Birthday Prayers for Boss

2020 Awesome Birthday Prayers for Boss

Whether you so much cherish your boss or you’re doing things to fulfil all righteous, it’s important that you send him or her some birthday wishes – and here are the birthday prayers to send to your boss on his/her birthday.

Wonderful Birthday Prayers for Boss

Your admirable boss desires the best on his/her day. Make any of these “Awesome Birthday Prayers for Boss” a complement of all other extra-special surprises you have for him/her.

1. I’ve always found out that the speed of the boss, is the speed of the team. Thank you for making us fall in love with our job. May you always find reasons to fall in love with your job. Happy birthday, sir.

2. An employee’s motivation is the direct result of the sum of interaction with his or her boss. Thanks for creating a good rapport between us. May you always be safe and happy. Happy birthday, boss.

3. A good boss is a person who can tolerate my mistakes, and still manage to say hello to me every day. May all your mistakes become blessings. Happy birthday, boss.

4. I say a very big thank you to the boss who never rides us. Happy birthday to you, sir. God’s blessings all the way.

5. You’re not always bothered about your career, but the career of your employees. May God give you His full attention every time. Happy birthday, boss.

Cute Happy Birthday Prayers for My Boss

6. May all your dreams and desires come true as you age. Thanks for helping me always. Happy birthday, boss.

7. You’re such a great boss. Continue living on… I doff my hat for you, sir. Happy birthday, sir.

8. We appreciate how you always give your best and inspire us to do the same. We wish you a very Happy Birthday in peace. We’re so glad to work with you.

9. Here’s a wish that today is filled with all the good things you deserve. Happy birthday to my boss.

10. It’s so great to work for a manager who knows how to get the best out of people, by simply being a great person. May you always be great. Have a happy birthday, sir.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for Boss

11. The best leader is the one who has the sense to pick good men to get whatever he wants done and doesn’t disturb them while they are at it. May you never lose focus in life. Happy birthday, sir.

12. Thank you for all your support and guidance through the years. May God always support you in all you do. Happy birthday, boss.

13. May this new year brings loads of happiness and much more good luck. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

14. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest Boss. Wish you good health and happiness.

15. May you always be blessed with happiness, success and lots of love. Happy birthday, sir.

Best Birthday Prayers for a Lovely Boss

16. Wish you an exciting birthday that will usher you into greatness and peace of mind. Happy birthday, sir.

17. You’ve been such a wonderful boss. May miracles never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday, biggest boss.

18. May you have the most wonderful and happiest birthday ever. Happy birthday, boss.

19. You’re the kind of person every team member would need in order to have an enjoyable and successful work environment. Wish you a happy and blessed life ahead.

20. We wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful and generous boss that we’ve ever met and worked with so far. Age with God’s grace, sir.

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