Monday Morning Quotes

30 Best Monday Morning Quotes for Someone Special

With every Monday comes a slight apathy by a group of people who had enjoyed their weekends and feeling reluctant to start another busy week. The basic fact is that we can’t get Mondays off the days of the week.

We just have to get set for work and it’s going to be a whole lot of busy days before weekends again.

Not many people understand that Mondays should be welcomed with great zeal, although it is hard to drag yourself out of bed after a very cozy and enjoyable weekend.

This is the reason why we compiled a whole lot of good Monday morning quotes, wishes and messages for you to fuel your desire and make you full of inspirations to make your whole week a wonderful one.

Ready for it? Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Inspirational Good Morning Monday Messages and Quotes

Want some inspiring Monday morning messages and quotes you can put to use? The ones below are just perfect for that.

1. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy and so does no play without works. It’s Monday again so let’s start to work to have enough time to rest later.

2. It is proven that what we believe is what comes into our lives. It is a new week and let us believe it’s going to be a great one for us.

3. Monday is the day to plan how great the whole week is going to be. Plan today to have a safe tomorrow.

4. When you attack the new week with full readiness. It’s a sure ticket to welcome the weekend with no stress.

5. When it’s weekend, whether you are sad or happy is the result of what happened on Monday. Have a great week.

Good Morning Monday Quotes

Here comes the lovely Good Morning Monday Quotes you can use for someone special.

6. Hurray! The day has come. This is the day to sit up and gain the last week’s losses

7. For every day is a blessing. Thank God for a new week.

8. I hope we move to be strong this week and have reasons to be even stronger in the coming weeks. How was your weekend?

9. It’s not by might to have lived to see this week. Let’s be grateful for another new week. Good morning.

10. Good morning. Here is to wish you a happy Monday and a blessed week ahead.

Monday Morning Positive Quotes

You want to see the best of Monday morning positive quotes? Check these!

11. Hello, Just a reminder that positive mind leads to positive vibes and it’s the secret to positive life. Happy new week.

12. Change your negative thoughts and watch how happy you are anytime you sight the brightness of another Monday.

13. No food for lazy man, Wake up and let’s go work for what’s going to put food on out table forever.

14. Every morning, you wake up with two gifts. They are your eyes. Stand on your feet and be grateful for everyday gifts of life.

15. The minute you think of giving up is the minute someone is thinking of trying harder. Never give up.

Good Morning it’s Monday Quotes

When it’s Monday, here are the best collection of Good Morning it’s Monday Quotes and text messages you need.

16. Hello, It’s Monday again. It is going to be a great week for us. How was your night?

17. When life gives you another Monday, just smile and say this is my week.

18. Good Morning, it’s Monday and it is a reminder that you achieved what many people fail at.

19. On a beautiful Monday Morning like this. Let us sit and think of how the week would be better than the previous weeks.

20. One thought can have a great effect on things. Be positive this morning and see how great this week is going to be.

Great Monday Morning Quotes

Every day is great, but there is a something that makes Monday a special day. See below:

21. This is the moment of the day and week that will determine how your day and week will look like. I hope you have a better one.

22. Wake up this Morning and tell yourself you can do it.

23. Never let the sun catch you in bed so, in the night, the moon will be so proud of you.

24. Just like today, All other things have their own mornings. How it is used will tell in the night. God bless our mornings.

25. You are as great as this day. Every day God dashes you 24hrs free of charge. How to use it greatly is mostly planned in the morning. It’s the reason mornings are special.

Happy Monday Morning Quotes

Check out below to see the best of happy Monday morning quotes.

26. You know why you should be happy about Mondays? It is an opportunity to start a new life. So Use it happily

27. New week, new plans and opportunities. Correct yourself of last week’s mistakes

28. The greatest people never joke with Mondays, They meet it with great enthusiasm, I hope you learn from this.

29. The word ‘Mon’ is a French word for ‘Mine’. So I see every Monday as my day.

30. All days are brothers. Monday is the most senior. That’s why it should be treated with respect and honour.

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