Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Son

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Son (2024)

Time flies very fast, doesn’t it? Most often than not, we take birthdays for granted and don’t consider them as important things to appreciate in life.

A simple message or a word of prayer really goes a long way. Some motivational words that are capable of shaping thoughts and destinies should be used extravagantly on birthdays.

Children, no matter how old they get, still want to feel the love that they had when they were growing up, especially on special occasions like their birthday. Your biological son, adopted son and spiritual son are not exempted from the list of people that you can send a birthday wish to. It is so good today it’s his special day.

Sending some birthday wishes to your son has a way of affecting your him and who he will eventually turn out to be. A well-crafted message can strengthen the bonds between you and him and also teach him how to boost relationships with others.

Send him some of these heart touching birthday wishes for son to him as a quick reminder from you that he is still your darling.

Most Touching Happy Birthday Quotes for Son

It’s your son’s birthday and you ought to send him the most touching happy birthday quotes to him today. It would be nice to put a smile on his face.

1. Time flies, years roll by! To the boy of yesterday who has become a man today, Happy birthday!

2. With a grateful heart, I look up and say a word of thanks. It’s so great to see you grow up. Happy birthday to you.

3. People think wealth and prosperity are all that matters, but I insist that a good son is what matters. Happy birthday.

4. Happy birthday to the king of the world. Today only comes once in a year, don’t hold back, have a blast.

5. I can still hear your tiny feet running around the house, you’re all grown up and I’m happy for you. Happy birthday.

6. Don’t let any principle or ideology limit you. Don’t ever let anything limit for you. Always aim for the top. Happy birthday.

7. The cool breeze from the ocean, the sweet items firm the birds, to the beautiful smile on your face. Happy birthday.

8. I pray that every day you wake up, events, people, locations and everything will be in your favour.

9. Worry, worry… don’t ever worry my darling, no matter how cloudy the days ahead might seem. You will always triumph, no matter the odds. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday, a thousand songs, a thousand wishes, a thousand prayers, a thousand hugs for you my son, happy birthday.

11. Be grateful for what you have, appreciate the little things that you have now. Always be grateful for the people around you. Happy birthday.

12. A bright light always goes before you, a straight path will always be ahead of you.

13. Birthdays are a very important day, don’t let anything take away this special day to you. Enjoy it to the fullest.

14. I want you to know that every single day, you are special, whether it’s a Monday or Tuesday, 15th or 16th, September or December. Every day, you are a star that gives me joy. Happy birthday.

15. As you go on in life, always have an open heart, a heart ready to know, to laugh…., To love. Happy birthday.

16. When life throws a punch at you, get up and throw a heavier punch. Happy birthday.

17. I’m so glad. Words can’t describe how happy I am. Whenever I look at you and remember how you started, something leaps within me. Happy birthday.

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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Son From Mother

Your son is a year older and today is the most important day to him. Use any of these emotional birthday wishes to show you’re always thinking of him as a mother. Send an emotional birthday wish to him today.

18. My darling son, my heart goes out to you today. I wish the best and nothing but the best for you today and always.

19. I wish that you realize how talented and amazing you are, being your mother and watching you grow, is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday.

20. My son, this special day of yours, brings nothing but joy to me. I wish you have good things in life always. Happy birthday.

21. Happy birthday to the Best son in the entire world. Your achievements have brought nothing but joy to my face.

22. Higher and higher, greater heights, this is what I wish for you. Happy birthday my son.

23. Joy, peace, love and success, these are the things that I wish for you. Happy birthday.

24. Others count their achievement in terms of their wealth, but my greatest achievement is you, my son. I wish the best for you. Happy birthday.

25. I wish that wherever you get to in life, you will meet peace and joy. Happy birthday.

26. If I could say all that’s in my heart for you, I would have to write a book. My heart and soul wish greatness for you my son.

27. You’re my joy and my greatest achievement. Happy birthday my son.

28. Today is your birthday. I’m really happy we get to see this special day. I wish for love and nothing less for you.

29. Birthday wishes are important, and the one that I have for you my son is that you will always be motivated to be successful.

30. Don’t wait for anyone to help you, get up and help yourself, you are my darling, you’re the best thing that has happened to me. I love you my son, and I wish that you will always triumph.

31. I wish you shine brighter than the stars, go higher than the birds. Be more successful than your peers. Happy birthday.

32. The smile that you bring on my face, the joy that you bring to my heart, they make me very happy and I wish the same for you, my son.

33. Seeing you becoming the man that you are, brings tears and joy to my eyes. I wish the best for you my son.

34. I wish that you have a cup of peace, a spoonful of happiness, mixed in a bowlful of joy. Happy birthday.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

A father and son have a special kind of bond – a very strong bond. There’s no rule that says a father cannot send some emotional birthday wishes to his son. Wish your son any of the messages below.

35. Happy birthday, my son, my heart is with you today and I wish above all things that you will always have people that care for you around you.

36. You’re the best son, not a day goes by, that I’m not grateful that I have a son like you, I wish that you have peace always.

37. You deserve the joy and happiness that today has to offer, I am really happy for you, son. Happy birthday.

38. I looked up to the heavens and made a wish for you, love and peace will always be with you.

39. I wish that you will always be ahead of your peers, you will never be behind. Happy birthday.

40. A thousand wishes are not enough, but then one stands out in my heart for you. My son, I wish that the smile you have on your face will never disappear. Happy birthday.

41. A man without a purpose is as good as dead. I wish that you will always find your purpose. Happy birthday, son.

42. Love is a man’s greatest achievement, I am where I am because I have a lot of it. I wish that you will never miss out of it.

43. Happy birthday, son, I wish for prosperity a d joy for you.

44. Wishes are wishes, facts are facts, you, my son, are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wish that you have the joy I have x5000. Happy birthday.

45. My baby boy, I know you are all grown up, but still, I wish that you have life always. Happy birthday.

46. As you walk on in the journey of life, I wish that you will never have the cost to look back and regret anything. Happy birthday.

47. I still remember when you were young, the way you would run around the house. I’m happy for you, I wish that you will be happy always.

48. I love you, and I will always Love you. I wish that you will always have peace of mind. Happy birthday, son, daddy cares.

49. The boy of yesterday is a man today, I’m so happy for your growth son. I wish that you keep on growing.

50. Of all the things in this world, I wish that you have a great family, better than the one we gave you. Happy birthday, son.

51. A rocket, that’s what you are, a big rocket. I wish that you will soar higher and higher through the sky. Happy birthday.

Touching Birthday messages for son

Let your son wake up to a heartfelt message. Send him some touching birthday message now to brighten up his day.

52. Today is your day, don’t hold anything back, have fun and enjoy yourself.

53. The boy of yesterday is a man today. I’m so happy for you my son. Enjoy yourself.

54. You’re gifted, you’re talented. I want you to know this as you continue in life. Happy birthday.

55. Never be scared, never be worried, no matter what life throws at you, I want you to know that you’re and you will always be a champion. Happy birthday.

56. Rise! Keep your head high, your shoulders straight. As you walk into a new phase, don’t be scared. I know that you will come out as a star. Happy birthday.

57. Never settle for anything less, the sky is your starting point. Happy birthday.

58. Happy birthday to the best son in the world. I am proud to be your parent.

59. Wherever you go, whatever you do. You will always be a star and you will always be outstanding.

60. Every day you make me happy. Your presence gives me joy, I am so happy for you. Happy birthday.

61. It seems like yesterday when I held you in my hands. I am so glad that you have grown up to become a strong man. Happy birthday.

62. Success is empty, without love. I pray that every day of your life you will always experience love.

63. To the best son in the world…… Happy birthday.

64. You will never lack, you won’t borrow, you will always go higher and higher. Happy birthday.

65. More success, more achievements and more breakthroughs. Happy birthday.

66. My son. You’re a great man, I am happy for what you have achieved and I am glad at the man that you’re becoming. More love for you always. Happy birthday.

67. You might feel down at some points, but always remember that no challenge is bigger than you.

68. No one should decide who you are, no one should decide what you should become. My son, take your pen and write your story yourself. Happy birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son

Your words mean a lot to your son. Send these heartfelt birthday wishes to your son to make his special day beautiful.

69. If I could wish the whole world for you my son, I would. Happy birthday my son, I wish the best for you always.

70. I wish that your deepest desires will come into reality. Happy birthday, son.

71. Happy birthday, my wish for you is happiness and joy. Sadness will be far away from you.

72. Love is the best gift anybody can ever have. I wish you have loads of it. Happy birthday my son.

73. I remember seeing you, in your room when you were young, neck-deep in your adorable make-believes. I wish that you stay on the path that brings you joy and happiness my son.

74. Happy birthday, happy birthday, what I wish for you is happiness every day.

75. No matter how thick the crowd is you will always stand out for good. Happy birthday.

76. I wish that all my inner wishes for you will turn to reality. Happy birthday.

77. My wish for you is that you don’t ever lose focus, your eyes will always be set in your prize. Happy birthday.

78. The right people you need, the right mentality that you need. I wish that you have them all. Happy birthday.

79. I wish for success for you, may favour locate you even when you think you don’t deserve it, you will always have it.

80. I wish that you will be diligent in what you will do in life. You will always be outstanding wherever you find yourself. Happy birthday.

81. I lit 10 candles and made 10 wishes for you, more will come your way. Happy birthday.

82. Happy birthday, son. It is my wish for you that you will never regret anything. You will always look back and be glad about who you are and what you have accomplished.

83. Money can’t buy a good family. I wish that you have the best family when it’s time for you to have. Happy birthday.

84. I wrote a poem for you today, a poem of a mother to her son. The summary is for love to always be with you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Firstborn Son

Firstborns have a lot of responsibilities, and most times, they don’t feel loved. Put a smile on your son’s face by letting him know that you never stopped loving him. Tell him how awesome and happy he is as he celebrates his birthday.

85. You’re a blessing to me. You’re the perfect son that I’ve always wanted, I am so happy to see you growing into a more matured man.

86. The way you look after your siblings, the examples that you have laid for them, you are a good big brother. Happy birthday.

87. You’re the best son, any parent can ask for. Happy birthday to you.

88. Don’t ever feel scared to be happy, don’t let anyone tell you, you don’t deserve the happiness that you have now. You’re more than worthy of it. Happy birthday.

89. Don’t let the anxiety of the world, pull you down, don’t let the pressure make you weak. You’re born to be great.

90. As you grow in age and size, I pray with all honesty, that you grow in maturity. Happy birthday.

91. Happy birthday my son. Put that smile on your face, you deserve it.

92. You won’t be stranded, you won’t be left alone. The same way you were there for your siblings. Someone will be there for you.

93. Every time I see you. I am grateful because I know that you’re a good son. Happy birthday.

94. You might not know this, but you have inspired me in a lot of ways than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday, my son.

95. I sent an invitation to joy, happiness, blessing, wealth and success. They are coming not just for today. They are coming to stay with you forever. Happy birthday, son.

96. Happy birthday to you my boy, or should I say man. I’m so happy for you. Congrats.

97. You’ve grown up to be a strong and fine man. Those years of discipline and love have finally paid off. Happy birthday, son.

98. Every door you open will be full of blessing, blessing, and blessing. Happy birthday.

99. Happy birthday to you my son. The strength and level of maturity that you display is amazing. I wish you the best.

100. Don’t let anything weigh you down. Don’t let the world confine you to its systems. Happy birthday, son.

What are you waiting for? Send that message and make your son happy. You never know what simple heart touching birthday wishes for your son can do to his special day and overall countenance for life.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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