40th Birthday Prayers

Happy 40th Birthday Prayers for 40 Years Birthday Celebration (2024)

Everyone looks forward to their birthday, and we hope for the best of things to happen to us on that day, whether by chance or plan. One of the sincerest ways we feel the special day is more colourful is by sending or receiving beautiful birthday messages written in form of prayers and good wishes.

So, whether it’s your 40th birthday or someone else’s, there are 40th birthday prayers for everyone right here. Celebrate yourself with 40th birthday prayers for myself. If it happens to be your sister or brother you can send them the one in the birthday prayer messages for 40 years old sister/brother category. Even your extended families – cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles- are not left out.

Let the merry go round even to your mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law and to your daughter-in-law.

40th Birthday Prayers for Myself

You shouldn’t deny yourself the bliss of some wonderful prayers on your birthday. So go ahead and choose from this collection of 40th birthday prayers for myself. You deserve to celebrate yourself, too.

See the fun ways you can celebrate yourself on your birthday.

1. Happy 40th birthday to me. May I grow in strength, and may my days be long and fulfilling. No matter the travails of life, I shall overcome till the end. May this new year bring me the best things I’ve ever had in life.

2. I clock 40 today. May I see many more 40s to come. I pray God perfects me and see me through the rest of the journey of my life. This is my 40th and I’ll know it for good.

3. I clock 40 today. May the earth listen to my demands and give unto me only the good things in life. I pray for perpetual good health, sound mind and all the great things I ever longed for.

4. Wherever I may go henceforth, my blessings shall come forth in 40 folds. No matter the step I take, it shall amount to greatness. Happy 40th birthday to me, myself and I.

5. 40 is such a beautiful point of my life. I feel immersed in love, surrounded by peace and grounded in faith. May this new year of my life be a very beautiful one. It shall bring forth good fruits and testimonies.

happy 40th birthday    

6. Happy 40th birth anniversary to me. May this new age take me higher in life. I shall never lose any battle. I’ll grow and be better in whatever I lay my hands on. May I stand tall for the rest of my life.

7. Birthday is a special day but the 40th one feels so uniquely beautiful. I pray that the world shall stand in awe of my greatness and I shall be marvelled by God’s faithfulness. Happy 40th birthday to me.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 40 Years Old Sister

Since it’s your sister’s 40th birthday, a good dose of powerful prayers will make her day more colourful than some diamonds and flowers.

Do you know the perfect gift for your 40th sister’s birthday?

8. Wherever you step on, it shall favour you. This 40th birthday of your life shall be more than phenomenal. It shall take you higher than you’ve ever imagined. Happy 40th birthday, sister. I love you the most.

9. A sister as caring as you deserves beautiful days and years. You’ve clocked 40 years on earth, this shall be the beginning of greater things. All year round, we shall always gather to celebrate you. It shall no longer be rough for you. You’ve reached a beautiful point in your life.

10. 40 looks perfect on you, sis. You shall blossom like a beautiful lily and be the better version of yourself. You shall begin to flourish and the world shall get to see your greatness. This is a fresh start for you and it shall be blissful and melodious.

11. Happy 40th birthday, girl. You look so young and radiant. I pray that this 40th year of your life shall treat you kind and God shall make all things about you so beautiful. I love you so much, sis.

12. There’s something about clocking 40; is it the glow or the glint of joy unseen before that radiates in the eyes of the celebrant? Happy 40th birthday, my darling sis. I wish you all the most beautiful things in life. Rejoice henceforth.

Birthday Prayer Message for 40 Years Old Brother

Brothers are our heroes, they do not only deserve our accolades but prayers as well. So, when is the best time to treat them to some warm prayers than on their 40th birthday?

Are you thinking of making your brother smile? Do so with these messages for my brother to make him smile.

13. Oh, I can’t keep calm; it’s my brother’s big 40th birth anniversary. May goodness and favour descend on you like morning dew. May it always rain blessing at your end. May all the good things of life be found in your abode. Wishing you a happy birthday.

14. I’m so happy that you’re able to see this new year of your life. May it be the most beautiful one so far. We shall only hear positive things about you. You shall no longer struggle for any good thing in life. Your life shall take a great turn for the best. I love you, bro. 40 sure makes you look like the superhero that you are.

happy 40th birthday

15. It’s my joy to see you celebrate a new age; the big 40. Happy birthday, bro. Over the years, you’ve been a blessing to us, may the world become a bigger blessing to you, henceforth. Every good thing you’ve ever given shall return unto you in multiple folds. This 40th year of your life shall be unique.

16. You sure look great as a fine wine. I pray that as you celebrate another birthday, you shall have many other reasons to celebrate. This new year of your life shall be fruitful. I wish you long life, prosperity, good health and a sound mind.

17. Never have I seen someone so perfect as you are. You are a rare gem and I’m so thankful to be connected to you by blood. Bro, this 40th year of your life shall be the best thing that ever happened to you. May it bring you so much accomplishment. We all love you but I love you more.

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18. Happy 40th birthday, big bro. I looked forward to this day like a man awaiting the first sun in the morning. It’s finally here and all I can say is, I’m grateful to see you grow in strength, wisdom, love and possessions. May this new year of your life be so beautiful.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

It’s more than satisfying to see the boy of yesterday grow into an adult; a 40-year-old adult. It’s even more fulfilling when that boy is your son. So shower him some 40th birthday prayer messages to make the journey ahead a wonderful one.

Be a special mom or dad by surprising your son with the best gifts for a good son.

19. Son, to say I’m happy today is an understatement cause fulfilment is what I feel. Seeing your 40th birthday is a blessing to me as it is to you. Happy 40th birthday, son. May life treat you better than it did me at 40. You shall be new dawn to your family and the world at large. Many more blissful years are ahead of you.

happy 40th birthday

20. Happy 40th birthday, my son. The world has never seen anything like you before. You shall remain special and great. I’m so proud of my son. You’ve made me a proud mother. I’m happy to see you do great. You shall continue to have many reasons to celebrate.

21. As a mother, my joy knows no boundary seeing you clock 40, today. This day is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve had. Happy birthday to my bundle of joy. I love you, and I pray that the hands of God shall forever rest upon you.

22. Happy 40th birthday, my darling son. I’m glad to see my baby blossom into a man. You’ve been so much blessing to me than I’ve been to you. Who am I to deserve you. I pray that God bless you with everything you ever longed for.

23. Happy birthday to my source of joy. Life makes sense because you’re in it. I pray that you shall live to grow old. Your life shall be more than great. Every eye that sees you shall bless you. Your 40th birth anniversary shall not be your last but your beginning.

24. Not too many people witness their child clock 40, but I’m so glad to see this day. You’re the most blessed person I’ve ever seen and you’ll continue to remain a blessing to the world. Keep thriving, son.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

Parents watch out for their children as they clock many milestones in life. Clocking 40 isn’t a little milestone, especially when your daughter is the celebrant here. Go ahead and adorn her with some 40th birthday prayers and wishes on her big day.

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25. Happy 40th birthday, daughter. I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve made your parents proud. The joy we see in you every day makes us happier. I pray that 40 shall be more than a blessing to you. You shall witness many positive transformations.

26. I’m the happiest mum on earth because my daughter just clocked 40. I’m grateful to see you grow every day into a beautiful woman. May the Lord take you higher and perfect you in all areas. Only good news shall be heard concerning you.

27. To my great daughter who gave me beautiful grandchildren, I’m so happy to see you clock 40. You shall live long and achieve many feats. Happy 40th birthday, daughter.

28. I’m happy to see this day, it reminds me of when you were born; it remains the greatest turning point of my life. It was a day that changed my life for the best. Happy birthday, daughter. Every day, I pray for you and I see my good prayers manifest in your life. Your life shall become more beautiful each passing day.

29. Happy 40th birthday, daughter. Today is beautiful because your presence is like the sun shining over the blue ocean. You’re an epitome of kindness and love. I pray that your good deeds shall become rewarded more than ever before. I love you, daughter.

30. 40 is such a beautiful number. I know this because I know you. You look so fantastic. There’s so much to be grateful for about you. Happy 40th birthday, my beautiful child. May the rest of your life be the best of it.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

There’s nothing cheesy about being the first person to wish your husband/wife a happy 40th birthday, don’t you think? So go ahead and send them any of these 40th birthday prayer messages for my spouse.

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31. I’m more than delighted to see you clock 40. You’ve waited for this moment, love, and I pray you’ll live longer than your expectation. Happy 40th birthday, my darling husband. Your best is yet to come.

32. At 40, you’ll become the best you’ve ever been both at the home front, office, in the world and to your parents. I love you, baby, and together, we’ll age. There are many beautiful days ahead for you. This is just the beginning of a great turnaround. I love you and pray you to witness another 40 in good health and joy.

happy 40th birthday

33. Happy 40th birthday, my sunshine. May the earth favour you. May the world become a better place because of you. As you’ve clocked 40th, the Lord shall bless and expand the works of your hands. Love you to the moon and back.

34. It’s your 40th birth anniversary, love. May your life become fulfilling and glorious more than previously. Your beauty shall become more radiant. Your success shall cut across borders. You shall witness and celebrate more special moments. Today shall be the beginning of a better tomorrow for you in all areas. I love you, wifey.

35. Happy 40th birthday, wifey. You look so beautiful standing there as a 40years old lady. You’ve been my backbone and the reason my light keeps shinning. May 40 treat you special and make you greater than many nations. Many more blissful years shall you see.

36. My wife is 40 years old, today. I’m the happiest husband on earth. This gives me another opportunity to spend a lifetime with her. May God make your world more colourful and you’ll continuously beam with a smile. Your day and night shall be colourful; there’ll be no shade of darkness in your life.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Nephew/Niece

Your nephew and nieces are like your children. As a good aunt or uncle, their birthday should be one of the days you celebrate. Send them some special prayers as they clock a new year, perhaps 40.

Check out these heartfelt messages for my nephew and nieces.

37. Happy 40th birthday, nephew. I was there when you were born into the world. It pleases me to know that the tiny bundle of joy of yesteryears have become a grown man. I pray for you that the days and years ahead of you shall bring you joy and glory. You shall live each day to the fullest. Love you, nephew.

38. My nephew clocks 40 today. I feel so old already. May the good Lord make you grow old in good health, prosperity joy, and fulfilment. Have a very great new year.

39. Happy 40th birthday, nephew. This is the day the Lord has made for you to be happy. The devil shall not steal your joy away. You shall be great and remain so. Everything you gather shall not be lost. Bigger and greater you, I pray.

40. 40 looks so good on my darling niece. More than ever before, she glows, looks elegant and accomplished. This day shall be the beginning of many more blissful ones. You shall beat your previous records of success. The days ahead of you shall be better than the ones you’ve lived.

41. Happy 40th birth anniversary, my love. You’ve been such a great niece to me. I’m happy to call you my own. May God bless this day for you, and help you fulfil every dream that keeps you awake at night and working at day. God bless you richly.

42. Happy 40th birthday, niece. You alone own this day. You’re such a beautiful celebrant. You look so good and make the world turn around. I pray that everything you touch shall be blessed. You shall grow better than yesteryears. Your 40th year on earth shall be the best year you’ve ever had, and the beginning of greater ones.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Make your cousin’s day a special one with some power-packed birthday wishes in form of prayers.

See the best ways to make your cousin your best friend.

43. Happy 40th birthday to my cousin. You’re like a sister to me. It gladdens my heart to see you grow this old. You shall live many more wondrous years. Today marks the beginning of better days for you. I love and appreciate you. Live your day to the fullest.

44. Happy 40th birthday, cousin. You’re so special to me, and even to the world at large. I love every bit of you. May this new year of your life bring you so much joy, warmth and wealth. You shall never lose yourself along the way.

45. Happy 40th birth anniversary, cousin. You’re so lucky. Many look forward to clocking 40 and here you are looking radiant, accomplished and fulfilled at 40. You remind me of everything good. May the Lord make even the next 40 years of your life much better than it is today.

46. Happy 40th birthday, cousin sister. You’re an epitome of beauty. I pray that you’ll live many more fulfilling days in this 40th year of your life. A toast to a better life. Cheers.

47. Happy 40th birthday, cousin bro. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. It gladdens my heart that you’re alive to see this day against all odds that came your way. May this new age of your life be trouble-free. You’ll have peaceful, memorable and beautiful days throughout this year and for the rest of your life.

48. Happy 40th birthday, cousin sister. We’re all so happy to see you come this far. May God perfect you and make your life full of grace. You shall see God do greater things for you at this point. Love you so much.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Do you feel like your aunt or uncle means a lot to you, or have contributed in some ways to your life? Then appreciate them on their birthday by sending them some good wishes on their 40th birthday with these 40th birthday prayer messages.

See also: thank you messages for my family members.

49. My aunt clocks 40 today. She’s like a mum to me. I’m so glad to be loved by her. I pray that this 40th year of your life shall be the best so far. You’ll have no record of a tough time. Only better days shall you witness going forward.

50. Happy 40th birthday, aunt. There’s no other person who owns this day besides you. I pray that you’ll be surrounded by love, joy and favour as you celebrate your new age. The Lord shall pleasantly surprise you and make you laugh wholeheartedly.

51. Happy 40th birthday, aunt. You’re that special aunt everyone loves to have. I pray that all the love and care you’ve showered on us shall all return back to you in multiple folds. May the heavens send helpers your way that’ll make you greater than hitherto.

52. Happy 40th birthday anniversary, uncle. May the days and years ahead of you treat you so well. May you shine better than before. May the world hear of your greatness. Happy birthday to my favourite uncle.

53. It’s my uncle’s birthday. He’s the kindest of his kind. He gives endlessly and wholeheartedly. I pray that the Lord repays him back for his largess. May you see many more beautiful years, uncle.

54. There’s no better uncle in the world than mine. Today, he clocks 40. I’m the happiest of them all cause a rare gem lives in our midst. I pray for you, uncle, that your days and years shall be better and more accomplishing than the previous ones. May you never be stranded in life. The mercy and favour of God shall continuously pour out on you.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

You can strengthen your bond with your sister-in-law by sending her beautiful wishes and prayers on her birthday. Take her day to make her feel more than welcomed into the family.

See the best ways to appreciate my sister-in-law.

55. Happy birthday to my sister-in-law. You’re so beautiful than the stars and the moon put together. I’m sure 40 looks so perfect on you like a coat of many colours. I pray that the grace to thrive henceforth shall be upon you. You shall be a bigger and better version of yourself.

56. Happy 40th birth anniversary, sister-in-law. You’re a phenomenal being. May this new year of your life be the best one you’ve ever had. May better days lie ahead of you. You shall be lifted up unto high mountains and never slip into sinking sands. God bless your new age.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

Make your brother-in-law feel super fly and part of your family as he clocks 40. Send him some gifts accompanied by the best prayers that can turn his life around for the best.

See the messages to welcome your new brother-in-law into the family.

57. My handsome brother-in-law clocks 40 today. It’s the best news ever. I pray that the good Lord bless his new age. May he become a better person in all areas of his life. I’m sending all my love, light and warmth to you, uncle.

58. Happy 40th birth anniversary to the man after my sister’s heart. A very phenomenal brother-in-law are you. No one else can take your place in our lives. I pray that you shall grow better and become greater in life. Your dreams shall be brought to fruition. I love you, brother.

59. Happy 40th birth anniversary to my brother-in-law. He is the definition of a graceful man full of wisdom and joy. May your laughter and smile never diminish. May you accomplish your dreams. May all of your expectations be fulfilled.

60. Today is a special day raining of blessings because a special person was born many years ago. To my brother-in-law, I love you and I wish you a very happy birthday from the depth of my heart. May God bless your new age so abundantly. Many more years shall you witness on earth. You shall continue to fulfil purpose and your dreams.

61. My dad is 40 today. I’m a blessed child to see my father growing old gradually. Dad, you shall live to carry your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many more awesome years shall you witness. There’s no better dad in the world besides you.

62. God bless the day my dad was born. Today marks his awesome 40th birth anniversary. May he grow old until every strand of hair on him becomes grey. Even as you grow older dad, may your strength never fail cause you’re like an eagle that’ll keep flying. I love you dad, and you’ll live to eat the fruits of your labour.

63. Happy birthday, dad. 40 is such a perfect number. May you live longer than you’ve lived. May the rest of your life be better than you’ve had. May everything you touch become blessed. This day shall mark the beginning of a new dawn in our family because of you, dad.

64. Happy 40th birthday to my darling mum. You shall live to fulfil your days. You shall never be defeated in life cause you’re an everlasting warrior. May your life be as blissful as the warmth you give, mum.

65. My mum clocks the big 40 today. She’s a paragon of beauty laced with poise. Mum, may your wisdom increase. May the work of your hands grow bigger. You shall live to witness your greatness and that of your children and husband.

66. Happy 40th birthday to the most special woman I have in my life. As your son, I am fulfilled to be called your own. You always make us proud. You shall never become a disgrace to your family. The glory of God shall rest upon you like a blazing crown.

40th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Let your grandparents feel how much you love and appreciate their existence by celebrating their birthday.

See new month wishes to my grandparents.

67. Happy 40th birthday to my young, grandma. It’s such a rare privilege for you to have seen your grandchildren at 40. May you live longer, grandma. May the Lord give you unfailing strength and grace to see many more of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

68. Happy 40th birthday to my grandmom. She’s a special kind of grandmother. She’s full of wisdom and grace. I pray that she’ll live to see her offsprings become so great. Your life shall not be cut short, grandma.

69. Happy 40th birthday to my one and only classy grandma. She’s full of honour and dignity. May the rest of your life be fulfilling. You shall accomplish so many milestones, grandma. I love you so much. May you live long in good health.

70. Happy 40th birthday to my young granddad. He’s so graced and blessed to have his own grandchild at this age. Granddad, I love you so much. May your days be long and fulfilling.

71. Happy 40th birth anniversary to the youngest grandpa in the world. May today mark the beginning of good things in your life. At 40 you shall begin to accomplish new dreams; your fulfilment begins today. The universe shall work in your favour, granddad. Have a great new year.

happy 40th birthday

72. Happy 40th birthday to my special granddad. It’s with joy in my heart that I herald the world of your new age. May you begin to see the beauty of life in a new dimension. You shall live well and be appreciated. God bless your new age.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 40 Year Old Friend

Friendship grows stronger even as we grow older. Send your friend some birthday messages and prayers to let them know how special they are to you.

See these messages to appreciate my best friend.

73. Happy 40th birthday to my friend. May your heydays begin today. You shall be an accomplished person before your next birthday. Whatever you have been chasing shall meet you in good health and joy.

74. Happy 40th birthday, dear friend. You shall be the best version of your self henceforth. You shall never be defeated. This 40th year of your life shall have you record thousands of your triumphs and victories.

75. Happy 40th birthday to my bosom friend. I loved that we started together. I’m happy to see you ageing so well like a fine wine in a cellar. May you beat all of your dreams and expectation at 40.

76. Happy 40th birthday to an awesome friend. You’re that friend that never leave your loved ones stranded. Thank you for having my back all these years. I pray that the Lord repays you for your goodness more than I can ever do.

77. Happy 40th birth anniversary to my friend from childhood. It pleases me to see you come this far. May God make you greater than you were years ago. This day shall mark the beginning of your fulfilment. You shall be perfected beyond your dreams.

78. Happy 40th birthday to my friend, the one with a large heart. You’re a rare gem. The purity of your heart shines brighter than a cluster of diamond stones. You are blessed. You shall marvel your world and make it better.

79. Happy 40th birthday to my friend. I love you so much. You’re the only true friend I ever had. I’m glad to see you witness this day. May your health never fail. May your joy never diminish. May your beauty never fade away. Your success shall be new every morning. Have a great new year.

80. Happy 40th birthday to a special friend. You are the reason today appears like a beautiful rainbow arched in the sky. May your day be full of great stories and accomplishments. The heavens shall make you happy and contented, today.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 40 Year Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Your father-in-law and mother-in-law will feel your affection even from a distance if you offer them these prayers on their birthday. Do so by sending them some birthday messages.

Have you seen the best collection of good morning messages for my mother-in-law/father-in-law?

81. Happy 40th birthday to my young mother-in-law. May she see many more years in good health, joy and love. She shall live all of her life to the fullest. The devil shall not succeed in making her his prey.

82. Happy 40th birthday to my mother-in-law. She’s the best one any girl can ask for. I pray that your kind heart shall never be polluted by the world. You shall remain the virtuous woman that you are. You shall continue to be a woman of strength and great value. You shall be celebrated for your accomplishments.

83. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday, today. She clocks 40. I pray that many more years shall she witness in perfect health and joy. She will never exit the world young. She shall live long to tell her great-grandchildren beautiful stories of love. I love you like my mom.

84. Happy birthday to a special woman. She’s one of a kind. You’re my answered prayer. I pray that as you clock this new age, mother-in-law, you’ll live to see many more. The devil shall never succeed with you. You shall witness many beautiful milestones.

85. Happy 40th birthday to my special mother-in-law. The world shall marvel at your greatness, ma. This day shall be known for good. We shall all gather to celebrate you in a bigger and better way in the years ahead.

86. Happy 40th birthday, mother-in-law. There’s no better time to be alive than now. You make everything easy when you’re around me. You are the embodiment of love. I pray that the Lord bless you in many ways that we can’t imagine.

87. Happy 40th birthday to a phenomenal mother-in-law. She is blessed to see this day. May the world be stunned by your greatness, mom. I call you blessed because you’re a blessing to us all. You shall witness many more years ahead.

88. Happy 40th birthday, mum. You’re the best mother-in-law anyone could ask for. You raised so many great children. I pray that the Lord bless you beyond your dreams and reward all of your hard work.

89. It’s a special day today because someone so great marks a new age today. Happy 40th birth anniversary to my great mother-in-law. She will live to see all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren do great.

90. Today is a blessed day; my mother-in-law clocks a new age. I bless the day the heavens gave you to me. You shall continue to be a woman known to be a blessing to her generation. You shall never lack anything good. The joy of the Lord shall never leave your heart. Happy 40th birthday, ma.

91. My father-in-law clocks 40 today. You’re a great man and you continue to bless everyone around you. I pray that the good heavens bless you in many ways that I can’t. May you live long, sir, to carry your great-grandchildren.

92. I pray for you, sir, you shall not live life in bad health. You shall be strong for the rest of your life. You shall be a great man and be celebrated for your accomplishments. The world shall see your mark on the sands of time. I wish you a happy 40th birthday, sir.

93. Today is the day we all have been waiting for. Happy 40th birthday to my father-in-law. Thank you for taking me as your child. May the heavens reward your kind-heartedness. You shall add another 40 years to your years and go on to beat a centenary.

94. Happy 40th birthday to my father-in-law. We all love you so much. You shall never diminish in strength, greatness, and your joy shall be full. Many more prosperous years shall you see.

95. Happy 40th birthday to my ever-loving father-in-law. He’s so rich in wisdom and character. Many more years shall you see in the land of the living. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren shall surround your table. You are a blessed man. I appreciate you so much, sir.

96. I’m glad to have you as my father-in-law. Knowing you has been a blessing. You brought sunshine to my life because you raised a great child. Happy 40th birthday, sir. Many more blissful years lie ahead of you.

97. Happy 40th birthday to my ever-smiling father-in-law. Thank you, sir, for your kindness and love you continue to shower on my family. May God bless you for all the benevolence you’ve shown us. I pray that you’ll live long to eat the fruits of your labour.

98. Happy 40th birth anniversary to my great father-in-law. I pray that God answers all of your midnight prayers. You shall be more accomplished and blessed at 40 than you have ever been. Have a great new year.

99. Happy 40th birthday to my unique father-in-law. May all you’ve ever wanted come true. May you live long and be accomplished at the same time. I love you so much. I remain grateful to you for raising a great son.

100. Happy 40th birthday to my father-in-law. I thank you for cheering me on and being my backbone. May God bless you in ways that the world cannot comprehend. The days and years ahead of you shall bring you so much joy, warmth, love and wealth than yesteryears.

If these birthday prayers for 28 years old made you happy, kindly give me some feedback. I’ll love to hear from you. And if you feel there was something missing, let me know by commenting in the box below. I’ll be glad to do better next time.

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Written by Taiye Christiana

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