Special Things to Do for Husband’s 30th Birthday

Many wives wonder what to do when their husband’s 30th birthday is coming soon. This is because it is a significant milestone and they want to make it memorable for their significant other.

When someone reaches the big three-oh, it’s definitely something to celebrate! That’s why it’s so important not to screw up your husband’s big 3-0 with a boring moment. So, in order to help you get this right, I am going to share some very special things you need to do for your husband on his 30th birthday.

The following is a list of 30 perfect and special things to do for husband’s 30th birthday

What to Do for Your Husband’s 30th Birthday

What to do for your husband’s 30th birthday? This is one of the questions that every wife has to ask at some point. Well, with the amazing and perfect list of things to do for husband’s 30th birthday here, you don’t have to sweat it anymore. Browse through it below and I’m sure your husband will appreciate you for anyone you chose to do.

1. Plan a Trip as a Surprise

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

Surprising your husband with a birthday trip to celebrate his special day is one of the most amazing ways you can do something for him that he’ll never forget. It is a great way to surprise him and also break away from your regular routine. A surprise trip can be a great getaway for both of you to make amazing memories together.

2. Buy Him a Surprise Brunch

It’s your husband’s 30th birthday! I’m sure you want to make sure it’s a special day for him, and a great way to do that is by planning a surprise brunch for your hubby. A birthday breakfast or brunch is a great way to start the day off right. Brunch also has the added benefit of being easy to pull off without much prior planning. You can even make it a themed brunch if you want it to be extra special.

3. Take Him Somewhere He’s Wanted to Go

Your husband’s 30th birthday is a major occasion and deserves to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate your husband’s birthday than to take him someplace he’s always wanted to go? Whatever your husband has always loved — sports, books or food — plan a trip around that theme and make it the vacation of his dreams.

Whether it’s a hotel stay in a city he has never visited or a trip to another country, you both will get to experience something new and exciting. He will feel like he’s getting the best gift ever—and you’ll also be able to enjoy his happiness.

4. Go to See a Movie Together

Taking your husband out to see a movie is one of the most special ways that you can show him how much he matters to you. When you see a movie with your husband, it gives you plenty of time to spend together. It also allows for enough quality time for conversation so that you can really get into the mood for celebrating.

You don’t have to worry about doing anything in particular or having to talk to other people when you’re watching a movie with your husband—you just get to be together! This will make him feel very special because he knows it’s all about him.

5. Get Tickets to His Favourite Concert

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

Concerts are fun! The energy at a show is always special. Whether you’re hearing your favourite song live for the first time or belting out lyrics with thousands of other fans, there’s nothing like it. This is especially true if your husband has been going to shows for years but hasn’t seen his favourite band perform. He’ll be blown away by the power of their music when he hears it live.

If his favourite band is from another state or country, you can use the concert as an opportunity for a romantic getaway. You can spend some time sightseeing before the show and then go home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. Decorate the Home with Romantic Lighting

What better way to celebrate your husband’s 30th birthday than by decorating the home with romantic lighting? It may sound old fashioned, but it is one of the most important things you can do to make him feel special.

Lighting plays a very important role in setting the mood and tone of a ceremony. You can make an entire room look like a spa, or you can make it look like a hotel lobby! If you are interested in decorating the home with romantic lighting, there are several different options you can get.

7. Make Him Breakfast in Bed for the Rest of the Week

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

Breakfast in bed is one of the most wonderful surprises you can give someone. Bringing breakfast to bed is a great way to make your husband feel appreciated and cherished on his 30th birthday.

Most people like to have breakfast in bed on their birthdays, but at the age of thirty, your husband will probably be too tired to even think about it. That’s why you should make him breakfast in bed to surprise him, not only for that day but for the rest of the week. The point is that you are making sure he always feels special and loved.

8. Play Special Songs in the Background

You can add a little extra magic to your husband’s birthday celebration by adding special songs in the background. These songs will put him in a good mood and also remind you of all the beautiful moments that you have spent together.

There are two ways to play these songs:

  • You can hire a singer who will sing these songs for him.
  • You can also play these songs on your phone, computer speakers or any other device and he will be blown away by your efforts.

The special songs that you can include on his birthday are:

  • The song that was playing when you first met him or the song which was playing on your first date.
  • The song which was playing when he proposed to you should definitely be played at his birthday party because it will bring back memories of your engagement and how important this day is for both of you.

9. Plan an activity He’s Always Wanted to Do

Your husband’s 30th birthday only comes once in a lifetime, and you want to make it special. If your husband likes adventure, plan an activity that he’s always wanted to do for his birthday. Whether it’s rock climbing or skydiving, planning an activity encourages your man to have fun and be spontaneous on his big day. Since you are married to him, you know him well enough to have some ideas of what he might be interested in.

10. Write a Sweet Note With a Love Quiz

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your husband’s 30th birthday, consider giving him a love quiz. A love quiz is a great way to share the things you’ve learned about your husband over the years and to show him just how much you really do know about him. You can also give him ideas of how he can make your relationship even stronger.

11. Make a Video for Him Filled With Greetings and Messages from Friends and Family

The best birthday present ever is the one that makes you feel special. So this year, instead of buying your husband a gift, you can do something he’ll also appreciate and remember forever. Put together a video full of greetings and messages from family and friends. It’s a great way to let him know how many people love and care about him, and you can be sure it will bring him to tears.

12. Make Him a Scrapbook of Your Life together

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

To celebrate your husband’s life so far and all the wonderful moments you’ve shared together, consider making him a scrapbook of your life together as a couple. You’ll be able to put in photos from when you were first dating all the way up until now. You could even include ticket stubs from events that were special to him or mementoes from vacations you took together over the years. Then decorate it with ribbons, stickers, and any other embellishments that will personalize it even more! If you’re feeling creative, try adding some handmade crafts as well like paper flowers.

13. Paint His Portrait

If your husband is a fan of the arts and appreciates a good painting, consider making a portrait of him. Choose a photograph of your husband that you love. Consider what part of his personality you want to convey through the painting. If he tends to be more dramatic and exciting, try to get a photo of him laughing, smiling or in motion. If he’s generally calm and level-headed, go with a more neutral pose.

14. A Romantic Getaway, Just The Two of You!

There’s nothing better than having the love of your life by your side on his 30th birthday. Plan a romantic getaway to celebrate this milestone and make it a day he’ll never forget. After all, it’s an important milestone, and he deserves a special trip away from the kids, the bills, and all those other adult responsibilities.

15. Send Him Exciting Gifts

Give your husband the gift of a lifetime on his 30th birthday. You can send him a gift specially designed for him on his birthday! You can choose from the available options like home décor, personal care products, electronic gadgets, perfumes etc. You can also order gourmet gifts to surprise him on his birthday.

16. Dinner at a Restaurant You Both Love

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

There’s something so romantic about having dinner at a place that means something to you both. Maybe it’s the spot where you shared your first date, the place where he proposed, or the restaurant that has served up your favourite meal time and time again. Whatever “it” is, this is the year to take him there and make memories that will last a lifetime.

17. Take a Day Trip with the Kids to Somewhere Special to Him

Taking a day trip with the kids to somewhere special to your husband for his 30th birthday is a fantastic way to show him how much you love and enjoy spending time together. It’s also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the little free time you have.

18. A Night Out with Friends or a New and Interesting Hobby to Share

Your husband’s 30th birthday is a big deal! After all, it’s an important milestone in his life and you want to do something special. A night out with old friends is one way to celebrate his birthday. And having a new and interesting hobby to share with him.

19. Post His Pictures with Romantic Captions on Social Media

You can post photos of your husband or your wedding and the best memories you’ve made together, along with a romantic message for your husband. Not only will this show the world how much he means to you, but it will probably make his day, too. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can have some awesome examples of 30th birthday posts for your husband.

20. Get a Nice Cake, Flowers, and Balloons

Let your husband know how much you care by making his day special with thoughtful gestures. Treat your husband to a nice cake, flowers, and balloons on his 30th birthday. They are one of those gifts that will really show how much you care about him and want to make his day extra special. You might want to choose his favourite colour or even buy them from local florists if possible so they’re fresh when they arrive home! In addition to flowers being beautiful, they also bring happiness into any room where placed.

21. Hire a Professional Photographer to Capture This Milestone

You want to make your husband’s 30th birthday one to remember, so hiring a professional photographer to capture the milestone is a great way to keep the memories alive for years to come. A professional photographer can capture every detail of your husband’s birthday party, from the decorations and food to his guests and his surprised reaction when you walk in the door.

22. Cook His Favourite Meal

Most of us have that one favourite dish we love and crave, and it would be an honour if you take out time to prepare it for your husband on his 30th birthday. You can decorate the table with small candles and flowers while preparing everything else ahead of time. It might take a little more effort but it is totally worth trying. You can even call his friends to let them know that they are invited to join him to celebrate his birthday. This way, you get to be a super wife who did so much on his special day!

23. Leave Cute Notes Throughout the House and Car

On his 30th birthday, leave him a love note in the bathroom mirror, in his sock drawer, and on the car windshield. Write something special and personal to him that he’d know only comes from you. You can start with his breakfast plate that has “Happy 30th Birthday” written in chocolate syrup. These little surprises will make him smile throughout the day and he will have you to thank for it.

24. Invite a Couple of His Friends Over and Surprise Him With a Party

Planning your husband’s 30th birthday celebration is all about making him feel special and loved. If you have already decided to throw him a party, you’re off to a great start. Now you just need to get creative with the invitation and make it something he won’t forget. Inviting a couple of friends over and making it a surprise will make it all perfect.

25. Make a Video Montage of His 30 Years With Captions and Music

This is a great way to celebrate your husband’s birthday! Make sure you have lots of photos of him, old and new. You can also include video clips if you have them. Choose music that he likes or that is associated with an important time in your relationship with him. Have each photo appear for about five seconds. You can add captions if you want to, but make sure they are readable as the photos go by. Include some sweet words about your husband, and don’t forget to say, “Happy birthday!” at the end!

26. Make a list of the Top Things You Love About Him

On your husband’s 30th birthday, make a list of the top things you love about him. Start with a list of 10 things and then cut it down to the top three. Write these in a card for him, and tell him why these are the things you love the most. For example, if you love the way he cares for your family, write that on the list and tell him how this makes him special to you.

27. Get Your Whole Family together and Go Rafting

Get your whole family together and go rafting on your husband’s 30th birthday! Rafting is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. It’s fun, adventurous and a good way to stay fit and keep memories of your husband’s milestone. Check out the best places to go rafting.

28. Prepare a 2nd Surprise Party after His Birthday Party

Things to Do for Husbands 30th Birthday

Your husband’s 30th birthday is a major milestone. Whether he loves celebrating birthdays or would rather ignore the occasion, you can make his day extra special by hosting a 2nd surprise party. You should make it very clear to your guests that the 2nd party is not a continuation of the first one. It has different goals and will be held on a different day and at a different place. Feel free to use photos from the first party as decorations and conversation starters for this new event.

29. Show Him You Still Think He is Hot

When you have been married for years and your husband is hitting the big 30, you should make him know he still remains the handsome and hot guy you married, especially if he gets a little insecure about his age. This is a special way to make his milestone remarkable.

30. Get Him Something He Will Never Forget

Getting the right gift for the right person is always a challenge. It becomes more difficult when the person is someone who has everything and you want to get him something that he will never forget. On your husband’s 30th birthday, make sure you get him something he will remember forever. Your gift should be as special as your relationship with him. You want to make sure you get the best gifts for a husband’s 30th birthday.


By using some of these tips for your husband’s 30th birthday, you’ll be able to celebrate him in style. I hope they will make him feel super special and help you create a day he’ll never forget!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

Special Things to Do for Wife’s 30th Birthday

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