Birthday Prayers for 31 Years Old

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old

Messages of prayer are wonderful gifts you can give to someone celebrating his/her birthday. Birthdays are one of the most important days in someone’s life; it’s a day when everyone celebrates his/her coming into this world and this also helps to keep track of the year(s) a person has spent in this world.

Praying for our friends or families or even ourselves on that day is a very beneficial practice. It helps us to appreciate God for long life and also request for better years and long life.

Talking about the number of years a person has spent on earth, there are some significant numbers of years spent of which age 31 is among those special ages.

31 years of age is a one-step into the ’30s, and that is why I’m here with the best birthday prayers for 31 years old.

Happy 31st Birthday Prayers and Blessing

These amazing prayers can be used to celebrate the 31st birthday of your friend, neighbour, child, partner or colleague. Yes, they are a kind of ever-green blessing.

1. Happy birthday to you, wishing you more life, more prosperity, more success, more achievement and more knowledge of God in your life.

2. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Wishing you robust health, long life and prosperity.

3. Happy Birthday my dear brother. May this year be more fulfilling for me and my family in Jesus name.

4. I am tremendously blessed to celebrate with you today. On this new age, may God grant you good health and sound mind in Jesus name.

31st Birthday Prayers For Myself

I appreciate myself whenever I achieve something spectacular such as my 31st birthday. What better way to appreciate yourself on your birthday than putting your life in the hands of God with prayers!

Your 31st birthday is a very important day in your life because it’s the start of a new decade for you. So use the prayer point below to sincerely pray for yourself on this day.

5. Happy birthday to me, I pray the Lord to uphold me and grant me my heart desires. Grace for the race in Jesus name.

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old 1

6. Today is my 31st birthday, the start of a new decade in my, I pray for myself that it will also mark the start of greater heights for me in Jesus name.

7. On this special day of mine, I pray the Lord gives me all the joy and happiness my heart can contain.

8. I am so grateful to God to be blessed with another fantabulous year. I pray the God of heaven lights my path to success in Jesus name.

Birthday Prayers For 31 Years Old Sister or Brother

Make the big day of your brother or sister a remarkable one by sending them any of these birthday prayers as they become 31 years old. Show your love for them and how important they are in your life.

9. I want to thank the lord for breeding such a wonderful brother/sister among the children in this family. May God bless your new age. Happy 31st birthday to you.

10. Happy birthday, we honour and celebrate you today and beyond, it’s my prayer that we never lose you untimely, once again, I wish you a very happy birthday.

11. Brother/Sister I pronounce the favour of the Lord upon you, I release a divine connection needed to do exploit into your life in Jesus name.

12. Dear Brother/Sister I appreciate your impact, labour and presence in my life. I pronounce good and great things of life in good health and massive blessings into your life. Happy birthday!

13. You are tremendously blessed on your new age. God will grant you good health and sound mind throughout the rest of your life. Happy Birthday, brother!

14. Happy birthday to a loving and caring sister, I can’t love you less, for you are such a darling sister. Wishing you more prosperous years ahead in good health!

31st Birthday Prayers For My Son And Daughter

Your son and daughter are your biggest gifts. Their success in life also means your success. Pour out showers of birthday prayers on their 31st birthday using these messages.

15. Son, as you clock 31 today, go and fulfil your destiny. You are tremendously blessed in Jesus name.

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old 2

16. Since 31 years ago when I gave birth to you, you have always being a bundle of joy to this family, my son, may God bless you with greater joy all the days of your life.

17. Daughter, you are a jewel of inestimable value, there is so much light within you to brighten my world. As you mark your 31st birthday today, I command divine oil of surplus and grace to fall upon you in Jesus name.

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18. Dear son/daughter, the courage and strength that was bestowed upon David to defeat Goliath, I decree and declare that God in his infinite mercy bestows it upon you to defeat all your enemies. Happy 31st birthday!

19. I’m grateful to God for letting you make it this far, and my prayer for you is to see more of this day in Jesus name.

20. 31 years of age marks the beginning of the third decade in your life, it’s my prayer that you shall be blessed with every quality needed to live a happy and successful life. Happy birthday my son/daughter

21. My son/daughter, as you celebrate your birthday today, it is my humble prayer that every enemy that rises against you will be defeated before you. They will come from one direction and flee in seven directions in Jesus name.

22. I feel so fortunate to have you as my child, may you prosper abundantly in every aspect of your life. Do have a wonderful birthday, my dearest child.

23. it’s a beautiful day my dear child, I wish you greatness and renewed vigour and energy to survive the years ahead. Happy 31st Birthday!

31st Birthday Prayers For My Nephew

Let your nephew know how important he is in your life, by sending these prayers on his 31st birthday.

24. Hey nephew, the Lord God will make you successful in everything you do and take delight in prospering you. Happy birthday

25. Happy birthday dearest nephew, you are a close friend who is always filled with joy and happiness, may that happiness never depart from you.

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old 3

26. You clocking 31gives me great joy as my wonderful nephew, I pray you would continue to live in good health and blessing in Jesus name.

31st Birthday Prayers For My Cousin

Cousins are like our brothers or sisters from another parent. Sending prayers to them on their birthday shows how much you cherish and appreciate their presence in your life.

27. I am so grateful to God for bringing such a cousin into my life; I can’t hide that happiness and joy in me whenever I remember I have a cousin like you. May God continue to uphold and strengthen you, happy belated birthday.

28. Happy birthday cousin, I wish you much more beautiful year in God’s presence and purpose, may God bless you abundantly.

29. Thumbs up for the wonderful cousin of remarkable excellence. Happy birthday to you cousin and may the lines fall for you in a million good places.

31st Birthday Prayers For My Aunt or Uncle

Wish your aunt or uncle a very blessed 31st birthday with any of the Christian prayers below.

30. Uncle, you mean more to me than you can ever think of and you are one of my most valued treasures on earth, may God continue to bless you abundantly.

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old 4

31. Uncle/Aunt as you add up another year today, May the angel of finances pay you visitation in Jesus name, you would never lack anything good all through the rest of your life.

32. Uncle/Aunt I declare and decree into your life on this day, anyone rising against you shall fall for your sake. Happy 31st birthday.

33. Happy Birthday to you Uncle/Aunt, I honour and cherish your presence in my life, thank you for every assistance you’ve rendered to me. My prayer for you is that God shall not remove his hands of blessings upon your life in Jesus name.

34. I wish you a happy 31st birthday my dear aunt/uncle. May God grant you long life to witness the greatness of your children in Jesus name.

31st Birthday Prayers For My Sister-In-Law

Use these beautiful lines of prayers to shower blessings on your sister-in-law on her 31st birthday.

35. If I am opportune to write on your special day, then I will write an epistle. If I am to speak about you I will have a long sermon because you are a special being and a rear thorough breed sister-in-law.

36. Happy birthday my good sister. I pray the goodness and mercy of God will continually be your portion. Age gracefully.

37. My best sister-in-law may God turn your ashes into beauty. Sister, I wish you only the best out of life.

38. Happy Birthday, sister-in-law. More age, more sound health, abundant blessing and divine peace for you and all that are yours. Congratulations to you.

31st Birthday Prayers For My Brother-In-Law

Send these awesome lines of prayers to your brother-in-law on his 31st birthday to wish him long life and pray for his success in the years to come.

39. Happy birthday my blood brother from another mother. As you clock 31 today, I hope you will have fruitful years ahead in good health of mind and body. Cheers to another wonderful 365days full of great testimonies and success.

40. Happy birthday dear brother, may the lord colour your world and bless your new age, age with massive grace. Love you brother.

41. I pray for you my dear brother-in-law, may you live in health and prosper even as your soul prospereth clocking 31 today.

42. Happy 31st birthday my dearest brother-in-law. I pray for God’s protection over your life. You shall not die prematurely in Jesus name

31st Birthday Prayers For Dad or Mom

Parents are your second God because, without them, you won’t be on earth today. Your dad or mom is the pipe God used to send you to earth. Here are some birthday prayers you can say to them on their 31st birthday to make them feel really special.

43. Happy Birthday to my great and fantastic mentor, I wish you the best in the years ahead sir. Long life and prosperity.

44. Happy birthday to a great woman of excellent virtue my mom, your new age is blessed ma, you will not labour in vain and God will crown all your efforts and make your desires come true.

44. Happy birthday to my ever-supportive Dad/Mom, I sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made for me and you will make for me. May God continue to strengthen you.

45. Happy Birthday dad/mom, I love you and I am happy that I am your child. I just want to let you know that being your child has to be the greatest blessing I ever had. Once again happy birthday to you

31st Birthday Prayers For 31 Years old

46. Dad/Mom as you celebrate your birthday today, I decree God’s blessings upon your life. The long-life you need to eat the fruit of your labour, I pray God grants it unto you in Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday!

47. Today marks the 31st year my source came into this world. Dad/Mom as you never forsake me when you brought me into this world, the lord would never forsake you. Happy birthday!

48. Father in heaven I thank you for giving me the gift of life through my parents, I am so grateful you’ve blessed them with another wonderful year, I pray you to grant them all their wishes and give them eternal happiness.

49. Dad/Mom, may God grant you the strength to face all challenges life brings to you and also the wisdom to guide me through the right path in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

50. Heavenly Father, I give you thanks for the beautiful and blessed gift of a mother you gave to me. You said in your word that “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you future and hope”. Oh lord; I want you to use this 31st birthday celebration to manifest your plans in her life in Jesus name. Happy birthday, mommy.

Opening Prayers for 31st Birthday Party

You can use these opening prayers to beautify your friend’s 31st birthday party. 

51. As we begin the celebration of our dearest friend, we pray that the Lord above all will bless her beyond human comprehension and make the day blissful.

52. Lord, we commit this special day into your hands. Make it as bright as the sky and as colourful as the rose flowers on the field.

53. As we gather together to jubilate with the big 31 of our sister/brother in the Lord, we pray that the lord will beautify her life and make all her dreams come true.

54. It’s a bright new day and we are glad to spend it celebrating a very special person to us. We pray that this day shall always be remembered in the life of the celebrant for good. No evil shall change this history in Jesus name.

55. As we celebrate today, may we always find lots of other things to celebrate about in the future. The celebrant shall grow in strength and wisdom for the rest of her/his life. Amen.

The age of 31 is the first step into the ’30s, which is the start of being a completely grown adult. 31st birthday prayers on such special days can go a long way than you can imagine. Celebrating someone’s newly added year with some lines of prayers is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the celebrant because it, most times, opens numerous doors of a breakthrough for the celebrant.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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