Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

2024 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

If you have that girl that truly fits into the description of a best friend to you, then her birthday is one that should bring much excitement to you, one you should be excited about celebrating.

While you go through lists searching for the perfect gifts for your best friend, don’t forget that words have their power too, and your best friend will most likely be looking out for heart touching wishes from you.

She’ll expect them to come in, either as text messages or on cards. It’s one of the things friends expect on their birthdays.

It’s up to you to not disappoint this female best friend of yours this year 2024, and I have made it easier for you as I have so many wishes written for you to use freely.

So, read through this heart touching birthday wishes for best friend female and make the birthday of your female best friend in 2024 sweeter using them.

Most Touching Birthday Wishes for A Special Female Friend

There are special friends in our lives who deserve to be celebrated and wished well. This is a collection of the most interesting and touching wishes for the females in this category of friends on their birthdays. Just pick one from here and copy and paste or edit.

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1. Happy birthday to you, dear. Wherever you go, go with the confidence of a girl who has all things working together for her good. Enjoy your day and your new year.

2. Happy birthday to you, my friend. I have so many prayers for you. I wish the answers start pouring in this year.

3. Happy birthday to you, my special friend. Many years have come and gone and you still hold a special place in my heart, a place that makes you deserving of my best wishes.

4. Happy birthday, (insert friend’s name). I can’t say all the wishes I have for you in a day, but the one I will tell you on this your special day is that I wish you everything you dream of.

5. Happy birthday, my special friend. Keep growing strong and healthy and happy. Keep being great. Keep shining like the sun. Keep celebrating more greatness as the days and years go by.

6. Happy birthday to you, friend. There are places ahead of you that have your dreams as realities in them. I wish you find them all and enjoy them all.

7. Happy birthday to a special friend. All the lights from the decorations and birthday candles are not as bright as you are. So I wish you enjoy all the benefits of being that bright.

8. Happy birthday, beautiful girl. You’re positively special, not just to me, but to many people. Your light is shining really bright and I’m proud of you.

9. Happy birthday to you, girl. I’m proud to celebrate with you on this day. You’re worthy of all the time I’ll spend celebrating you today. Thanks for being in my life.

10. Happy birthday to you, girl. Thank God for you. God really meant well for me when he made us friends. Let’s keep growing as great friends, doing big things.

11. Happy birthday to you, pretty girl. Tell your dad that he’s not the only one that’s proud of you, that there’s a whole world out there that’s happy to have you.

12. Happy birthday, dearie. I’m here, praying for you to have a very long life because I need your friendship for as long as possible. I wish you the best and more.

13. Happy birthday to you, girl. I’m watching you grow into something super and extraordinary. I’m watching you grow into someone I’m prouder of. I love you, my friend.

14. Happy birthday to you, baby girl. As you look at your cake, remember that you’re sweeter than it. And let the faces smiling at you be a reminder that we love you!

15. Happy birthday to you, superwoman. You have lived this long, blessing lives, changing people for good. We need more people like you. I wish you long life and prosperity.

16. Happy birthday to you, darl. You were made for greatness, and you’re living up to God’s expectation. God celebrates you today, and so do I.

17. Happy birthday, my friend. You always make me happy. The positivity you bring to my life is something I need forever. Thanks for being an amazing girl.

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18. Happy birthday to you. Life’s easy with friends like you. I have told a lot of people about you. And that means that I’m proud of you and happy to have you in my life

19. Happy birthday, miss awesome. In my heart, you’re rated five stars. You bring out the best in people and I am a testimony to that. Best wishes, girlie.

20. Happy birthday to you, my girl. Your uniqueness is good for me. Meeting you and being your friend, one of the best things to happen to me. Enjoy the day.

Birthday Wishes for A Female Friend From A Female

Are you a female and looking for creative and hot birthday wishes for your female friend? Then, this list is all you need. Twenty of the best wishes that can be sent from a female to her female friends are right here!

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21. Happy birthday, girl. Doing all the things we do together with you has shown me true friendship. You’re blessed, babe. Never forget that.

22. Happy birthday to you, the best friend in the world. I’ll be around at your birthday party to tell everyone that they should give you double of the gifts they prepared for you because you deserve that and even more.

23. Happy birthday to you, dearie. You’re making great use of all the amazing things and people God has given you, and that’s how I know that the years ahead will be great for you. I pray for the best for you. Amen.

24. Happy birthday, sweets. You know I have an addiction to sweets. Maybe it’s just me craving for something as sweet as you. Keep being this sweet girl and friend that you are.

25. Happy birthday to you, girl. I always jump at any opportunity to hang out with you because being with you is being at home. I love you so much, G.

26. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name). I expect you to get a lot of gifts today because I know you’ve blessed so many people and blessed them so much that they just have to have to repay you with gifts.

27. Happy birthday to you, my girl. I can’t wait to catch up with you so we can do all the things that girls like us do, celebrating the queen!

28. Happy birthday to you, sweet girl. Look into the super bright future you have and celebrate today with all excitement! I enjoy being a part of your life and having you as a part of mine.

29. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name). Today is your day. Have you ever been a queen? Then, get ready to be treated like one today. Have a blast, dear.

30. Happy birthday to you, sweets. Try to listen to the things people say about you. They are so beautiful that you will blush. This beautiful person that you are is who we celebrate today.

31. Happy birthday to you, girl. Every day, you’re excited like it’s your birthday. I can’t wait to see how excited you’ll be today that’s actually your birthday. Best wishes, babe.

32. Happy birthday to one amazing friend. I keep telling people how my friends are the best. With friends like you, what else does a girl need? I wish you long life and prosperity.

33. Happy birthday to the sweetest person I know. We’re celebrating another of you feeding us with joy and excitement. We’re thanking God for another year of you in our lives. Rock the day, girl.

34. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name). I would have taken a rest, but I’ll postpone it. Today is your day and I can’t stay at home. Best wishes, darl.

35. Happy birthday to you, girl. I’m looking forward to many days with you, many awesome days, and I’m wishing you long life and prosperity, so these days can come. Enjoy.

36. Happy birthday to you, beautiful. I know you’re already enjoying the goodies of the day. And I’m glad because I know you deserve every food and sweet thing. You know I love you, yeah?

37. Happy birthday, girl. Happiness will fill you so much until you don’t believe in any life outside a happy one. Wait and see. And enjoy all of your day.

38. Happy birthday to you, G. Your sweet friend and fan is reaching out to thank you for adding spice to her life and the lives of many around her. God will reward you plenty, sis.

39. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I don’t call you sweetheart for nothing. You’re the best friend anyone can have and I am happy my friend. Great things are waiting for you.

40. Happy birthday, babe. Keep my seat. Yesterday, I had a look at the list of sins and the worst read “Missing (insert friend’s name)’s birthday”. Much love, girl.

Birthday Wishes for A Female Friend From A Male

It can be quite hard to create beautiful birthday wishes for your female friends, especially if you’re male. But I am here to save the day by providing you with the best of creative wishes that can be sent from a male to his female friends.

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41. Happy birthday to you, my friend. You, my friend, is the sister I never had. Long life and prosperity are the least of my prayers and wishes for you.

42. Happy birthday to you, dear. Live life bigger and bigger, better and better, and never stop, even for a day. That’s the least of my wish for you, darl.

43. Happy birthday to one girl I love with all my heart. May your needs come to you, and may you find happiness in your gifts today. Enjoy your new age.

44. Happy birthday to you, girl. Your best life is waiting for you. I wish you get there sooner!

45. Happy birthday to you, sweet girl. One prayer I won’t stop praying for you is that you continue to live life in the intimidating way you do. Remember that I love you plenty.

46. Happy birthday to you, girl. The world is waiting to see more of the light shining from you. I’m waiting too. I can’t wait to meet you and celebrate with you today.

47. Happy birthday to you. May your favourite picture in your head become a reality. Send my greetings to everyone around and expect a gift!

48. Happy birthday to you, our baby girl. May the rest of your life be filled with more than triple of the excitement you bring to our lives. More grace to you!

49. Happy birthday to you, my G. The whole house is excited about your birthday and I’m here to be the first to wish you all good things. Love.

50. Happy birthday to you, friend and sister. I have witnessed you enjoying life well. I wish there is no end to this and that you only enjoy more as time goes on. Best wishes, hon.

51. Happy birthday to you, my friend. You have helped me build confidence and myself in some areas of life. If I don’t celebrate you, who will?

52. Happy birthday, dearest. May beauty continue to be seen in your life, and your face, may it forever remain beautiful.

53. Happy birthday to you, girl. The happier the day, the better for you and us all, so I wish you the happiest birthday so far.

54. Happy birthday to you, dear. These days are really harsh on us. I pray that your birthday not only marks a new age but the beginning of easy days for you and us. Amen.

55. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Your life is one heaven of an amazing testimony. You have so much to celebrate today, and I’m here to celebrate with you.

56. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name). You’re one of the most amazing cooks I know, and I can’t wait to have a taste of what you’ve prepared for us today!

57. Happy birthday to you, babe. I’m celebrating a queen, a woman who thrives wherever she finds herself, a woman who goes through life in an intimidating way! Keep shining, girl.

58. Happy birthday, girl. We’re enjoying your presence in our lives and we need you here for as long as possible, so we wish you long life and prosperity.

59. Happy birthday to you, darl. Really great things are set ahead of you. Enjoy them all, with all thanks to God who loves you endlessly.

60. Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend. With friends like you, I sleep well. And this peace is something I want to enjoy for as long as forever, so long life is one of my wishes for you.

Touching Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

You have a girl as your best friend, whether you’re male or female? And you need an emotional and cool and hot and creative wish for her birthday? Here are some of the most touching wishes, written with you in mind.

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61. Happy birthday, bestie. Merry days will be your testimony for the rest of your life. My wishes are also for joy and happiness and success in whatever you do.

62. Happy birthday to my best friend. May you excel in whatever you do. And remember to tell anyone that cares to hear that you’re the prettiest girl on earth.

63. Happy birthday to you, bestie. I may not be at your birthday, because of distance, but you know I’m there, in you, loving you and wishing you all good things. I love you, girl.

64. Happy birthday to the best friend in the world. The fun you bring to friendship is out of this world. And friendship with you is not just fun, but also a long exciting ride of successes! I wish you more greatness.

65. Happy birthday, best friend. I have best wishes for you. May you be the best in all you do, and may life favour you in the best way possible.

66. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you and I want to use this opportunity to remind you that I do. I also want to use now to remind you that I am always wishing you joy and peace and everything you need. Best wishes, babe.

67. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. You’re the happiness in every day, so I find it weird saying happy birthday because it’s obviously going to be happy. Well, I still wish you many blessings, more than you can handle.

68. Happy birthday to you, my bestie. Because you’re special to me, I’m wishing you all the things that will make your life more beautiful than you ever imagined it can be. Greatness is ahead of you.

69. Happy birthday to the best friend ever. Enjoy your crown as you go through the year, and may you never become less at what you do. Blessings.

70. Happy birthday to you, bestie. I want more wins, and, since a win for you is a win for me, I wish you more wins! Love.

71. Happy birthday to you, best friend ever. You’ll always have what you need to live your best and most pleasant life. That’s my wish for my bestie today.

72. Happy birthday to you, girl. Think of all the best things in the world, all you would love to have. Those are what I wish you get. Enjoy life, girl.

73. Happy birthday to my best friend. What do you wish for yourself? That’s exactly what I wish for you as you enter this beautiful new year that can’t wait to have you.

74. Happy birthday to you, sweet girl. Shine more than you’ve ever shone, succeed more than you’ve ever succeeded, and live better than you’ve ever lived.

75. Happy birthday to you. Let’s leave the bucket of wishes for later. Enjoy all you can until I come to trouble you. You’re my best friend for life.

76. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. One thing I’ve discovered is that you’re the best friend a person can have. Thanks for being mine.

77. Happy birthday to you, my baby girl. Everything about you is getting better and I only wish this happens three times faster! Enjoy your day, babe.

78. Happy birthday to my girl! To the one, I can spend forever with and not get tired. May your day be happier than all the days you’ve ever seen.

79. Happy birthday to you, my lady. I wish for you to smile all the days of your life. May you live long and happy and may we find more things to enjoy in our friendship.

80. Happy birthday to you, my best friend for life. Today’s the most exciting day for me in this month. In the midst of many stressful things, celebrating with you is a huge relief for me. Stay blessed.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

Funny wishes are great ways to add more excitement to anyone’s celebration. If you want to try them out on your best friend’s birthday, I got you. I compiled some creative wishes that I wrote and that will be perfect, especially if your friend is female.

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81. Happy birthday to you, bestie. The sun’s bright today, and I wish the candles on your birthday cake shine even brighter.

82. Happy birthday to you, girl. Yes, there are many people celebrating birthdays today, but you’re the prettiest of them all, and that’s why I chose to celebrate with you.

83. Happy birthday to you, girlie. Thanks for giving me so many reasons to roll on the floor in the previous year. Let’s rock another year, darl.

84. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. May your cake be so big that my share will be able to make up for the breakfast I missed.

85. Happy birthday to you, best friend. Take a break from work today and no one will know you’re as lazy as me. This tip is my gift for you today.

86. Happy birthday, bestie. I’m confident that I’ll go home filled today, so I’m cancelling my supper plans. Tonight will be lit!

87. Happy birthday to you, my G! Times moving so fast. Just yesterday you were (insert previous age) and today you are (insert new age). I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.

88. Happy birthday to you, B. I love the way you go through life one step at a time. Maybe it’s because you have beautiful legs and an attractive way of walking.

89. Happy to my best friend. Just a quick reminder that I need a lot of cake to be happy, so you can prepare for my arrival.

90. Happy birthday to you, best friend ever! You have nothing to fear. Nothing will make me miss your birthday!

91. Happy birthday to my best friend. All I have is yours, so do you really need a gift from me today?

92. Happy birthday to you, bestie. I heard about your food plans and I’m here to tell you that nothing will make me miss out on today’s party!

93. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. It’s been a long time since I was at a party. And today will see me bounce back!

94. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. You have one special place in my heart, and I can’t trade you even for my brand new iPhone.

95. Happy birthday to you, my sister. May we live longer so we can have more time to keep saying we are “best friends for life!”

96. Happy birthday to you, bestie. This year will be really great for us, and I think we should finally climb a rock!

97. Happy birthday to you, best friend. I love how you’re growing. Right now, you’re even as pretty as I was when I was your age.

98. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name). Live this life knowing that we will never stop partying together!

99. Happy birthday to you, baby girl. At the end of the day, cakes will be eaten and we will be sleeping like we just built a tower in one day!

100. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. Wherever you are, know that you’re loved by me and that the food at your party is all that’s on my mind.

After reading a list as hot as this, after reading birthday wishes that are perfect for this year 2024, wishes your female best friend will love, wishes that are heart touching, you should have more than you need to wish her a happy birthday.

As you reach out to your friend with these wishes, remember that you will be helping others if you share this article with them. So, kindly share with as many as possible. Thanks.

Written by Felix Busa

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