Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

Cute Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

A birthday poem to your boyfriend on his 30th birthday is one of the most wonderful and romantic ways to convey your feelings to him as this is the day that marks an important milestone in his life.

This is a special occasion and not just another passing day. He must feel it deep inside him about the love he has been cherishing for you which would actually be one of the greatest days of his complete life.

To express love and care to him on his big day, it is best that you do this by writing him a birthday poem. If you do not know where to get started, then here is something for you. Below are simple and amazing happy 30th birthday poems for boyfriend that anyone can easily comprehend. They are perfect for your lover’s big day.

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30th Birthday Poems for Him – Boyfriend

One or more of these 30th birthday poems for your boyfriend can help him feel even more special on his big day.


You’re not very old,
But already your life has been told,
I feel like I’ve lived with you forever,
I’m not ready to be through.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


Happy 30th birthday, my boyfriend,
You’ve changed my life for the better,
I love the way you enjoy life,
With your amazing sense of humour and joy.
Wishing you all love to enjoy.


Today is your birthday,
To the love of my life,
I want you to know I’m thankful,
That you’ve helped me grow.
Have a blast!


As I sit and think of you,
How much you make me glow,
I will not forget,
Your 30th birthday,
May you have the best of it.
Happy born day, love.


It’s a day to celebrate,
It’s a day to live to the fullest,
It’s a day that I thank God,
And pray that it be blessed.
Happy 30th, baby.

30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


Happy 30th birthday, my love,
I hope you’re happy and proud,
That’s all I want this day.
Love, bliss, all for you.


If you can dream, dream now,
If you can think, think about how,
How you’ll achieve that dream,
And fly like the butterfly you were meant to be.
Happy 30th birthday, my eagle.


Happy 30th Birthday, my boyfriend
No one else could ever make me so happy,
You make my heart sing,
You make my world shine,
You are one in a million,
And I’m so glad to be with you.


I love you so much and so true,
The days are coming,
With so much happiness,
I have to say, I love you so much,
And wish you a very happy birthday,
And hope that you always have a smile.


Happy 30th Birthday, my boyfriend,
On this day of your birth,
I just want you to know,
Just how much I appreciate you.

30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


There’s so much I want to say
And so much that I’ve already begun,
But I want to let you know
That you mean everything to me
And I’ll always be by your side


Today is your day, of days,
The day you were born.
Happy 30th birthday, my boyfriend.
The sun shines so bright; your day.


I’ve seen you go through ups and downs,
But one thing remains the same,
And that’s your love of life.
May you have more of it to live.
Happy 30th birthday, babe.


Today is your day to shine,
The spotlight is all on you,
It’s your day to make your mark,
So take your time and do it right.


On this day, I’m so glad,
To see another year of yours,
I’ll make sure your life, is a long,
Happy and fulfilling one,
I hope you’re with me.
Happy 30th birthday!

30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


I’ve had the best four years
And I know that they’ll continue to be
So I wish you a happy 30th
And hope that you’re 30 years of pure bliss.


Happy 30th Birthday, my boyfriend
I’ve been waiting so long,
For this day to come to be
Because I have been sure
That you are my soul mate and the only one.


Happy 30th birthday to you,
My love, my life, I hope you feel free,
And this last year was just the start,
Of a life of happiness and love.


Happy Birthday to my soul mate,
I can’t wait until the day where we shall be wed,
I love you with all my heart,
And no one else could ever take your place.


Today is the day of your birthday,
The day of your birth
The day you started your life
Like the stars in the sky
You’re a blessing to me.

30th Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


You are everything to me
You make me feel like I can fly
I can’t imagine my life without
The things that you have shown me.
Happy 30th birthday!


I love the way you look at me
I love the way you make me feel
I love the way you’re always there for me
I’ll never forget the love we share
Wishing you many of it
Welcome to your 30th.


I’m wishing you a day full of happiness,
A day of love and celebration,
A day full of joy and success,
I want to celebrate you and your existence,
I want to make you feel like you’re the best,


Happy 30th birthday, my boyfriend,
I hope you have a great one,
I can’t wait to spend it with you,
I love you and hope you have a wonderful year.


Today you turn 30
But that’s not why
I’m writing this to say
In a life full of choices
I’m glad I chose you.


Happy 30th birthday, my lover.
We’ve come so far and had many fights,
But you’re the best man I have ever known
And I’m so lucky God sent you to me.


I’m so glad I’ve got you,
You’re my best friend,
You’re the one who’ll listen,
You’re the one that’s been by my side.
Happy born day!


You are my heart and soul,
In a world where it’s easy to get lost,
You were the one who saw me,
And then captured me with your magic.
Happy magical 30th!


To my wonderful boyfriend on his 30th birthday
You’re a wonderful man and I’m proud to be with you
You’ve made my life more fulfilling
And I love you all the while.


You came into my life,
Now it’s one big party,
Your birthday is here,
I’ve been wanting to say,
That I think you’re the best,
The best boyfriend in the world,
And this one’s for you, my heartthrob.


A quarter of a century old,
Still, I can’t believe it,
Dating you, finally feeling whole.
Happy 30th birthday!


You’re the best boyfriend
In the whole world and beyond,
I love you, you know.
Happy big 30!


It’s your birthday,
And I’m wishing you a happy one.
Not just one but several happy ones,
As many as you’re going to find.


I am so glad I met you
I am so glad I found you
I am so glad you’re my boyfriend
I am so glad you’re my oh my!
Happy big 30!


To the man who is my life,
Happy 30th birthday, my boyfriend,
You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.
May you continue to happen.
May your light continue to sharpen.


Happy 30th Birthday to you,
I can’t believe this day has come,
But I know that our love is true,
I hope you know I will always care.


It’s your birthday, I’m here to say,
I hope it’s a great day, I hope you don’t pay,
For the mistakes I made, or the words I said,
I only want to make sure that your 30
is the best after all.


I love my boyfriend so much
For all the joy and love he brings,
He’s held my hand, he’s been there for me
And I’m so grateful for what we have.
Happy 30th birthday to him.


Happy 30th Birthday, my boyfriend,
I can’t believe we’ve been together for many years,
I hope you stay with me for the rest of my life.
You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world
And I know you’ll continue to make me proud.


Happy 30th Birthday, my heart robber
May you be surrounded by life’s sweetest things
As you enter your 3rd decade
Of life, love, & longevity.
Happy fun day!


Happy 30th birthday, my boyfriend
You’re still only thirty but I’ve known you for thirty years,
You are my best friend and I’ll always love you,
Happy birthday, my special man.


Happy 30th birthday, my love,
I can’t believe it’s gone so fast,
Now I’m here again,
And I’m so glad I’m with you.


Happy 30th Birthday to my boyfriend,
The one who rescued me from a life of ennui,
The one who loves me for who I am,
The one who taught me to love myself,
And the one who gives me his all.


Happy 30th Birthday my boyfriend,
You’re a year older and a year wiser,
I can be your best friend and your favourite lover,
We can share our love of life and skip like a kid,
You know I love you!


May every day be a gift,
And every word you say be gifted too,
May your birthday be the best,
And may the best be yet to come.
Happy 30th birthday, love.

Funny 30th Birthday Poems for Him

30 is an amazing year. It’s a quarter of a century. Choose some of these funny 30th birthday poems for your boyfriend that might make him break into laughter.


Aching throats and hoarse voices,
The way you bemoan your clementines,
How you think you’re the centre of attention,
It’s your birthday – and you’re just 30!


A birthday is special,
No matter what age you are.
Some people, like wine,
Just keep getting better with time.
Happy birthday, my dearest,
You can still look like a million bucks
Even on your golden years.


The fact that you have made it to 30
Is a miracle, in itself.
I do like the fact that you are 30
and still, as weird as it sounds, my boyfriend.


My boyfriend gets my funny side,
and he’s the perfect guy for me!
That makes him perfect in my book.
Happy 30th birthday to my boyfriend
Who never wants to get old
But wants to eat cakes.


You are turning another year,
It is wondrous and fascinating.
I hope it brings lots of luck and fun.
With the grey hair you never wanted.
I love being your girl
So don’t ever forget that!
Happy 30th birthday, love.



Sending a birthday poem is a way of wishing somebody who’s celebrating their birthday to have the very best day on the planet. I hope you have gotten it all rolling already for your darling boyfriend on his 30th birthday. With the 30th birthday poems and lines here, you don’t need to stress yourself any longer.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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