happy 62nd birthday

Happy 62nd Birthday Prayers for 62 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Turning 62 is an amazing event. It shows that the person involved has been through countless events that can break people emotionally and has survived the depression and failures therein. (To find out if you might be depressed, take this depression assessment from Mind Diagnostics). He or she has also enjoyed some successes. But whether or not their lives have collided with both ends of negativity and positivity, they show us what it truly means to be a survivor.

The older people get, the more likely they tend to be soft and modest. What may look like a little act of care could resonate in their hearts forever. So, what you want to do is fight their increasing insecurities and fears with any act of kindness you can offer. That way, you could create an emotional cocktail of what senior adults really want.

What people in their 60s and onwards want the most isn’t just respect or submission; it is empathy, care and hope. You need to let them know that there are still better days ahead, they are important and that even though they may have made some mistakes in their youths, they can find a reason to be happy. You want to leave them with this central message “Your life is not over yet”.

There are many ways to gladden the hearts of 62-year olds on their birthday. Don’t be surprised if he or she tells you how age 62 is too old for birthday parties. They are just blushing in a modest way. You could send them birthday cards, money, a religious material, a poem you wrote or even food. You could creatively think up and send them lovely gifts senior citizens like.

Showing up at their homes could really make them feel loved. The happy birthday song or its equivalent in your culture is never out of fashion either. However, there is one gift that stands out from all the gifts I mentioned. Prayer messages.

These 62nd birthday prayers messages are sure to make the receiver see the value in their birthday and be happy. 

Birthday Prayer Messages for 62 Years Old Sister

Women, especially seniors, love community and care. So, birthday prayer messages to your 62 years old sister would be very effective. As her brother or sister, you’ll make her feel so special to know that you are not too familiar to not care about something as common as a birthday celebration. Let’s get right down to it.

1. Dear sis, has anyone ever told you that you are still very pretty? Yes, you are. I pray that as you age more and more, you’re been renewed in strength, beauty and peace.

2. Lovely sis, I know living a fulfilling life is your biggest goal. So, I pray that God gives you all you need to do just that. Just as God as promised several times, you will not lack his provisions in any way.

happy 62nd birthday

3. I’ve heard you pray for agility and stamina several times. I can only imagine what you go through on a daily basis. So, I pray earnestly to God, that He would renew your agility and heighten your stamina. That way, you will be able to keep living a purposeful life.

4. You definitely know what it means to go through life challenges. I just want to remind you that you are a survivor. God would continue to carry and uplift you.

5. Wisdom is found among the aged. I’ve seen the manifestation of unprecedented wisdom in you already. This is just the beginning. I pray that as you clock 62 today, more and more wisdom would be found in you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 62 Years Old Brother

Your brother would feel really respected to get a prayer message from you. It’s easy to allow familiarity to cloud the sense of how privileged you are to have a sibling. But the moment you can beat that familiarity and let your siblings know how much you value them; you solidify the family bonds. What better time to build bonds than now that they are turning 62? Here are birthday prayer messages for your 62 years old brother.

6. Hello brother, it has been a thorough honour to grow up with you and to call you my brother. I pray that your investments would not fail. As you clock 62, God would catapult you to a higher dimension of undeserved prosperity.

happy 62nd birthday

7. Sir, I pray that You would live to see your grandchildren. And as God has stated in his word, every single member of your posterity would be a crown for you.

8. I know you have many heart desires, unfinished projects and some unmet goals. Don’t even worry over them anymore because right now I’m on my knees. And the one thing I’m reiterating to God is “May your prayers be answered”.

9. We’ve seen many people lose their places in life as they grow older. But I declare that your case is different. May you find enough of God’s grace to outshine disgrace.

10. Stay alert, big brother. God’s blessings are coming on you in every way like never before.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Don’t be like me that hardly know all my cousin’s birthdays. That’s giving me a hard time. Just because your cousin isn’t in your immediate family doesn’t mean you can’t pray for them. Fortunately, Prayer messages are like intercontinental ballistic missiles. So, if you really want to make that cousin of yours feel really blessed on his or her 62nd birthday, then, here are birthday prayer messages you can use.

11. Hello, cousin. Happy birthday. I know God has promised this already but I’m still going to pray that He would perfect the good work that he started in you.

happy 62nd birthday

12. You’ve been an amazing exemplary figure in my life. And that’s equally because of God’s blessings upon your life. It’s my sincere prayer that God’s goodness would be found in every breath that you take, and the step that you make.

13. It’s true that there are two options in life. You either choose to be phenomenal or nothing. I pray for more of God’s grace for you to keep staying phenomenal.

14. The world is a better place because of you. Your ability to contribute immensely to the world around you will not cease.

15. Growth is among the number one goals in life. And I have no doubt that you understand that. I pray that you come to the fullness of knowledge, character and stature as a result of your experiences and knowledge.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 62 Years Old Friend

There’s an amazing friend I had way back in elementary school. The boy was very funny and studious as well. He made me laugh the most as a boy. We lost contact after primary school but it’s among my cutest desires to meet him again. Our friends usually carry memories of our lives that can’t be simply written on a piece of paper. I am sure you have a friend like that.
So, when it comes to celebrating your friend’s birthday, you want to say whatever would ensure they stay alive, prosperous and that you keep reflecting positive energy from them. These birthday prayer messages for your 62 years old friend would not disappoint.

16. Hello dear, God promises to be your hiding place. I pray that you would continue to be his workshop wherein he won’t stop doing transformational works, and through which he would fill hundreds of miles around you with his wonders.

happy 62nd birthday

17. Many people tend to compromise as they grow older because they discover that there is little they can do. God would not cease from straightening your ways in holiness and right standing with him.

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18. Did you know you have this positive vibe that catches everyone you meet? I can testify to that. I pray that you continue to be that friendly person that transforms the lives of everyone you meet, in the way only you know how to do.

19. Hello friend. Happy phenomenal birthday. As you grow older, remember you are not getting out of fashion. Your youthful vibrance and energy will not fade as with others. They would continue to be enhanced by God’s power.

20. I say be careful of nothing, dear. God shall satisfy you. I wish you a new age filled with divine goodies.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Family always deserves the best that we can offer. Bless your uncle or Aunt with these birthday prayer messages crafted for their 62nd birthday celebration.

21. In this new age of yours, you will experience full-scale laughter on all fronts. That means God would be doing so many amazing things in your life that the only logical response would be for you to laugh for joy.

22. I declare God’s supernatural immunity over your life. Diseases and evil occurrences won’t stand a chance against you. You would live for as long as you desire to.

23. Whatsoever evil rage or siege that has held sway over your life for all these years is quenched right now in the name of Jesus. Remember how Solomon had peace on all sides when he ascended the throne. That is how comfortable life would be for you from now on.

happy 62nd birthday

24. I speak joy, peace, progress and longevity on all that belongs to you on this occasion of your 62nd birthday. Good things have no other choice but to follow you from now on.

25. Your hope and motivation to pursue your ambitions shall not be cut short. Instead, what you’ll experience is God bringing provisions through men and other means. I can hear you saying “Amen” already. Happy birthday.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

It is everybody’s prayer that they’ll be married into a family made up of supportive in-laws. Well, whether they are supportive or not. It’s your responsibility to be supportive to them. Here are birthday prayer messages for your sister-in-law or brother-in-law on their 62nd birthday.

26. Happy 62nd birthday my wonderful in-law, may the oil of God never cease from your lamp.

27. God would advertise his power in your life in a newer dimension as you clock 62. Enjoy your day.

28. As the lord was with Joseph in Potiphar’s house and business so the Lord would be with you and in all your endeavours, from today. Crises of life would not be able to prevail against you.

29. This is the year that the Lord has made, so you will rejoice and be glad in it. It’s my prayer that God would cause his oil of joy and peace to rest on you like the dew covers the field in the morning. In this case, it shall not evaporate.

30. I definitely know there is a prayer you want me to say, relative. I’m going to say it now. In this new age of yours, God would make you a candidate for uncommon testimonies and winnings. Happy birthday once again.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

This is the best part. I am excited already. Moms and dads mean a lot. They might not be agreeable all the time but the truth is when you get to their age, you’ll understand why they are so paranoid and over protective. You don’t have to wait till you are 62 before you say some nice words to your parents. These birthday prayer messages for the 62nd birthday of your mom or dad would do the job.

31. I bless God for your life. You have been a blessing to me even when I did not understand and when I couldn’t any care less. I pray you to continue to remain that way.

32. Let every evil umbrella above your head be disconnected from you from today henceforth.

33. Don’t think your days of glory are over yet. My lovely parent, in this new age of yours, God would arise mightily and perform inexplicable wonders you have not experienced before.

34. In this new age of yours, I declare that the heavens are open to favour you in a new way.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Granddads and moms deserve our lavish love. Show them you care with this birthday prayer messages on their 62nd birthday.

35. You’ve been pursuing good things ever since you were young. In this new age of yours, I pray that you get to overtake and recover that which is left to be achieved in your health, finances, academics, spiritual life, marital affairs and otherwise. Have an amazing day.

36. I pray that from now on you’ll be getting a lot of good surprises. Happy ground-breaking birthday.

37. Other people would wait for a 66th birthday before they can ask for God for double blessings. I don’t see the need for that. I pray that this birthday of yours would represent the beginning of double happiness for you and your family.

38. All of God’s promises over your life shall not fail to manifest. As your days are so shall your strength be.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 62 Years Old Father-In-Law/ Mother-in-Law

The parent of your significant other is just as important as yours. There is a good chance he or she has been good to you. Even if that’s not the case, courtesy demands that you show some kindness and thoughtfulness. Use this birthday prayer messages to make your 62 years old father-in-law and mother-in-law smile on their birthday.

39. You are amazing. You were able to produce the amazing spouse that I have today. I pray that the seed of greatness in you would not fail.

40. Happy birthday. I pray that you would go on to live many more years and that celebrations like this would never cease in your life.

41. You are one of my role models. I pray that you’ll be able to raise great people like you to continue your legacy even after you are gone.

42. I believe it’s your earnest wish that your children, their spouses and their children would not bring disgrace to you, but instead be a conduit of joy, success and peace. May those wishes come true.

62nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

We all understand that we are not to allow familiarity with our bosses to ruin our rapport with them. We are trained to see our bosses as gods but the truth is that they too are humans. A birthday prayer message to them might not accelerate your promotion but it would make them feel loved and help them to perform optimally. You’re also likely not to be in their bad books. These birthday prayer messages for your boss’s 62nd birthday celebration is just perfect.

43. Being a leader isn’t an easy task. But you have been able to do that nicely. I pray that on this occasion of your birthday, you’ll receive more grace to lead for optimal success.

44. Happy birthday. You’ve taught me so much. Just working for you makes me feel blessed. Continue to rise in radiance and glory
45. May you enjoy the fruit of your labour. Have a blast

46. May your ability to produce massive results and make the right decisions never be shortened. Happy birthday once again.

Opening Prayers for 62nd Birthday Party

So, you’ve been chosen to say the opening prayers for a 62nd birthday party. One thing I’ve learnt is that the best opening prayers are those that are heartfelt and centred on the celebrant. Here are some heartfelt birthday prayers to start that party in the right mood.

47. Celebrations are often used to mark new beginnings. With this celebration, we mark a more significant one. Today, we set the pace for more vitality and peace. We bless the food and drinks in Jesus name.

48. Father Lord, we thank you for the gift of life, the celebrant, the family and friends of the celebrant, and rest of us gathered here. You’ve been so good to us. Most especially we thank you for this birthday day celebration. May your name be blessed, in Jesus name.

49. We all came from near and far to celebrate with the celebrant today, Lord. We ask that we get to experience this kind of celebrations over and over again in Jesus name.

50. Thank you, Lord, for your love that cannot be separated from us. We open this celebration in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is one of the amazing tools you can use to make people feel extremely loved and important. Prayer messages give people hope even as the amazing wishes therein come to fruition.

Above mentioned are heart touching 62nd birthday prayer messages you can use to put a smile on that man or woman.

I’ll rather tell my 62-year-old celebrant what makes centenarians in Japan to keep running marathons, than showing him or her how close death is.

There you have it; fifty 62nd birthday prayer messages for almost any situation. You would never be out of ideas ever again.

Remember, birthday prayer messages are a good way to make people feel good on their birthdays. Good luck using them.

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