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Happy 30th Birthday Prayers for 30 Years Old (2024)

Whether you have clocked 30 or not, we all know that the 30th birthday is a milestone.

In fact, some might argue about the symbolism of the 30th birthday and that the number 30 is significant.

Whatever your belief, one thing we are all in agreement with is that the 30th birthday is profound and should be celebrated profoundly.

If you have a 30 year old in your life, this is a great time to show them what they mean to you. Celebrate them with these powerful happy 30th birthday prayers.

30th Birthday Prayers for Myself

Yes, you have clocked 30! You deserve whatever special feeling you are feeling right now.

And you deserve all the prayers in the world for the 3 decades you have spent on God’s green earth as well the many more years you are to spend.

If you are short of words of prayers to shower on yourself today, not to worry. These 30th birthday prayers for myself will help.

1. I really do not know where to start counting my blessings. I thank God for allowing me to reach my 30th year. I pray that this new year will be my best so far.

2. I have waited for this day to come. My previous experiences in life have been awesome. I pray that this 30th year of my life will be filled with nothing short of greater accomplishments.

3. There has never been a year in the past that I didn’t scale difficult heights. I do recognize I didn’t just do it myself. I pray this day that God’s divine assistance will never cease to flow in my life.

4. I’m a beneficiary of the wealth of heaven. 30 looks promising. I pray this year marks the start of more spectacular miracles in my life.

5. It’s just unbelievable. How did I get to 30 so fast? Someone should please wake me up. My heart is filled with Joy. On this day of my birth, I pray that the peace of God in my heart will never go away.

6. If I were to be told that I will live to see this 30th birthday, I would have doubted it. There are no greater blessings than that of being alive, therefore, I pray that the rest of my years will be remarkable.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 30 Years Old Sister

Have you thought about trying prayers as well? This is because while buying gifts is definitely necessary, prayer is also an important gift.

Today, gift your sister with one of these birthday prayer messages for a 30 years old sister.

Are you thinking of gift ideas to buy for a 30 years old?

7. Someone I know just became 30 today. My gorgeous big sister, It’s been wonderful growing up and experiencing life with you. This day, I pray that your heart desires will be met.

8. What on earth can make me forget your birthday? Absolutely nothing. I love you so much, little sister. In this very 30th year, you shall continue to triumph.

happy 30th birthday

9. Look how much good you have done at 30, sweet sister. Sometimes, I wish I were you. I pray that you will keep being steadfast in your convictions. I love you.

10. My big sister is all shades of happy today, I feel proud celebrating 30 with you. I pray that this new year of your life will attract so many blessings, more than you have seen before.

11. I won’t forget you. There is nothing In the world more precious to me than you, my sister. I can not contain my joy seeing you are 30 now. I pray this new year of your life will be more fulfilling than yesteryears.

12. I have asked myself so many times why I was destined to be a sibling to such an outstanding human being. I pray this 30th birthday launches you into more glorious experiences.

happy 30th birthday

13. Every year, you keep radiating more beauty. I’m really proud of you. I pray this 30th birthday brings to your life mightier accomplishments. I love you, big sister.

14. I have seen you do remarkable things in life. You’re my greatest blessing. 30 is looking good already. I pray for you today that no harm will come near you. Keep rocking in God’s blessings.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 30 Years Old Brother

Your brother is probably your best guy friend. I can imagine you remembering all the time you gave your parents grief with your mischief.

Well, you are adults now and it is worth celebrating. Say a big happy birthday to your brother with these 30th birthday prayer messages.

15. The only one who would chasten me and still hold me in an embrace. You made me who I am today. I pray for you on this 30th birthday, you shall not falter, you shall continue to climb and never grow weary.

16. I’m the most favoured in the world to be your sibling. Your life has been nothing less than outstanding. May this 30th birthday welcome you into more gracious and wonderful blessings.

happy 30th birthday

17. I will love you till my heart stops pumping blood. Happy 30th birthday big brother. On this day, I pray for you, you shall continue to testify of God’s divine mercies.

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18. I’m standing next to you in all areas of life. You have successfully made my life meaningful. Now you’re 30, I pray that you will never lose your strength, little brother.

19. Whenever I think about having no parents, I’m reminded that I have you. You have not neglected me in any way, big brother. Happy 30th birthday. I pray this year will be your best yet.

20. If I have nothing in the world but you, I have more than enough. I’m happy seeing you reach 30. I pray for you today, that God’s promised blessings will never elude you.

21. You are my greatest blessing, little bro. I pray this day, you shall never lack favour, may your life continue to glimmer. Happy 30th birthday.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

Is this question running through your mind? I’m willing to bet it is and that’s why you are here.

Well, you have come to the right place. Find here powerful 30th birthday prayer messages for my son.

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22. It’s just so unbelievable. Yesterday, you were just this little boy running around the house, today you have hit 30. Saying I’m proud of you is an understatement. I pray this day marks the beginning of so many wonders in your life.

23. I feel this intense happiness welling up in my chest just by knowing that today is your 30th birthday. I can’t contain my joy at having a full-grown man as my son. May this new age land you greater promotions.

24. How on earth do I explain this bountiful happiness I feel, son? Watching you grow have been joyous. My prayer for you every day is that nothing will ever stop you, you shall keep rising and never fall.

happy 30th birthday

25. Thinking about how you feel right now is unimaginable, I wish I was close enough to celebrate this 30th birthday, son. Howbeit, I want you to know that all I have in my heart for you are best wishes.

26. I wish I had the time truly, I would have spoiled you silly today. 30 is a good age to look out for more, son. My prayers for you today is that you will abide under God’s protection.

27. Happy 30th birthday, son. It’s my delight to see you grow and established. This day, I pray that the heavens will be opened for you whenever you call. Have a fun-filled 30th birthday.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

Your daughter may be 30 years old today but she will always be your baby girl, the one you watched over from birth and even now, at adulthood.

So you might be asking:
What do I say to my daughter on her 30th birthday?

How about you shower her with prayers using one of these 30th birthday prayers for my daughter?

28. You’re are my choicest blessing. I’m happy seeing how far you have gone in life at just 30. I pray that you will continue to testify of God’s goodness.

29. I’m thrilled to be celebrating your 30th birthday with you today, my daughter. Time indeed goes way too fast. I pray that today, you will continue to shine in wholeness and in love.

30. There is so much I have to say today. 30 is not just any age, my darling. You have proven to me that I can raise a godly daughter. You are strong, and a great achiever too. May your dots always connect, and may you always find ways to grow higher.

31. People talk so little about daughters because they haven’t met mine. You’re my champion. The one who has done nothing but excel. As you mark 30 today. I pray that your own daughters will make you more fulfilled than I am.

32. It gladdens my heart that you are celebrating your 30th birthday today. I’m convinced that in this new age your wisdom will continue to grow higher.

33. I will always remember your birthday. Your birth was not an ordinary one. How will I forget the daughter that made me a mother? May this 30th birthday cause you to rise above difficulties above wants, and above sorrows.

34. On this occasion of your 30th birthday, I felicitate with you, my sweet daughter. My prayer is that you will continue to live in God’s unlimited grace.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

The love of your life is celebrating their 30th birthday. So, I’m sure you are thinking of ways to paint the town red.

While your partner will appreciate all the glitz and glam you have probably prepared for their birthday, they will also love to hear your heartfelt desire for them on this great day.

These 30th birthday prayer messages for my husband/wife will help you communicate your desires for your partner on their special day.

35. You are beautiful to me. 30 is here today, and it gladdens my heart to see you celebrate this new age. You have been not just a wife but, also a great partner. I pray that you will keep being my heart’s melody. I love you.

36. You’re my love strong cord, the husband of my youth, the reason I have excelled this far. As today opens up chapter 30 so shall chapters of blessings be opened up for you.

happy 30th birthday

37. I have always wanted to tell you this, no one makes me happy as you do. You’re my most favourite woman in the whole earth. On this 30th birthday, I pray that the divine Holy Spirit will guard and keep you for me.

38. I learnt that the husband that brings out the best in you is a gardener. I’m proud to be married to a gardener. As you clock 30 today, I pray that you will continue to experience abundance.

39. I have thought of so many deep things to say to you this day. It’s a wonder how I keep falling more in love with you every day. I pray to God to help me love you in ways you never thought was possible. Happy 30th, sweetie.

40. I have come to love you beyond my heart’s capacity. It surprises me that I’m still breathing even with the fullness of that love. Happy 30th birthday, my heartthrob. I pray for you today, that you will keep living and showing up a victor.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Nephew/Niece

Make the day of your nephew or niece special by praying for them on their birthday.

If you have no idea what to say, this collection of 30th birthday prayer messages for my nephew/niece will guide you.

41. Has it ever crossed your mind that I love you, sweet nephew? As you turn 30 today, may your bowels be filled with plenty, and may lines fall for you in pleasant places.

42. There is absolutely no one on earth who knows me more than you do, It warms my heart seeing you hit 30, my darling niece. I pray today that you will keep flourishing.

43. Time and time again, you have shown strength, where I thought, would be your weakness, sweet niece. You have no idea how happy you make me feel. May this 30th birthday announce you.

44. When I learnt that it’s your birthday, I became ecstatic. You’re one person that has remained constant in my life. May this 30th birthday cause you to rejoice, keep being great.

45. Happy 30th birthday to my super loving nephew. You have been my best friend and my source of encouragement. On this day, I pray that the heavens will be opened for you.

46. You love family and never slack in showing everyone that they are relevant. Thank you for everything you do. As you turn 30 today, I pray that you will keep excelling in all your endeavours.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Every birthday is special but clocking 30 is even more special because of its significance.

If you are looking for ideas of 30th birthday prayer messages to pray for your 30 year old cousin, you have come to the right place.

47. My best cousin is 30 today. I have loved you greatly, sometimes I don’t say this but you really make my life sweet, and I pray that this new year of your life will bring you open doors.

48. No one encourages me the way you do; you are one of the reasons I strive to become better every day. On this special day of your birth, I pray that you will continue to grow from glory to glory, dearest cousin.

49. One thing that has brought me closer to you is your selflessness. You will always be precious to me. Happy 30th birthday. I pray for you, that this new age will put you in line of chains of miracles.

50. Here is wishing you a happy birthday. Having a cousin like you is absolutely amazing. You make life worth living in every little way. I pray that this new age will land you greater accomplishments.

51. When I think of your genuine love, all I want to do is show you how much joy you bring to me. Dear cousin, as you celebrate your 30th birthday today, I earnestly pray that your expectations will be fulfilled.

52. There are lots of relations around me but you are the one my heart delights in. I pray that this new age will surround your life with blessings.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt Or Uncle

Remember all the times you needed help with your parents and your aunt or uncle stood for you?

I believe you are grateful and that’s why you are here looking for the right words to wish them a happy birthday.

Here are the best collection of 30th birthday prayer messages to fit the situation.

53. My dearest aunt, happy 30th birthday to you. My prayer for you today is that you will keep rising beyond your limitations. Have an amazing birthday.

54. There are lots and lots of things I want to say to you today, uncle. You have endeared yourself to my heart. As you turn 30 today, I pray that your life will keep making meaning.

55. There are a few good people that make me happy in this life. You, my beloved aunt, is one of them. You are a sweet soul. I sincerely pray that this new age will put you in the spotlight for a great increase.

56. I hope I’m the first person sending you a happy 30th birthday message today. You encourage me in ways that you do not know. I pray this day that the four corners of the earth will favour you.

57. I really do not merit your kindness towards me. Sometimes, I do ask myself what I did to deserve an uncle like you. My earnest prayer for you today is that you will always be in plenty.

58. You are worth celebrating, my sweet aunt. I love how happy you make me feel, there is no one in this world as wonderful as you are to me. I pray that your 30th birthday will be your best yet, have fun.

59. A happy birthday to my uncle. I have come to learn that you were placed in my life for a reason. I pray that this special day of your birth will be your best.

60. I mince no words when I say I love you. As you add a year today, may 30 be gracious to you, may you lend and not borrow, and may God’s favour always surround you.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

When we love our brothers, the natural thing will be to extend that love to their wife as well.

Or maybe it’s your spouse’s sister who has taken you as an extension of her sibling, she deserves to be celebrated.

Wish your sister-in-law a big happy birthday with these happy birthday prayer messages for my sister-in-law.

61. You welcomed me with open arms the first day I met you, and ever since, I have been experiencing good things only. I pray that this 30th birthday will lift you higher.

62. Having a sister in-law like you will continue to be my testimony. I pray that this 30th birthday will grant you open doors, and may you always be surrounded by people who love you.

63. There is a reason you’re are my sister-in-law, I have thought about it so much. You made me have so much faith in God. I pray that this year will be more fulfilling than the previous ones.

64. Happy 30th birthday to my sister-in-law. Your personality stands out anywhere, no wonder you’re loved and respected by everyone. My prayer for you today is that you will continue to be outstanding.

65. I’m yet to meet anyone this remarkable. No sister-in-law can replace you ever. I pray that this wonderful 30th birthday will enrich your life bountifully.

66. I’m proud of your influence over my husband’s decisions. Thank you for being the hand God has been using to strengthen my marriage. As you launch into this 30th year of your life, you shall never lack anything in your life.

67. A new chapter is opened before you, a chapter of laughter, and joy. May your life continue to give God glory, my amazing sister-in-law.

68. When my heart was filled with troubles and trials of life, I turned to you, my sister-in-law. My best prayer for you this 30th birthday is that your life will be filled with testimonies.

69. I want to wish you, my darling sister-in-law a wonderful 30th birthday. I pray that you will keep being kind, caring, and loving as you have always been.

70. When I look into your eyes, I’m reminded that I’m not alone. Here is to many more years ahead, sister-in-law, Cheers to 30!

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

If you make your brother-in-law smile on his birthday, you will be making your sister, who is his wife or your spouse, who is his sibling smile as well.

Put a smile on the face of your brother-in-law today by sending him one of this 30th birthday prayer messages.

71. Happy birthday to my amazing brother-in-law, your presence in my husband’s life is wonderful. May this 30th birthday gift be your divine settlement.

72. You have etched your name in our hearts by your kindness and unalloyed support. I pray that this 30th birthday will bring you God’s goodness and mercies.

73. You are the reason I still believe good brothers-in-law exists. May this 30th birthday bring you joy and gladness.

74. I have wondered how so much a single person could be this wealthy yet, humble. You are a great brother-in-law, and nothing will ever diminish God’s promises in your life. Happy 30th birthday.

75. Whenever I remember the way you care for us, it makes my heart rejoice. You are an amazing brother-in-law. May this 30th birthday prosper you greatly.

76. My children always have your name in their mouth. I’m not surprised either, you are a wonderful person. Cheers to 30! I pray that this day will gift you beautiful memories.

77. You are good in so many ways, and I’m grateful you are family. May this 30th birthday bring you unlimited favour.

78. I have always wanted to marry from a good family. You are one of the reasons I love this family. May this 30th birthday be the beginning of wonderful things in your life.

79. How pleasant it feels to be celebrating an amazing brother-in-law. Thank you for being who you are to the family. May this 30th birthday launch you into greater accomplishments.

80. I will always think of you as my own brother. ‘Brother-in-law’ is just a long tag. Welcome to 30, and may you experience your best year ever.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Our parents are important to us; they sacrifice so much for us, it is only expected that we show them appreciation.

There are so many ways you can make your parents happy. And one of such ways is to pray for them at every opportunity.

The 30th birthday is a great opportunity to pray for your parents. Use these 30th birthday prayer messages to get started.

81. I’m pleased to be celebrating with you on your 30th birthday, dad. You’re simply loving. I pray that this year will release you into greater glory.

82. You have been great, mom. 30 is here already, and I’m glad you’re this happy and fulfilled. May you always have a joyous birthday.

83. Your birthday is a good time to claim God’s promises. Your life is one huge miracle, mom. I pray you will never know sorrows.

84. I’m thankful to God for letting me have a dad like you. Happy 30th birthday, dad. May you always abide in God’s promised abundance.

85. I can’t help but remember the way we both have been anticipating this 30th birthday; finally, it’s here now. My sincere prayers are with you, mom; may the rest of your life be blessed.

86. No matter the distance, I will always celebrate your birthday, mom. You are my most priceless gift. May this 30th birthday release you into more wonderful experiences.

87. I will still choose you over and over again, dad. Cheers to 30. I pray that this year will be favourable to you.

88. My greatest happiness is that I’m celebrating this 30th birthday with you, mom. Keep calm and enjoy God’s unmerited favour.

89. Happy 30th birthday, dad. I pray for you today, that joy will never cease from your life. Welcome to a new beginning.

90. Happy birthday to you, mom. Doing life with you have been awesome. I pray earnestly, that your oil of gladness will never run dry.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 30-Year-Old Friend

The definition of friendship can vary from person to person but we do all agree that when you have a friend, their happiness is important to you.

On their birthday, you are one of the people who makes sure to celebrate them so much so they are full of happiness.

Celebrate your friend today with these beautiful 30th birthday prayer messages for 30 year old friend.

91. I’m thrilled to watch you hit 30 with so much gusto. Knowing you have been fulfilling. I pray that this year will bring you unlimited breakthrough.

92. Look who is 30 already. Well, welcome to an amazing year. I sincerely pray for you, that this year will bless your life richly.

93. I have always wanted to tell you this; you rock my world. Being your friend has pushed me forward in life. I pray that your life will continue to make meaning.

94. I’m super excited to be celebrating your 30th birthday with you. You have given me so many sweet memories. I pray that in this new age, whatever God has packaged for your life will manifest.

95. Happy birthday to you, my good friend. Cheers to 30! May the blessings of this new age locate you always.

96. I love to see you happy, I love much more that today is your 30th birthday. Keep living in God’s favour.

97. I can’t contain the joy in my heart for you, my friend. Happy 30th birthday. May this year be a year of harvest in your life.

98. In my heart, you are family. A friend that has stayed closer than any other. Happy 30th birthday to you. I pray this year opens your life to unmerited favour from God.

99. Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend. Your presence in my life has done me good. I pray that you will continue to enjoy God’s peace in your life every day.

100. I’m so thankful to see you turn 30 in health, sound mind, and happiness. I pray you to continue to have all that your heart desires, and may God’s purpose for your life keep manifesting.

Well, there you have it! Different categories of 30th birthday prayer messages you can send to any of your loved ones celebrating their 30th birthday.

Written by Ayandola Ayanleke

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