Best Happy Birthday Messages for Crush

2024 Best Happy Birthday Messages for Crush

We don’t often have the privilege of expressing our sweet love and admiration to the person we crush on. And sometimes when we do, the joy of having close contact with them can hinder the courage of expressing our love to them.

Well, while there are compelling ways to get the attention of your crush, and to also determine if they are crushing on you too, allow me to first prepare your mind ahead that this very article is never a magic list to forcefully gain the heart of the one you’re fond of.

Understand that true love needs to be steady and it really takes time to grow. However, while you’re preparing your mind to dish out your affection for the one, grab the occasion of your crush’s birthday to impress him or her and verbalise your sincere affection.

You know what, you need not sweat it out. I’ve got you covered already. So, use any of these lovely 100 Birthday Messages for Crush to help them see beyond the admiration but your desire for something deeper.

Let’s go…

Long Birthday Messages to Your Crush

Are you thinking of a message to send to your adorable crush? I know these long and lovely messages will him/her have the very best feeling for the birthday. While you shouldn’t stop admiring him/her, make your crush happy with any of these.

1. For a long time now, I’ve been a secret admirer of you. Yet, I find it somewhat difficult to express my feelings for you. I cannot but wish you a very wonderful birthday celebration today. May you experience the best that life brings your way this day and always. Happy birthday sweetheart.

2. Oftentimes, I always wonder about the secret of your beauty. But at each given opportunity, I find myself lost in the euphoria of it. I, therefore, join the rest of the universe to wish you a happy birthday. Long-life in peace and prosperity, my very dear crush!

3. Whenever I set my eyes on you, words often elude me on how to express my feelings about you. You have so enchanted my heart that the few words I know could not describe you. But at this given opportunity, I say happy birthday to you! This is coming from a secret admirer of yours. I love you affectionately.

4. Could you please tell me why I often feel afraid to tell you how I feel about you? Could you please tell me the secret behind your beauty and why I’ve found you so irresistible? No matter how afraid I am on most occasions, I will not be afraid to say happy birthday to you.

5. The choicest words to pick together to express my love and admiration for you might elude me. But the choicest words to wish you a blessed birthday will never elude me. May your heart desires be met on this special day. Happy birthday to you, my angel!

6. I am so obsessed with you and I can’t help it. Setting my eyes upon you often ignites my heart towards you. I’m all over you and truly desire to spend the rest of my life with you. Give me a chance and let me make the happiest person on earth. Happy birthday sweet crush.

7. This is coming from me, your darling friend. Since I met you, it’s been very difficult for me not to declare to everyone I just met an angel. Just to let you know how much I cherish you on this special day of your life. Happy birthday to you dear. May you enjoy long life and prosperity. Cheers!

8. You may not know me, but we’ve met just once. And that very day was like we’ve known for years. Ever since I set my eyes on you, my mind has been on you. And now that I know you’re a year older, I can’t but send you my love and warmest wishes. Happy birthday my adorable diva!

9. I choose to send you these beautiful roses to celebrate your special day with you. This is because an angel like you deserves the best gift that even money cannot buy. If you don’t mind, I’d love to send you my heart so you can nurture and keep it like yours and till eternity Happy birthday, darling.

10. You are the epitome of beauty that could make any man want to be by your side always. Yet, I couldn’t find the right word to express my love for you. I hope you accept my tender wishes with deep appreciation from me.

11. Just to let you know how long I’ve securely admired you. And just to let you know how much I cherish you, much more on this special day of yours. Wishing you’d grow old to enjoy more bliss and beauty of life with me. Happy birthday to you dear! I can’t but celebrate you. Cheers!

12. While I thought of not being pushy, it’s really difficult for me to ignore celebrating an amazon like you on her special day. You are the epitome of beauty that could make any man desire to be with always. And this beauty of yours is rare to come by. I hope I will one day tell you to be mine forever. Happy birthday to you, baby.

13. So much I have to say to you, of how much I desire that you will be that woman I so cherish and would love to spend the rest of my life with. I will surely wait to see how all this will end, and I’m confident it will surely end in an endless love paradise. Happy birthday to you, honey! A better life I wish you.

14. Oh just as I have imagined, on this special day, I have the great opportunity to let you know how much I admire you from day 1 that I set my eyes on you. Now, today has revealed the beauty of the day but it’s as though I am lost in the euphoria of your beauty. No matter what, I won’t be lost in wishing you a smashing birth anniversary.

15. Things we remember people for are the things they reminded us of and how good they make us feel. You fill my heart with so much ecstasy that I can’t but fantasise about you always. Think about being my girl, and let’s build the world of our own together. It’s your day my dear. Have lots of fun today.

16. It is my desire to take you out and give you all the special treats you could ever think of before your next birthday. By then, I know you would have made up your mind about me so long you create a special place in your heart for me. But be reminded that my love for you is real and would like to take it beyond friendship.

17. The love that I’ve developed for you has really changed me completely. I long for the day I will declare to the whole world how your love made me feel like someone who hadn’t seen a lover before. The kindness you have shown me will return to you in multiple folds. Happy birthday, darling.

18. I can’t testify enough the many good deeds you’ve done since I set my eyes on you. Despite not knowing you too well, you still prove to be an amazing soul. May you experience lovely memories this beautiful year and beyond. Happy birthday to you, my sweet pie.

19. Not only have I looked forward to this beautiful day, but I have also looked forward to holding your hands, looking into your eyes and then declare before friends and families how special you are. You’re such a beautiful soul and you deserve lots of adoration this special day. Success is yours today and always. Cheers!

20. I wouldn’t want to rush you with my desires of you but I’d love not to wait forever as you assure me you’ll still be mine once your mind is made up. I don’t want to lose you to anyone, my heart. My wishes for you are enormous but I have already prayed in my heart for you.

Sweet Birthday Text Messages for Crush

Can I tell you something? These romantic messages for your crush on his/her birthday will help you discover many things you’d like to know about them.

21. I have always wanted to treat you as mine. Just give me the chance to show you how much I truly love and care for you.

22. I have always admired you secretly. But if you’d give me the chance today, know that I love to take this love beyond here and declare to the world how much I have always admired you.

23. I have waited this long and wouldn’t mind still waiting till I finally get your hand in marriage. I have never admired anyone else as much as I admire you. This is your special day. Have fun!

24. All I desire from you is just to give me your heart so I can nurture and keep it till it blossoms into a full-blown union. I promise to make you happy if you’ll be mine. Happy birthday, candy pie.

25. I look forward to the day that I will be courageous enough to let you know how much I love you. Do have a wonderful celebration! Happy birthday, sweetie.

26. Thinking of your special day reminds me of how much I have always admired you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You are my crush but I want you to be mine.

27. Even while I nurse the thought of you secretly for so long, I hope this birthday wish will meet you in good shape just to let you know someone somewhere thinks well of you.

28. Tell me how I can be committed to you so I can learn how best to love you. I don’t just want to crush on you alone but I desire a lifetime commitment with you. Happy birthday to you my secret admirer.

29. The very first day I met you, I couldn’t help admiring what a beautiful creation God made out of you. Best wishes on your birthday and always.

30. I wish my actions alone would be able to explain how much feelings I have for you, without having to say it in words. I wish you a blessed birthday.

31. Secret feelings are best expressed in actions. I hope on this special day, you will find a way to understand my feelings towards you. Happy birthday to you. Wishing you a longer life and prosperity.

32. I don’t have enough words to express my feelings. But this special day has given me ample opportunity to simply tell you how lovely and admirable you’ve always been. Happy birthday, dearie.

33. On this special day of your birth, I want to assure you lots of prosperity and promises of a good life. Join me on this lifetime journey and I promise it will be a great experience for you.

34. You may wonder who often send you lovely notes, beautiful flowers and sweet candies. They all come from no one but me your crush. That is just to show you a little of how much I love and care for you.

35. This wish is never sent to just impress you or anything. It is to show you how much I have admired you and hope you’re mine.

36. The birthday gift I can send to you now is my love which I hope you’ll appreciate with your acceptance. Happy birthday, my sweet angel.

37. You may pretend not to notice me but I know you secretly admire me. Looking forward to the day you will finally declare to the whole world that you’re mine.

38. I never had the courage all along to tell you how much I feel in my heart for you, but this birthday is a good day to show you how much I love and care for you.

39. You’re simply irresistible and would love to spend the rest of my life with you if only you’d give me the chance to tell you how much I care.

40. I can’t stop crushing on you because your impact has changed me in significant ways. I love you. Let me take you out to celebrate your beautiful day with you.

Birthday Messages to A Male Crush

Without mincing words, I know what I’ve got in this compilation. You should let your male crush know a little of how you feel just by connecting into his heart through any of these lovely birthday messages.

41. Your impact on my life is undeniable in any respect. I value your intelligence and I know you will bring me a great fortune if we come together. I admire you, my man friend.

42. It may look unimpressive to be the one expressing my admiration of you but I wouldn’t want to choke in silence. I admire you and can’t deny the fact. Happy birthday, handsome.

43. I saw you holding my hands looking radiant in our graceful attire and walking me down the aisle together. Though it was all a dream but would love you to make this dream come true. Happy birthday!

44. There’s no other place I long to be on this day other than to be around you and celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday, my crush.

45. We don’t have to rush ourselves, but we can take it one step at a time. I know you love me and I’m here to boost your courage to express your feelings for me. Happy birthday my crush of life.

46. First of all, let me wish you a happy birthday. Will like to share some gists with you if only you’d open up a means for us to meet. Meanwhile, let me wish you a happy birthday in advance.

47. I can’t deny the fact that you’re handsome and adorable. Happy birthday, man! You’re growing to be a better and responsible man day after day.

48. You may not realise your worth, but I tell you, you mean so much to me than anything in the whole wide world. Happy birthday!

49. If you’ll let me have my way, will like to gift you with the greatest thing that will make you most joyful and make your day most memorable.

50. You may always wonder how I got to know today is your birthday. I have kept every little detail about you in my heart to let you know how I have always crushed on you.

51. No longer will I shy from declaring my feelings for you. I’ve had to summon the courage to finally declare how much I admire you. Happy birthday to you, handsome.

52. I’ve always admired you secretly. You’re so handsome, strong and full of wisdom. I’d long to be with you so your wisdom can rub off on me. I celebrate you today and always. Best wishes.

53. Will love to call you my dream partner. You’re so endowed and I’m endeared to you. You’re all shades of awesomeness. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

54. What you’ve done to me I really can’t express. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I never knew I was already obsessed until I found myself sleeping with your thought on my mind. I need your love to bail me out. Happy birthday secret crush.

55. The dream of the future with you is so thrilling. It always brings a smile to my face. I long to have you as mine, together forever. Have a great birthday!

56. I may not remember any other thing but your birthday is like my waking call and sleeping pill. I cannot forget. Let me be the first to wish you well on this special day of yours.

57. How do I make my beloved feel so special on his special day. If I were a rainbow, I would paint the sky colourful so the world can see how handsome and adorable you are to me. Joyous birthday to you.

58. I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you, my love. This I will only present to you at your birthday party. Till then, hope you will stay ecstatic with a message of my love to you.

59. Happy birthday, handsome. I know nothing given as a gift today can equate to what your existence describes. I celebrate the joy you bring to me.

60. I wish I could let go of the feelings I have for you. But anytime I set my eyes on you, it always looks like I set before me a newly brewed red wine. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages for A Female Crush

I’m sure that by the time you’re done handling this compilation of birthday wishes, you will be able to attest that they truly help in building the interest of your female crush in you.

61. It’s your birthday; may all your desires come true today. Much more, I hope you’ll fill your heart with the thought of me so I can be your greatest desire that will come true from now and till eternity.

62. Today is your special day and I’m just longing to take you out and treat you for the special damsel that you are. You deserve a whole lot of special treatment today my darling. Happy birthday to you.

63. Birthdays are always special and fun-filled day. I long to make it more exhilarating for you beyond how it has always been if I can be assured of having you as mine.

64. I long that someday you’ll share in the love that fills my heart for you. My heart thinks and yearns for no other love but yours. May your special day be as gracious as you are. Sweetest birthday.

65. From the day I met you, I’ve felt the urge to start taking full responsibility for you. If only you’d let me have my way, I will like you to be mine from today. Happy birthday!

66. The kind of woman with virtues that will bring out all the uniqueness and strength in a man is embedded in you. I’ve admired you and would like to make this special day more unique for you. Just be mine.

67. Today is your special day, I will like to summon the courage and paint the town for you so you’ll know how much I care for you.

68. Hey crush, the mere mention of you made my friends also crush on you. You’re such a beauty to behold and desire the very day you’ll be mine. Happy birthday!

69. I love the fact that my words always make you blush. That shows I have an upper hand in your heart. Enjoy your special day.

70. Anyone who wins your heart is so fortunate. Allow me to be the lucky guy. Let me be your lover. I can assure you, ours will be a sweet one. Happy birthday!

71. The mind birthed today is a beautiful one. It’s such that is blessed and endowed with beauty and brain. So I’ve always admired everything about you. Happy birthday, my amiable crush.

72. Today is as special as you are. You’re so full of life and great wisdom, nothing compares to you my darling. I appreciate you. Happy birthday!

73. Can’t fully express the joy I have for today being your special day. Won’t but express my love for you being the best gift I can ever give. I’d love to get in return your commitment to be mine forever. Happy birthday!

74. The new day brings forth another sun and another moon to announce the beauty of your day. I can only make a wish you’d be mine so we can always celebrate together.

75. While you’re celebrating another day is to express your life as a representation of the good deeds you’ve always done. More blessed days await you. You’re incomparable my darling.

76. Your birthday is one of the reasons we came so close and got connected. I won’t spare more chance to declare how I’ve always admired you and desired you be mine.

77. Knowing today is your birthday excites me so greatly. I know I can be assured of having another date with you. Give me a chance and let’s be close to each other every day.

78. But for your birthday, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting with you, holding your hands, and declaring my sincere love for you. But now, I’m satisfied you can tell the truth that my love brings.

79. If every day can be your birthday, I will make a wish that there will be a total holiday so we can always be together. I love the joy your love brings to my soul. Happy birthday.

80. Thanks for what your birthday did for us. It brings us closer while I’m also able to see deep into your true beauty beyond what I’ve always seen afar off.

Best Happy Birthday Sms for Crush Long Distance

Distance doesn’t hinder true love from evolving. Creative ways of igniting the affair can be through sending romantic birthday SMS like one of these to your crush in the long distance. Enjoy!

81. Looking at you afar off, I’m assured you’ll be great fun to be with. I’d love to get knitted so we can develop a smooth union together.

82. I wouldn’t like to wait too long to express my tender feelings for you. Hope you’ll come around soonest so I can show you how much I love and care for you.

83. Of all the girls I have around, I found you so different and spectacular. I wish we can get done with just admiring ourselves from afar and come to be together. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

84. If it takes an eternity to wait for you, I’ll surely wait so long you will still be mine. Just to show you how much your love means to me. Happy birthday!

85. With the thought of you, I have no cause to feel lonely again. I only need an assurance you’ll be mine once you return. Hope you’ll have lots of fun today.

86. I’d long loved but yours came with a difference. And ever since, my happiness has known no bound. I wish you all the happiness the day brings.

87. Using today as a good memorial for the first day we met. Those enjoyable moments deserve a round table celebration to mark your special day.

88. While we’re celebrating your new year, let’s crown it all by taking the relationship to the next level. I won’t take a NO for an answer, you know. Best wishes on your birthday.

89. You’re just indescribable because everything about you goes beyond what words could describe. Nevertheless, I’ve never lost touch with your awesomeness. You remain so dear to me.

90. When it’s cloudy, your thought brings a ray of light. When it’s cold, your smile brings me warmth. When I’m down, I long to see your beautiful face. This is how far you have enraptured my heart. Happy birthday, my adorable.

Birthday Card Messages for Crush

Everyone deserves happiness. And one of the things you can do to make your crush happy on their special day is to send them a customised birthday message on a greeting card.

91. I need you as a touching stone to my existence. You make my world go round and I am delighted to be a part of you for life. Please give me a chance to make you a happy woman. Congratulations and best wishes.

92. So much to appreciate you for. You fill my heart with so much peace and joy and you’ve given me beautiful memories I can always fantasise about. May happiness come your way this day. Happy birthday!

93. Dear crush, it’s really difficult sending wishes to you when your love is yet to be won over. I hope this message comes to you in a good light while you reconsider my interest once again. Happy birthday.

94. I can’t say this love is impossible. But I hope you’re not trying to prove stubborn for no reason. I truly love you and want to make you a happy woman. Happy birthday, my crush.

95. While I support you take your time, I also encourage you don’t take my patience for granted. Sending my warm wishes to remind you of my sincerity and love to you.

96. I will keep shooting my shot till I get the response my heart desires from you. I will not but wish you a meritorious birthday on this special day of yours.

97. You have given all I can always look up to and also long for in you. My desire is that we be together so we can enjoy a blissful union for life. Best wishes on your birthday.

98. From the very first contact, making me feel so special endeared me towards you. Then I’ve concluded, if you can’t be mine, then I won’t be contented. I love you, beauty.

99. All I ever dream of came to reality the very moment I set my eyes on you. Never will this be an illusion. You are all I’ve always prayed for. I wish you more fulfilled years on earth.

100. One singular message is not enough to express your good deeds and great personality. The reason I’m crazy about you and longing you’d be mine is that I’ve always admired you afar. Please be mine. I wish you a happy birthday.

What a good way to bring a smile to the face of your crush!

I hope these collections of best happy 100 birthday messages for crush are just as perfect in making you win their love over.

Just consider yourself fortunate to have gotten a full hold of this beautiful compilation for free.

While you’re satisfied, endeavour to share with others so they can also benefit from what you’ve also enjoyed.

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