Heart Touching Words for Someone Special

2024 Heart Touching Words for Someone Special

 They say action speaks louder than words, but I sometimes say words themselves are the needed action. They have to ability to reveal how you feel, your innermost thoughts and wishes for that special person.

That “special someone” in your life may be a husband or wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a fiancé or fiancée, your family member(s) or a colleague at work who you want to let them know how you feel about them. When you use such words that make people feel special and important, they will end up thinking about you too.

In our everyday busy lives, we sometimes forget the need to appreciate that person in our lives that has done so much for us, stood by us, and made us feel better. You need to be able to reciprocate that feeling to them and it is never too late to give back while you still can.

You can communicate your views and emotions to that special person which may not be in an elaborate way. Small acts like sending these words also matter.

Whatever it is, you just need to let them know how special they are to you by being creative with the kinds of words you use. Below are some motivational, inspirational, and beautifully crafted well wishes to spice up their day and appreciate them for being special. Best of all heart touching words for someone.

Most Touching Words for Loved Ones

It means a lot when you are together with your loved ones. You are bound to make memories. There are touching words you should say to make him or her know that they are the most special and loved. You could stimulate their emotions further by sending these heart touching messages to them.

1. There is a feeling of joy I have knowing you and seeing you daily. You send a wave of gladness across my senses that I cannot seem to comprehend. I thank God for who you are.

2. First, we were acquainted, then we became friends. In all my life you are one of the best things that life gave to me on a platter and I cannot seem to get enough of you, you are simply amazing.

3. Thank you for today, those words meant a lot than you could ever imagine, just like you mean a lot to me than I could ever imagine. You are the best.

4. If ever you need a shoulder to cry on and someone to rely on, just know I am never too far away from you. my life has always been a shining sky because you are the brightest star in it, it will go dark without you.

5. I would be lying, and it would be an understatement if I said that the part to my self-discovery has been easy, somehow you made it seem possible. It is safe to say, I would be lost without you and would recede to my old self without you.

6. I count myself blessed because you are a blessing. Do not you ever think yourself less than what you are worth because I value you. you are so much worth than you think, and you are amongst the best life has ever offered me.

7. Cloud in a world filled with fool’s gold and endless road disappearing mirage pools, you are the only thing that is real and the only helm of reality I could ever hold on to. Thank you for being there.

8. There are no better words to say how fortunate I am since you came into my life. All I can say is thank you.

9. Thanks for being a true friend. You are more than just a true friend; you are a gem and you are the most important person in my life.

10. There is a lot I can say about you, the memories that we share gladdens my heart. I appreciate you and I am happy that life brought you to me.

11. Every day brings a new reason for me to be thankful, firstly because I am alive and secondly because you are there beside me to comfort me and thirdly because there are no dull moments with you.

12. From the depths of my very being, I love you sincerely and every moment that I spend with you will never be taken for granted.

13. Just so you know, your life is a gift not only to you but to me and everyone that has had an encounter with you. we all have a good report about you.

14. Hearty cheers to you my best friend and heartthrob, how you captured my heart seems to be a mystery to me and even when I am a bit reckless with my choices, thank you for choosing me and I am grateful I chose you too.

15. Rise and shine my dear, shine your light in our hearts and let us feel the goodness of your heart. Yes! You have the best heart that a human should have, and you are awesome.

16. There are no better ways it might have gone; you are the best person in this situation, and no one could have done it better. That is why I trust you.

17. I believe you, never doubt yourself. Though it might seem that the world is against. Never stop believing in yourself. In time all your struggles will eventually payout.

18. I know you, the things you have gone through. there is no point at which any of them was your fault, you were just unlucky. I acknowledge your strength in handling this situation. You are wise.

19. The way you make me feel good about myself, I trust you the most and I will never ever doubt you because I believe in you.

20. As grasses are green in the day but become dark when there is no light in the dark of the night. So are my days without you.

21. There is something about you that seems to make my life colourful, the hue in you, the smile you radiate and peace that flows when you show.

22. We make a great team, you, and me, with the both of us together, there are no battles we cannot conquer.

23. There is always a place in the heart that only you can fill. The more we stay together, the more satisfied I am and the more I want to keep living with you.

24. You are like morphine, every moment I am drawn and addicted to you.

25. I know for certain I made the right decision hanging out with you. I had such a wonderful day that I never wanted it to end.

26. I like the way today went; I cannot stop laughing. The day started with sadness, but it ended with laughter. Please I would love to spend another day with you.

27. I appreciate every act of love you showed to me today. I want to tell you that you are the best and will always be.

28. Our heartbeat is in sync. Without you I am offbeat, I would climb the highest mountain and cliff just to prove that you mean a lot to me.

29. I want to share every moment of the rest of my life with you because you make it meaningful.

30. A house is just a house, but it becomes a home with the one you love. My desire is to build a home with you, and nothing will ever change that.

31. Give me the opportunity to serenade you, you shine like you are bioluminescent, nothing can eclipse you because you are wonderfully made.

32. In everything you are the best, you are made for the best and you deserve the best.
33. I am sending this note to you, to comfort you and to give you the peace that you desire. Here is a token of my appreciation. Call me if you need anything.

34. You have earned my love and respect. No one could ever replace you in my heart. You will always be there forever.

35. I am going to love you with everything that I have got because you give me the strength to do and be more.

36. I know you need some time; you have done a lot for me and you are the most important person I can truly rely on. Thank you.

37. Dear loved one. Times are going to be hard; we are going to face difficulties but just be rest assured I am not going anywhere.

38. Dear loved one. You have given a lot to me; it is time I pay the debts that I owe to you. I am going to make sure that you need are met because you mean the world to me.

39. You are going to have a great day no matter how it goes because you are strong and willful, that is why I love you.

40. Stay strong, stay true, be you. the real you that I fell in love with. Do not change no matter what because as far as I know, nothing can shake us.

41. I can hardly live a moment without missing you. come back soon.

42. There is no one I would rather spend this moment with. It is always fun whenever you are around.

43. We are one – one mind and one soul. We are meant to be because we complement each other.

44. You are like a dream come true. With each passing day spent with you, everything feels brand new.

45. You are my loved one. You are special to me and I will never make you feel unwanted.

Touching Words for Family

Our family defines us. It is often said that your family are the ones that can get under your skin without making you feel bad or hurt you aggressively. And because there is a deep connection between you and the members of your family, here are some perfect touching words you can send to them.

46. I am sorry I am not going to trade you all for another family. You are my family and it will never change.

47. I am proud of my family. The sense of pride is buried deep within and it is a feeling I wake up to every morning.

48. This family shall always succeed, and we shall always stand tall together.

49. We may have our difference and our individual personalities, but we are always together because we are family.

50. What difference does it make if we are on each other’s throat? We fight and we quarrel and yet we love each other.

51. I will fight for you and climb the highest pedestal just to see my family happy.

52. Together forever, we unite under every circumstance. We fight for together for each other, we are family, we are one.

53. The strength of my family made me, the prayers and support that they gave me. I will not trade for anything else.

54. We share an unbreakable bond, we share a home together, we find peace in the smiles on each other’s face because we are family.

55. Family is all about love, patience, and togetherness. That is what we share because we are always in each other’s hearts.

56. It does not matter where you go or where you may be the love of your family will always be there for you and their prayers will always guide you.

57. This family is unique amongst other families, we know ourselves and what we desire, and we help ourselves to achieve it. That is why we are the best.

58. Thank you, God, for such a wonderful family that you have given to me. They are not perfect, but it is the best someone like me can ever have.

59. My sisters are amazing, my brothers are wonderful, my parents are incredible. Wherever they are, they are highly distinguishable because that is what they are, they are simply unique.

60. I have taken so many thoughts and come to realize that I have the best parents and siblings that the earth has to offer. I have the best family in the world.

Heart Touching Words for Friends

Our friends are like a mirror. They are the reflection of us. Hence, there are so much that your friend(s) may have done for you and it is only fitting that you say these heart touching words to them to show gratefulness and appreciate them.

61. Dear friend, in all these years and in all that I have been through, thank you for being there for me.

62. You are my friend, someone that I love so much. When the going gets tough you are always there to hold me and keep me strong.

63. Keep holding on tight, keep being you because you are special, and I will always be there for you.

64. I owe so much to you, the peace, joy and comfort that you bring and the serenity that follows you. you are wonderful.

65. Dear friend, we have been through a lot, we have toiled and we have sweated and when the moment comes we are going to make a toast with a glass of new wine and reminisce all the good times that we share.

66. You mean a lot to me; I want to see you live long and healthy so that we can grow old and have fun together.

67. I do not have to question my intentions with you because your friendship taught me to see the beauty in cracks, it’s all and more for me.

68. I made so many mistakes in my life but you were always there to erase the ones that were erasable and help me live passed the ones that were not.

69. We are going to get bigger – you and I, we will grow stronger just the both of us. when the time is right, we will both conquer. Us against the world.

70. I know we disagree sometimes, but where is the fun when we agree all the time? I like the fact that you are not a yes person and you have your own thoughts and views. That is why you are my best friend.

71. Flowers need rain to survive, fish needs water to thrive, there will be no green plants without the sun neither will there be stars without the dark. There would be no me without your friendship.

72. I used to think true friendship exists in fictional pages of fairy tales until I met you. Now, you, my dear, is a priceless gem.

73. Being with you gives me a place of perfect peace. I know forever is a long thing to ask for, but I want you to be my friend forever.

74. You are the closest person I have to a family, you the person in whom I find strength when everything seems dark. You mean the world to me.

75. To the one I love and cherish most, nothing in the world could ever replace you. I will always need you forever.

Emotional Words for Lover

Send that waves of pleasant emotions across the heart of your lover and let them feel the love in your words. Sooth them and let them know that they are the only one for you. These emotional words for lovers can help you do the trick.

76. I like how we complement each other; it is like you are in my head all the time, understanding how I feel and doing what makes me feel better.

77. I prayed to God for a friend, He sent me a lover in the form you. there are no moments that I don’t think about you and I wish I asked Him earlier for you.

78. After the rain comes the weather with a clear sky. After every fun time comes memories backed by a peaceful smile. With you, there is always joy and love coming after.

79. Just like sweet and sugar, fat and butter, day, and light, dark and night. We pair together and we are inseparable.

80. I like how you make me feel, I cherish every moment I am with you because you make me feel good and I love you.

81. You can count on me because I will be there for you. there are no obstacles I will not overcome just for you. whenever you need someone, just remember you have got me.

82. I love you so much, there is not a day that goes by without me praying for you.

83. I count every moment that goes by. I cannot wait to finally be yours forever because life would be meaningless without you.

84. I call you my honey lemon because you are a bundle of fairness and sweetness, there is no other person as nourishing and sweet like you.

85. I want you to be mine for a lifetime and there is no other person I would rather have as the parent to my offspring.

86. I will never stop loving and sharing such wonderful moments with you. I want to hold you for a lifetime and never ever leave you.

87. In you, I found a lover, friend, and companion. you are so amazing I cannot seem to take my mind off you.

88. Right now, I am running out of the right words, the best phrase and the most beautiful sentence to say to you because every time I see you, I am in awe.

89. you are my love, my special one. The very person that makes my joy bloom. You are kind, you are better, you are simply beautiful.

90. I love the very scent of your skin, the taste of your lips and perfect sculpture of your curves and edges, I like that you light of my life, it was like you are made just for me.

Best Heart Touching Words

Help someone through a rough moment, motivate them and help them get through that unkind situation. Touch their heart with the best words and let them feel your care and concern about them. These heart touching words are meant for them.

91. There may be a long season of rain and heavy downpour, remember this isn’t always bad because just like vegetation, some things in your life needs it to grow. Your sun will always shine again.

92. You have got what it takes to succeed, never doubt yourself because you are the only one that can do what you do.

93. You are born special and great. Let no one tell you otherwise because little people are always threatened by greatness.

94. Wherever you go whatever you do. Remember your past mistakes and failure does not define you, you are defined by how you get up when you fall.

95. I will always pray for you. my wish for you is for you to be better and you get what you need in life.

96. I know sometimes that you are lonely, and you feel that the world is against you are no one cares about you. nevertheless, be happy, I am always with you.

97. Be strong and trust yourself, it is the least that you can do, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get to where you want to just know that every distance becomes shorter with a step.

98. You will surely find love and when it comes to you, it is going to be the best feeling ever.

99. Loneliness and sadness are a state of the mind; you can only be lonely or sad if you choose to. If life gives you a reason to be depressed, get up and entertain yourself, you are responsible for your own happiness.

100. Your life was not by chance; neither were you created by experiment or an accident. You were created for a purpose and that can only happen when you love yourself.

The brain is powerful, it takes little data such as words and outward display of emotion from a sender and analyzes it into powerful signals in the memory of the receiver. This creates a long-lasting feeling of appreciation, love and other associated emotions.

You can make someone feel special by doing it in the most pleasant way possible. You do not have to hold back when expressing yourself because words are powerful. Your loved ones will never get to know what is in your heart until you express it.

Words are like arrows in an archer’s quiver or a bullet in a sniper’s rifle. When they are shot with precision and carefulness, they will surely hit their targets. Words can heal and strengthen whoever receives it. Saying these kind words can be soothing and create happiness.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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