Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old (2024)

When the chips are down, we realize how family and friends come through for us. And one way to show that we appreciate and care is by sending them words of prayers, especially on their special day, like a 24th birthday.

The world keeps moving, regardless of the many things going on with us. This is why we should seize opportunities to celebrate each other, uplift and pray for one another.

So, along with the gifts and thoughtful social media captions for birthdays, these birthday prayers for 24 years old will help add blessings and colour to the birthday of your 24 years old friend, brother, sister, lover, son, daughter, etc, and will give speed to your wishes.

Opening Prayers for 24th Birthday Party

You don’t have to search further for opening prayers for a 24th birthday party. These opening prayers for a 24-year-old birthday celebration will sort you out nicely.

1. Our heavenly Father. We thank you for this celebration of life. We thank you for another opportunity to celebrate with our (brother/sister). We thank you for how far you’ve brought us all. To you be all the glory. In the name of Jesus. As we’ve gathered to celebrate today, I speak against bad news in our lives. I speak against death and loss in the life of the celebrant. In the name of Jesus. Thank you our Lord and God. Amen.

2. Lord, we are thankful for life, and the opportunity to gather to celebrate the 24th birthday of our daughter, sister and friend. As we celebrate today, we ask that you continue to fill our lives with fruitfulness and sweetness. Just as you’ve always done. We declare this party open, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

3. Lord, today is a day you’ve made. We are glad, and we rejoice in it. Thank you for the opportunity to gather like this once again. Lord, 24 is a time where your guidance and direction are key. This is why we ask that you grant the celebrant direction in all (he/she) will do in this new year. In the mighty name of Jesus. And for those of us that are gathered to celebrate with (him/her), may we never lack for divine direction. In the matchless name of Jesus. Amen.

4. Doer of good things. Our provider and protector. Thank you for all the good things that you keep doing for us. Thank you for the life of the celebrant and his family. Thank you for friends and well-wishers gathered to celebrate with him. To you be all the glory, in Jesus name. Amen. Lord, as we start this celebration, we ask that you continue to uphold him and his family. We ask that you continue to provide for them and to honour them in more ways than they can imagine. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

5. King of glory. It could only have been you that has brought us this far. It just has to be you constantly fighting and caring for the celebrant and her family. As we celebrate with her today, we pray that your mercy will continue to speak for her. We ask that your protection will never depart from her and the family. In the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. We are assured this celebration will end well. Amen.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

Turning 24 years old is no small feat!
So, sending these happy birthday prayers for 24 years old is definitely a good way to celebrate and offer your kind wishes to your loved ones.

1. It’s amazing how you were able to rewrite the story of your life. You took the painful hands life dealt you and turned them into stepping stones for a beautiful life. And you are still working hard to ensure that things turn around for the better. As you turn 24, I pray that the Lord will continue to spin situations to favour and work for your good. Happy birthday, dear.

2. I truly am glad to know someone as remarkable, beautiful and kind as you. And I pray that beyond these 24 hours that you will continue to experience favour and divine expansion. God is certainly not done with you, and He that started the good work in your life will complete it. Happy birthday, dear.

3. There’s nothing about you that I would change. Your kind heart, beautiful smile, how you work hard, and your need to always make people comfortable, are all amazing. May you know and experience only good and beautiful things in this new year. Happy 24th birthday, sweetheart.

4. Just a quick but loud reminder – “all of your dreams are legit.” I see you working hard and long to see your goals come to reality. And you’re truly some heavy dose of inspiration. Don’t stop trusting the process, and working hard. Surely, the Lord will crown your efforts in this new year. Happy birthday.

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old    

5. With the turns and twists you faced in the past year, I can say that the Lord was faithful through and through. And as you celebrate another birthday, I pray that His faithfulness and blessings will continue to remain pronounced in your life. Amen. Happy birthday, darling.

24th Birthday Prayers for Christians

You cannot go wrong with committing the celebrant into God’s hands. He can make the crooked paths straight, and offer the unending guidance and protection that we as humans cannot.

These 24th birthday prayers for Christians will give you a head-start on what prayers to send to your Christian loved ones on their 24th birthday.

6. I can feel the excitement and joy in your voice through the phone. It is so tangible! And I really wish that you could see how glad I am about this. As you clock 24 today, I pray that the good Lord will continue to shower you with reasons to be joyful and excited. In the name of Jesus; amen. Happy birthday, love.

7. Girl, I love you with all my heart, and Lord knows that I won’t stop offering prayers for you. Really, thank you for all you’ve been to me and many others. May God’s outstretched hands continue to uphold you. May your life never lose its sweetness and fruitfulness. And may the good Lord continue to come through for you. Happy happy birthday!

8. For all the happiness and fruitfulness you are enjoying, you deserve them all. Lord knows that you’ve had your share of heartaches in this life. May true joy and happiness never depart from you and yours in this new year. Happy birthday, baby girl.

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

9. I’m thankful to God for your life over and over again. Your life is one testimony that has inspired people to hold on and to believe in God’s ability to come through at every pint in time. I pray that much more, your life will continue to bear fruits and to be a testimony to a lot of people. Happy 24th birthday!

10. I speak long life, prosperity and good health over your life. I speak God’s blessing and divine connection over your family and their resources. I speak fruitfulness into the dull areas of your life. Happy 24th birthday, my darling. You are so loved!

Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old Sister or Brother

Whether the brother or sister is older/younger, it is a privilege getting to watch each other grow and evolve.

Sending these birthday prayers for 24 years old sister or brother to celebrate their turning 24, is a sign of gratefulness and that you wish them only good things.

11. Hurray! You turn 24 today, and I think I’m even more excited than you are! It’s a privilege having a good and responsible sister influencing me. May this new year look up for you always. I love you so much.

12. I am sad a bit, that for the first time we aren’t celebrating your birthday together. But I know you’re not home for a bigger cause. And I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and prosper the work of your hands. Happy birthday, brother. And please, bring back the blue sweatshirt when you’re coming home!

13. Who’s getting older, and closer to the years of wrinkles? You! But before then, I pray that you experience true joy, love and comfort. You’re easily the coolest sister ever! Happy 24th birthday!

14. I’m really honoured, getting to watch you grow and evolve into an amazing woman. There’s no brother in the world that is as proud as I am right now. May this new year be super amazing for you, little. I love you.

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

15. You’re really annoying. Like, super annoying! But you’re still the best brother in the entire world, and I love you so much. May God’s blessings and guidance be unending for you this year. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old Friend

Friends are treasures. They are knights that always find ways to come through for us. Sending these birthday prayers for 24 years old friend is a way of celebrating, and coming through for them as well.

16. You’re that friend that turned into a sister. And I’m so thankful that I have someone like you in my life. I pray for only good things for you in this new year. Happy birthday, darling.

17. From the moment you stood up to my bullies in high school, you’ve been a literal shield and good friend. I’m super glad that I have you in my life. Happy birthday, dear. Massive and unending blessings for you this year!

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18. It’s been almost a decade knowing you and having you as a friend. And it’s really been an interesting ride. I speak blessings and unmerited favour over your life always. Happy 24 years birthday, girl.

19. I really do not want to stop getting to know you better. You are a good friend through and through, and everyone needs someone like you in their lives. Happy birthday, love. Your 24th year is surely a beautiful and fruitful one already.

20. Happy birthday, my friend. I pray that the blessings of the year will bring you closer to achieving your goals. I love you so so much, and I’m always rooting for you!

24th Birthday Prayers for My Son

Your son may or may not be with you on this special day. But your prayers for his 24th birthday is bound to have far-reaching effects in his life.

21. I look at you, and all you’ve grown to achieve by yourself. And honestly, you make me feel like I did a lot of things right in my life. As your mother, I pray for you with all my heart; that good news will never cease in your life. Happy 24th, baby. You rock!

22. Even when the chips are down, I’ll never stop rooting for you. Because I trust the hand of the Lord to always help you get back and remain on your feet. I speak blessings and only amazing things upon your life today. Happy new year, baby boy.

23. You were made to be great, and this is why I am not surprised at your many feats. I know I am your mother, and will always speak good things about you. But, you’re literally born to be great. And as you clock 24, this greatness will be more pronounced for the world to see. Happy birthday, son.

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

24. No matter how older and taller you get, you’ll always be my boy. The one I love with all my heart, and will not stop praying for. Here’s wishing you greater strides and success in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, son.

25. I love how you don’t apologize for taking up space on earth. I love how you never take your eyes off your targets, and how you fight for your dreams. May good health, strength and long life never depart from your life. Amen. Happy birthday, darling.

24th Birthday Prayers for My Daughter

Watching your daughter grow to the age of 24 is bound to leave feelings of gratefulness and pride. And these 24th birthday prayers for your daughter is a good means to speak words of long life, good health and achievements into her life.

26. You’re that daughter that any mother will be so glad and proud to have. Strong, fierce, loving and warm. I won’t stop praying that you live long, in good health, and to continually see that you are so worthy. Happy 24th birthday, baby.

27. Even with the many miles between us, I still carry you in my heart like you’re here. We may not celebrate your 24th birthday together, but it won’t stop me from asking the universe to favour all that you set out to do. Happy birthday, daughter.

28. In your 24th year, may achievements and success stories never end in your life. May you experience good health and blessings like never before. Happy birthday, my girl.

29. Oh, the world better gets ready. My daughter is coming to get the life that she wants! Happy birthday, darling. Long life, prosperity and good health. You know that I love you!

30. I’ve always been proud of you, shortcomings and all. (Winks). May evil always be far away from your dwelling in this new year. And may you experience God’s goodness and graciousness like never before. Happy birthday, love. Super proud of you!

24th Birthday Prayers for My Nephew

With your nephew, you have an extension of yourself. And to make him feel special, even with turning 24 (winks), these birthday prayers for nephew will do.

31. As your turn 24 today, may you celebrate the new year with only the best things life has to offer. Happy birthday, nephew.

32. May this new year be far better and greater than the previous year. You’re still my favourite nephew, and I wish you a fabulous new year. Happy birthday, dear.

33. You add another year today, and I’m so happy at all you’ve been able to achieve for yourself. May God continue to jealously guard your life, and supply you with all your needs. Happy birthday, dear.

34. It’s hard to imagine that we aren’t from the same mother. That’s how close we have become. And I pray that you’ll have many reasons to testify in this new year. Have a swell 24th birthday!

35. I pray that this year will bring you plenty of reasons to laugh until your cheeks and stomach hurt. Happy 24th, nephew!

24th Birthday Prayers for My Cousin

These prayers/wishes for cousin are wonderful to celebrate your cousin’s 24th birthday. They convey thoughtfulness and your desire to see them live good lives.

36. I hope that 24 brings you lots of positive things. May the new year also bring you plenty of colours and good health. Happy birthday, coz!

37. 24 is still a good time to smash those goals you’re so keen about. And I pray that you’ll find the strength, and the resources needed to live your life to the fullest. Happy 24th birthday, cousin.

38. May warmth and love never depart from your life and family. May whatever you put your hands to do find increase. Amen. Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

39. As you add another year today, may open doors never cease to be your testimony. You know I love you. Have a fabulous new year!

40. We’ve experienced a lot together, and I’m thankful to God for your life. May His goodness and faithful continue to go before you, and to speak for you. Happy birthday, darling.

24th Birthday Prayers for My Sister-in-Law

You want to make your sister-in-law’s 24th birthday full and rich? Along with the gifts and maybe surprise party, you should totally send these birthday prayers for my sister in law to her.

41. I’m so glad that you are a part of my life and a part of our family. May your path be ordered always, and may testimonies never cease in your life. Happy birthday, sister!

42. How you find the strength to do all you do is amazing. You’re all shades of amazing, and you’re definitely an inspiration. May fruitfulness never depart from your life. Happy 24th birthday.

43. You turn 24 today. Meaning that you’re still very fit to make all of your dreams come through. And I pray that the Lord will bless you with long life and good health, so you can chase these dreams to the fullest. Happy 24th birthday, sister in law.

24th Birthday Prayers for 24 Years Old

44. We are really lucky to have someone like you in our family. And I pray that the new year will be an amazing one for you. Happy birthday, girl!

45. See how better my brother is because he has you in his life. I pray that wisdom and prosperity will abound much more for you in this new year. Happy birthday, sister-in-law.

24th Birthday Prayers for My Brother-in-Law

The marriage institution affords us wonderful additions to our family. And because we should always find ways to celebrate each other, these 24th birthday prayers will make your brother-in-law’s day.

46. Family is all we have in the end. I’ve come to understand the meaning of this Thank you for coming through for me always. You’re literally a rock! Happy 24th birthday. I pray for more blessings in your life.

47. In this new year, and the coming years, may you find reasons to stay confident. May good achievements always be constant in your life. Happy birthday, brother.

48. Thank you for always looking out for everyone in our family, especially my sister. May God always have His eyes on you. Happy 24th birthday, bro.

49. Thank you for being there for each and every one of us. It is really hard imagining a life without you in it. May God continue to come through for as you add another year. Happy birthday, brother in law.

50. You’re the most amazing brother-in-law ever! And I say this with all sincerity and gratefulness. May you find reasons to celebrate for the rest of your days. Happy 24th birthday, brother-in-law.

Sending prayers across is definitely one way to make birthdays special.

And I really hope that you found these 24th birthday prayers for 24 years old helpful.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and share with loved ones who need them.

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