Happy 66th Birthday Prayer

Happy 66th Birthday Prayers for 66 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Attaining the sexagenarian years is such a milestone that anyone would pray to witness and celebrate. Much more, the 66th birth anniversary is worth giving a birthday thanksgiving for all the blessings of the past years.

The year does not only mark another opportunity to wish a birthday blessing for a dear person. You can also make the person’s birthday memorable by adoring their personality, praying for their success in life, and making their connection with you known.

In that wise, what is the best message for your lovely ones on their birthdays  or how well do you wish someone God’s blessings on their birthdays

Don’t think too far. Here we go with well crafted 66th birthday prayers for your dear ones celebrating 66 years.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 66 Years Old Sister / Brother

I have taken the stress off you by providing you with these lovely prayer messages for your sister or brother on their 66th birthday party.

1. Here comes another wonderful moment to wish you well in life, big sister. I pray your dreams to come true this new year. Hearty cheers on your 66th anniversary!

2. Sending you my best wishes for your birthday is my little way of saying I love and appreciate you. May you experience greater joy than ever before all year round.

happy 66th birthday

3. Your achievements in life speaks a great volume of your admirable personality. May the good life you’ve lived be a blessing to many around you.

4. I can’t think of any other person to rely on in times of trouble aside you big brother. May help always come your way as you celebrate another year of excellence.

5. You are such a blessing to us and everyone attached to you. May you reap far beyond the seeds you’ve sown. Happy 66th birthday to you, brother!

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

The messages here will help you get the best out of your cousin on his/her 66th birthday celebration.

6. May the memories of this new year remain ever significant for you. Best wishes to you, sweet cousin, on your 66th birthday celebration.

7. Words will really fail me to describe your awesome personality on this special day. But I have chosen to celebrate your existence and gracefulness. Happy birthday my cousin.

8. I will be so unworthy not to send you best wishes for this special day. May generations be blessed by the seeds you’ve produced.

9. You have really sown into many lives and destinies. May the love you’ve shown and the life you’ve given, return to you in multiple folds. Happy birthday, dearest cousin!

happy 66th birthday

10. Dear cousin, as you celebrate your 66th birthday today, may joy flood your heart and light shine through your path.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 66 Years Old Friend

Here are beautiful collections of 66th birthday prayer messages to shower on your friend on his or her special day.

11. To my wonderful friend who is so special to me, this birthday of yours promises to bring you amazing testimonies.

12. May this beautiful message overflow your heart with lots of love and joy. This 66th anniversary shall be an awesome celebration for you.

13. For the hurdles you’ve been able to surmount in life, may your testimonies touch more lives that come your way. Happy 66th birthday to you!

14. Nothing is as exhilarating as experiencing the joy of a glorious year. May the joy of this moment remain permanent in your life.

happy 66th birthday

15. Friendship with you has been such an amazing journey. May this birthday bring you lots of awesomeness and goodies

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt / Uncle

I’ve got for you here, adorable prayer messages for your aunt/uncle on their 66th birth anniversary.

16. May you experience more joy, success and peace all through your remaining years on earth. I felicitate you on your 66th birth anniversary lovely aunt/uncle!

17. I always admire how much you’ve achieved greatly within these 66 years you’ve spent on earth. May you experience more remarkable days on earth.

18. Sweet aunt, your disposition towards life is so admirable. On this esteemed day of yours, I can’t but pray you to exude more beauty all your days.

19. None of the years you have ever experienced will outmatch the years you will still live. Have an amazing 66th celebration uncle.

20. Even as you grow in age, may you grow in wealth, wisdom, love and virtues. 66 looks great on you, aunt!

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-in-law

Make your sister-in-law or brother-in-law experience the uniqueness they really exhibit on their 66th birthday with these great birthday prayer messages.

21. I really couldn’t believe this 66th year is what you’re celebrating today. Remain fabulous as your new year, sweet sister-in-law.

happy 66th birthday

22. 66 solid years on earth is a great milestone that worths a red-carpet celebration. More fruitful years on earth I pray you.

23. I have no fear to worry about growing old quickly as you have given great meaning to 66 years. Enjoy all that your remaining years bring. Cheers!

24. Turning 66 today makes the year look so exciting to you. I also look forward to that beautiful year as I wish you meritorious success today, sweet sis-in-law.

25. 66 years is just as fabulous as the commendable life you’ve lived. May the joyous disposition of today remain ever preserved. Happy celebration, brother-in-law!

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

No better way to describe the awesomeness of your dad or mom on their 66th birthday than to use these beautiful birthday prayer messages for mother or father.

26. Thank you for leading us God’s way, dad. You are the head indeed. May you know no sorrow all your remaining years. Happy 66th birthday to you!

27. Thank you dad/mom for making life easier for us even when we never thought it would be. God bless and increase you more. Happy birthday!

28. Deep down in my heart, I appreciate your sacrifices, mom. I pray the Lord keeps you stronger and livelier for us all. Happy 66th anniversary!

29. The best gift of God to us is the gift of a successful and impactful father/mother like you. May your remaining years on earth remain joyful.

30. Happy birthday dad. Just got to remember that tomorrow is your birthday. I pray you all godly treasures and fortunes on earth as you celebrate a bigger and better year.

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Good wishes and prayer messages are here for you to make your grand-dad or grandmum feel so good and special on their 66th birthday.

31. The aura that exudes from you grandpa is that of peace and compassion. I pray God elevates you beyond imagination. Happy 66th birthday!

happy 66th birthday

32. The happiness you bring dispels lots of boredom and weariness from my days. Just to wish you more blessings and happiness that you can ever pray for.

33. Even at your old age, your sacrifices for all are unspeakable. Just to let you know that I love and wish you well in life grandpa/grandma.

34. The secret of your youthfulness still remain a mystery to us all. Keep basking in God’s love, divine grace, and sound health, grandma.

35. Nothing compares to you, grandpa. You remain my no 1 hero. Happy birthday to you from your granddaughter with love.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 66 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Choose from these perfect birthday prayer messages to thrill your father-in-law or mother-in-law on their 66th special day.

36. I’m ever grateful to God for blessing me with the gift of a wonderful father-in-law like you. May always bless God for the day our paths crossed.

37. I have always esteemed you like the best mother-in-law I could ever ask for. On this special day of yours, may you live long to enjoy all that life brings.

38. It’s a blessing to have an amazing father-in-law like you. May joy and love fill your heart all year round.

39. If 66 represents vitality and relevance then I’d loved to grow quick to celebrate mine. I admire your vigour a great deal, father-in-law. Happy birthday!

40. Your love for me and my husband (your son) has just been so real and amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better father like you. Thanks for all you do, dad. Happy 66th birthday!

66th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

Your boss deserves the best you can ever give on their 66th birthday. Gift him/her with a lovely card packed with birthday prayer messages such as these to thrill their day.

41. You have shown us great examples by the life you’ve lived. May virtues which have come out from you be replenished in manifolds. Happy birthday!

42. It’s been a great privilege working under your great leadership. Great values I’ve learnt and much more to still learn from you, boss. For this, I wish you more blissful years on earth.

43. Your sacrificial life is second to none. Don’t know how best to repay you but to promise you, my love, in return. May all you desire come your way boss. Happy 66th birthday to you.

44. Leaving all to take good care of us really touched me deep down in my spirit. I can only pray God perfect all that concerns you.

45. Nothing can be so rewarding as much as having a leader who goes the extra mile for the subordinates. Yours is a rare case and your reward is heavenly. Happy 66th birthday to you!

Opening Prayers for 66th Birthday Party

All the prayer messages here are just as perfect as you can ever imagine opening the floor of a beautiful 66th birthday party of your loved ones.

46. I am appreciating God for the blessings of a new year over your life. This new year shall bring you meritorious blessings. Happy 66th anniversary!

47. One of the best things I ever experienced in life is having you as my spouse or partner. I pray the Lord supply you with the strength for the year ahead.

48. I cannot stop thanking God on your behalf for your awesome personality. May you continue to know joy and peace all year round. Happy 66th birthday, darling!

49. You are a significant part of my life and I cannot underrate your importance. May blessings come your way this new year and always. Happy celebration!

50. Sweetheart, I felicitate you on this 66th anniversary of yours. Manifold blessings will envelop you all year round.

I strongly hope these are the best 66th birthday prayers messages that you’ve ever come across.

Because I care, all these messages have been made just to help you make your loved ones have a fun-filled 66th birthday party.

Feel free to comment and share. Do expect more from me. Thanks for visiting.

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