Good Morning Greetings

20 Sweet Good Morning Greetings for Him or Her

It’s another morning again with its indubitable joy – for as many as know how to ply it safely.

For lovers, it’s another time to strenghten their union with some lovely wishes, through call or text.

And since I know you desire some Good Morning greetings for your lover, I have written enough to help your love career.

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Sweet Good Morning for Her – Good Morning Greeting to Send to Your Girlfriend

1. The day is coming out bright, the sun is coming out right. I hope you wake to see the glowing light, and a voice to praise God for the grace of last night. Good morning.

2. Wake up. It’s another special day for a special someone. I hope today comes with enough joy and peace for you. So in the night, you dance to the bed.

3. Millions have woke up, thousands have started going to their works, and hundreds of people are taking breakfast already but I am the only one thinking of greeting my sweetheart a special good morning.

4. Oh lord. Bless this day and make it flawless for my sweetheart. Let her movement be covered with your protective eyes. So she would flourish from morning till night. Good morning.

5. If there is any thing that makes me happy in the morning. It’s the joy I get from knowing it’s another day and you are still mine. I love you dear.

6. I had a dream in the night. It was fantastic. There is no better feeling than having you in my dreams and wake up to also see you in my reality. How was your night my love.

7. Who said angels don’t sleep also? Who said Angels don’t watch over angels? Who said you can’t see an angel? They are very wrong because you are an angel on the surface of the earth. Good morning sweetheart.

8. I woke up to see another day with riches worth more than gold. A precious life worth more than a Jewel. Not riches in my bank Because with you in my life I’m rich and complete. Good morning.

9. To keep living, you have to stay happy. I hope you wake this morning to see this text that is assuring you of my promise to never leave you and make you happy always so you keep living forever. Good morning.

10. Sweetheart, as you wake up today. I want you to know you are still the one for me and I promise you in the night, I will still remind you of how much you mean to me. Good morning.

11. I hate waking up while dreaming of you. But then when I realize our love is more sweeter I reality, I become happy. Good morning.

12. On this cool morning I could feel the breeze on my body. How I wish you were here to cuddle me so I will get my lazy ass off bed. Now I have to spend extra minutes on bed thinking about you. Good morning.

13. As I am not anywhere near you this morning. I hope this text meets you in the deepest part of your heart to let you know someone here is seriously in love with you. Good morning.

14. Like an Ice cream you’re sweet. Like a mansion you are well built and just Like yourself you are cute. It’s my pleasure this morning to appreciate your presence in my life. Good morning.

15. While growing up, I realized meeting a perfect partner makes someone journey perfect in life. Now that I’m grown, I have realized you are the reason my life is going perfect. I love you to the moon. Good morning.

16. The night came so as to forget the day’s worries by sleeping. As you wake today, I wish you less worries and a very smooth day.

17. Good morning sweetheart. I just want to remind you our love will never die and I will stay with you even if it’s an old you.

18. Some can’t do without their phones, some can’t do without food. While some can’t do without games, and I am here dying because I’m missing you this morning. I can’t do without you.

19. I want to be the first to wake you today, tomorrow and everyday so you sure wouldn’t stand up anymore without my name appearing on your phone’s screen. Good morning.

20. One day I will wake up by your kiss, the kiss that comes from the deepest depth of the heart, to send a message of your love to my body and gives me hope of everlasting love with you. Good morning.

21. The bright day is here, the shining sun is set and they are waiting to see a beauty wake up.

22. Like every other day, I hope you wake up to see the beaming lights and wish they remind you of our love.

23. I hope you wake up hale and hearty today with a face to remind you of us and a voice to thank God for the night.

24. Good morning to the one with a glowing smile. I have sent the sun to brighten your morning and my heart to go with you throughout the day.

25. Since you woke up with your voice, it’s time to praise God with me for waking us up to see the light of the day. Morning dear.

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