Birthday Prayers for My Mum

2021 Sweet Birthday Prayers for My Mum

Without any doubt, it’s beyond words to express the feelings that come with the experience of a caring mother.

If you have a mum, I bet you don’t know what a treasure you have. So I am asking you again to take good care of your mum… Not just on her birthday. Thanks.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for My Mum

Mother’s love is a mystery, always there with the perfect fix for all sort of problems. Mother’s love can’t be quantify. Celebrate her special day even with these wonderful “Sweet Birthday Prayer for My Mum”.

1. My sweet mother, anyone without a mother is murdered. Thank you for not allowing me to be murdered. May you not be murdered. Happy birthday, Mother.

2. Happy birthday to the woman who is always there for me. God will always be there for you. Enjoy your birthday, MA.

3. Makes sure everything goes well with the family
Talks to her family softly
Honours everyone that comes her way
Exercises patience in everything
Regards her family above all. Mum, you’re all in all. May your intelligence never depart from you. Happy birthday, MA.

4. No matter how old you are, and who you’re with, You’ll always stay happy. Happy birthday, best mum.

5. I cherish you beyond words. So I’m wishing you long life with wealth and good health. Happy birthday, mum.

Awesome Birthday Prayers for My Mum

6. May you be happy in the morning, afternoon, night, and for the rest of your life. Amen. Super birthday, mummy.

7. May you always enjoy the true grace of God in all that’s yours. Happy birthday, lovely mum.

8. May the peace and unending joy of God be with you as you add another year. Happy birthday, mother.

9. The Lord will surprise you with all that you have always wanted. This year’s birthday will be for good. Happy birthday, MA.

10. I count myself lucky to have a special friend and mother in one person. Let God’s angel begin to guide and watch your steps. Happy birthday, MA.

Cute Birthday Prayers for My Mum

11. As you mark your birthday, happiness will locate you, you’ll be the happiest mother, you will never lack, the favour from above will be yours. Happy birthday to you, mother.

12. Thank you for all your love and trust on me. You shall not suffer any loss. Happy birthday to the most amazing mother on earth.

13. May this birthday bring smiles on your face, and joy in your heart. Have a fantastic birthday, mother.
14. You’ve been a true source of inspiration to me. I wish you all that you wish yourself today. Happy birthday to my sweet mum.

15. Today, I wish you the success that’s incomparable, the wisdom that is above that of your equals. And the joy that surpasses all sadness. Have a happy birthday, mum.

Lovely Birthday Prayers for My Mum

16. May you never lack, may you never experience sadness, may every step you take in life, please God. Thanks for all you’ve given me. Hats off to the best mum in the world. Happy birthday priceless jewel.

17. The person you taught how to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and smile is wishing you prosperous birthday with peace of mind. Be happy, mum.

18. I wish all your wishes come true. May each minute and hour of your life be full of delight. Happy birthday, darling mum.

19. No matter how old you grow, your arms will always hold me when I’m down. May you get the full support of God when you need it. Happy birthday, MA. Cheers!!!!

20. If only all the children in the world could have a mother as loving as you, the world would be the best place. May God never frown at you. Happy birthday, sweet mother.



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