Happy 70th Birthday

Happy 70th Birthday Prayers for 70 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

When you have opportunities to celebrate life, you should totally seize them! Today is an opportunity to celebrate 70 years with your loved one. And it is definitely a wonderful reason to make the most out of today.

If not for anything, just the thought of how long they’ve been around is enough reason to make you pray for them. It is enough to get you to shower them with words of gratitude and blessings for the new year.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude and just can’t piece a birthday prayer together. Or you just don’t know where to begin. These birthday prayers for a 70th birthday celebration will sort you out nicely.

Feel free to send as many as you’d like. We’re celebrating life here!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 70 Years Old Sister

Your sister’s 70th birthday should fill you with so much gratitude and prayers for her. And these prayer messages for 70 years old will certainly help you communicate your feelings.

1. I’m so glad that you’ve gotten to this beautiful age of 70. I dare say that you’ve turned out really well and that you’ve done very well for yourself. In this new year, I pray that the Lord will bless you with good health and that he will grant you all of your heart desires.

2. Whatever you enjoy today, I want you to remember that you deserve them all. I want you to remember that you’ve been a good person, and you still are. As you celebrate 70, may you also celebrate many more years. Happy birthday, sister!

3. The good seeds you’ve sown continue to pay off. So, I’m not surprised at the amount of love you’re enjoying today. And because I love you so much, and I never want a life where you aren’t in it, I pray that you’ll celebrate more and more years. Happy 70th birthday, sister.

4. Grace has brought you this far. May it continue to speak for you. May you continue to grow in grace, and may it also extend to your children and family at large. Happy 70 years birthday, dear sister.


5. Even with the ups and downs. Even with the years of constant back and forth, and many arguments. You’re still my favourite sister. And even at 70, I know there’s still no one as you in the entire world. May the sun never go down on you in this new year. May health and strength fill your body and system. Happy birthday, darling sis.

6. I’ve seen the mighty hand of God at work in your life. He’s kept and cared for you all this while. And I know that as you celebrate 70 today, he will continue to be with you. And will continue to bless you with good health in abundance. Happy happy birthday, sister!

7. For as long as I can remember, you’ve done things with the mind to impact others positively. It is my prayer that many people will continue to receive succour through you. Even at 70, may you not stop impacting lives and living out purpose. Happy birthday, my sister.

8. If there’s anything I’m sure of today, it is that angels are on guard for you. They will uphold you, strengthen you, and hasten to carry out your heart desires. Happy 70th birthday, sister.

9. My prayers for you always have this in particular – that you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. And that your children will be very comfortable in life. It still hasn’t changed. May God cause you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. And may he cause your children to be successful always. Happy birthday, sister.

10. I speak blessings upon your life. I speak favour upon your life, and that of your children as well. I pray that in this 70th year, no harm shall befall you and yours. Happy birthday, sister. I love you so much!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 70 Years Old Brother

What’s life without brothers? What’s life without the constant corrections, lessons and fun that they bring?

So, to celebrate your brother turning 70, you should totally send these birthday prayer messages.

11. I’ve seen lives receive meaning through you. I’ve also seen how you light up when people you know are progressing. Along with wishing you a happy birthday, I want to say thank you for being such an amazing brother. I want to say thank you for carrying all our matters on your head. For your 70th, I pray for long life, good health and prosperity for you. I also pray that lives will continue to prosper through you. Happy birthday, sir.

12. I’ve never been more certain of anything as I am of this – there’s no brother like you in the entire world. I’m glad to have you, and I want you to stick around for many more years. Happy birthday, my brother.

happy 70th birthday

13. Even at 70, I still pray that you keep going from height to height. I pray that you won’t stop going from glory to glory and that you’ll keep attaining new feats. Happy 70th birthday, brother.

14. May the Lord shower you with long life, good health and prosperity. May his hands rest mightily on you. Happy 70 years birthday, brother. I love you so much.

15. May the rain of abundance never cease in your life. May you enjoy abundance in all aspects of your life. And may this abundance extend to the people around you. Happy happy birthday, brother. I love you big!

16. In this new year, I pray that the Lord will draw you closer. I pray that you will feel and enjoy his love and grace much more. Happy 70th birthday, brother.

happy 70th birthday

17. Since security is important in life. I’m praying that you will enjoy security like never before in this new year. May you also never suffer the loss of any kind. Happy birthday to you, brother.

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18. You’re indeed ageing like for wine. And it is my prayer that you will continue to age beautifully, and in grace too. Happy birthday, brother.

19. May warmth and comfort fill your life like never before. May you also continue to be surrounded by beautiful relationships. Happy birthday!

20. You’re already known as a man that has purpose. May you continue to live out this purpose, even at this age of 70. Happy birthday, brother.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

You will be adding warmth to your cousin’s 70th birthday with these prayer messages!

21. Growing up with you has been an immense blessing. I’ve learnt a lot from you. I’ve watched you bless the lives of the people around you. I’ve watched you battle the different phases in your life. I’ve watched you handle the highs and lows. I’m so grateful for you. And I pray that God will continue to bless and prosper you. Happy 70th birthday, cousin.

22. I pray that you will get the answers to all of your questions. I pray that all of your desires will come to pass. I just know that it is a beautiful year already. Happy 70 years birthday, cousin.

23. May joy fill your life. May it overflow in all aspects of your life. May you live it, breath it, walk with it, sleep in it. Happy birthday, cousin.

24. You’re the most beautiful 70 years old that I know. There’s no disputing that. For this new year and the years to come, I hope that you find fulfilment like never before. From yourself, your family, and the people around you, may you find contentment. Happy birthday, cousin.

happy 70th birthday

25. You inspire me. And I’m sure a lot of people are inspired by you too. Your walk of faith is exemplary. I still can’t believe that you’re 70, and still fervent in the Christian faith. I pray for you with all my heart, that your faith walk will be stronger and better. And that you’ll keep inspiring us. Happy 70th birthday, cousin.

26. You radiate love and grace always. So, you shouldn’t be surprised when people want to be around you all the time. You inspire, you forgive, and you love without holding back. 70 is here, and it is my prayer that God will continue to clothe you with his grace and mercy. Happy birthday, cousin. I love you!

27. When you call, may the universe answer you. May the universe hasten to do all of your biddings. Happy 70th birthday, cousin. Here’s to a warm and comfortable new year.

28. You may be 70 years today, but I want you to remain unstoppable. In all spheres of your life, I want you to slay and leave behind your mark. Happy 70 years, cousin

29. May amazing testimonies fill your heart and mouth in this new year. May the testimonies be unending in your family and every area of your life. Happy 70th birthday!

30. I want you to enjoy only abundance in this new year. So, I’m praying that God will continue to release abundant blessings and good news for you. May his mercy speak for you always. Happy birthday, cousin.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 70 Years Old Friend

To that friend that has shared life’s ups and downs with you. To that friend that you can always trust to fight for you. This 70th birthday is an amazing time to shower him/her with love and good wishes.

These prayer messages for 70 years old friend will certainly help you!

31. May the mighty hands of God continue to rest upon you and your family. May he go before you always, and make your paths straight. I love you so much, darling friend. Happy 70th birthday.

happy 70th birthday

32. You always have love to give other people. You never hold back in your forgiveness and grace. It’s been an amazing journey with you over the years, and I’m grateful for everything. May you continue to be filled with love and grace. Happy 70th birthday, my friend.

33. I know 70 comes with its own ‘blessings.’ So, I am praying that you will be filled with so much strength, health and vitality. And of course, I want you to live forever! Happy 70 years birthday, friend.

34. I want you to enjoy peace like never before. I’m also praying that this year will be filled with only good news and testimonies for you. Happy 70th birthday, young woman!

35. Your stories over the years have made me laugh, cry and argue. Your presence in my life has brought so much colour and vitality. I still can’t believe we’ve been friends for this long! And I pray that you’ll live long to tell more stories. Happy birthday, friend. I love you so much.

36. If you’re worried about how much impact you’ve made in life. I’m testifying that you’ve touched my life in more ways than I can count. You’ve inspired me in more ways than one. I pray that this year will bring you loads of happiness and fulfilment. Happy 70th birthday, my friend.

happy 70th birthday

37. May 70 bring you countless opportunities for thanksgiving. May doors of connection, warm relationships, comfort and happiness continue to open up for you. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

38. I see how you strive to know God more. Even at 70, everything you do still revolves around him. You are loads of inspiration, and I never want you to forget this. I pray that this year will see you filled with the knowledge of Christ much more. Happy 70th birthday, dearest friend.

39. I know how much God has held your hand through the years. I’ve seen him come through for you in more ways than I can count. As you celebrate 70 today, it is my prayer that you will feel God’s love more than you’ve ever done. Happy 70th birthday, friend.

40. Just as you always strive to see others succeed. May God fill your life and that of your family with success. May he perfect your ways, and bless you beyond imagination. Happy 70 years birthday, friend and sister.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

For all of the amazing things your aunt and uncle have done, and keep doing, this is certainly a good time to make them feel special.

To properly do this, you should try out the 70th birthday prayer messages below.

41. I hope that you have a worry-free year. Lord knows that you deserve it. And you’re the best uncle anyone can ask for in this life. Happy 70th birthday, uncle. I love you so much.

42. I know you keep saying you’ve done your part. You keep saying that you’ve tried to contribute your all. I can’t deny that you haven’t. But I still want you to live for more decades. You’re the coolest aunt ever, and life will never be complete without you. So, here’s wishing you many more birthdays to come. Happy 70th birthday, aunt.

43. When I say that you’re loads of inspiration, it’s not because I just enjoy talking. It’s because it is the truth. Imagine you still setting goals for the year at 70! I pray that you achieve all of your goals and that you live long and full. Happy 70 years birthday, aunt.

44. You’ve taught me a lot. And your lessons are things I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. Thank you for teaching me that I’m enough. That I shouldn’t settle for less. That I should pursue all of my dreams. May this year bring you more blessings than you can count. Happy 70 years birthday, uncle.

45. I only ask God for three things for you in this new year. I pray that he blesses you with good health. I pray that he favours you in abundance. And that he’ll bestow you with only special blessings. Happy birthday, aunt!

46. I don’t know how you do it. But somehow, you always find ways to lift our spirits when we’re feeling low, and when life has thrown funny things our way. For 70, I pray that your spirit will continue to be lifted. I pray that you’ll find all the warmth and comfort in the world. Happy birthday, uncle.

47. My prayers for you won’t change. It is that God should fill your life, family and endeavours with unending joy. It is that resources and connection will always be available for you. Happy 70th birthday, aunt.

48. May you never lack good health in your new year. May angels be on guard continually for you. May they be at your beck and call, and may they hasten to do your biddings. Happy birthday, uncle.

49. May mighty things never stop happening in your life. May mighty things never stop happening through you. Keep living. Keep touching lives. Keep raising people of love. Happy 70th birthday, aunt. You rock!

50. May you always walk in freedom. May you grow more aware of how complete you are. And how you can still make a difference. Happy birthday, uncle. I love you so much.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

To the additional sister or brother, that has been a huge blessing to your life, and have been there for you over the years, there’s no better time to shower them with messages of gratitude and prayers than on their 70th birthday.

51. Here’s praying for peace and joy in your life and household. Happy birthday, dearest sister-in-law. I love you loads!

52. May you never lose your relevance in life. May your light continue to shine bright and unstoppable for the world to see. Happy birthday, my brother!

53. You exude positivity all the time. You exude optimism all the time. And it is my prayer that in your new year, positive and beautiful things will keep coming after you. Happy 70 years birthday, sister-in-law.

54. You’ve been a blessing to us all in this family. And it’s really hard to contemplate a life without you. May God’s blessings never depart from your life and that of your children. Happy birthday, brother-in-law.

55. Your smile is so beautiful! I know this because it has added so much colour and beauty to our family. For your new year, may smiles and good news never depart from your life. Happy birthday, sister!

56. May you find reasons to be glad and to rejoice. May this year bring you loads of happiness and joy. Happy 70th birthday, brother-in-law!

57. May this year bring you all the things you ever wished and prayed for. May it be your best one yet, and may it bring you lots of happiness. Happy birthday, brother!

58. May God always uphold you. May he bear you on his wings always. And may he clothe you with his grace and mercy. Happy 70th birthday, sister-in-law.

59. How you don’t relent to share your knowledge with other people is amazing. You’re loads of inspiration! And I pray that God will continue to bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy 70th birthday, sister!

60. Here’s to many family weeks together. Here’s to laughter, warmth, good relationships, health and long life. Live, brother! Happy 70th birthday.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

You would probably write epistles if you were asked to write about your dad and mom. You would write epistles of how much they’ve been there for you, of how much they’ve come through for you over the years.

This is why you should be sending multiple of the 70th birthday prayer messages below to your mom or dad celebrating age 70.

61. I promise to always represent you well, dad. You’ve done a lot for us. You’ve led such an exemplary life. And it’s just normal that I represent you well. Happy 70th birthday, dad.

62. I know it’s 70 years today. But we still have decades to go. At least five more decades. Happy 70th birthday, mom. I love you so much.

63. You’ve taught us so much. And you haven’t stopped teaching, correcting and admonishing us. It is my prayer that God continues to keep you long and full. Happy 70 years birthday, dad.

64. You are the most wonderful mother I know. For your 70th year, may wonderful news never depart from your life. Happy birthday, mom.

65. May God grant you your heart desires. May he answer you whenever you call on him. And may angels always be on guard for you. Happy birthday, dad.

66. You’ve done a whole lot for my siblings and me. You’ve also done a lot for the people around us. May God always crown your efforts. May you always experience fruitfulness. Happy birthday, mother.

67. I see how God has been showing himself mightily in your life, and I am so thankful. I pray that he will continue to show himself mighty in your life. Happy 70 years birthday, father.

68. I still haven’t been able to beat you in our recent games. You’re that smart, witty and sharp! Here’s to long life, evening strolls, gist and more games. Happy 70th birthday, ma.

69. I really cannot wait for our grandchildren to meet you! You’re the most amazing, smart and handsome father I know. May God keep you in good health, and with long life. Happy birthday, father.

70. Even though you’re 70 today (which is still young by the way), we’ll still spend days dancing and talking for hours. Happy birthday, mom.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

To your granddad and mom that have filled in many gaps, and have given you reasons to keep moving, their 70th birthday gives you an opportunity to pray them into a wonderful year.

71. Thank you so much for keeping us in check all these years. Our lives are so much better because you’re in it. Happy birthday, grandmom. I love you so much!

72. May God bless you with so much joy. So much that you can’t contain it! Happy 70 years birthday, granddad!

73. Thank you for listening to me always. Thank you for offering me your shoulders to lean on. Thank you for spoiling me silly, and for making me laugh. I truly want to be as cool as you are when I’m older. Happy birthday, grandmom. May God bless you always.

74. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to connect over the years. The knowledge and experience I’ve had with you are second to none. And I am always grateful. May God bless you with good health and happiness always. Happy 70th birthday, granddad.

75. You’re the sweet grandmom in the entire world. Since I never want to think of losing you, may God add many more years to your life. Happy 70th birthday, grandmom.

76. May tears of joy never cease in your life and endeavours. May the blessings of God never depart from you. Happy 70th birthday, granddad.

77. I promise to honour and respect you. I promise to never treat you unkindly. I promise to represent you well and to keep your lessons close to heart. Happy birthday, grandmom.

78. May you continue to shine bright in life. May your star never dim at all. Happy 70th birthday, grandmom.

79. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. It’s been an absolute blessing having you in my life. I’m always grateful for you, and I pray that God will have his eyes on you always. Happy 70th birthday, ma.

80. You’re by far the coolest granddad I know. So, here’s to staying cool and fresh in this new year. Happy birthday, pa.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 70 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

To your father/mother-in-law, there’s no better time to celebrate and pray for them than on their 70th birthday.

Feel free to send more than one of these prayer messages!

81. For as long as I can remember, you’ve treated me with nothing but kindness. In your new year, may kindness and goodness never depart from your life. Happy 70th birthday, mother-in-law.

82. I am utterly proud to be your son-in-law. I am infinitely grateful to be a part of your family. For your 70th birthday, may the good Lord bless and crown all of your efforts. Happy birthday, father-in-law.

83. You’re one person I aspire to be like when I’m older. You’ve taught us a lot, and you’ve made all our lives easier and better. May God bless you and keep you for us all. Happy 70th birthday, mother-in-law.

84. Here’s to more grandchildren for you. Because you’re the most amazing grandfather ever. I know I can’t wait for mine to meet you. Happy 70 years birthday, father-in-law.

85. You motivate me in more ways than I can recount. And I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to be associated with someone as kind, successful and gracious as you, sir. Here’s to a much beautiful year. Happy birthday, dad.

86. You’ve added so much colour and light to all our lives. I know I’ll always be grateful for you. As you celebrate another year, may God keep you long and full to keep adding your colour to our lives. Happy 70th birthday, mom.

87. Just as you’ve looked after us with so much grace and patience, may you experience care much more in your life. May you know joy and love in extents you’ve never experienced before. Happy 70 years birthday, mom.

88. You’ve shared so many wonderful memories with us. And as you celebrate 70 today, may you keep sharing memories with us. Happy birthday, ma.

89. You’re loads of inspiration to me. And I’m sure that a lot of people around would say the same. Here’s to a very beautiful and peaceful year for you. Happy 70th birthday, mommy.

90. To have you is to have the greatest support system ever. Thank you for standing with and by me. Thank you for loving us all, and for treating us with equality and respect. May this be a year of great honour for you. Happy 70th birthday, father-in-law.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

To celebrate your boss on his 70th birthday. To appreciate him/her for all of the help and assistance over the months, you should totally send any of these prayer messages.

91. You’re the best boss I could have ever asked for. Thank you for taking me as your own. May God continue to take you as his own. Happy 70th birthday, sir.

92. May God cover you with his blood at all times. May his favour go before you and the rest of your family. Happy 70th birthday, boss.

93. You’re a phenomenal person to work for. And I’m always glad I got the opportunity to work with you. May your good work never be used against you. Happy 70th birthday, ma.

94. May this new year bring you many blessings. May it be your best one yet. Happy birthday, boss!

95. You’ve contributed to my growth and development over the years. And I’m always thankful. May you encounter favour like never before in your 70th year. Happy birthday.

96. May you know gladness and happiness in great leaps and bounds. Thank you for being a source of help all the time. Happy 70 years birthday, boss.

97. May this year bring you truly remarkable things. I love you always, sir. Happy 70 years birthday, ma.

98. May the gates of heaven always be open for you. May angels always hasten to do your biddings as well. Happy birthday, boss.

99. May this be a truly wonderful year for you. May it bring you wonderful surprises too. Happy 70 years birthday, sir.

100. It is my prayer that you never lack for blessings, prosperity and peace in your life. May these also extend to your family and loved ones. Happy birthday, boss.

It was a pleasure coming up with these 70th birthday prayer messages for your loved one.

I hope you found them helpful. I hope that they helped you convey all of your feelings of gratitude. And I hope that they blessed you.

Don’t forget to leave your comment, and to share with your friends.

Thank you.

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