Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Cute Happy 30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Virtually every girl looks forward to turning 30. A new decade of life, a new decade of fun and friendship. Many men are overly concerned with finding the perfect gift for their ladies on such a milestone, but thankfully poetry doesn’t require cold hard cash.

Women appreciate poetry, and poems make one of the greatest gifts any day of the year including birthdays. There is nothing more romantic and special than a song or poem written by a loved one.

However, 30th birthday poems can be hard to write. You want to write something that will capture the spirit of your girlfriend or wife, and show how much she means to you. That’s why I’ve written these 30th birthday poems for girlfriend here.

These poems are awesome to make your lover’s day memorable. You can make them a caption for their picture on social media, print them on a 30th birthday card, or attach them to a 30th birthday gift.

30th Birthday Poems for Her – Girlfriend

This is a collection of the best poems to read on your girlfriend’s 30th birthday. These are not just any birthday poems, because they are written to congratulate and make your woman know how much you love her and how special she is to you.

My love, you’re so very dear.
This day makes your 30th.
I wish you every beautiful thing.
I wish you every morning dew.
I wish you every night to sleep.
I wish you every happy thing
Because you are the best,
the best thing that ever happened to me.
Happy 30th birthday.

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

I’ll tell the world about your beauty,
About how you’re the love of my life.
I’ll tell how your beauty I’m in awe of,
And how you are my one true love.
Your eyes are like the brightest star,
Which shines in the darkest night.
Your lips are like a rose,
Whose red is like a lovely sight.
You’re the love of my life,
You’re the one for me,
You are everything,
My love for you is forever, so
Let that be, forever mine.
Happy 30th Birthday!
I hope it’s one of your best!

I’ll say it, my love for you,
Is forever and always the same,
A never-ending love,
Will I hold in my heart and in my name.
It’s your 30th birthday,
And I wish you every beautiful thing in life,
All my love, and the best things,
That I can hope to give!
Happy birthday.

No matter how far we have to go,
No matter how many miles between,
I’ll always feel the same about you,
I’ll always wish you a beautiful day.
Today is your day,
A day of days,
A day of all the days
You are and ever shall be,
Your sparkling blue eyes,
Your gorgeous smile,
Your hair like silken thread,
Your warm embrace.
May it be the best year ever.
Happy 30th birthday.

If I could reach out,
And grab a star for you, I would,
If I could dive deep into the sea,
And bring you a shell, I would,
If I could wave a magic wand,
And bring you your dreams, I would.
You deserve even more,
On your milestone.
The best on your big day, love.
Happy birthday!

My love, you are my love,
You are the secret I keep,
All this time I have been searching,
For a love that’s meant to be.
My love for you is forever,
The feelings I have for you will always be true,
No matter how old you become,
I will always love you,
And hope for you to have a happy life.
Happy birthday?

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Today is your special day,
I wish you life, I wish you, love,
I wish you happiness, I wish you joy,
And I wish you a life-long journey of bliss.
I have loved you for years,
And each year I love you more,
I will love you forevermore,
Because you are my princess,
And the best things in life are yours to keep.
Happy birthday!

Happy 30th birthday,
to the most amazing girl,
I’ve ever known,
I love you, miss you and want you,
Every day of my life.
I wish you a future full of your dreams,
I wish you a future full of hope,
I wish you a life filled with smiles,
And a heart full of love.

It’s your 30th birthday,
I wish I could be there,
I wish I could hold your hand,
I wish I could kiss you.
I looked into the night sky,
As I thought about your eyes.
I’ll love you forever and ever,
I’ll love you until the sun stops burning,
I’ll love you until the seas run dry,
And I will always be there for you.
And I wish you every beautiful thing in life.

There’s no one quite like you,
Your beauty is like a rose,
You are a rose that is always in bloom,
And if you are my rose,
Then I’ll be your beautiful flower pot.
In this or any other life,
I will love you forever,
You are my one, my only,
I wish you every beautiful thing.
Happy 30th birthday.

My love for you is forever,
It will never die,
But will carry on even after my tears
I wish you all the best in life,
And hope for you every wondrous thing,
I will never leave your side
Happy 30th birthday, my woman.

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

My love for you is forever,
My love for you is so true.
I’m glad that I have you,
You make this world a better place.
If I could be your birthday gift,
I’d do all that I could for you,
Just to make your life that much more fun.
A wonderful new year for you, my love.

I love you forever
And I always will,
I’ll remember, the first time we met,
The feeling I felt when I saw you,
It made me feel warm inside.
I wish you, love,
I wish you joy,
I wish you peace
As the years pass by,
And the seasons change,
I know what will never change,
The way I love you.

I love you today,
I’ll love you tomorrow,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
To be the one you love forever.
For you I have, a love so deep,
It’s from my heart and soul,
And across the miles,
I will always be here for you,
And for your 30th birthday, my love,
May it be blissful and beautiful,
Just as you are to me.
Happy birthday, my love.

Its a special day for me,
To wish my very own princess,
That she gets every beautiful thing in life,
This is why I’m wishing her,
Success and love and happiness,
And a wonderful life,
With my love for her getting stronger.
Happy 30th birthday to my girlfriend.

I have loved you from the start,
And will forever love you at the end,
The love I have for you is never lost,
I know I’ll be with you, even after we’re in the ground.
On your special 30th birthday,
I’m here to wish you the best,
The happiest birthday ever,
And to tell you how much I love you,
More than you’ll ever know.

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

My heart is like a flower,
It will make your world complete.
Just like my heart makes me feel,
It’s like it beats for you,
And will never make you blue.
It will make every day,
A day to remember,
Even today, your 30th birthday.
Happy birthday, my love.

Happiness is now,
When I see your face,
So I make sure to smile,
And I’m so glad I found you,
You’re the missing piece to my puzzle.
On your 30th birthday,
I wish you happiness,
I wish you health,
I wish you life,
I wish you, love,
I wish you success,
I wish you a future,
I wish you everything good.

The stars are shining bright,
And all I want to say is I will never forget,
All the good times we had.
This is for every beautiful thing
I wish for you to have.
I love you and I’m here to stay,
I wish you the best.
Every single day.
I hope you get your way,
And I hope this brings a smile to your face.

Your big day is here,
I’ll always love you,
I’ll always care,
I’ll always want you,
I’ll always dare,
To find your heart and not get scared.
I’ll make this vow, that I will do,
To make you happy and not get scared.
Enjoy your glorious day.
Happy birthday.

Happy 30th birthday, my love,
I hope this is the best you’ve ever had,
I hope you can leap the highest,
And then I hope you can float on the air,
I hope you can swim the deepest,
And I hope you enjoy and forget all your cares.
I wish you a beautiful season.
Enjoy your big day with my love.

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

I love you, I love you,
I love you to the stars,
This birthday is yours,
You deserve every star in the sky.
The things you do are just incredible,
I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Have the best birthday so far.
Happy 30th birthday.

May your days be full of life,
May your heart be light and free,
May your smile shine bright,
May you be blessed with every beautiful thing,
That this life will bring.
As I prepare to gift you,
With my words and some special touches,
I want you to know,
That I’ll love you forever and ever.
Happy 30th birthday.

I’m so glad you came into my life,
It was a journey full of strife,
But I’m so glad to have you here with me,
I love you with all my heart,
In my dreams, you will always be a part,
So I hope you follow your dreams,
And find forever in your thoughts.
I wish you all the successes you need.
Happy birthday!

You’re 30 today, I’m so proud of you,
I love you so much,
You’re going to do great things,
I’m happy that I met you,
You’re a strong, intelligent, person,
The words I say may not be enough,
But I have told you I love you so,
I wish you a lifetime of happiness,
I wish you a lifetime of love,
I wish you a lifetime of luck,
And moments of happiness, life, and love.

You have captured my heart,
In a way that is so sweet,
And I’ll be your devoted lover,
Until we are old and grey.
Now you’re a woman, so beautiful,
My heart beats for you and through you, I breathe.
Happy 30th birthday to you,
May you have the best year of your life,
May you find love and laughter,
May you be a wonderful mother,
May you always strive for what you love,
May you never give up.

The first time I met you,
I felt a love within,
Like a child and mother,
The butterflies in my stomach,
The way my heart sings,
I felt this way when I first saw you.
Today, you are thirty.
Wishing you the very best of it,
With my love to carry you through.
Happy birthday.

It’s your birthday,
The day you became a woman,
And the day you grew into a beautiful,
Grown-up young lady.
I am blessed to have you as my girlfriend,
I love you with all my heart,
And the best of all, I wish you.
Happy birthday!

You’ve reached the big 3-0
Some say that’s a divide,
Some say it’s a milestone,
Some say it’s the end,
But your life doesn’t just begin,
Your life’s not just a sign,
Your life is a blessing
Happy birthday, my love.

You’re 30 years old today,
I’m so glad that I can say,
I am proud to say that I know you,
And I’ve got the gift that I wanted to say.
Happy birthday, baby.
To many thirty years.
It’s a time when all the doors,
Are left wide open.
Go get the best.

I love to celebrate you
And all the ways you are,
You are simply amazing
And all the things you do.
I’ve been so lucky to find you,
I wish you the best of all things in life,
By the time this 30th birthday comes around,
I hope you will see yourself as I see you now.
Happy birthday my love.

Happy 30th birthday, sweetheart,
You have seen a lot in your twenty-nine years,
But I’m sure that you’ll agree,
The sun is rising for you now,
You are the best, and I love you dearly,
The passion you have,
Is an inspiration to me,
A fire that I cannot put out,
But the joy you bring,
Is the joy that I want to see,
And that’s why I’m with you.
Happy birthday, my love.

It’s your big day
And you are only getting bigger
Like a big birthday cake,
With tiny sparkling dots,
Shining twinkly lights,
And candles flickering.
I’m so glad that you’re turning 30.
It’s a new chapter in your life,
You’re finally getting old,
But you’re still really young at heart.
Happy birthday.

I cannot believe you’re 30
I can still see the young girl I met
When I met you, I thought I won’t get you
I’ll never lose you and make you cry.
You are going to have an amazing year.
With it being your 30th,
I know you are going to achieve,
Your dreams and wishes,
And you’ll reach heights,
Happy birthday, my love.

A soft kiss on your lips,
A letter from my heart,
And a wish to stay with you,
For all this life and much,
I’m so blessed I’m on this earth,
I’m so blessed I’m not there yet,
I’m so blessed I’m here with you,
I’m so blessed I’m not yet gone.
To witness your big day.
Thank God am here celebrating with you.
Happy 30th birthday my love.

Your birthday is upon us
It is your special day.
You’ve worked so hard to get here
I’m proud of you on this day.
You are sweet, you are cute,
You are very pretty to me,
You are funny and you are nice.
I wish you pleasant experiences this year.
Happy birthday, babes.

It’s your 30th birthday today,
And I am so glad that you found me,
And we’ve been friends these years,
What a special bond we share,
And it’s all because we are the same.
If I am to be your birthday gift,
I would have to come in the form of a poem,
I’d do this with much conviction.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

A new chapter with you,
A new life with you,
A new journey with you,
A new story with you,
And I can’t wait to see
What’s to come in the next chapter of our life.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

I asked God for a flower,
And he gave me a garden,
I asked God for a rock,
And he gave me a mountain,
I asked God for a river,
And he gave me an ocean
You’re a blessing to my life
And I wish you a happy 30th birthday.

I’ll love you all the time,
I’ll keep you safe at night time,
I won’t let any light shine through,
Yes, I’ll love you all the time.
You were my dream that had come true,
That’s why I’m here with you today,
To wish you a glorious 30th birthday.
Happy birthday, my sunshine.

Happy birthday, my rose,
You are the love of my life,
I am blessed to have you next to me,
I hope that we grow old together.
At 30 you’re more than halfway
To that number that they call “life”,
A milestone that you can’t outrun
So take it slow and take in what you’ll find.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

The thought of you is never far away
And my life would be incomplete without you here,
For 30 years is a long time to be strong.
On this day,
I declare how much I admire you.
You are the one that’s so amazing,
You are the one that’s so kind,
You are the one that’s got my back,
No matter what the situation.
May you always find reasons to be merry.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

When you’re close to me,
I feel like I’m in heaven.
When you’re close to me, I feel safe.
I want you to always be happy.
I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful,
I never want this to end,
I never want to leave your side,
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Happy 30th birthday, my love.

You are the best;
the most beautiful;
And the prettiest.
You are a symbol of perfection,
A model that all should emulate.
You have attained everything,
You have ever desired in life.
Many more achievements,
Is my wish for you.
Happy 30th birthday, love.

Happy birthday, my love.
30 years gone by and where did that time go?
It’s just flown by so fast,
With every passing moment,
I am thankful that we found each other.
Each day I fall more in love with you!
The best of it is my wish for you.


There’s nothing like a great birthday poem to make your girlfriend smile on her special day. A sweet 30th birthday poem for her is an excellent choice for a romantic card. Whether you want to make your girlfriend cry happy tears or just want to show her how much she means to you, these quotes will always do the job.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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