Happy 81st Birthday Prayers for 81 Year Birthday Celebration

Happy 81st Birthday Prayers for 81 Year Birthday Celebration

Being old doesn’t always mean one is close to their grave, it’s a remanence that one has acquired a lot of experiences and impacted the world at large.

Being an octogenarian comes with so much stress like tiredness, blur eyes and feeling feeble and week. So, one must carefully handle these wonderful people and also, celebrating them on their happy day is a beautiful way of telling them you love and cherish them.

Here are some interesting and powerful happy 81st birthday prayers for 81 years birthday celebration that you can send to your aged ones to make them fill loved and important.

81st Birthday Prayers for Friend

Below are wonderful and powerful 81st birthday prayers to send and pray for your loved one turning 81, to appreciate and make their day a memorable one.

1. Happy birthday to you on your 81 years of coming to planet earth, may you always feel young to make plans and achieve them. Enjoy your day.

2. Even though the wrinkles show you aren’t getting any younger, but your smile and kind heart show how you are young in heart. 81 looks perfect on you darling. Happy birthday.

3. Hurray! You have finally clocked the “sleeping on the couch while reading the newspaper” group. Prosperity and happiness are yours now and forever. Happy 81.

4. Here’s to a long life to remember all that you did a few weeks back and all that you have achieved over the years. Happy 81st birthday, old man.

5. You are not the oldest but older physically and younger at heart. 81 is just a number. Don’t ever forget that. Happy birthday, old boo.

6. Being 81 means, you are moving close to perfection and you have gathered enough experience to achieve this. Happy birthday.

7. Happy birthday dearest, I hope you don’t feel or act old because the future is still bright. Have a lovely birthday celebration.

8. May your 81st birthday holds sweet memories that will make you laugh and pray for long life. Happy birthday, dear

9. Happy 81 birthday, you have not only lived long but you have lived well. Continue to enjoy your beautiful life.

10. Hey old dude, you have come far in life, gain enough success experience and inspires many with your hard work. Cheers to a long life with good health. 81 looks wonderful on you.

11. At 81, you’re like a fresh wine, sweet and classic. You don’t look your age. Happy birthday, dearie.

12. Do you mind if I pray to be as energetic as you are when I clock 81? your strength amazes me. Happy birthday, friend.

13. Being an octogenarian means less thinking because you might forget it in a minute. I hope you still remember the good times. Continue to be in peace. Happy 81st birthday celebration.

14. I pray that God will let you live longer than being octogenarian so that you can continue to shine our lives with good memories. You’re a living legend. Enjoy your 81.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 81 Years Old Sister

Below are some genuine birthday prayer messages for your aged and beautiful sister turning 81 years.

15. Hey sis, happy 81st birthday mama. Walking this journey with you as your sister has been the best ever. Have the sweetest birthday celebration.

16. Knowing you is a blessing, being your sis is the best gift. Happy 81st birthday old lady.

17. Even in your old age, you still look out for me like you do when we were young. I love you sister. 81 looks perfect on you. Happy birthday old sisi.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 81 Years Old Brother

Here are powerful birthday prayer messages for 81 years old brother to send to your old brother at 81.

18. My defender and strength, even with your age, you still stand up for me at any time. As you celebrate your 81 today, may you have reasons to live longer. Do have a splendid birthday brother.

19. Hey old man, heard you are 81 and you could still make your coffee yourself. I pray I am half powerful as you are when I clock your age. Happy birthday, my blood and my brother.

20. I keep telling people you are 30 years old with 51 years experience. Still young at heart. Happy birthday, brother.

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

See these unique 81st birthday prayer messages for my cousins which you can send to your cousin at 81 and make them feel loved

21. Yippee! My best cousin is 81 years of age. May you continue to have reasons to smile, joyful and stay happy. Happy celebration, dearest cousin.

22. Dearest cousin, as you celebrate your 81 years on earth, may you still be able to dance to your favourite music and swing as you did some 55 years ago. Enjoy your day.

23. If I lit 81 candles, there won’t be the need for electricity because you are the light to the world. Your heart is pure. Happy 81st birthday, darling cousin.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 81 Years Old Friend

See below collections of special birthday prayers for your old buddy who is 81 years old to make them know what an amazing friend they are.

24. Knowing you 72 years ago when we were 9 years old have been the best of my life. Here’s to the man with a heart of gold. Happy birthday, old buddy.

25. Since you have refused to age, here’s to a friend of 32 years with 49 years of experience. Enjoy the wealth of the world dead friend.

26 It’s your 81 birthday, dear friend. I wish you everlasting blessings and also tell you that you are not old but ancient! Have a blast, old guy

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Here are collections of interesting 81st prayer messages for your Aunt/Uncle on their 81st birthday.

27. Dear uncle, your advice has shaped our lives. We love you and wish you a glorious 81st birthday.

28. Here’s to long life and more success as you celebrate your 81st birthday uncle. We really want you to live like Methuselah. You are a very wonderful uncle. Happy birthday, Sir.

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29. Happy birthday Uncle, we hope to see you still do your morning exercise without holding your waist or back. 81 is the new 18 sir.

30. To a man of honour who is loved by all. Happy birthday, dearest uncle. We wish you more success. You are a true role model for us. We love you, sir.

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law.

Here are collections of interesting prayer messages for your darling Sister-in-law/ Brother-in-law on their 81st birthday.

31. Dear Sister-in-Love, you have been a sweet person with your kind heart. You have mend homes with your beautiful heart. On your 81st birthday, I pray that you will never be weary. You will continue to be happy for the rest of your life. Happy, happy birthday

32. Old age comes with the baby act but not with you. Your old age comes with sweet memories. I wish for you to live longer than you ever imagine. Happy birthday, my darling in-law.

33. As you celebrate your 81 today, I hope that the experience you gathered is more than the sadness that has passed through you. Happy birthday, my precious in-law.

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

You should appreciate your Dad/Mum for all they’ve done for you on their 81st birthday with these sweet and heartfelt prayer messages.

34. Happy 81st birthday, Mom! Thank you for staying strong for us all these years. I pray that you will live long to see the Fourth and Fifth generation.

35. The amount of love you gave us all these years are more than gold. We do not take you for granted Dad. Thank you for being the Adam in our lives. Happy 81 old papa.

36. Dad, don’t think you’re an old man because you’re 81, we still have a gym class this weekend. Live long, papa. Happy birthday.

37. As you celebrate your 81st today, I pray that you look back and see reasons why you should be thankful because having you as a father is worth living for. Happiest birthday, Dad.

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Here are fantastic 81st birthday prayer messages for your granddad and mom on their 81st birthday to make them feel special and loved.

38. Sweet granny, knowing you have been splendid. I can’t trade you for anything Grandpa. May you live long to become a great-grandpa. Happy 81st birthday, Gramps.

39. Even at 81, your smile is still as beautiful as ever. Your great-grandchildren will arrive soon, so don’t feel old. I love you, grandma. Happy birthday, granny.

40. Don’t feel too old granny because you are ageing beautifully. Longevity is guaranteed for you. Happy 81st cake day, granny.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 81 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Searching for beautiful ways to wish your father and mother in law a happy birthday? Well, I’ve got you covered with these amazing birthday prayer messages made just for you.

41. Wishing my wonderful mother-in-law a blessed 81 birthday celebration. You’re a light to my family, you will never go dark. Happy birthday, Ma.

42. Dear father-in-law, I wish to light 81 candles and asked you to makes a wish on each of them because I know you will still be alive to fulfil all the wishes. Have a wonderful birthday, Sir

43. Don’t feel old and feeble because you’re ageing gracefully. You’re 81 looking 18 ma. We love you and pray for sound health.

44. Here’s to my darling Mother-in-law who loves and takes me as her own, on your 81 birthday, I pray that you will be satisfied with long life and prosperity.

81st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

Make your boss happy with these 81st birthday prayer messages for my boss and make him/her happy to have you as his worker.

45. Dear Boss, you’ve been a mentor to me. You motivate me with your hard work and dedication. On your birthday Sir, I wish you everlasting happiness. Enjoy your 81, sir.

46. At your age where many dozes off while reading the newspaper, you still give ideas that give the company edges over others. You are a rare being ma. Live long and continue to prosper. Happy birthday, boss.

47. Sir, your new age shows years of experience and also wisdom that have made the company move forward since it’s existence. Continue to be proud, happy and stay healthy. Happy 81st birthday, we love you, boss.

Opening Prayers for 81st Birthday Party

Looking for some opening prayers to open your loved one’s birthday party? Here are some prayers written just for you to pray on the 81st birthday party.

48. Dear Lord, as we have gathered here to celebrate with the celebrant who is 81 today, may we all live long and be celebrated.

49. Oh Lord, let this 81-year-old celebrant live long so he/she can celebrate 81 years every guest present here today. Amen.

50. We pray that this celebrant will still have the strength to do things he/she does 60 years back. Amen.

I hope you find these happy 81st birthday prayers for 81 years birthday celebration powerful and useful. select as many as you want and make your old ones feel young again.

And please don’t forget to comment and share, thank you.

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