Birthday Prayers for 15 years old

Happy 15th Year Birthday Prayers for 15 Years Old

Clocking 15 is so special for a lot of teenagers. There are a thousand ways to make the celebrant feel great on this day than you’ll ever know. However, the gift of prayer is known to be unique and irreplaceable by anything else ’cause it is inestimable.

Be it your daughter, son, brother, sister, friend, cousin, nephew, nieces, or whoever, there are prayers right here that you can adorn them with to mark their big day.

For instance, as a father or mother, birthday prayer messages for 15 years old daughter or son will do well to make him/her feel loved in a special way. In the same vein, there are tons of prayers aunts and uncles can send to their beloved nephew and niece. They come in form of birthday prayer messages for 15 years old nephew/nieces. With each of these prayers, come an undertone of love that will be most cherished by the recipient. Here you go send the following birthday prayers for 15 years old.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Daughter

Don’t be surprised your daughter will want more than pretty gifts and kisses from you for her birthday. A good dose of prayers may get her excited and believe in the blissful future ahead. Try sending her these prayers so she can have a complete 15th birthday bliss.

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1. You were the little one I could once throw into the air and watch her joyfully fall back into my protective arms. Now you’re all grown up, but not too grown for me to quit calling you my baby. You’re 15, and I look forward to seeing you add another one to your years on earth. Daddy wishes you a happy birthday. May this new age bring you all that you ever wished for.

2. To my 15 years old daughter, you’ll live a very fulfilling life. This 15th year of your life shall treat you kind and bestow on you the good things of life. This is my prayer for you, daughter.

3. Every night and day, I put you in my prayers. I call your name and proclaim good blessings upon you. You shall witness a blissful new beginning as you celebrate this new age. As my beloved daughter, you’ll bring us all joy and make us proud at all time.

4. Wherever you may go, goodness will follow you. I love you, my child. May the love of God be more evident in your life. May life never be hard on you. This 15th year of your life shall be the best you’ve ever had.

happy 15th birthday

5. May joy never depart from your heart. May your dances be full of gratitude and your life be a true definition of grace. Happy birthday to my 15 years old daughter.

6. I bless God for having you as my daughter. You shall be a blessing to me, your family and the world. You have clocked 15, many more shall you celebrate. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Son

As a parent, there’s no one in a better position to celebrate your 15 years old son with perfect words crafted as prayers if not you. So, here are powerful prayers you can bless your son with to mark his 15th birthday.

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7. My son, may you grow in strength and live to conquer your world. May I witness your milestones in life, and celebrate them with you. As you’ve clocked 15, may you clock 30, 60 then 120 and beyond. Happy birthday, son.

8. When I see you, my son, I’m happy to call you my own. Happy birthday to you, dear son. May your dreams come true and may they cause you to be celebrated both far and near. You’re going to become a force to reckon with.

9. Each day you live shall be beautiful. May your strength never diminish. May your youth be full of vigour and your old age be full of strength, as well. I love you, my 15 years old boy.

happy 15th birthday

10. May God surprise you with the best things in life. May His hand keep you on His safe shoulders. You’ll live to celebrate bigger feats and achievements. Happy 15th birthday, son.

11. I see you moving from glory to glory. I see you taking over, son. I see you merry with your loved ones, and blessing as many as you find needy. Happy 15th birthday to a generational blessing whom I’m proud to call my son.

12. As you continue your life, may you never be bereaved of love, care and attention. May the beautiful things of life never run far from you. You’ll have it all and never be sunk in depression, lack and want. Son, I love you and no less.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Brother

One of the greatest ways to bond well with your brother is by praying for him. Once he knows that he is always in your prayer, he’ll feel the sincerity of your love for him and thus, this will thicken the bond you share. Today is his 15th birthday, right? Take a look at these birthday prayer messages for 15 years old brother and do well to give him the best.

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13. I’m the happiest person on earth seeing you clock the big 15. I wish you the best in life and pray that this new season shall put a smile on your face that’ll never turn sour. I pray you to grow bigger and never be weakened by the travails of life. May success be yours till the end. Happy 15th birthday, bro.

14. You are the junior brother I love to have. You’ve made me smile and laugh at the same thing. I pray that the good heavens shine down on you and pour on your head the oil of excellence. As young as you may be, success will make you bigger. Happy 15th birthday, kid bro.

15. I assure you that I’ll always be here for you. More than anything, I pray that the good Lord never leaves your side and that He blesses you with your earnest desires. Happy 15 years on earth. We all love you, bro.

16. No matter what in life, I promise to be always here for you. You’re my only brother, and loving you is the least of the things I can do for you. Happy 15th birthday, bro. I pray that you’ll never have a reason to cry painful tears. May joy be yours and love be your portion. I love you, bro.

17. Happy 15th birthday to you, my brother. I pray that you’ll always be a pacesetter. You’ll never lag behind. May the devil never take hold of your heart. You’ll be atop and never fall down. Bigger you, I pray.

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18. Happy 15th birthday, bro. You take care of me like your life depends on it. I pray that God never leaves you stranded in life. I wish you the very best. May you keep on growing and never diminish in strength nor wisdom. Have a lovely birthday celebration and a prosperous new year of your life.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Sister

There’s no better time to shower your sister with blessings in form of prayers than on her birthday. Here you can find the perfect 15th birthday prayers that may bring her to happy tears as she reads your prayers while she answers a big amen to them.

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19. As young as you may be, may you take over your world and leave to fulfil your dreams. Happy 15th birthday to you, my baby sister. May you have a very beautiful life.

20. No matter how bad life has been for you in the past, this is the beginning of a new dawn. I love you sis and pray you to live to enjoy the rest of your days. Happy 15th birthday, sis.

21. Your type is rare. As young as you may be, you’re already a blessing to us. You understand kindness, compassion and giving. I pray all of your good deeds will come back to you for good. I pray that no one shall succeed in stopping your great destiny. Your 15th birthday shall be the best you’ve ever had so far.

happy 15th birthday

22. You are the reason I am happy today. Your birthday calls for celebration, and I’ll begin by praying for you. Dearest sis, your light shall never be dimmed by the world. You shall be blessed with love, joy, peace, good health, and everything money cannot buy. Have a great 15th birthday, sis.

23. Happy 15th birthday, girl. I love you beyond the fact that we’re sisters. You mean the world to me. I pray that you become a leader in your own right. May this world never turn against you but be for you. May blessings fall on you like rain even when the world experiences a hard time.

24. You shall see many more years, sis. This 15th birthday shall pull you from the valley and lift you up on high. Happy birthday, my love. You shall accomplish all the great things you were destined to achieve.

15th Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Friend

Friends that pray for each other win together and stay together. Your friend clocking 15 years should make you feel the need to pray for them for reaching this new milestone. So, bless them with these prayerful messages to mark their 15th birthday.

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25. I’m so happy to be your friend and more than happy to see you clock 15 years today. I pray that we shall grow old together. May your wisdom never diminish but increase. You shall experience joy and happiness more than ever. I love you, bestie.

26. You have been my protector and confidante. Happy 15th birthday to my precious friend. May this new year mark the start of a blissful journey. I pray that you’ll no longer have to cry any painful tears. Joy and love are yours from now henceforth.

27. Happy birthday, my dear best friend. You are 15 today, you’ll live to celebrate greater numbers. You shall live a fulfilled life, and be made to dance beautifully for the rest of your life. I pray that joy and happiness will never be far from you.

28. You took me as your friend right from childhood. I don’t deserve you yet you chose to be with me. I pray that God blesses you beyond your expectations, and give you unmerited favours and blessings. I love you from now to forevermore. Happy 15th birthday, darling friend.

29. There’s no one I’ll love to call my eternal friend than you. You have the best intentions for everyone. I pray that God rewards your kind-heartedness and take you higher than you can ever imagine. Happy 15th birthday, darling.

30. Happy birthday, best friend. I hope and pray that you’ll never have to cry those sad tears. Your joy shall know no boundary. You shall be the best version of yourself and keep getting better by each day. 15 sure looks good on you.

15th Year Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Cousin

Cousins are family and should be treated as one. Therefore, extend your prayers to them during both good and bad times. Now, it’s their 15th birthday, the time is right to wish them the best things in life. Make your intention known through heartfelt prayers to mark their big 15th birthday.

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31. I love you, cousin. You love me like your own, and I’m glad to know you as family. Happy birthday, my dear. May this 15th year of your life be your best so far. It shall bring you happiness and joy. I pray that everything that troubles you begins to vanish and that you’ll find internal peace, joy and love.

32. Wherever you may go, cousin, may the love of God always abide with you. May this 15th year of your life be full of positive energy, good wishes, breakthrough and happiness. You’ll not have to beg for anything good, they’ll gravitate towards you effortlessly. Have a blissful and perfect 15th birthday.

happy 15th birthday

33. Without you by my side, I’ll be the loneliest. Happy 15th birthday, cousin. I love how you take care of me and make me smile like your life depends on my happiness. May God abundantly reward all your good deeds.

34. This shall be the beginning of great testimonies for you. You shall be duly recognized and celebrated. Your dreams shall become accomplishments and your sadness shall no longer be there. Happy 15th birthday, I love you.

35. I love you cousin. May this journey be great and full of great moments. May you be perfected at 15. May the years ahead be full of new achievements, goals and joy. Happy birthday.

36. Happy 15th birthday. May this new season be full of exciting adventures. May it see to your happiness and greatness. I love you, cousin.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 15 Years Old Nephew/Niece

As a big aunty or uncle, your prayers will be well appreciated by your nephews and nieces; they’ll be like diamonds to them. So, why shouldn’t you accompany those beautiful gifts with good prayers as they celebrate their 15th birthday?

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37. I’m glad to watch you grow. Without you, I’ll have no one to call me “aunt.” I bless the day you came into the world. I pray that you’ll continue to make your parents proud and bring them happiness beyond their expectations. I love you nephew.

38. I’ll like you to know that your uncle is proud of you. I’m always here if you need someone to share your burden with. I pray that God orders your step and make you strong in faith. May the world never become a distraction to you, niece. Happy 15th birthday, my dear.

39. Without you, our joy will be incomplete as a family. I pray that you’ll never lack joy. Wisdom will be yours, and you’ll live this life to the fullest. You shall have no reason to beg for anything good in life. Happy birthday, darling nephew.

40. My ever beautiful niece is 15 today. I pray that your dreams shall come true. May your life change for the best. You’ll never have to experience dark moments again. I’ll always be there for you.

41. Happy 15th birthday, nephew. May your life experience increase. May this birthday treat you kind, and make you want to live life to the fullest. You’ll never battle with anxiety and depression. Your life shall be full of God’s mercy.

42. Happy 15th birthday, niece. Your later shall be greater than your former. You shall know the true meaning of fulfilment as you age. You’ll never experience drought but abundance. I love you.

43. You’re the reason I’m happy to wake up today because your day reminds me of a beautiful person in the family. Happy 15th birthday, niece. May your heart always remain kind. May you never fall into the traps of life. Sickness and disease shall nowhere come near you. I love you, niece.

Opening Prayers for 15th Birthday Party

Whoever may be celebrating their 15th birthday party, these prayers are fit to open the ceremony. You can be sure to get everyone’s attention once you open the party with these beautiful words of prayer.

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44. We commit this program into God’s hand. It shall start and end well. The celebrant shall fill the love and joy in the atmosphere. We pray that her 15th birthday shall be the start of a new dawn in her life.

45. We begin the party in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit. This 15th birthday party of the celebrant shall not be the last but the beginning of many beautiful celebrations in his life. The love and care he’s relishing at the moment shall last a lifetime.

happy 15th birthday

46. Happy 15th birthday to the young celebrant. May her table be surrounded by her family. May she never be lacking in any good area. This 15th year of her life shall birth greater things.

47. May all of your dreams come true. The wisdom you need to navigate through this life successfully shall be bestowed upon you. You shall remain a success for the rest of your life. Happy 15th birthday.

48. We commence this ceremony in Jesus name. We pray that the celebrant shall not know a better yesterday. His days shall be full of happiness. His academic life shall be excellent, and nothing shall stand in his way of success.

49. We’re happy to celebrate with you, and we pray that as we begin this celebration, may the sound of joy never cease in your life. We shall be gathered again to celebrate the bigger milestones in your life.

50. Happy 15th birthday to the beautiful celebrant. May this journey be smooth and be full of all the beautiful things of life. You shall never be weak. With strength shall you do this life. Your journey on earth shall never be cut short.

Are these birthday prayers for 15 years old written well enough to your taste? I’ll love to know. And if there can be an improvement, let me know by commenting in the box below. I’ll be glad to meet your expectations.

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