26th birthday prayer

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old (2024)

To truly live, we must recognise every milestone, hold dear to beautiful memories, and see reasons to celebrate the wins, whether big or small. Turning 26 is both a milestone and a win, and we totally should recognise and celebrate it.

Along with good wishes, the beautiful gifts, and even surprise party, prayers are super important too. They afford you opportunities to speak words of blessings and ease into the celebrant’s life. And importantly, they work alongside your wishes.

Your wishes that remind the celebrant that there’s enough time to pursue his or her dreams. That there’s ample time to smash goals and get the lives of their dreams. That also reminds them that there are more than one reasons to be thankful.

Try out these 26th birthday prayers!

Opening Prayers for 26th Birthday Party

Saying some opening prayers are one of the beautiful ways to start a birthday party. Try these opening prayers for a 26th birthday celebration!

1. Faithful God, we are ever so thankful for your goodness and mercy in our lives. We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate 26 with our sister. To you be all the glory in Jesus name. As this party begins, we pray for more opportunities to come to celebrate with her. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

2. Thank you our Lord and God for this day that you have made. We are glad and we greatly rejoice in it. Thank you for the opportunity to gather together. We pray that in this new year, you will take us all, especially the celebrant, from glory to glory. The celebrant will enjoy new heights and experiences. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

3. Great things you’ve indeed been doing for us, Lord. And our hearts and mouths are filled with your testimonies. Thank you for this 26th birthday. Thank you for the gift of family and friends. Thank you for your unchanging love towards us all. As we’ve gathered to celebrate, we declare a new year of open door for (insert celebrant name). This will not be the last time we gather to celebrate with (him/her). In the name of Jesus. Amen.

4. Wonder-working God. King of all kings. We’ve seen your faithfulness for the past 26 years. We’ve seen your mercies and goodness remain a constant in the life of your daughter. We pray that going forward, there will be more reasons to testify of your faithfulness, mercy and goodness. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

5. Lord, you’ve always given us reasons to glad, and to rejoice. We are always going to be eternally grateful. Thank you for this birthday celebration. Thank you for the new dawn. As we usher this party open, we ask that you continue to give us reasons to celebrate. We ask that the celebrant will always have reasons to rejoice and be glad. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old

To send the celebrant wishes and prayers for a good year and life, these happy birthday prayers for 26 years old will do!

1. Really, it is another year to be grateful. Another year to rejoice – at the fact that you pulled through all of the challenges life threw at you in the previous year. It’s another year to be glad and merry. And I pray that this 26th year will bring you more blessings than sorrow. More happiness than sadness. Happy 26th birthday, dear.

2. You honestly deserve all of the good things coming your way. Because I’ve never seen someone as dedicated, hardworking and talented as you. May your 26th year bring you fruitfulness, and visible rewards for all your efforts. Happy birthday, dear.

3. You may have lost a lot in the previous year, but this year will bring you better opportunities. This year will see you with so much strength, to pursue your dreams to the fullest. This year will also bring you good health and warm relationships. Happy birthday, dearie!

4. I’ve watched you do all that is in your power to grow, to develop and better yourself. I’ve seen your years of investment and commitment. And I pray that the good Lord will crown these input with success. I pray that open doors and connections will continually be open for you. Happy 26 years birthday.

5. Who’s the hottest and most beautiful 26 years old? That has to be you, my darling! My wishes wouldn’t be complete without telling you how proud I am of you. How much I’m happy to see you celebrate another year in good health and happiness. May these and many other good things never depart from your life, in Jesus name. Amen. Happy 26th birthday, darling.

26th Birthday Prayers for Christians

Birthdays will be incomplete without committing the celebrant into God’s hands. For continued protection, wisdom and good health, these 26th birthday prayers for Christians will serve.

6. My heart rejoices with you, at this start of a new age and dawn in your life. I pray that only good tidings will fill your life and family. I pray that good testimonies will be in abundance in your life. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old    

7. Your years of service to God is inspiring. Really, you’re a big dose of inspiration! Much more, I pray that your 26th birthday will see you in good health and strength. I speak boldness and fearlessness into your life. It’s decades upon decades serving the Lord and living your best life. Happy birthday, dear.

8. Today marks a new chapter and beginning. The mistakes of the past year have been wiped clean, and you’ve been handed a fresh slate. And I pray that the Lord will continue to do new and beautiful things in your life. In the mighty name of Jesus. Happy 26th birthday, darling!

9. Even when turbulent storms come knocking, the Lord will uphold and strengthen you. When needs arise, the Lord will send helpers to you. With long life and good health, you’ll live to testify of the goodness of God. Happy happy birthday!

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old

10. I see your desire to excel and become someone great in life. It is evident in the way you work hard, stay dedicated and try to improve. I pray that the good Lord will help you achieve every of your heart desires. And I pray that He will grant you the excellence and greatness that you desire. Happy new year, darling.

Birthday Prayers for 26 Year Old Sister

Sisters are gifts that should be treasured. Sending your sister these birthday prayers, to mark her 26th birthday, definitely show that you treasure her.

11. I’m really very happy that you turn 26 today. And I am so glad to be sharing in your joy and celebration. May celebration never cease in your life and household. Happy birthday, sister.

12. Dearest sister from another mother. Have I told you how glad I am to have met someone like you? Have I told you how easy and colourful you make my life? As you celebrate your 26th year, may all that is good and perfect locate you. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

13. 26 years is no small feat! And I pray that the Lord will continue to order your footsteps. And to lead you on the path of peace, love, happiness, good health and long life. Happy birthday, sister of mine!

14. Happy birthday, sister of life! I’m truly glad about the opportunity to grow and learn with someone like you present. May this year bring you many reasons to celebrate and jubilate. I love you loads!

15. As you celebrate another year, may the good Lord take you from glory to glory. And may His gaze continually rest on you. Happy birthday, sister.

Birthday Prayers for 26 Year Old Brother

We can agree that life is a happy place, because of the presence of our brothers. Send these birthday prayers to your 26 year old brother, to make his day blessed.

16. My prayers for you haven’t changed. May the good Lord perfect all that concerns you, even as you celebrate a new age. And may He crown your efforts will succeed. I love you so much, brother. Happy 26th birthday.

17. As you’ve entered a new age, may new opportunities, testimonies and relationships fill your life. May you never lack the things you need to succeed in life. Happy birthday, brother.

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18. I speak peace and blessings upon your life. And I pray that evil eyes directed at you will be blinded. And evil reports will come to no success in your life. Happy 26th year birthday, brother. I’m always cheering for you!

19. How knowledgeable you are, the kind of advice you give is second to none. I pray that wisdom will be on the increase in your life, as you add a new year. So also will your resources be on the increase. Happy birthday, dearest brother.

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old

20. As you turn 26 today, may the works of your hands know increase. And may excellence always be constant in your life. Happy happy birthday, brother. I love you dearly!

26th Birthday Prayers for My Son

It is a privilege of seeing your son’s 26th birthday. As his parent, your prayers will make the day even more special. So, get any of the 26th birthday payers for my son below.

21. As you turn 26 today, I speak abundance in your life. Abundance in your finance, at your workplace, and in your relationships. May you never face lack. Happy birthday, my son.

22. May your 26th year bring you unlimited happiness and sunshine. And may it see you in good health, prosperity and warmth. Happy birthday, son.

23. I love how you always want to see me happy. How you care and take care of me. Oh, my heart blesses you! May you know blessings and favour like never before. May you experience the joy and peace of the Lord. Happy 26th birthday, son.

24. The Lord sure deserves thanks and praises. For leading you into another year, and for protecting and providing for you. I pray that in this new year, your life will be filled with only good news. Happy 26th birthday, son!

25. As you’ve come this far, may your life never be cut short. May the universe continually align for your success and breakthrough. May your know uplifting and success in great bounds. Happy birthday, my son.

26th Birthday Prayers for My Daughter

To celebrate the new age, and to pray for continued blessings and long life, these birthday prayers for 26 year old daughter will do.

26. You make me so happy and proud. And I’m really very glad that we get to celebrate today together. I pray that your eyes will see opportunities, recognize them and go for them. I pray that blessings will surround you always. Happy birthday, dear.

27. As you celebrate another year today, I want you to be of good cheer. Because you have already overcome the challenges that will come with being 26. Happy birthday, my daughter.

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old

28. As you keep working towards the life you want for yourself, may God keep working to crown your efforts. May limitations on your path be crushed, and may you experience ease. Happy 26th birthday, daughter.

29. Don’t resent the past. It has made you into this beautiful, thoughtful and kind lady you are today. And it is my prayer for you, that your new age will be filled with favour and connections. Happy 26 years birthday, darling.

30. My heart rejoices and blesses you. And I’m always proud of you. Today, and on every other day, may you not miss out on life’s opportunities and fun. May you be blessed in leaps and bounds. Happy birthday, daughter-shine.

26th Birthday Prayers for My Nephew or Cousin

What’s life without cousins and nephews? Send any of these birthday prayers to make their 26th birthday even more special!

31. You’ve brought loads of happiness to our lives in this family. It is so difficult to picturing us without you. As you turn 26 today, may laughter and happiness abound more and more in your life. Happy birthday, nephew!

32. May God give you many reasons to leap for joy. May His happiness, joy and peace dwell in your life forever and ever. Happy 26th birthday, cousin.

33. Nephew with the difference! Nephew with the sauce! I so love the man you’re becoming. Handsome, kind, gentle and caring. May God continue to bless and keep you for us. Happy 26th birthday!

34. As you celebrate 26 today, may you celebrate many more years. May God equip you with all it takes to live a beautiful life. Happy birthday, cousin. Love you!

35. I admire a lot about you. Your willingness to help, how you try to make everyone comfortable around you, how you’re a gentleman. I pray that God’s goodness and mercy will follow you for the rest of your days. Happy 26th birthday, nephew.

26th Birthday Prayers for My Uncle or Aunt

Aunts and uncles bring the necessary colours and difference in our lives. To help mark their 26th birthday, you can send any of these birthday prayers.

36. It’s really an honour having an aunt as sweet, intelligent and kind as you. I pray that your 26th year will see you wiser and stronger in Jesus name. Amen. Happy birthday, aunt.

37. You are very special to me, Uncle. And you are an integral part of my life. It is my prayer that, as you turn 26 today, the good Lord will give you countless reasons to rejoice and be glad. Happy birthday, uncle.

38. They definitely do not make uncles like you anymore. Your kindness, patience and sense of responsibility are exemplary. And I’m glad to learn from you. May this new year bring you loads of happiness. Happy 26th birthday, uncle.

26th Birthday Prayers for 26 Years Old

39. As you add another year today, I pray that God will decorate your life, finance and relationships for good. I love you so much, aunt. Happy 26th birthday.

40. There’s plenty of time to pursue your dreams. Actually, there’s no better time than now. I pray for good health, long life and prosperity as you chase your dreams. Happy birthday, uncle dearest.

26th Birthday Prayers for My Sister-In-Law

Marriage affords us wonderful additions into the family. And sisters-in-law are definitely good additions.

For her 26th birthday, these prayers will work well with your good wishes.

41. Really, thank you so much for choosing our family. Thank you particularly for being my friend. Our lives are so much better with you in them. As you add another year, may the good Lord continue to make your life better and better. May He take you from glory to glory. In Jesus name; amen. Happy birthday, sister-in-law.

42. Thank you for standing by us, for representing the family name with responsibility. Thank you for being the firecracker of the family. It’s been loads of fun with you. As you turn 26, may God put loads of laughter in your heart and month. May He cause people to favour you. Happy birthday, sister.

43. Scratch the sister-in-law tag. You’re truly truly truly a part of us. As you celebrate another year, may God meet you at the point of your needs. And may He grant you your heart desires. Happy 26th birthday, sisterly!

44. I’m grateful for your presence in our family. And I’m grateful that God sent me a friend when I needed her the most. I’ll always be grateful for the bond we share. While I’ll bring you presents today, I pray that the Lord will send you surprises and blessings. Happy 26th birthday, sunshine!

45. Thank you for caring for everyone. We may not be the most loving or a closely-knit family, but you’ve done your part to keep things together. May God continue to keep things for you. May He show you care in many ways, and may He bless you. Happy birthday, darling sister.

26th Birthday Prayers for My Brother-In-law

Prayers are needed to mark the birthday of a man that has added value to the family. A man that constantly supports, and strives to see things moving on fine.

These 26th birthday prayers for brother-in-law will give you a head-start.

46. You’re a vibe on your own! An everyday inspiration! Thank you for your continued contributions and relevance. Rest assured, heaven will give you lots of reasons to jubilate this new year. Happy 26th birthday, brother-in-law.

47. You’re by far one of the most brilliant guys I know. It’s been a journey with you, and I’m thankful marriage brought us together. May God shower you with continued wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy birthday, bro!

48. You’ve really come a long way. I’ve particularly witnessed the many sacrifices and sweat that brought you this far. May God continue to crown your efforts with success and blessings. Happy birthday, brother-in-law.

49. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are. Thank you for always striving for things to run smoothly in our family. We are blessed because of your presence. Here’s to more blessings, favour and open doors from the Lord. In the name of Jesus; amen. Happy birthday, brother.

50. It doesn’t sound cliche to me, wishing you long life, prosperity and good health for your 26th birthday. May God’s choicest blessings locate you for the rest of your days. Happy birthday!

I hope you enjoyed reading and sending the birthday prayers for 26 years old as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Please, leave me a comment on how they were helpful. I’d love to read from you. Also, share with friends.

Thank you.

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