Birthday Prayers for 9 Years Old

9th Year Birthday Prayers for 9 Years Old (2024)

Children are very wonderful creatures and they have a beautiful heart. You don’t want to offend them by not knowing the best birthday gifts for children.

I’m sure you know it could be a crime to forget their birthday. It could also be a crime not to know how to make children happy especially on their birthdays.

They would outgrow most of the gifts you give them, but they can never outgrow your heartfelt prayers for birthdays, especially for special years like 5, 7, 9, 10, 12,15 to mention a few.

Don’t be found wanting, when your son or daughter, niece or nephew, and cousin celebrate their 9th birthday. Send them any of these birthday prayers for 9 years old and make their 9th birthday memorable.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 9 Years Old Sister/Brother

Is your sister or brother 9 years old and deserve to be specially celebrated? Then, don’t miss the opportunity to plant good things into their future and also make the day glorious. Here are a few messages to help you do just that.

1. Happy 9th birthday to you, my darling brother. I love you more than you can ever imagine, and I pray you continue to grow in knowledge and understanding. Enjoy your day.

2. On this day of happiness and joy, I wish you a lifetime full of success. Do not forget how much you are adored and loved by me. Happy 9th birthday, my darling sister.

3. Welcome to your new year, my baby sis. It’s a great blessing to have you in my life and I pray you continue to be my source of happiness. Happy birthday, dearest, I love you always.

4. I remember the day mummy gave birth to you and daddy had you in his arms. I was so joyful because I finally get to see you. My sweet sister, I wish you success in your life and may you be happy always. Happy birthday to the best kid sister.

5. Happy 9th birthday to my sister who’s pretty and adorable. On this day you came to the world and everybody was glad to receive you in their arms. I pray you are always happy and healthy and may this new age birth goodness for you and your family

6. Happy 9th birthday, my darling brother, I’m using this medium to wish you a wonderful birthday. Many more years to witness God’s glory, knowledge and sound health.

7. Welcome to the 9th year of God’s glory in your life. I pray His mercy and protection be with you all the days of your life. Make sure you enjoy your day my darling brother.

8. Happy 9th birthday to the most adorable kid brother who is very gentle and always smiling. May your day be filled with lots of presents and sweet packages.

9. I’m wishing my love, my sunshine, my joy and darling daughter a Happy 9th birthday. May your days be bright and may you will always be happy. Enjoy your day dearest

10. My darling princess, you’re indeed a precious gift from God and I’m so grateful to call you mine. I pray on this your 9th birthday celebration that God guide your steps in life and May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, angel.

9th Year Birthday Blessings for Son/Daughter

Prayer is the key for every Christian and whatsoever you desire, ask it in prayer. It’s the 9th birthday or that your awesome son or daughter and you truly love them, then, the best thing to give is a birthday blessing. Here are a few you can use.

1. My angel, I’m happy to be here with you for this celebration.
May this big day of yours be a wonderful one blessed with good memories and happiness. Happy 9th birthday, dearest son. I love you.

2. My baby is a year older and I want you to know that Daddy loves and cherishes you so much. I hope your day is filled with lots of sweet present from family and friends. Happy 9th birthday, my sunshine.

3. I wish I have the loudest voice on Earth, then I will shout to the world that my sweet Barbie is 9 today. It’s a great opportunity I got you as the best gift from God and you have made my life more exciting. Enjoy your day, my dearest daughter.

4. My princess, you’re not just a year older today. You’re smarter, wiser and more beautiful. My prayer for you today is that you continue to grow in knowledge and understanding. Happy birthday, my little princess, Daddy loves you.

5. Happy 9th birthday, my darling princess, I wish you good health and happiness today and always. Don’t forget to have fun with your friends and enjoy the sweetest cake made by mum. Daddy loves you always

6. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I’m so happy to be the father of an amazing child like you. So, today, have fun, dance, take chocolate and don’t forget you are no longer a kid. Love from Dad

7. Dearest daughter, I welcome you to your 9th celebration on Earth. I want you to know I love you always and I will continue to cherish you because you are my Sunshine. Keep smiling and enjoy this special day of yours.

8. Today is for you, my baby boy. It’s a great privilege to have an intelligent son like you. So I’m sending you lots of toys and interesting books today. Congratulations on your 9th-year celebration my big boy.

9. Today Is your special day, my prince. I have so much joy in my heart because you are my adorable son and I promise to take good care of you always. I wish you happiness today and ever. Happy 9th birthday, my little prince.

10. Happy 9th birthday to the best son in the world, I wish you a wonderful day full of surprises and sweet memories as you keep growing in God’s grace, I love you, my prince.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 9 Years Old Cousin

Your cute cousin is 9 years old today, and you’re wondering what to give that would last forever. I’d tell you what to do. Say a prayer from the heart and sow into their future, it’s the best thing you can do. Check out a few of these great birthday prayers for them.

1. Happy birthday to you, my baby girl. I love you and I’m happy God gave you to us. May your life be filled with beauty and great accomplishment. Many happy returns to you, darling cousin. Happy 9th birthday celebration.

2. It’s your birthday, my beautiful cousin and I’m glad that God had kept you alive for me. As you celebrate your 9th year on earth, I pray God will uplift you and make you greater than all your peers. God bless you for me, darling.

happy 9th birthday    

3. It’s your birthday, baby girl and I’m happy to celebrate with you. As you celebrate this beautiful year of yours I pray wisdom and understanding, knowledge and courage, power and grace will be added to your life. Happy birthday to you, my princess.

4. Happy birthday to my darling cousin. You are 9 years old today and you’re already a shining light. I pray that you’d keep shining in joy and fulfilment. May you become great in the land of the living. Many more years to celebrate, baby. I love you.

5. Today, I just want you to know you are a cute boy and you are a star. I pray for you today my prince, may your life be filled with joy and peace. May you never have any cause to cry all the days of your life. Happy 9th birthday anniversary, dear cousin.

6. It’s my sweetheart’s 9th birthday and I’m so excited. My love, I remember the day you came into this world and how happy I am. As you mark this special day of your life, may heaven smile on you. Goodness and mercies will follow you always. Have a beautiful year ahead.

7. My love, thanks for bringing joy into my world my baby, I love you so much. As you celebrate your 9th birthday, may God favour you on every side, may you grow in wisdom and understanding. Cheers to great achievements, baby. God bless you.

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8. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful cousin. May your life be productive and filled with beautiful things. Welcome to your 9th year on Earth. It’s going to be a year of great things for you, darling.

9. Baby, as from today, everything will start working together for your good. As you mark your 9th birthday, may God favour you in all ways. Have a beautiful birthday celebration, my princess.

10. Happy birthday to you darling. Today is your night birthday and I’m very proud of the woman you’re becoming. May God increases you in wisdom and power, may your life be meaningful and filled with great accomplishments. God bless you, my little angel. I love you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 9 Years Old Niece/Nephew

You want to show your niece or nephew how much they mean to you and you’re bent on sending them a birthday prayer but you don’t know what to say. That’s why I’m here for you, just scroll down and have your pick. It’s the best collection of birthday prayers for a 9 years old niece or nephew.

1. It’s your birthday, my prince and I pray for you, you will become a great man. Life will bow to you and all things will start working in your favour. Happy birthday to you. God bless you, darling nephew.

happy 9th birthday

2. Happy 9th birthday to you, my daughter. You mean so much to me and I love you dearly. May you keep being a shining light, may your life be blessed in all ramifications. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

3. Welcome to chapter 9 of your life, my boy. I pray you will become relevant in life, everything about your life will be great. Men will gather to favour you and you will always be happy. Happy birthday, darling.

4. Today is your 9th birthday my girl, and I’m so proud of you. Thank God for bringing you into our family. I pray you will become a shining light, your life will be a blessing to many generations. God bless you, my princess. Enjoy your day.

5. As you Celebrate your 9th birthday, my love, may your life continue to increase in wisdom and understanding. I wish you a year filled with happiness and exploits. Have a great year ahead, my prince. Happy birthday to you.

6. My boy, happiness is all you’ve brought to me since the day you came into the world. I love you and I pray your life will continue to be pleasurable to your maker. May your life be filled with great achievements. Happy 9th birthday, have a great celebration.

7. Happy birthday to you, my prince. It’s your 9th birthday and I’m happy for you. May you grow up to become a great man, may life favour you greatly. Go and do exploits, my boy.

8. May you become a blessing to your generation, may your life be filled with blessings, peace, joy, favour, love and every good thing you desire. This is my wish for you as you celebrate your 9th birthday, my niece. God bless you for me.

happy 9th birthday

9. Having a boy as wise and smart as you are a blessing. I am always proud of you, darling. As you celebrate this beautiful day, may your life be filled with joy and peace. Everything you ever desire will be brought to your life. Happy 9th birthday, darling niece.

10. Happy birthday to you, my prince. It’s your 9th year on earth and I celebrate with you. May you be blessed with an excellent spirit to be better than your peers. May God bestow upon you the grace to do exploits. Many more years in good health and peace. God bless you.

Opening Prayers for 9th Birthday Party

It’s the 9th birthday party of that special person and you are to take the opening prayer. Here are some awesome examples of words to say as you pray.

1. Thank you Lord for the life of the celebrants, we are gathered today to felicitate with the birthday boy, I pray he will spend many years on earth in good health and the remaining days in his life will be fruitful and blessed.

happy 9th birthday

2. Today is the 9th birthday of our beloved son and we are here to celebrate him. Oh God, we ask that you bless him and favour him. May grow up to become a force to reckon with in his generation. We also ask that goodness and mercies follow him always.

3. Our father in heaven, we thank you for the life of the celebrant, you have kept him alive and in good health for the past 9 years of his life. Thank you for being faithful over his life. As we celebrate him today, may he grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and may his life be fruitful.

4. Righteous Father, we bless you over the life of your beautiful daughter that is 9 years of age today. We thank you for bringing her into a new beginning. As we gather to celebrate with her today, may good things never cease in her life.

5. Its the beginning of a new year for your daughter oh Lord and we are gathered here today to celebrate her 9th birthday party. We thank you for all the wonderful things you’re doing in her life. We ask oh Lord that as she enters into this new year, joy and unlimited blessings will be her portion. Grace for influence and excellence will be upon her all the days of her life.

happy 9th birthday

6. Thank you Lord for your grace over the life of this celebrant, we are happy to celebrate with her on her special day. We ask that you keep her in good health to celebrate more years on earth in joy and peace. May the remaining days if her life be filled with good things.

7. Today is the 9th birthday of our darling son, we are celebrating him because you have made him a source of joy to many. We now pray that as he enters this new year of his life, may goodness and mercy follow him all the days of his life. May he grow to be a great man and a blessing to the world.

8. Thank you for your faithfulness and love in the life of our beautiful daughter who is celebrating her 9th birthday. As she opens a new chapter in life may grow up to become a rising star, may her life be a blessing to the world. We also pray that you’d build her to become a solution provider to the problems of the world

9. We are gathered at this party because our dear daughter, friend and sister is celebrating her birthday. Oh God thank you for the 9 years of faithfulness and grace over the life of the celebrant. You have brought her here, we know you’d take her farther. Oh Lord, keep her safe, increase her in wisdom, knowledge and understanding all the days of her life.

10. Father in heaven, today is the day we’ve been waiting for and now it’s here. The 9th birthday of our handsome but. We are here to felicitate together and celebrate with him. I pray that he would be relevant in this world, may his life be filled with beauty and great achievements.

Don’t ever estimate the power of words, it goes beyond the written and builds a mansion in the heart of the recipient, especially if it’s a thoughtful word of prayer on a birthday. Make your loved one’s 9th birthday memorable with the gift of a birthday prayer for 9 years old. It’s the best gift ever.

Written by Samuel Olubisose

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