Happy 55th Birthday

Happy 55th Birthday Prayers for 55 Years Birthday Celebration (2024)

Being alive to see a loved one hit the age of 55 is a great thing to celebrate over. The fact that they made it to a golden jubilee and pressing into the golden years is worth appreciating God for. Perhaps nobody thought they would make it due to some life-threatening issues and the likes, but here they are, rocking the beautiful age.

Oh! How great should the celebration be!

Your loved one that’s clocking 55 years may be happy or otherwise, probably due to some life’s challenges. But, no matter how they feel on their special day, it is your duty to ensure they are happier. You have to go some extra miles to ensure their burden is lifted on their big day.

Let me assume you don’t know /how to make your loved ones happy/ on their big. Just an assumption! Smiles…

Well, there are many /ways to make your loved ones feel loved/ which would, in turn, make them happy. One of the ways is praying for them, either through a text message, phone call or even with prayers printed on cards. The power of prayers can not be underestimated. Even with the numerous gift you have for them, prayers are needed more than anything.

I hope I have helped you out somehow. Smiles…

Now, to do the above mentioned, I have prepared for you, the best of all happy 55th birthday prayers for 55 years birthday celebration in 2024 and beyond. Go ahead and use them to bless their new age and make them happier.

They are free!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 55 Years Old Sister

With these awesome birthday prayer messages for 55 years old sister, bless your lovely sister who is celebrating her fifty-five years birthday and make her feel loved and celebrated.

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1. It is another glorious day of your life, dear sister. I am glad to witness this new age of yours with you, and I pray that it will be remarkable for you. Everything you desire will come to you easily. Go ahead and enjoy God’s goodness all through your remaining days on earth. I love you so much. Happy 55th birthday, dearest sis.

2. Seeing you glow into age fifty-five with strength and wisdom is enough reason to appreciate God. You have indeed enjoyed God’s mercy and faithfulness. One thing I am sure of is that the good Lord who has kept you till this day will keep you safe all through your days in this new Year. Enjoy God’s abundance in this new season of your life. Happy 55th birthday, sister.

3. Dearest sister, it’s great to know that God has taken you through a fifty and five years on earth. You have not only trodden the part of life but have trodden it beautifully. It’s my greatest prayer that your feet become even more beautiful as you proceed into the remaining years of your life. Happy 55 years old, younger sis. I love you.

4. Happy 55th birthday, my lovely elder sister. As obvious as it is that you have affected lives positively with your awesome personality, I still desire that you do greater things in this new age of your life and many years to come. Thanks for always standing tall, sis. I can only love you more. Have a great birthday celebration!

5. Ruminating over what we’ve gone through together, I just know God gave me the best sister in the world. And as you celebrate a new age this day, I pray that you become stronger, both in health and wealth. You will have a greater strength to acquire many more wins. Go ahead and prosper more in your new age. Happy 55th birthday, dearest.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 55 Years Old Brother

Here are the best of all-powerful 55th birthday prayer messages you shouldn’t hesitate to send to your brother as he celebrates the unique age of 55. Bless his new age with these awesome birthday prayers for 55 years old brother.

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6. Having a brother so nice like you is what I can’t stop thanking God for. You are a man of great reputation and the least I can do on a day like this is to pray for you. It is my prayer that you enjoy this new age in good health and wealth. May everything you lay your hands prosper and may you always rejoice. I love you so much, dearest brother. Happy 55th birthday to you.

happy 55th birthday    

7. It’s a great joy to know you have come all the way to a golden jubilee plus five. I am so sure even the heavens rejoice this day because it’s a day a great and reputable man like you was born. Be ready to be blessed abundantly, dear brother, for you deserve every bit of it. I pray that you have a great year at 55. Happy birthday, elder bro.

8. Let every creature rejoice today for it’s the day the world’s best brother was born. Words won’t be enough to appreciate God for keeping my awesome brother to see this great day. It’s my prayer that he prospers in this new age of his life. May every crooked part of his life become straight. Amen. Happy 55th birthday to my brother.

9. Happy 55th birthday, dear brother. My joy is full this day that my elder brother made it to the age of 55. As you have come this far, you will go even farther. Nothing will stop your advancement; in good health, wealth and peace of mind. Congratulations on your new age, sir.

10. My lovely younger brother, it feels so great to be alive to see you enter a beautiful age of 55. What else has God not done for us? I want you to know that this new year will be better for you. You will always be the head and never the tail. You will live long to reap the fruit of your labour; in good health and peace. Happy 55th birthday, dear brother.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

One of the best times to appreciate and bless your spouse is on their special occasions like birthdays. Is it your lover’s 54th birthday already? Be quick to appreciate and bless their new age with this collection of 55th birthday prayer messages for wife or husband.

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11. Yay! It’s my Queen’s 55th birthday. I should just start by saying God blessed me with the best woman He created. Everything I need is what I see in my wife everyday. I am so blessed to have a lovely wife. That is why I pray that her new age is blessed without measure. She will continue to enjoy favour and abundance in all she does. Happy birth anniversary, my sweet wife. I love you.

12. Nothing can be compared to how it feels to have a perfect marriage; yeah! That’s what I have, and that is possible because I have a darling man as my husband. I have never regretted journey life by your side. I love you, and I pray that your new age ushers you to a new phase of all-round blessings. You will live long reap the fruits of your labour. Happy 55th birthday to you, darling husband.

happy 55th birthday

13. Dear wife, Looking back to how we have come, I just know choosing you was the best decision I made. I couldn’t have done otherwise. You are a model for others and that’s why I pray that as you rock this beautiful age, may line fall in pleasant places for you. May you enjoy unlimited favour and blessings. I love you forever. Happy 55th birthday, my wifie.

14. Joy to the world that you were born on this same day, 55 years ago. And joy to my world that you came to my life. How beautiful it is to be your wife. I am highly favoured. All I am left to do right now is to thank you for everything and bless your new age. May your life become more pleasing to God and men. You will further be a blessing to as many who come in contact with. Amen. Happy 55th birthday, my love.

15. My husband, my crown. This is your big day and I bless God for keeping us alive to see it. This journey has not been easy but is worth it. I am more than excited this day because I am sure you are taking a step higher in life. You will age in perfect health and our love will be stronger than ever. Go and prosper in your new year, my husband. I love you more than everything. Happy 55th birthday, sweetheart.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Help your cousin who is 55 years old enjoy a blissful birthday celebration by blessing them with these best of all-powerful 55th birthday prayer messages for cousin.

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16. Dearest cousin, it’s a good day to tell you how amazing you are. You deserve every good thing on this special day of your life. Go ahead and prosper more than ever for the heavens are open to rain on you, ceaseless blessings. I am excited to wish you a great new year ahead. Happy 55th birthday, cousin sister.

17. It’s a thing of joy to have a cousin who is there through thin and thick. I am blessed to have you, sir. And I am glad to see you age beautifully. It’s my prayer that you find more joy in this new season of your life. I will always be well with you and yours. I love you, sir. Happy 55th birthday, cousin brother.

18. Many things I have to say but a few can word convey. You are a woman worthy of praises. I just can’t thank God enough for your life, especially on a great day like this. As you press further in your 50s, it’s my prayer that you become better than ever. Your health will not fail you. Happy 55th birthday, ma.

19. Happy 55th birthday, best cousin ever. I can never forget our days together as young adults. I know you can’t too. I am glad you are ageing well and I pray nothing stops you. You will excel in health and prosper in wealth. Be ready to be blessed beyond comparison. I love you, darling cousin. Just reserve my cake.

happy 55th birthday

20. Happy 55th birthday, dear cousin. I can never forget a great day like this. Have I told you are dear to me? I just did now and won’t be tired of saying it. It is with pleasure in my heart that I wish you a new year of abundance. Your coast will be enlarged than ever. Everyone that comes to you will be blessed. Amen. Age with grace, love!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 55 Years Old Friend

Make your friend feel the vibe today. Age shouldn’t stop the excitement of friendship. Bless your 55 years old friend with these birthday prayer messages for 55 years old friend. You will be glad you did.

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21. As the dear pants for water, so my heart longs to you age gracefully. And I am glad God is doing that. You look more beautiful as you age. I know the years ahead of you will be the most beautiful. I pray that you will enjoy good health and a sound mind. Your every day will be blessed of the lord. Happy 55th birthday, best friend ever. I love you till eternity.

22. What your friendship has meant is not what words can say. I bless the day we met. You have made my life graceful and I pray that your life becomes graceful than ever too. May every enemy of your success never live to see the day. You will prosper beyond measure and your children will rejoice and call you blessed. Happy 55th birthday, dearest friend.

happy 55th birthday

23. This day reminds me of a lot. I am glad we are alive to see the day. God kept us alive even when life stormed at us. All thanks to God. I pray that the remaining years if your life will be filled with rest and peace. Nothing will brother nor stress you. Your joy will abound forever. I love you. Happy 55th birthday, my friend.

24. Happy 55th birthday, good friend. As you add to your age today, may good things be added to every part of your life. You will be stronger than ever, more beautiful than ever and better than ever. You will live in perfect health and be agile to see your children’s children. Enjoy a new year of good news. Much love for you, sir.

25. I am glad to say the Lord blessed me with a good friend. And I am gladder that it’s her 55th birthday. It’s my prayer that the Lord will cause her to prosper as a new season unfolds. Nothing on earth will hinder her progress. Amen. Happy 55th birthday to my friend for life.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Celebrating your aunt or uncle is one of the things to do to appreciate them for being there. So, go ahead and bless them as they celebrate their 55th birthday. Below are awesome 55th birthday prayer messages for aunt or uncle you can use.

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26. Happy 55th birthday to you, dear uncle. Having you in our family is a blessing that we will ever be grateful for. And as you enter a beautiful new age of your life, may everything you about you become and may you age with abundant grace. Enjoy your day, sir. We all love you.

happy 55th birthday

27. I am glad and proud to call you my aunt. Everything about you is amazing and contagious. That is why I can’t contain the urge to bless your new age. I pray that your life will take another great turn for good. You will be made better than ever. Happy 55th birthday, dearest aunt.

28. A great celebration for a great man! Happy birthday to you, graced uncle. I am more than excited to celebrate this day with you. What you have done for this family is unforgettable and appreciated. As you celebrate the age of 55 today, may the doors of heaven open for you. May you be strong to see your seeds come into fruition. Happy 55th birthday, great uncle.

29. With abundant joy in my heart this day, I wish you a gracious happy 55th birthday, dear aunt. I am so sure the doors of heaven are open already to bless you. Your new year will be filled with laughter and wealth shall not cease in your abode. Welcome to a victorious year, ma.

30. Happy 55th birthday to a man of valour. Someone amazing like you deserves the best in everything and that’s my prayer for you as you celebrate 55 years today. May the good Lord bless you and enlarge your capacity. Greater and brighter years to come, sir. Enjoy a blissful birthday anniversary, sir.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

Celebrating your sister in law or brother in law on their birthday is a good thing to do to further enhance a good relationship between you. So, on their 55th birthday, don’t hesitate to bless them using these 55th birthday prayer messages for them.

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31. Happy 55th birthday to you, ma. Having you as a sister in law has been a blessing to me. You are just like my biological sister. Thanks for all the love and care. May your new age be blessed to overflow. You will live long to enjoy the harvest of your labour. Do have a great day, ma.

32. It is a beautiful thing to know that someone as kind like you is celebrating fifty-five today. Or course, you deserve to live long because you are a really nice person. I will always respect you, sir. It’s my pleasure to pray for you this day that you will find countless reasons to rejoice. The Lord will greatly bless you to bless others. Your health will not fail you. Amen. Happy 55th birthday, sir.

33. My one and only sister in law that has become a mother and a friend. Thank you for taking me as yours and accepting me into this family. This special day of your life is blessed beyond measure. You will shine brighter than you have always been and you will live long in good health and wealth to see your children’s children. Happy 55th birthday, ma.

34. Happy 55th birthday to a man of great valour, a man of good integrity, a man endowed with wisdom and strength. That’s who you are, sir. Having you as a brother in law is a blessing I will forever appreciate. I love you, sir, and as you celebrate a unique he today, I pray that the good Lord will cause you to prosper more. You will always be at the top and your strength will be renewed to achieve more. Have a great birthday celebration, sir.

35. Let the day begin with shouts of joy for it’s your 55th year on earth. All glory to God Almighty who has kept you this far. May He continue to keep you and cause his face to shine on you. Amen. Happy 55th birthday, sir.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

It’s a good time to appreciate and bless your father or mother. 55 years is a milestone to rejoice about. Bless them as they celebrate with these 55th birthday prayer messages for dad or mom. Make your parent feel at his/her best as he/she celebrates.

36. Yay! I am filled with overflowing excitement this day for it’s the day the Lord has made. He has granted my mom the grace to see a great milestone. All glory to God because I know He will do greater things in her life. She will live long to enjoy every fruit of her labour. Her health will not fail her. Cheers to more years of peace and refreshment. Happy 55th birthday to my mom.

37. My daddy, my pride! Happy 55th birthday to you, dad. How much can I say to appreciate you for all you have done. I can only pray the heavens to rain on you, abundant blessings. Your coast will be enlarged and your joy will know no bound. Welcome to a new age of good health and peace. I love you, dad.

38. Sweet mother, my treasure, my role model and my first love. You can’t understand how much I am happy to see you rock this milestone. You are a woman of worth, a role model for others. I just can’t love you less and appreciate you for everything you have done for our family. I pray that God rewards you beyond comprehension. May your remaining years on earth be fruitful and joyful. Welcome to 55, mother. Happy birthday!

39. It’s another time to celebrate again. This time, it’s the celebration of a milestone in the life of a great father; my dad. I forget to say I have got the best dad worldwide. He is full of strength and wisdom. And as he basks into a new year of his life, may he become stronger. May doors of heaven be opened unto him. May he continue to be the strong man of the house, for his health will not fail him. Happy birthday to my darling pops.

40. Happy 55th birthday to mummy. My mother with the sauce. Welcome to a year of all-round blessings, favour, peace, joy, a sound mind and perfect health. This new year will be remarkable for good. Cheers to many years on earth! I love you, mom.

55th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

It’s a beautiful thing to have a grandfather or a grandmother. When you have any, do well to make them feel special, especially on special occasions like a 55th birthday. Below are 55th birthday prayer messages you can send to bless your granddad or mom.

41. Happy 55th birthday to my ever beautiful grandma. Having you in my life is more of a blessing. I appreciate all the love and care. May your new age be filled with heavenly blessings. You will always be celebrated. I love you, grandma.

42. Grandpa, I am glad to be part of this family and one of the reasons is you. You are so awesome and I love you. As you celebrate this day, I pray that God will bless you for me and cause you to live longer to enjoy the reward of your labour. Happy 55th birthday, granddad.

43. I am more than excited to celebrate with my grandparent this day. As you hit the 55th year of your life, I know you will live to see many years to come. Your health will be perfected by the Most High God. Happy 55th birthday, dear.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 55 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

A good time to make your father in law or mother in law feel special is their birthday. So, you need to send them one or more of these birthday prayer messages for 55 years old father in law or mother in law as they celebrate the unique age of 55.

44. Dear dad, I join to host of heaven to celebrate you today. You are a father in law that’s worth emulating. I love you as my dad. May your new age bring you perfect health and wealth. You will live longer than expected and you will not experience sorrow. Happy 55th birthday, dad. We love you!

45. Looking back to all you have done, I just know I have been blessed with the best mother in law. Thanks for all you do, mom. As you celebrate this milestone, I pray that you will be highly blessed of the lord. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You will enjoy perfect health and peace of mind. I love you so much. Happy 55th birthday, mom.

Opening Prayers for 55th Birthday Party

46. All glory to God for the privilege to see a day like this. I give thanks to God for the celebrant because only God has made this day a reality. He has granted us the opportunity to rejoice with the celebrant this day, and we are not taking it for granted. I say thank you, Lord, for everything. As we proceed into the celebration of this unique age of 55, may the Lord be with us and make it successful. In Jesus’ name, we have prayed, Amen.

47. Everlasting Father, I bless your name for granting this celebrant the privilege to see 55 years of his life. Words are not enough to appreciate you. I thank you for keeping him in good health and for sustaining him to see this milestone. As we start celebrating today, we invite your presence and pray that nothing will cut our joy. This party will start and well, to the glory of your name. This I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

48. Oh Lord, my God, I bless you holy name for another time like. A time to rejoice with those that rejoice, a time to celebrate 55 years on earth, a time to look back to what you have done and a time to thank you for all you are yet to do. We pray that you have mercy on us and cause your face to shine on us. Be with us as we proceed to celebrate today. And in the end, all glory will return to you. Amen.

49. I am more than excited to be here today and I give glory to you, Lord. You have put the devil to shame and has blessed the celebrant to see this day. The devil really tried but you trampled on him. Thank you, Jesus. It is time to rejoice and celebrate over what you have done. As you go ahead, please, be with us. Continue to out the devil to shame. Make us enjoy the celebration and have countless reasons to thank you. This I ask for, Lord. Amen.

50. Our Lord and King, I honour your name for keeping us alive to rejoice this day with your child. Thank you for your mercies, your peace, joy and love that have abounded in this family. Thank you for your provision, your protection and guidance. All glory to you, lord. I pray that as we celebrate 55 years with the celebrant, may we enjoy your presence. May the heavens celebrate with us and may we enjoy every part of the occasion. The food and water are blessed and everyone is blessed. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

And boom! You are done. I hope you found the happy 55th birthday prayers awesome for your 55 years old loved ones. Praying for your loved ones on their birthday is the best gift you can offer.

I am sure you have just taken a step to make them excited. Go ahead and bless their new age with any of the prayers. Get them into another beautiful year of God’s love.

Please, don’t hesitate to make me know what you feel about the prayers in the comment section. And do well to share with family and friends who need them.

Happy 55th birthday to your loved one!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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