Cute Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Friend

Remembering a friend’s 30th birthday with happy 30th birthday poems is a special way to share your feelings of joy with them. A birthday poem can be easily posted to social media sites or sent to felicitate the celebrant.

No matter how many times you celebrate a friend’s birthday, it never loses its excitement. Let your friend know that you remember the day of his birth with some 30th birthday poems.

It will be a reminder to him of how much people love and care for him. You can use the poems as your own gift to wish a very happy birthday to your best friend or as an idea you can share with other people who would like to wish the same to their loved ones.

Here I am providing some happy 30th birthday poems for friend along with images.

30th Birthday Poems for Best Friend

Using poems are a special and creative way to wish your friend a lovely birthday. A good birthday poem can help you show your feeling of love and friendship to the birthday person. Wish your best friend a happy 30th birthday with the greatest collection of 30th birthday poems and verses here.


 I can’t quite believe it’s your birthday,
But I’m not surprised, you’re a year older,
The time’s flown by, and now you’re no more a teenager –
I’d say well done, but you’re so much more than that.
Happy 30th birthday, buddy.

Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Friend


Happy 30th birthday to my friend,
Your next decade brings you more friends,
Your life be filled with happiness,
Wishing for you,  life just like this one,
When you are thirty years old.


Happy thirtieth birthday to you,
Like the moon, you are timeless,
Like the sun, you are bright,
Like the ocean, you’re vast,
And like the rainbow, you’re colourful.


May the winds of the universe blow softly on your sails
May the love you seek be the love that you find
May your sorrows be healed with the sweet perfume of flowers
May life bring you the happiness that you deserve
Happy 30th birthday, friend.


Happy 30th birthday, my friend,
You’ve travelled so far and so near,
Like a shooting star, your life has been,
The wind upon your face as you’re running hand in hand.
This is the best year yet.

Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Friend


You are in your 30s now,
It feels like a perfect fit;
I’d like to celebrate you,
The man of today,
The man that you’ll become tomorrow.


And now you’re here,
It’s your birthday and your 30,
May you find the strength to be who you are,
No matter where you are,
Just be you,
And know that you’ll always be my friend.


Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend,
Though I never see you often,
I can sense your presence in my dreams
And feel your presence in my thoughts.
I wish you all the best.


Happy 30th birthday to you
Many more to come,
May all your dreams come true,
And may you be the one,
To hold the world in your hands,
In the year you just arrived!


Some people say it all happened before,
But it’s just repeating, something that you fear.
When I look at you, I see a man with a plan,
And I don’t think that you should be afraid.
You have all it takes,
Go get it this year.
Happy 30th birthday, friend.

Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Friend


Hope you have a great one today,
And lots of other years,
May they be as great and wonderful,
As the one you’re having now.
Happy 30th birthday, buddy.


Another year has passed,
Another year of joy and laughter,
Another year of your life.
Happy 30th, my friend.


You’ve been a rock for me to stand on,
To build my dreams on,
Through all these years.
I can only wish you the best this day/
Happy 30th birthday, dear.


Happy 30th birthday to you,
How can I describe this day,
To you, I say this day,
Was the day that you were born.
May it bring many beautiful experiences.


I didn’t know you well
but true love you still held.
When we first met
I saw a dream from you
Fill me with your life,
I hope that you live long
Happy 30th birthday, bestie.

Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Friend


Today is your day,
Be happy and glad,
The best is yet to come –
You’re 30 now, but that’s just the start!


Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend,
You’ve got so much more to prove,
You have no clue what’s in store,
So it’s time to get out there,
With your head held high and explore.


Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend,
I hope your year is filled with fun,
And many ways to make you smile,
So, let’s celebrate this special time,
With lots of laughter, and a little wine!


You’re special and unique,
Perfectly different from the rest,
On this day, you’re 30,
Happy 30th birthday, my friend.


30 years I’ve been the best friend you could have,
I’ve watched you grow from a child to a man,
I’ve been there throughout all the joy and pain,
I’ve seen you smile, I’ve seen you frown.
I will see you excel this year.
Happy birthday!


You’re now 30,
It’s the time in your life,
To do all the things you wanted to do,
From playing with toys and laughing at jokes,
To having a career and a family and a home.


On your 30th birthday,
Hope is the wish that I send your way
Hope that your dreams come true.
And you always know this.
Have a great day!


Here’s to 30 years of life,
Here’s to 30 more,
Here’s to your 30 years of health,
Here’s to your 30 more,
Here’s to your 30 years of seeing and doing,
Here’s to your 30 more.


Happy 30th birthday, my friend,
Your life is sweet,
And the goals you’ve made
You can achieve.
Enjoy your time,


We’ve been through a lot,
you and I,
and we’ve been through it all together.
And we will rejoice together again.
Happy 30th birthday, best friend.


Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend,
It’s your birthday, so be bold,
Say to your heart, “I’m glad that we met,
But I’m not ready for old yet!”


Grow old gracefully,
But take all the time you need,
To do the things that you dream,
To achieve all of your goals.
Happy 30th birthday!


I’m wishing you a happy birthday,
I hope it’s a day that you’ll never forget,
I hope you have a day filled with cheer,
And if you do, do cheer,
Happy 30th birthday, dear friend.


Happy 30th birthday, my friend,
Your life has begun,
I know you’ll take it far,
And always be the one,
To always be the one,
To always be the friend
And get all your desired goals.
Happy birthday!


Wish you a happy 30th birthday,
A year of new beginnings and growth,
A year of new ideas and inspiration,
A year of new knowledge and wisdom.
Enjoy your NEW!


Happy 30th birthday, my friend
I will always remember this day,
Because it will always be our day.
Have the best of it!


A lot has happened – You’ve seen a lot,
But what’s more, is that you’ve been through a lot and you’re here,
I’m here to tell you, and I guess to tell myself,
That we can be anything.
Happy 30th birthday, dear friend.


Happy 30th birthday to you, my friend,
A year older, a year wiser, I see.
A year older, a year wiser, I see,
I’m genuinely happy for you.
Have a blast!


Happy 30th birthday, my friend,
May your life be happy
And your future be bright,
May every day here be grand
And every step be a light
In every direction you want to go.


You now live another year,
The time to celebrate your life,
Be grateful for what it gives,
You have come so far,
30 years have gone and past,
You’re one year older,
But you’ll never be older than your heart.
Happy birthday, friend.


It’s hard to believe your best friend has reached the ripe old age of 30 years. He or she has been there for you through thick and thin and has stuck by you during dark times. It’s time you recognized your friend with a special poem on his or her birthday. I hope you find the above poems useful for their special day.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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Cute Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

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