Biblical Birthday Wishes

2024 Biblical Birthday Wishes & Greetings with Prophetic Prayers

Sometimes, you just have to go beyond the normal birthday messages and wishes to  go Biblical. Today is another day for the best of that, with Prophetic prayers you will love.

Biblical Birthday Wishes and Prayers from Psalm 20

Powerful Biblical Birthday Wishes and Prayers from Psalm 20 for family and friends.

1. As you celebrate your birthday today, the LORD shall continually hear you whenever you call and the name of the God of Jacob shall defend you from all evil plots of the enemy. Happy Birthday to you.

2. Speedily, the Lord shall send you help from His sanctuary and strengthen you out of Zion, today and forever. Happy birthday to you, dear.

3. God shall remember all your good deeds toward the expansion of His name and, in turn, give you the abundance beyond your reasoning. So shall it be today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

4. According to God’s endless mercies and grace, He shall grant you according to your own heart, and fulfill all your counsel in His will. Happy birthday to you.

5. Daily, you will rejoice in your Salvation, your heritage in Christ Jesus, and in the name of your God shall you set up banners of praise and thanksgiving: the Lord fulfil all your petitions, even before you mention them. Happy birthday to you.

6. Forever, as God saves His anointed, you shall be saved from all evil and He will hear you from his Holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. I wish you all the best.

7. Some trust in their strength and wisdom but you will continually remember the name of the Lord your God as your unfailing help. Amen. Happy birthday.

8. When some people are brought down and fallen, you shall arise, stand upright and shine in the Holy Ghost. Happy birthday to you from me.

9. For the rest days of your life, God shall be your saving strength and hear you when you call on His name, in Jesus name. So shall it be on this day which is your birthday and forever more. Amen.

Biblical Birthday Wishes and Messages from Psalms 23

Awesome Biblical Birthday Wishes and Prayers from Psalm 23 for loved ones.

10. As you celebrate your birthday today, the Lord shall never cease to be your shepherd and you shall not be in want of anything good. Amen.

11. From today, God shall make you lie down in green pastures everywhere you turn: He will lead you beside the still waters, restores your soil and perpetually lead you in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Happy birthday to you.

12. From this day forward, God shall make you fearless of any evil, even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Amen and happy birthday to you.

13. The Lord shall steadfastly be with you as His rod and staff comfort you all year long. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration.

14. God shall prepare tables before you in the presence of your enemies and anoint your head with the oil that never dries, your cup running over. Amen. Happy birthday.

15. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you and yours, all the days of your life: and you will continually dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. Amen. Happy Birthday to you from Me.

Biblical Birthday Wishes and Greetings from Psalm 91

Here are Powerful Biblical Birthday Wishes and Prayers from Psalm 91 you would love.

16. From this very day and until the end of time, you and yours shall dwell in the secret place of the most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Happy birthday to you.

17. No matter what people say, you will say of the LORD that He is my refuge and your fortress: your God; in him will you trust, forever. Happy birthday to you.

18. Surely, God shall shall deliver you from every snare of the evil ones, and from their noisome pestilence. Nothing shall hurt you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

19. From this day forward, by the feathers of the most High shall you be covered, and under his wings shall you trust: His truth shall continually be your shield and buckler in every way. Happy birthday to you.

20. You shall never be afraid for every terror by night; nor for the arrows that fly by day. You’re secured in God forever. Happy birthday.

21. You shall never leave in the fear of the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday. You are safe in God, perpetually. Happier birthday to you.

22. Even if a thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, it shall not come near you and yours. Happy birthday to you, from the heart that cares.

23. Only with your eyes shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked, from this day and forever. Amen and happy birthday.

24. The Lord who is the most High shall be your refuge and habitation forever. You shall not lose your place in Him. Happy birthday to you.

25. There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. You shall be free from all diseases, in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

26. God shall continually give His angels charge over you, to keep thee in all your ways from now until the end of time. Happy birth anniversary to you.

27. The angels of the living God shall be your guard, bearing you in their hands that you won’t dash your foot against any stone, physically, mentally and spiritually. Amen. Happy birthday anniversary to you.

28. You shall fearlessly tread upon lions and adders: even the young lions and dragons shall you trample under feet. Remain fearless in God. Happy birthday to you.

29. You will undoubtedly set your love upon God and He will deliver you. He will set you on high, because you have known His name. So shall be be today and forever. Amen and happy birthday.

30. Whenever you call upon God, He will answer you, speedily, and He will be with you in every trouble, deliver you and honour you in His will. Happy birthday to you.

31. With long life will God satisfy him, and show you and yours His salvation. Have a wonderful birthday.

Awesome Biblical Birthday Wishes from Psalm 1

I so much love these Biblical Birthday Wishes from Psalm 1 and you should love them too.

32. You shall never work in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. All you do shall be to the Lord. Happy birthday to you.

33. Your delight shall continually be in the law of the LORD; and in God’s laws will you meditate day and night. Amen. Happy birthday.

34. You shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bring forth its fruit in its season; your leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he do shall prosper. So shall it be all the days of your life. Enjoy your birthday.

35. While the ungodly are like the chaff which the wind drives away, you shall be like a city set upon the hills. Amen. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday to you.

36. You shall forever stand in the congregation of the righteous, and not of the sinners, in Jesus name. Have a wonderful birthday.

37. The Lord shall guide you in all your ways that you won’t perish like some do. The Lord will lead you to the path of his greatness and you will testify of His goodness. Amen. Enjoy your birthday.

Wonderful Biblical Birthday Wishes from Psalm 3

I love the prayers here also. Your loved ones should love them as well.

38. The Lord shall bless those that trouble you with their own trouble and those shall rise against you shall be put to shame. Yes, so shall it be in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

39. Those who see you as a helpless soul shall watch as you’re celebrated in Jesus name. Happy birthday celebrations.

40. The Lord shall continue to be your shield, your glory and the lifter up of your head. Happy birthday to you, friend.

41. Whenever you cry out unto the Lord, He will hear you out of His Holy hill and give heed to your petitions in Jesus name. Have a great birthday.

42. When you lay down to sleep, the Lord will sustain you till you wake up. Your sleep shall be sweet every day. Happy birthday to you.

43. May you receive the strength to overcome as many people as have set themselves against you and yours in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

44. The Lord will smite your enemies upon the cheek bone, break the teeth of the ungodly for your sake and rise up to save you from all evil. Happy birthday to you.

45. The blessings of the Lord shall be upon you and your family forever. You shall have a kingly share of divine fortune. Happy birthday to you.

Biblical Birthday Wishes from Psalm 4

You’ve been enjoying the previous ones? You will enjoy these too.

46. Speedily, the Lord will hear you when you call, have mercy on you and comfort you in any form of distress. Happy birthday to you.

47. May you seek after God in all your endeavors. May you never love vanity, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, dearest.

48. The Lord will set you and your family apart for Himself. He shall find pleasure in your doing in Jesus name. Happier birthday to you.

49. When you commune with your heart, the Lord shall hear you and make your desires come to pass in His will. Happy birthday to you.

50. You will not cease to put your trust in God and your offerings of Thanksgiving shall forever be accepted before Him, in Jesus name. It’s your birthday, enjoy it.

51. People who look down on you shall begin to look up to you because help will come to you, speedily, in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

52. May the Lord put unspeakable gladness in your heart, more than the world can ever give. Happy birthday to you from me.

53. May the Lord make you dwell in safety, whether you’re asleep or awake. May you find peace everywhere you turn. Happy birthday to you.

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