’ve been my strength when weak, my joy when sad. You gave me a shoulder to lean on, and a chest to always lie on. You’re my world and my happiness. You’re my soul and my the one I yearn for always. I’ve found myself so incomplete without you baby. I crave for your love all my days.

18. The night of our first encounter comes to me now like a flash. I proved strong head. I made you feel irritable. But you remain dogged still. You proved your love the more. Whatever I’ve done to earn this much love from you is still a mystery to me. How you never got hurt and tired still amazes me. You sure got the best guts with a strong heart. I salute your tenacity. You deserve a medal.

19. You have been my secret admirer even long before you asked me out. Then shooting your shot interminably made me believe destiny had not only brought us together, we are a perfect match from heaven. I want to let you know that you’re my comfort, joy and strength. You mean so much to me.

20. Never have I had cause to regret my relationship ever since I met you. Regardless of my weaknesses and naughtiness, you love me still and adores me like an angel. It’s so amazing being with a great personality like you.

Romantic Love Paragraphs for Boyfriend

These romantic love paragraphs here are for your boo to give him the best excitement he deserves for the day.

21. It sometimes appear too difficult to find true love. But out of the blues, you came with what I call ‘a refined version of how to love with so much difference and ecstasy’. Loving is just so easy for you; accepting your love is also clear to me. Even with a future that we both could not foresee, we are hopeful it’s gonna be a great journey together.

22. I never believed in love at first sight. It scared me more than anything. I’d considered years of acquaintanceship more valuable. But when I first met you, my heart skipped a bit. And on our first chat, your intelligence and thoughtfulness melt my heart the more. In the twinkle of an eye, you swept me off my feet. You are irresistible. You are amazing.

23. It was a good start I so much admire. The love between us is so real and magical. It started gradually with platonic friendship until it developed into a full-grown love that now births a lifetime union. I’m filled with the love of you, darling. I never wish to recover from our first contact experience. It’s a day I will always live to treasure in my whole life.

24. It all started just like a casual fling. But marvelled how it has evolved into something more strong and real. I’m fascinated by your personality. You enchanted my heart with the whole of your awesomeness. I admire you deeply. I’m in love with you passionately. Baby, I can’t help falling in love with you all over again.

25. I really do not know how best to describe the love you’ve shown me these past years. I’ve been wowed severally by your amazing attributes and expressions. You taught me to love and now we are on the competing mode of who loves the more. I can’t imagine life without you, baby. You mean the world to me.

26. I treasure you so much, my darling. All the gifts, outings, and much more the time spent together in prayer and study…everything has been my most treasurable moments. Nothing about you dulls me, but you rather thrill me more.

27. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. You’re full of beauty and grandeur to me in many respects. Not because of your physique or possessions. But because of your good spirit and peaceful nature. You are handsome to me and I choose to love and accept you into my world.

28. In my sojourn in the road of love, many have come with many promises and enticing gifts. I refused to be enchanted by all, only to look more intently. None proved genuine nor ever stayed true to all they professed. But you? You appeared significantly and came so real. My life is aglow with the love of you. So amazing to be acquainted with you, baby.

29. I won’t just tell you “I love you” to make you feel good. My love for you goes beyond what I feel for you, or what I expect from you. It’s really an expression of my person and a product of what I have great experienced. The words I profess to you are genuine and outright. Nothing will stop me from loving you.

30. Every morning, I wake up to relive the very first day we met. The communication and connection of that very day still form a perfect image of a promising future with you. I can’t see myself being with any other but you. We are now stuck together for life my darling. I love you.

31. The honour of always being with a high flyer and a great profiler like you especially in the public is so endearing. I often feel like a celebrity. The attention, the adulation, the esteem…all so warming, so lifting. Ain’t I lucky having a great man like you? In fact, I am super blessed.

32. How we’ve become so entangled in each other’s web is still an amazement to me. The joy of you in my heart can’t be contented with. Even in your worries and deepest fears, you still proving to be strong and capable to mount every hurdle. I’ve learnt a great from you my darling. You’re my hero and I am your model.

33. You are not perfect; that is a standard attainable only in God and which He daily work out in us. But in all, you’re credible, for it is written all over your eyes. You are reliable, it reflects so much in your words. You are consistent, it shows in your works. You are handsome, a part of you I couldn’t ignore. You are all shades of awesomeness, my darling.

34. When I met you, I didn’t want to let go.
You found me, and I couldn’t but give my heart to you. You love me, and couldn’t help loving you in return. You wooed me, and I couldn’t but give my yes. We are together now, and I’ve decided to grow old with you. I love everything about you, darling.

35. As each night comes, all I long for is to run into your warm embrace, to feel the touch of your gracefulness and the love of our togetherness. Every morning when I wake up, all I desire to see beside me is the radiance of your sleepy and handsome face. I’ve always known so much love with you, darling. You remain topmost in my heart.

36. Waking up to see you beside me gives me more joy and happiness that money cannot give. My life has got so much meaning with you involved. Your presence had caused so much change and I’ve improved in ways I never could have imagined. Thank you for being amazing. You mean the world to me.

37. No one has ever given me so much support and courage like you do. You spur me to action and you’re always having my back. You gave the eyes to correct when and where necessary. You gave the mouth to encourage me much further than I can ever achieve. I never can imagine how I can successfully achieve my goals without having you in my life to plan and roll with me. I love you till eternity my boo.

38. So far, the confidence I’ve built in dreaming and working towards achieving my dreams has been a result of your significant contribution. All I’ve seen in you is the strength that wants to achieve and also wants his woman to achieve even more. This selflessness is so crazy and endearing. For this, I just can’t stop loving you.

39. You know what? From the very first day you asked me out on a date, I have loved your person and known I would give my yes once you woo me. Since then, I have made some promises to see that this affair grows from just being a normal relationship till it leads to a lifetime union with you. Our love is made from heaven and we are stuck together for life. No you without me. Yes! That’s how it’s gonna be.

40. Like a dream, I became a sudden love artiste just because you came into my world and turned it all around. I couldn’t help singing your love every blessed night. I just love the way this love is making me go gaga all for you. I hope not to wake up from this reality of the blissful and restive union with you.

Love Paragraphs for Him From The Heart.

Communicate your appreciation and fondness of your boo by using any of these love paragraphs from the heart to make him crave for you the more.

41. There is great power in love. There is a great blessing in being found by the right person. I’ve found life to be inexcusable spending it with no one but you. You are my dream come true.

42. Just like a mountain, it often seems a whole to love a man like you. We’ve got so many differences and I’ve been a little intimidated by how much of your standard and expectations I would struggle to meet up with. But with much respect, you proved me wrong, darling. You’re the simplest and perfect gentleman I’ve ever known.

43. My goals look so big, like a mountain too large to climb. But it’s soothing to have a go-getter like you ever surging me up relentlessly. Through the harsh realities of life and changing policies, you remain undaunted just as the ocean never stops rolling. Through the uncertainties of life, you remain unshakable in your love and commitment towards me.

44. Never has there been any moment of dullness with you. You’re all shades of liveliness and gracefulness. The way you make my heartbeat for you feels like I’m just being enchanted by your love. I don’t want to recover if your love is all I need to move on.

45. Many talks about having a better half to make them complete and cover up their insecurities. But you are a great representation of wholeness as I am complete just as you are. Our connection and combination exude powerful flame of love that will burn till eternity. Just you and I, together we shall be forever, and forever we shall be together.

46. My love for you has got no description, dimension, duration or denomination. As much as I sought for love in different places, having you appear right behind me, and sweeping me off my feet remains a mystery and the source of my pride in you.
I love you affectionately.

47. You’ve been a master in the business of love. So teach me to love you so I can love you endlessly. Help me to grow so I can grow old with you. Always in your heart, I long to stay. By your side, I long to be and live.

48. I am the kind of queen who’s also got all it takes to make her king become and attain more. Our togetherness has brought so much tranquillity and progress. None from the past could ever be equated with you. You’re different in every way and I’m glad to be united with you.

49. You made me forget my past. That’s how magical the love you brought is. I’m happy I found a new found love with you of which nothing on earth can be compared with. You came into my life and changed things for the better. The better I become, the happier I be and the deeper we grow in our love for each other.

50. You’ve taught me so much about life, love and prospects. I have not only learnt from you, but I’ve become much better in every respect. In your heart, I’d love to build my nest where I can always perch for safety. Thank you for being you and for being so loving.

51. Do you know why you were irresistible when you first asked me out? I will simply tell you. The secret all lies in your strength. Yes, I mean it. You’re a strong man. You are able to endure and handle life pressures. You’re able to set goals and strive to attain them. Nothing proves difficult for you to do. As it stands, nothing proves

52. I never wish we could live apart for days not to talk of weeks running into months. But as we daily long for each other’s voice, I am certain we are always in each other’s heart. You made loving you so easy and endearing for me. I can’t stop thinking about you.

53. Plenty sauce and awesomeness singled you out of many. But what endeared me more towards you is your heart of gold. Because out of it springs forth your sweet words, wisdom, strength, beauty and greatness. You’ve got all wonderful endowments baby. Ain’t I lucky to have you? You are awesome.

54. Even when you hurt me, though I felt bad, it hasn’t stopped my heart from beating for you a second. We could hurt each other to know, accept and tolerate each other better. Once we talk over our faults, we get better to improve ourselves. I appreciate you for always helping me to grow.

55. You came when I’ve almost given up hope of loving again. You saw me, loved me and accepted me unconditionally. This love is still a mystery that I wouldn’t want to unravel. Let’s keep loving. Let’s keep living. And let’s keep growing together. You and I till eternity.

56. Sometimes when you’re not at your best and want to wonder how I ever got to be in a relationship with you, I am always reminded of all your sweet words to me the very day you wooed me. I can always think of that single day and still remember how I’ve come to love you and choose to live the rest of my life as your darling Mrs.

57. If I come to this world again to choose a man, I will choose you over and over. You remain my best choice and perfect example. I love and remain loyal to you till eternity, baby.

58. When down, your love is like a medicine to keep warm my weary soul. When overactive, your thought becomes my stabilizer to keep me moderate all through the moment. You’ve influenced so many things that my mouth cannot tell it all.

59. The more I look at your pictures, the more I feel the poise of your gaiety. The more I gaze into your handsome eyes, the more you remind me that you’re a model of intelligence and great vision. I may be short of words to express my tenderness for you, but I cannot but tell you that I truly love you.

60. I used not to care about the path I was threading. But your presence made me realise why I needed to take life more serious. For this, our love is so spectacular and rare. I share in your joy, I believe in your vision, I drink from your depth, the aura of your presence fills me all in all.

Sweet Love Text Paragraphs for Him

You can find your way to express your true feelings to your man and make him feel specially accepted and appreciated with these beautiful love text paragraphs.

61. Your presence in my life has given me a sporadic speed that I’ve in many years laboured for. You’re just like the fertilizer that has been helping me to grow and nurturing me to blossom. I see greatness all around, of which you’re responsible for. I owe you my heart, and wouldn’t trade you for anything.

62. I have come to love you. The reason for which I cannot explain and wouldn’t even want to wrack my brain. All I know is I love you, I need you and I choose you. Be mine forever, to love me, nurture me and groom me to your taste.

63. Since the inception of this union, so much has been added to me. You are a gift to me. You brightened my world and turned my life around. Your assurance of love leaves no iota of doubt in my heart. Hands in hands as we plan and live, we grow and expand. Together, we shall reach our great heights.

64. The saying that all men are the same has never mattered to me. I choose not to accept it because you are unique by all standard. And by the virtue that you also met an adorable woman like me, our relationship will surely pass the test of time.

65. The thought of tomorrow has been my utmost priority and concern. I’ve been disillusioned to think none could measure up until you found me, and we became one. With you in the picture, I’m confident of a promising future. With God on our side, no hurdle will be too big to surmount. We are a formidable force.

66. The power of love is so strong. It’s the forever kind, so kind and patient. Doesn’t burn out even when fatigued; doesn’t back out even when pressed. Never blind to weaknesses but bright to seeing the best in all things and encouraging to be the best. Never asleep, but always alive to speak life and active to spur on. Always hopeful when discouraged; always tolerant even irritable. This love is unbeatable. We are joined by heaven.

67. Looking into your eyes, all I see is the perfect image of an Adonis. You are gentle and adorable. You are fearless and blameless my darling. I love and choose you all over my boo.

68. I’ve asked myself severally what really got my attention drawn towards you. I’ve tried to search but couldn’t find a tangible reason. My love for you is genuine and natural and you’ve made yourself so irresistible to me. Nothing can stop our hearts from beating for each other.

69. The starting was so rough and wild. But seeing where we are now, reveals how better we can be as we journey further into the future. I know you’ve got all it takes to carry me and the children through.

70. The love you bring and the gift of your awesome personality has given me a light into how promising our future is going to be. With your great sense of responsibility, you have proven beyond doubt the loving husband and great father you gonna be. I’m proud to reckon with you, darling. You are my hero.

71. You’ve earned so much respect from me. From the very first day that we met and even till now, your life really speaks so much of your integrity and credibility. My love for you grows daily. My heart bubbles with joy endlessly. I have no fear of tomorrow with you. I know the future is safe and secured with you. I love you with all my heart, darling.

72. Your words are so comforting and lifting. They give so much hope and life, the reason I long hearing from you daily. No man tells me how gifted and amazing I am as much as you do. It makes more sense when it comes from the man I adore and admire. No man supports and encourages me as much as you do.
Everything about you just makes so much sense to me.

73. The road has never been easy. But we keep fighting and working it all out together. So glad we never for once contemplated falling apart. We are bonded in love and committed to making things work come what may. I’m glad to do this journey with you, baby. You really made loving you so easy and sweet for me.

74. While I pray for the gift of an amazing man, you didn’t look like the picture I conceived in my mind. Though, I know my prayers got answered the very day you wooed me, I still had my expectations somewhere some kind. But, I can look back now to appreciate God that I walked by faith and not by sight. You are God sent. And I love you without any reservation.

76. So much sacrifice I’m willing to undergo just for the love of you. I’m ready to protect our love to the fullest length. I’m committed to our relationship and desire it grows to a lasting union together and forever.

77. How we ever got so intertwined is still a mystery to me. You know my hearts and can feel my impulse. Before you share anything with me, it’s already what is being conceived in my heart. Sometimes, I feel you’ve stolen my heart and replaced it with yours. This love is unbreakable and our life is inseparable.

78. I never believed romance was possible in reality. I’d thought that is only meant for lovers in the dream world or just like the fairy tales form romantic novels. But when you appeared, I didn’t struggle to love and accept you. Now, I see a man who captivates the whole of me with his totality. You are my sunshine and soulmate.

79. You stole a glance at me, then our eyes met. My heart skipped, your heart tickled. You walked straight to me, exchanged pleasantries, then you gave me a note. That was how it began. The rest is now history. You got me with your charm and guts. I’d choose to love you over and over again.

80. Your eyes, gives full assurance. Your lips, filled with great compassion. Your hands, holding me close in a warm embrace. Your shoulder, giving me the greatest comfort. Your chest, the best pillow to lay on. Everything about you is so reassuring. You’re my guardian angel.

Beautiful True Love Paragraphs for Him

There are great words to say to your man to make him drool all over you. Choose your best from these love messages for him.

81. I’m loving the way you love me. I cherish so much the way you always look into my blue fragile eyes, it assures me of your love for me. I love the way you always hold my hands in yours, it guarantees my mind that you’re capable of protecting me from all harms. I choose to love you till eternity.

82. There are just too many surprises you put up every blessed day, and they all reveal the good and romantic sides of you. Never will there be any other man like you. You are irreplaceable in my heart.

83. From the very first time, I have found in you great values to truly treasure for a lifetime. Since you’re gifted, smart, brave, strong and lively, forget not that once we eventually become one, I will be all that you already are. Even if I don’t, your strength will always cover up for my weaknesses, and my strengths will cover up for yours.

84. How I got to love you I cannot phantom. When it all started I cannot pinpoint. All I know is I fell in love without even realising. And just because I can be too reckless in giving out my love, I implore, love and treat me with tenderness for my heart is fragile. The best of me can only manifest in your tender loving care of me.

85. Just like a rainbow, you’ve added so much colour and beauty to my life. With your presence in my life, I’ve grown far beyond my expectations. My life had to experience miraculous turns within short space. So many values you’ve got my honey. I love and respect you.

86. When I was praying about you, I didn’t ask that you must have a car or be loaded with money. Though I know they are essential, but they weren’t basic for me. I was specific to ask for a man with the eyes for vision and the heart of gold. You are the man after God’s heart for me and the king of my heart. More than I prayed, my prayers got answered.

87. I have a dream. To be with a man who shares similar values as mine and who matches up with my potentials. Of all, you stood out among many suitors. You brought more values and my life has taken a better shape. Thank you for blessing my life and touching my heart so greatly.

88. Now I know the true definition of love. It feels so complete when you’re with the man of your dreams. It tastes so sweet when you’re with the man of your youth. You became my strength when weak. You became my joy when sad.

89. Loving you is not an elective course. It is a compulsory course I will always sit to write for as long as I live. I will write about your sweetness. I will tell of your tenderness. Your gracefulness is second to none. Your warmness is so enchanting. I love you, dearly.

90. My sweetheart, you’re filled with virtues and character. You’re clothed with honour and dignity and handsomeness. You’re graced with wisdom and courage. You’re so endowed and blessed. How won’t I help falling in love with you over and over. You mean the world to me.

91. Having learnt to love the unlovable has taught me to love you affectionately. Having experienced love in the wrong places had almost hardened my heart from loving again until you came in and swept me off my feet completely. Now that I’m in love with you, I keep loving you again and over again.

92. You have made yourself a significant part of my life of which I can never trade for anything in the world. Not for gold, silver, fame or riches. The best and only unit of exchange is just your heart. Give it all to me and I will give you mine in return.

93. The day I look up to now is the day to finally and officially tell you “I do” in the presence of everyone who loves and care for us. They all will act as witnesses to the love built on openness, sincerity and trust.
My life long desire now is to live with you till the end of life. I pray for the day to come quickly.

94. The depth of my love for you is immeasurable. And I am willing to go that low in expressing my love to you. While our hearts are opened up in trust and reverence of each other, I can only project how unbiased we will be in seeing the best in ourselves and celebrating each other.

95. I get so touched by simple and sincere acts of love. Your thoughtfulness gives me goosebumps. Your smile melts my heart. Your morning texts lighten up my day. Your constant gifts make me feel special. Everything you do goes so well with me. You’re my perfect angel.

96. How we manage to keep our communication at par is a big plus to us. When there’s a problem, you’ve got the right solution. When nothing feels so good to think about, you bring out light from every darkness. You see things differently and you’ve got my best interest at heart. I’m amazed at your optimism. I celebrate your good heart.

97. My growth, success and breakthrough are attributed largely to your significant impact in my life. I’m glad to be better in every ramification to which I owe you a great accolade. Glad I met you. You remain ever significant in my life.

98. As the love of my life that you are, my pledge is to love you, care for you and nurture our love till eternity. I pledge to protect you and project you well both to my friends and families. Never will I let you down. I will guide jealously the good name you’ve given me to bear. Forever, my promise remains certain and I love you deeply darling.

99. My loyalty goes to no other but to you. You have shown me much love beyond my wildest dream. I can not really pay you back but I choose to remember you always in my prayers. I am confident God hears even the faintest whisper of my desires towards you. Nothing compares to you, darling.

100. I love your good spirit. Despite the hurts, loneliness and struggles you’ve experienced in life, you never allowed any of those take the hold of you. You remain focused still. And you exude so much joy and liveliness. Sometimes, I wonder if I can pick up as much as you’ve done. This meant so much to me and endeared my heart to you. You are a strong chap. I won’t survive a day without you.

I’m glad this collection of romantic love paragraphs for him is able to express your love and longings for your boyfriend.

Now that you’ve seen a way to express your feelings the way you wanted, do not back out of your relationship at any time. Work things out.

Feel free to use and enjoy the best in your relationship.

Remember to pass your comments. I’d love to read from you. Thank you for checking by.

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