happy 67th birthday

Happy 67th Birthday Prayers for 67 Years Birthday Celebration (2024)

Since turning 67 years only comes once in a lifetime, this is one of the reasons you should be celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

Because life is precious and should be cherished at every given opportunity, this is why you should go all out for your loved one’s special day.

Because birthdays are once in a year, and because we’ll never have the same birthday again. This is one of the reasons to splurge and be merry. So, as your loved ones reach the age of 67, you should rejoice and bless them with these happy 67th birthday prayers for 67 years old.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 67 Years Old Sister

Imagine how heartwarming it would be to wake up to any of these thoughtful birthday prayer messages.

Now, that is definitely one way to celebrate your sister’s 67th birthday!

1. Surely, it has been the mercies of God that have kept and brought you this far. And I pray that his mercies will continually keep you. Happy 67th birthday, sister.

2. Even at 67, I’m still praying that you find the courage to follow your dreams. I love you so much, sister. And I believe in you. Happy 67 years birthday to you.

happy 67th birthday

3. You deserve all the happiness you can get. As you’ve spent your life caring and taking care of us all. For your 67th, I pray that God will shower you with His blessings and success. In Jesus name. Amen.

4. May you find loyal people in your corner. Just as you’ve spent years being loyal and dogged to the people around you. May this year truly be your best one yet. Happy 67th birthday, my sister.

5. May 67 be a year of growth and development for you. May it see you become better and better. May it see you improving in ways you never thought possible. Happy 67th birthday, sister.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 67 Years Old Brother

Your birthday prayer messages to your brother on his 67th year birthday will also double as words of affirmation. They will show him that he’s did okay in his life, and with the family.

Try these out!

6. May all of your dreams for this new year come through. May you see all of your expectations come to reality. Thank you for being an amazing brother to me. Happy 67th birthday.

7. May God pamper you as he never has in this new year. May you feel his love like never before in your life. Happy 67th birthday, my brother. I love you loads.

8. May this be a year of growth for you and those around you. May this year see you reaching for the stars you’ve always wanted. Happy 67 years birthday, brother.

9. May you see the light you’ve always desired to see. May you get the answers you’ve always wanted to get. May you get access to the doors you’ve always wanted. Happy 67th birthday, brother of life.

happy 67th birthday

10. May this year bring you more success and feats. May it also bring you true happiness and joy. Happy birthday, my brother. I love you so much.

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Your cousin’s 67th birthday is one good opportunity to usher him/her into a year of grace, good health and true happiness.

These birthday prayer messages for cousins will give you a head-start.

11. Here’s to a year of making good and wonderful decisions. Here’s to a year of living like you have a new slate. Because you do have a new slate. Happy 67th birthday, cousin.

12. May God continue to do right by you. And, may he crown all of your efforts with visible success. Happy 67 years birthday!

13. You are a good man through and through. And if I haven’t told you this enough over the years, do forgive me. Thank you for being such an amazing addition to us all. I love you loads, cousin. Happy birthday!

14. May happiness and joy reign supreme in your life this new year. May this happiness and joy also extend to the people around you. Happy happy birthday, cousin!

15. I wish you a year devoid of illness. I wish you a year of strength and productivity. Happy 67th birthday, cousin. You rock!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 67 Years Old Friend

To acknowledge the past years, and how far you and your friend have come together, you should send any of these birthday prayer messages to your friend on his\her 67th birthday.

16. My darling friend. I’m truly grateful that you’ve gotten to this age of 67. Here’s me praying that this will be a year of answered prayers for you. Happy birthday!

happy 67th birthday

17. May rains of goodness and blessings never depart from your life and household. May they rain unending in your life and family. Happy 67th birthday, amazing friend.

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18. May God reign supreme and strong in your life. May you feel his presence like you’ve never had. Happy 67 years birthday, darling friend.

19. It’s been a journey with you. And I am so grateful that I got to be friends with you. Here’s praying that God will answer all of your secret prayers. And that he will meet all of the pending needs. Happy 67 years birthday, my friend.

20. May God order your steps in this new year. May he also order the steps of your children and loved ones. Have a heartache-free year, my friend. Happy birthday!

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

For all the times your aunt/uncle made you feel special, both on good and bad days, their 67th birthday is a good time to show your gratitude, and to usher them into a beautiful year with these prayer messages.

21. You’ve truly led us with so much wisdom and understanding. It is my prayer that God will grant you long life, good health, wisdom and more understanding. Happy 67th birthday, aunt.

22. I am so confident that you’ll see decades upon decades. Happy 67th birthday to the best uncle in the entire world. I love you so much, sir.

23. May you enjoy a new year that is headache-free. May this year truly be your best one yet. Happy birthday, dearest uncle.

happy 67th brthday

24. May God cause circumstances to be in your favour always. And even when it’s as though you’re making mistakes, may he turn the situation into a beautiful one. Happy birthday, aunt.

25. May this year bring you unconditional love and mercy. May you walk in grace and favour as you’ve never had. Happy 67 years birthday, uncle.

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

Sisters/brothers-in-law are life’s beautiful additions to us. And to celebrate their special day, to celebrate their turning 67, these birthday prayer messages will certainly go a long way.

26. You’ve been such an amazing addition to all our lives. And it is my prayer that all of God’s promises to you over the years will come to fruition this year. Happy 67th birthday, sister-in-law.

27. You have a heart of gold. And I’m infinitely grateful to have met someone like you. May this year be a truly amazing one for you. Happy 67th birthday, brother-in-law.

28. May you never walk alone in this new year. May God walk with you every step of the way. May he guide and protect you always. Happy 67th birthday, sister.

29. May you experience open doors all the time. May you get access to places you never expected to. In the name of Jesus. Happy 67th birthday, brother.

30. May you enjoy a year of ease. May the crooked paths be made smooth and accessible for you. Happy 67 years birthday, amazing woman.

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Have you ever imagined what life would look like without your mom/dad? Have you ever thought of how limited life would have been without them?

So, in addition to being grateful for their lives, their 67th birthday is a time to show your gratitude and to pray them into a good year with these prayer messages.

31. You’re sincerely the best dad in the entire world. And it is my prayer that you’ll see all of the dreams you have for your children come to pass. Happy 67th birthday, dad!

32. Here’s to a year of staying evergreen, ever great and ever beautiful. Happy 67th birthday, mom.

33. May you experience God’s goodness and mercies like never before. May this year truly be a great one for you. Happy 67 years birthday, mom.

34. May you find rest, comfort and warmth in this new year. May you never lack for love and good relationships too. Happy 67 years birthday, dad.

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

For all of the warmth and grace, your granddad or grandmom extended. For all of the stories and fun memories. Your prayer messages will certainly add colour to your granddad/mom’s 67th birthday.

35. May you be blessed beyond expectations in this new year. Thank you for being the best granddad I could have ever asked for. Happy 67th birthday!

36. I still want to be like you when I grow older. You exude so much grace, charisma and beauty. Here’s to a year of God’s blessings and warmth. Happy 67th birthday, grandma.

happy 67th birthday

37. May your blessings in this new year be uncountable. May they exceed every expectation you had in mind. Happy 67th birthday, grandpa.

38. May you rise and shine as you’ve never had in this new year. And certainly, this will be an amazing year for you. Happy birthday, grandma.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 67 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

To your father-in-law/mother-in-law (read as your other father and mother). Their 67th birthday allows you to appreciate and show them love.

39. I want you to know that I am always grateful to have you in my life. And I pray that God will always give you reasons to be grateful to him. Happy 67th birthday, mother-in-law.

40. I’ll cherish and adore you forever and ever. Thank you for the privilege to be a part of your family. Happy 67th birthday, father-in-law.

41. May God honour you in ways you never dreamed possible. May he bless you in ways you never thought possible as well. Happy 67 years birthday, father.

42. May God perfect your ways. May he continue to order your footsteps. Happy 67 years birthday, mother-in-law.

67th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

To your boss that has contributed to your growth career-wise, that has shown you different ways to improve, and actually gave you the grace to be better. You should totally send these prayer messages to mark his/her 67th birthday.

43. You’ve helped me get to this point that I’m in. And it is my prayer that God will bless and multiply you always, sir. Happy 67th birthdays, boss.

44. For all the assistance you’ve rendered to me over the years, I say thank you. May this year bring you an expected end in all aspects of your life. Happy 67th birthday, ma.

45. May you experience grace and mercy for the rest of your days. May God bless you in a hundred folds. Happy 67th birthday, sir.

46. May you always find the answers to the things you seek for. May you always get access to the places you want. Happy birthday to the best boss in the entire world. I love you loads, ma.

Opening Prayers for 67th Birthday Party

To appreciate God for the victories of the past year. To usher the celebrant into a new year. And to ensure that the 67th birthday party goes well. These opening prayers will do.

47. We have started this year on a good note. May it also end on a good note. As God has added another year to our brother’s life. May he continue to add more years. As we’ve gathered to celebrate. May this not be the last time for us, in Jesus name. Amen.

48. Thank you, faithful God. For the gift of life that you’ve bestowed us with. Thank you for the life of the celebrant and how far you’ve brought him. We ask that you continue to care and keep him. We ask that you continue to grant him his heart desires. And we ask that you take control of today’s celebration. In Jesus name. Amen.

49. God has truly prepared a table before us. And by adding a year to our sister’s life, he has shown himself mighty and supreme. May we continue to experience his goodness in Jesus name. We declare this birthday celebration open in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name; amen.

50. Thank you, Lord, for another day like this. It is truly a day that you have made. We are glad and we rejoice in it. As we kickstart this party, may you come and be with us. In Jesus name. Amen.

Writing these 69th prayer messages was a delight and pleasure. And I trust that you found them helpful.

Do leave your comments below, as I’d love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Have a swell day/night!

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