Sunday Morning Wishes for Friends

Best Sunday Morning Wishes for Friends (2024)

Just as every single day of the week is peculiar and important, so is Sunday because of its significance as a day of the Lord, a day of rest and a day of restoration.

As such, every bit of the day needs to be treated with speciality and recognition with a beautiful morning message to start the day with.

As such, your choicest friend deserves to be sent any of these wonderful messages to make the day meaningful, thrilling, and thankful for him/her.

As you do, prepare them ahead for soul-lifting worship in God’s presence by taking a great look at this best compilation of best Sunday morning wishes for friends you can ever think of.

Here you go.

Good Morning Happy Sunday Messages for Friends

Your loved ones can wake up to having a wonderful Sunday morning with sweetness of words from you from these messages.

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1. With a beautiful smile, I welcome into a beautiful day. It’s the Lord’s day. Be glad. Merry. God has conquered.

2. You just crossed my mind and thought of checking on you. It’s a beautiful Sunday. Rejoice and be glad in it.

3. Saying hello won’t just be enough for today, wishing you a happy Sunday will surely make your day.

4. As you step out today, stay focused and say your confessions. It shall be well with you. Happy Sunday, buddy!

5. Never give room for discouragement. Let your faith in God increase and let your hope in God get refuelled.

6. The closer you are to the word, the nearer you are to God and the quicker your manifestation in life.

7. You will surely be filled with the riches of the Lord today. It’s a blessed Sunday to you, dearie.

8. Pray with zeal. Sing with expectation. Elevate your hope. Your miracle is on the way. Happy Sunday.

9. Yesterday is gone for good, never to be remembered for life. Think less about the past, begin to think about the future.

10. The future is here and now. Nothing is stopping from stepping out bold and strong. Glory!

11. Never be discouraged. Just rethink and reevaluate your life. While you do, expect your miracle where and when you least expect.

12. We do not lose hope as the unbelievers do. We rest in the Lord. We rest in His words. Don’t lose hope.

13. I’ve been told to tell you. Your season has come. Your prayers are answered. Your lot is great. It’s a good day.

14. Rejoice with them that rejoice. Celebrate them, encourage them, gift them. You will soon rejoice and also be celebrated.

15. Never lose hope that nothing is yet to manifest for you. It is to show that something great is about to happen for you. Your miracle awaits you.

16. It’s the first day of the week. Starting with God truly means lots of wonders await you. Happy Sunday, friend.

17. Every good attire deserves to be worn on special days like Sunday. Give God your best shot and get ready for thanksgiving. A blessed Sunday to you.

18. I’m always glad for every Sunday. Knowing we’re gonna get refuelled and refreshed by the word today. Trust you’re feeling the same. Happy Sunday, friend.

19. Thinking of getting yourself refreshed ahead for the week? Dress up and meet me in church.

20. Not a gainsaying, you are my best and choicest friend. And I will live to treasure our friendship. Let’s meet in the church today to enjoy God afresh.

Good Morning Sunday Quotes for Friends

What to say to someone on a Sunday morning is as important as to whom you say it to. Fill the heart of your friends with love and care from this lovely Sunday morning quotes.

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21. Your confessions are as powerful as your manifestation. Remember to say your daily confession before leaving for the church today and believe they’ll come to reality.

22. No matter what life throws at you, never give up but always reach out for your dreams. Happy Lord’s day to you.

23. God is real just as His words are powerful. Take Him by His words and expect speedy answers to your prayers.

24. God is no respecter of any human. Strive to give absolute honour that God deserves today. Your miracle awaits you.

25. I may not have been a good friend all the way, but just know that I’ve experienced with you the value of great friendship. Enjoy God today.

26. The encouragement you need may not come as you expect, but don’t give up doing good. Soon, God will reward your labour of love. Blessed Sunday!

27. Let your strive be to stay where God wants you to be and do what He wants you to do. Therein lies your success in life. Happy Sunday!

28. Let this be your anchor. You are who God says you are not what the world says. Go with this mind always and be at rest in God’s presence.

29. No mountain will be too big for you to surmount. God has already overcome the world for your sake. Enjoy your life!

30. It’s a wonderful new week ahead. Know that the decision you take from today determines how the whole week will turn out. Make a good decision that will delight God’s heart. Happy Sunday!

31. A single friend like you is better off hundreds of friends with no value. I value your hands of friendship. Glorious Sunday I wish you.

32. Funny how we just got to meet and bond so easily. That’s what lasting friendship is meant for. I appreciate your person. Happy Sunday!

33. Worship God with your substance today. Much more, honour Him with your life. Happy Sunday, friend.

34. Sunday is always packaged with lots of blessings and riches. I know none will elude you today.

35. To run the week effortlessly, there is the necessity to acquire the strength and capacity for achieving a greater result. All these will come your way this beautiful Sunday morning.

36. The Lord guides the steps of those that diligently seek Him. May your way be guided from today. A blessed Sunday to you!

37. Manifold blessings which you’ve never experienced before will come your way as you praise and worship God. Happy Sunday!

38. Sunday is such a good day to prepare and plan out the week. As you do, expect bountiful harvest this week.

39. No need to brood over what is not achieved for the previous week. Just make good use of today to plan how to achieve your goals while you await your victory. Good morning buddy.

40. Pleasant surprises await you in the church today. You’ve got to dress up quickly and not get late to receive your portion.

Sunday Morning Prayers for Friends

You can think of how to inspire and lift up your dear friends or loved ones on a Sunday morning with these best Sunday morning prayers.

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41. May you experience and enjoy more blessings than your mind can ever conceive this blessed day. Happy Sunday to you, friend.

42. May your love for God grow stronger and better day by day. You will not decrease. You will rather increase.

43. The light of the Lord will flood your path. His peace will radiate your heart. Blessed Sunday to you.

44. Nothing is stopping you from receiving your manifold blessings today. It shall be well with you. Happy Sunday!

45. He has said it, “No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. And any tongue raised against you shall be condemned”.

46. The promises of the Lord over your life will surely come to pass. Though it may tarry, never lose hope. Happy Sunday.

47. God is keeping you safe and sound under the shadow of His wings. Nothing shall by any means come near your dwelling. It’s a glorious Sunday to you.

48. As you lift your voice in worship and prayers to the Lord, may your awaited blessings come down speedily.

49. Where others are struggling, you will surely enjoy peace and ease on every side. Happy Sunday, friend.

50. As you go to meet with the Lord in His tabernacle, every challenge you’re encountering will be surmounted.

51. There’s nothing too big for God to do. You will receive speedy answers to all your prayers on this beautiful Sunday morning.

52. In God’s presence, there is joy, liberty and peace. May you encounter all afresh today and always.

53. My prayer for you today, that the Lord will bless you abundantly and that He expands your territory.

54. Confident that as you witness and worship the Lord today, every long-awaited blessing will be delivered unto you.

55. When the time for God appears, nothing can stop His favour and your manifestation. Your time has come. Rejoice!

56. From today, every one of your steps will be guided by the Lord. May you not run out of His presence. Happy Sunday dear.

57. The word that will come forth today will be your guide and security. Just hold on to the Lord and never let Him go.

58. Enjoy God’s manifold blessings as you fellowship in His presence today. Happy Sunday.

59. The Lord is set to do wonders in your life today. Go the house of the Lord full great expectancy and you will surely receive your miracles.

60. The Lord is good to them who diligently seek Him. As you worship today, may God hearken to your prayers. Happy Sunday!

Wonderful Happy Sunday Wishes for Friends

Think of what Sunday means and make it exciting for your friends and lovers. A simple yet captivating wish like these will do the trick.

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61. Welcome to another day which the Lord has made. Many things to rejoice about will come your way today.

62. Be not troubled. Go with ecstasy and full assurance that the Lord will perfect all that concerns you.

63. After an eventful week, here’s a day to relax and rejoice in the Lord. Welcome to the Lord’s day.

64. It’s a beautiful morning and glorious Sunday to you. Open your mind to receive abundant blessings from the Lord today.

65. Give no room for any negativity as you go to the Lord’s house today. Happy Sunday.

66. The pace you set ahead on a Sunday morning determines how the entire week would be. Set smart and realistic goals and expect good turns all through the week.

67. Give God all the good worship He deserves today. More than you can appreciate His goodness, sing for joy and merry in His presence.

68. But for God’s grace and mercy over you, where would you be? Thanks to God for where you are now and where He’s taking you to.

69. Hey buddy, it’s great your anniversary falls on a Sunday. There’s a lot to celebrate. A sign for more abundance.

70. As the Word declares, “Goodness and mercies shall follow you all your days.” Amen! Happy Sunday.

71. A good friend more valuable than gold you are. I wouldn’t trade our friendship for and closer than a brother you are. God bless your good works.

72. How the week will turn out to be, starts from Sunday morning. Make big plans and aim to achieve all. Happy Sunday!

73. Here’s one of the great lessons of life. Live for God and humanity. That’s the only way to leave a good legacy. Happy Sunday my dear friend.

74. Whenever your faith is being challenged, know that God is up to something great for you. Have a wonderful Sunday service.

75. God smiles whenever we honour him. The joy of the Lord will always be your strength.

76. The words you have received should be put to work whenever the devil tries to raise his ugly head. Believe in God and rest in His word

77. When you come to the house of the Lord, get off your troubled look and put on the garment of praise. God will meet with you where you least expect.

78. Get your spirit man rekindled with the fire that will burn on the altar today.

79. It’s a good thing to be among the living soul to witness this gracious day. May your worship ascend to heaven as a sweet-smelling savour. Happy Sunday!

80. God is up to something for you and it will surely manifest today. Have victorious worship in God’s presence.

Inspirational Sunday Messages for Friends

Here suffice words of encouragement for a beautiful Sunday morning for your sweet friend.

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81. Never give up on God, He hasn’t given up on you. Who knows? Today might be an answer to your long-awaited prayers. Trust in Him.

82. Even when you never receive all you longed and hope for, keep your faith in Him intact. It helps your sanity even more than the answers you’re expecting.

83. God is too faithful to fail you. He will surely come through come what may. Just keep hope alive. Have a great Sunday.

84. Many things make Sunday beautiful. Part of which is rest, hope and life. All these shall be yours today and always.

85. You’ve been of great influence to me and I bless God for your outstretched hands of friendship. Glad to go to church with you today. Hope you’re ready. Happy Sunday, buddy.

86. Thousands of years ago, God has planned your life for his purpose. So never you struggle with him.

87. The best life is to live for God and his will. Trust you will hold on to that and give God the best of you in the church today.

88. For as many that trust and hope in God are never put to shame. Relax. All shall be well.

89. This Sunday is a free gift from God to you. Hope you will use it well for Him. Blessed Sunday to you.

90. Remember to give God your whole life and never take it back from him. He cherishes you more than you do for you. Have a fruitful Sunday.

91. Even when it seems nothing is showing forth yet, relax, your time will surely come. Enjoy yourself in God’s presence today.

92. Winning in life is never dependent on skill nor strength. Time and chance happen, all in God’s hands. Relax and rejoice in God.

93. A beautiful morning to you dearest friend. A good way to start the day is to worship and adore the Saviour for watching over your soul. Today’s gonna be glorious. Give God your best today.

94. The gift of a good friendship is such that can never be traded for anything in life. For staying true, I say a big thank you. Enjoy your day in God’s presence.

95. Hey, wake up. It’s Sunday and time for service. Put on your dancing shoes for a sweet worship experience. It’s gonna be great today. Glory!

96. Glad it’s thanksgiving service today. You’ve got to dance your way to breakthrough. And God will surely come through for you.

97. Having to look behind me and seeing you there is a great pleasure that I have someone to rely on. May good things always come your way.

98. God is always joyful whenever we please Him. May your ways please God now and always.

99. It’s a wonderful Sunday to you. All that is required to stay strengthened and joyful will be granted unto you.

100. You have always given me good reasons to always appreciate the day our path crossed. A good friend you’ve always been. Happy Sunday of abundance to you.

What a good way to start a Sunday!

I really hope this collection of best Sunday morning wishes for friends is just perfect for you in making your friend have a beautiful Sunday experience.

Glad to know you got your best selections. Feel free to use, share and comment.

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