Happy 100th Birthday

Opening Prayers for 100th Birthday Party Celebration (2024)

In a chaotic world and given that people hardly ever get to celebrate their 100th year on earth before being taken away by forces beyond control. Some people, albeit few, still get to celebrate this age in grand style.

It is always a worthy celebration of life and it’s been observed that people who are privileged to felicitate with others at occasions like these usually consider it a blessing.

Although, not everyone gets to experience this in life. If you ever get the chance to celebrate anybody’s 100th birthday, I hope you wear your smile and your attire confidently and it should never escape your mind take a chance at doing opening prayer for 100th birthday party with some of these opening prayers for 100th birthday party celebrations.

Long Opening Prayers for 100th Birthday Party

You are going to be on the right side of history when you use these long opening prayers for 100th birthday party when you stand to pray at the party.

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1. It is such a bright day. it is no surprise that the sun shines so bright on your birthday. you are a ray of sunshine and have always shone through all difficult situations. No matter how difficult. The only outcry is that the next years of your life helps you to even shine more and that you have a birthday celebration as beautiful as your heart and soul.

2. I am going to just thank the good Lord that you serve for keeping you and helping you a good version of yourself. right after which I will ask him to be here all through and make this birthday celebration one that you’ll never forget as long as you live – if anyone
deserves a great time, you do.    

3. I am not in your head right now. But, I can imagine all the things going through your mind and I am here to tell you to believe against all odds the word of God that says the thoughts I have for you are of good and not of evil. May this celebration today be a confirmation of God’s words for your new year.

4. It is about to be an adventurous year and I am praying that you get all the fun and also get to stay alive, happy and healthy. More urgently, I hope that you have a wonderful celebration of the new year and pray that you get to enjoy this day with your friends and family.

5. Cheers to a new year and of course I am sending out love and light as much as you will be needing all through the year. As this day unfolds and as you go about celebrating a milestone, I pray that you get wrapped in his grace and love and that you feel the embrace all the way through your age- long pains.

happy 100th birthday

6. As we begin a celebration of a new life and new age, I am convinced that you will have new experiences and new events to help you learn. my prayer is that as much as you encounter these things to grow in knowledge, may you also have the luxury to be happy, sated sand genuinely joyous.

7. There is this joy that comes with knowing that you are about to have the best year of your life yet again. That is the joy I wish for you today. There is also the happiness that comes with having people come around to celebrate you. I hope that you tap into that happy place and enjoy your family and friend.

8. You will not know sorrow – not on this significant day, not tomorrow, not ever. I may not have the answers to all your worries. But, I am going to say this and hope that you believe with all your heart that you will be saved the stress of poverty this year. May the celebration be a beautiful one that leads you to an unforgettable journey.

9. I appreciate God for you and daily wish that you never let your focus go. Now, I just want to have a great time with you. This is why I pray that this celebration that is about to commence yields positivity only, brings laughter only, and inspires a great future among other good tidings.

10. There is one thing I am certain my heart wishes you – a year that is good to you and a birthday celebration that is so beautiful several years from now, you’d still remember and smile. May the birthday begin in this note and end on a crescendo!

11. Because this party somehow represents you and sets a tone for the new year, I hope with every breath in me that you get the party of your dreams. As friends and family gather to make today the best day of your life, may you not lose your shine and flavour.

happy 100th birthday

12. You will have a great year. Not only will the year be a community of good news for you, but the celebration of the new age will also remain forever in your kind because of the beauty it’s about to unleash. May today, tomorrow and the rest of your life be always happy.

13. This is your 100th birthday and it represents a milestone. I am so happy that you get to celebrate it with your family. my prayer for you is that the moments you have left to spend on Earth are good to you and yours.

14. The joy of being old is to have people around who genuinely care for you and love you. As you celebrate your 100th year today, my prayer is that the joy that comes from being genuinely cared for locates you.

15. I am one of the happiest persons here today because I get to celebrate another year with someone as upstanding as you. may the celebration bring you happiness and reasons to live the rest of your life like it is your best.

16. I have always believed that there is room for improvement irrespective of how good a thing is at the present. This is why I pray that your celebration today that looks like the highest point of your life will soon give birth to more testimonies.

17. As we commence the celebration of a life well-lived so far, I am hopeful and praying that the proceeds of this day will bring even more reasons to laugh and celebrate. hopefully, we all get to come together to celebrate you once again.

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18. It is a rare thing in a world full of wickedness and untimely death that a person gets to celebrate 100 years on earth. You are blessed and I pray with all my heart that the blessings of the Lord will continually be with you.

19. It is such a great day here and the reason for this gathering is you and the beautiful years you have spent on earth. Here is wishing that the remaining moments you have here with us are laced with only good tidings.

20. By virtue of this day, you are already a miracle. So, my prayer is that you continue to hold on to your magic even as you go outside this venue and continue in your walk through the earth like the rest of us.

21. It is a significant day, a significant year and of course we are all glad to be here at this time to celebrate an important person like you. My prayer is that the remaining moments you have to spend on earth does not find you lose your relevance.

22. As we move into a program that has been specifically set aside to make you happy and to celebrate the wonderful years you have had to spend on earth, my prayer is that you don’t lose your essence- that you continue to find joy until you rest in peace.

happy 100th birthday

23. 100 years is a century. This is a clear message that your celebration today is of great significance to you, to your family and the earth. I pray that the celebration becomes a harbinger of great things for everything around you and for the rest of your happy days on earth.

24. It is still very possible that you smile wider and laugh harder than you have ever done in the last 100 years. I am praying that the miracle you never expected or thought was possible would locate you in the next year. Happy birthday to you!

25. It is such a delight to be here to celebrate someone I have known for so many years and someone that has managed to be good always. I pray that the gathering will be of peace and the person we have gathered for experiences peace like never before.

Short Opening Prayers for 100th Birthday Celebration

You can choose from some of the best short opening prayers for 100th birthday celebration and watch the event turn out beautiful.

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26. It is about to be a party of the year in here and I pray that expectations for a great time are not cut short.

27. One thing that should never be missing at parties is laughter. May you have a lot of that in today’s party.

28. Be of good cheer! This 100tb birthday celebration will be of great significance in all of our lives. As I have called it, so shall it be.

happy 100th birthday

29. I am optimistic about the day and I pray that all the great things I have envisaged will materialize to make all of us merry.

30. It is indeed a celebration of life. My prayer is that you get to have wished for the day before we all depart from here!

31. I am glad to join in rejoicing with you on your 100th birthday. I pray that we have a great time and day as we celebrate.

32. I am hopeful and praying that the few things on your bucket list will be handed to you before you go to rest.

33. You have lived a good life but there is nothing that says you cannot still have fun in the moments of your life to come. I pray you get it!

34. I pray that you get all the blessings you’ve lost all these years before we leave here today. Happy 100th birthday.

35. I cannot imagine how you feel right now seeing all your loved once around to celebrate you. I pray that the joy you feel right now remains permanent. Happy birthday

36. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I decree that you are not weak but strong even as you dance around in celebration of your 100th birthday today.

37. Th good Lord has kept you this far for a reason. I pray that this reason behind manifestation from this moment. Happy 100th birthday to you.

38. The hope of the Lord that you need for the rest of your lives will locate you here and now. Happy 100th birthday to you.

39. The presence of the Lord that you will need for the rest of your days will locate you here and now.

40. I am blessed to be here to celebrate your 100th birthday. We open this program in the name of Jesus.

41. May the celebration today be laced with the joy of the Lord. Happy 100th birthday to you.

42. Everyone here will rejoice and return home with even greater joy. Happy 100th birthday to you.

43. May the good Lord bless us all and caus celebrations to remain fervent in all of our lives because we have come together to celebrate your 100th birthday.

happy 100th birthday

44. I pray that we get high in the joy that has surrounded the atmosphere since the celebrant entered. Happy birthday

45 It must be glorious to be 100 years and get to celebrate with loved ones. May this glory fill this place today.

46. I pray for the direction, soundness and wisdom of God as we begin to celebrate 100 years of a life well-lived.

47. You have come this far only by the grace of God. may you spend the rest of your life enjoying the grace that has kept you this far. Happy 100th birthday.

48. I hope that everyone here who have come to rejoice with you taps into your grace of long life and prosperity. Happy 100th birthday.

49. This smile you wear confidently even at your old age will not depart from you until death. Happy 100th birthday to you.

50. I pray that this day does not mark the last day of smiles and laughter for everyone present here. Happy 100th birthday to the celebration.

100th birthday celebration for anyone is always the talk of the town and one of the most beautiful events to celebrate on earth. It promises to be even more colourful if you begin the celebration with these opening prayers for 100th birthday party.

Written by Adebayo Esther

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