Best Happy New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

2024 Best Happy New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

Finally, and despite all odds, you made it to another year, 2024. Despite all the adventures and experiences that came hand in hand with 2024 (which we can not say are altogether pleasant ones), you did it and not just you but your family and friends too.

For 2024, some of us have had various encounters, the good, the not so nice, the ugly but then we made it through the year. No matter what we’ve had to go through in the last year, one thing is very sure, and it’s the fact that we don’t know what the new year 2024 has in store for us, for our friends and family too. We can only be optimistic that it will be a good year.

It is time to raise more hope, to get new dreams and if possible, make new resolutions for the incoming year. Also, it is a time for you to reconnect with acquaintances after a long, busy and maybe tiring year. Time to forget the old year and every unpleasant memory it brought along and embrace the new things that are to come.

That’s why a whole lot of people dream on and make plans for new dreams and achievements, some people draw up new year resolutions and make plans for another business year.

But then, no matter where you are in any part of the world, it is a sure thing everyone around you anticipates the rolling in of a new year.

And if you are one out of the small percentage of the human population that doesn’t really get worked up whether it’s a new year or not, still, you’ll have to celebrate your family and loved ones.

As glasses are raised and toasts made to the coming of the new year, let your special message and wishes add to the excitements that your loved ones feel as they celebrate. That’s why you have to send some happy new year wishes across to your loved ones. If your relationship with your acquaintances is not cordial, this is the time to build close bonds with them. You should do all you can to show that you care about /building relationships/ and sharing your joy with every other person this holiday season.

These are some of the best happy new year wishes for friends and family in 2024 that you can make a choice from to send across to your loved ones.
You can also get some printed on cards, or pasted on a gift, or whatever you deem creative enough.
Just make sure that no matter what, you’re wishing your family, friends and loved ones a happy and prosperous 2024 ahead.

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Happy New Year Messages for Friends and Family

It’s time to wish your friends and family a happy new year but you’re not so sure of the right words to send across to them, these happy new year messages will suffice. Just copy any one of your choice.
And in case, you might want to send some special greetings for occasions to them too.

1. Thank God for all that we’ve been through this year, I am optimistic that 2024 will be a year of all-round blessing and prosperity for you and family. May all you have lost be recovered fully. Happy new year.

2. Forget all of the troubles that came with 2024, 2024 will be a beautiful year filled with pleasant adventures. The Lord is rewarding you with a double portion for all of your hard work. Welcome to a brand new year, it will favour you.

3. May 2024 usher in much joy, an abundance of fun and overflowing peace of mind. This is my heartiest first happy new year wish and I am making it available for you and family.

4. My deepest prayers are that this new year will be the best year yet for you and family. No matter how heavy the losses you recorded in 2024, I pray that God will replenish them for you in manifolds too.

5. In 2024, may all dreams come true for you and all hopes be fulfilled! As the year begins, I wish you so much joy and amazing surprises for days to come. Welcome to the best year yet, may it favour you totally.

6. No matter what, you were able to make some pleasant memories in 2024, I pray that this new year, these memories will multiple in folds. Welcome to your years of wonders, Happy New Year 2024!

7. May the incoming year bring in blessings and so much peace for your heart. I hope you’re set for all it promised to bring because I’m sure they’re positive overflow. Welcome to 2024.

8. With this, we come to the close of 2024 and we pray that 2024 will decorate your life in several ways than one. Welcome to a year that promises a lot of blessings for you. I wish you a very good year ahead.

9. It’s another year and I’m sure that you’re prepared for it already. May the festivities of this season be a remarkable one and fill your hearts with beautiful optimism for the year ahead. Happy new year to you and your family.

10. A few hours more and this year is exhausted already. I wish you all the very best that you want for 2024. I pray that everything you set your heart on will be fulfilled for you, fully. May God be with you in the new year. Happy New Year 2024.

Heart Touching New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

Searching for heart touching new year wishes for friends and family for the new year? These wishes are just what you need.

You can send these happy holidays messages to your family and friends.

11. It’s a good thing another year is coming to an end, it will give you and I another opportunity at making whatever we can of life, and enjoying all that comes with one’s existence. This new year, we will experience nothing but greater things. Happy New Year to us.

12. 2024 down, 2024 to go. I’m sure that like me, you can’t wait to explore the new year and all it’s bringing in. My only prayers are that it will bring to us nothing but good news. I wish you a prosperous year ahead. Welcome to 2024.

13. Only good news and pleasant surprises are allowed for you and family in this new year. I pray that the New year brings to you happiness, peace, and prosperity. I wish you a joyous 2024 ahead.

14. I want to wish you and family a very happy new year. No matter what it tries, this year will favour you totally and you will come out of it victorious. Happy New Year to you all.

15. It’s nice to know that the people we started 2024 together are still existing as we start 2024. In this new year, may every dream come true for you. God’s blessings all the way.

16. This year showed me more than enough reasons to give up, but you and family gave me enough reasons to keep holding on. Thanks for always been there, I wish you a very prosperous 2024.

17. Thanks for being my pillar of support from the beginning, thanks for never letting me down, thank you for being there for me and giving me a family in yours. I wish you a year filled with tremendous opportunities. Happy new year.

18. Thank God we made it! Happy new year 2024, may all of our endeavours be successful this year and beyond. With all of my heart, I wish you and family a happy new year.

19. Thank God we made it through 2024, it was a really long journey but we thank God because we are still here. There’s nothing more that I wish for than 2024 that’s far better than 2024 for you and family. Happy New Year dear.

20. It’s time to set new dreams and embrace the promise of hopes, dreams and ambitions that 2024 is set to roll in. 2024 was great, 2024 will be greater. This year, we will win all round. Happy New Year!

Best New Year Text Messages for Friends and Family

The best new year text messages for your friends and family are here and I’m sure you won’t hesitate to make a choice of the one you’ll love to share with your friends and family.

21. Prayers and wishes for the new year with my a dose of positivity are here to be your escort for the life that lies ahead of you this new year. May all your dreams come true, happy new year to you.

22. It’s time to drop the old and hold unto the promises of newness that comes with the beginning of another year. Your dreams and hopes will not be shattered this new year. Welcome to total prosperity.

23. Welcome to 2024 my dears, I wish you a year filled with laughter, success and great peace of mind. May God’s blessings never depart from you and yours. I wish you a prosperous year ahead.

24. It’s a new year, time to raise new hopes, make a new resolution and have new and bubbly energy. My wishes for you are new and warm too, I hope you have an amazing year ahead.

25. There’s nothing more that I wish that a promising and quite fulfilling year. This new year, everything you lay your hands on will prosper. God is giving you rest in all sides in 2024, I wish you a new year filled with excitements all the way.

26. Another 12 months of all-round achievements is here for you and I pray that it is filled with pleasant adventures and eternal happiness for you and your family, happy new year.

27. It’s time to get committed again and I hope that unlike 2024, nothing will discourage us all in 2024. Hopes and dreams will not be shattered. Happy new year, may it unfold beautiful things to you and family

28. May every joy you encountered in the last year never be cut short in this new year. This year, we will not walk in dark paths. God’s blessings are my prayers for you and family this new year. Happy 2024.

29. In this new year, the Lord will decorate your life with colours in every aspect. May your light shine bright and never go dim now and forever. Welcome to your best year yet. Happy New Year!

30. This new year, I pray that in everything you lay hands-on, you’ll not just succeed but you will exceedingly excel. It’s your year of jubilation already, believe it. Happy New Year to you and all of yours.

Best New Year Wishes for Best Friend

It’s the beginning of 2024 and you shouldn’t even consider not wishing your best friend. It’s being a long 2024, motivate and appreciate your best friend with any of these best new year wishes.

31. Your kind is rare, the strength you exude is more than I can even describe. 2024 was a lot of whirling around but I wish you a very peaceful 2024. You will not be stranded this year. Happy New Year my best friend.

32. Despite everything, we made it to 2024, there’s not much to say than to hope that every dream we have come true! It’s going to be a pleasant year ahead by God’s grace. Happy New Year to you dear.

33. Let’s open the blank book that’s presented to us as a new year and write on it each of our dreams and aspirations. This new year, may our story come out beautiful. Happy New Year to us.

34. My wishes are that the new year be filled with possibilities and positivities for us all. May this new year bring in nothing but joy for us. I pray that this new year will be filled with pleasant adventures and positive vibes for you, throughout.

35. It’s another time to turn into the fresh lashes of another history. I hope you get the strength you need for each of your days this year and beyond. Happy new year, my best friend.

36. This year, we’ll have more fun, enjoy life more, encourage each other and be there for each other no matter what. 2024 was rough, that’s why I pray we’ll enjoy 2024 the more. Happy new year to us buddy.

37. May this new year unfold unto you the ultimate joy that your heart desires and help you get more than just one step closer to your dreams. I wish you a prosperous 2024 my dear friend.

38. Once again, I want you to know that I appreciate your presence in my life. You’ve proved to be more than just friends to me and that’s my life’s blessing. I wish that this new year, you will be blessed abundantly. Happy New Year dear friend.

39. With you by my side as my best friend, it’s a beautiful year already. I can’t wait to explore all it’s got for us. More of God’s blessings this year and beyond my dear friend. Happy New Year to us!

40. Thank you for sticking as my best friend all these days, we’ve been through years together and I pray that this year will be an exceptionally awesome one for us. Happy New Year man, let’s explore 2024.

Funny New Year Quotes for Friends and Family

Without doubts, 2024 has been one great and a little bit rough year, but then, you can put a smile on the face of your family and friends as they enter into 2024 so that their mind is open to the bright side at the beginning of the year.

You should check out different wishes for anniversaries too.

41. Who would have thought 2024 will finally come to an end, a great year I’ll say! Thank God, we made it through and now, let’s go have all the fun to celebrate coming out of 2024 unscathed. Happy New Year to us!

42. Today, I’m the happiest human alive if you ask me. Thank God 2024 is over, at last! Dear 2024, prepare to be as gentle as you can to us all. Happy New Year!

43. I hope you’re ready to start the new year with a brand new hope, one very different from that of 2024? This year is definitely going to be a good one, better than the last so Let’s do this! Welcome to 2024.

44. I would have not being bothered about the turning of a new year but then I remember how much of a rollercoaster 2024 was, so, let’s be optimistic and look forward to a better 2024. Happy new year to us!

45. Thank God we made it, and yes I want to be dramatic because 2024 was one badass year! You all are the reasons I need to smile in my life, so I am wishing you a very beautiful 2024 ahead. Happy New Year to us!

46. Dear 2024, please don’t take after your brother 2024, he was way too nasty. Please bring in more than enough fun and joy to us. Thank you, signed by a concerned human on behalf of my friends and family.

47. I don’t want to be too harsh but I really couldn’t wait for 2024 to be done and over with! One year enclosed in three years altogether. It’s 2024 and yes, I am more than excited. Happy New Year!

48. Dear 2024, my only wish is for you to be a better year and do a much better job than 2024 did. Please be nicer too, thank you.

49. I pray that we all have a year that is filled with more happiness and strength to overcome all of the stress that came with 2024. It’s good we survived it, look forward to an amazing year ahead. Happy new year to you and all of yours.

50. Through it all, it’s been a very long 2024 and all I can say is that it’s a good thing it’s all over. May we not fade away in this new year. I wish you and yours a very fulfilling new year.

Happy New Year Msg and Sms for Friends and Family

In search of the best and ideal happy new year messages and Sms for friends and family? Your search is done because right here are the perfect happy new year messages and Sms

51. This message is just to remind you that the beginning of another year is here and you will definitely be favoured of God in this new year. May God’s grace be with you as you go. Happy New Year to you all.

52. Every good thing of life you’ve admired but is yet to come through will break forth in this new year. It is time to celebrate for you and yours. Happy new year,

53. I pray that every optimism which you’ve entered this year with will not be exhausted or shattered. The creator of times and seasons will make this year a perfect one for us all. Welcome to 2024.

54. I hope that this year will usher in into you many blessings that will exist even for the years to come. I wish you a very wonderful and peaceful celebrating. Happy new year to you all.

55. It’s the beginning of another year, a time to plan and restrategize for things that are to come. I pray that this year, your efforts will not be to waste. Everything will work for your good in this new year. Welcome to another year of possibilities.

56. Thank God that years come and go, it is a perfect opportunity for when to end and start all over again. This new year, I wish for you that you’ll be happy and all your dreams will be achieved. May God take care of you this year. Happy New Year to you and all that’s yours.

57. This new year, I pray you’ll always find the opportunity to appreciate God no matter what. Last year is gone and the new year is here with pleasant adventures just for you. May God be with you this new year.

58. The beginning of the year is always an exciting time, I pray that this excitement wi not be lost in the course of the year. Welcome to 2024, I pray this year will be a good one.

59. If anything at all, God is going to crown every if your efforts for this year with good results, you will not be exhausted. I wish you a very glamorous 2024.

60. Thank God for the beginning of another year which we’re celebrating now, I wish you a very spectacular 2024. May pleasant opportunities unfold for you and your family. Happy new year.

Happy New Year to A Special Friend

Don’t be left out, send a very nice and heartfelt happy new year message to your special friend, that’s a way of letting them know that you’re with him/her every step of the way in the new year.

61. People like you are the ones that make the world go round, the ones that reach out to our soul and brightens it up no matter what clouds loom ahead. Thank you for you, 2024 was awesome, let’s do more in 2024. Happy new year to you my most special human.

62. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a big thank you for the memory we shared in this past year. Let’s do more with spectacular times in 2024. Welcome to another brand new year my dear friend.

63. One thing I’m grateful to God for is the fact that I have you with me despite everything 2024 dished out. Thank you for being a friend indeed. In this new year, I pray that help will locate you too. Happy new year, my dearest.

64. Thank you for being my companion in this journey, it wouldn’t have been any easy if you weren’t there with me. In this new year, you will also find favour. Let’s make more memories in 2024. Welcome aboard my dear friend, it’s going to be a spectacular year for you, for us.

65. Without you as my family, I wouldn’t have survived and come this far. Thank you for being awesome always. This new year, I pray that God plants permanent smiles on your face. Happy new year to you.

66. In this new year, may all dreams come true and we will have every reason to laugh heartily and celebrate. Cheers to 2024 and all the goodies it’s bringing in. Happy new year to you.

67. Despite all, last year was good, I am very positive that this year will be better no matter what it feels like right now. May every dreams and wish come true in 2024. Happy new year to you!

68. It’s that time of the year when people make resolutions and all, I advise you not to waste your time. Just live each day as they come. Happy new year!!

69. This new year, you’re getting better than the last. I pray that all your problems vanish and you’ll have the courage to face everything that comes your way. I wish you a very prosperous 2024. Happy new year!

70. Being associated with people like you is more than an achievement. I am so thankful because, thorough it all, I always look back and see you right there cheering me on. In this new year, I pray that everything you hope for will come to pass. Happy new year to you.

Happy New Year Status for Friends and Family

71. No matter how hard it was last year, I’m very confident if the fact that this year, it will only get better. With loads of love from me, I wish you a very happy new year ahead!

72. Beautiful, exciting, lovely, amazing, calm and prosperous, that’s what 2024 is going to turn out to. It’s going to be an amazing year already.

73. May the incoming year bring in more than enough fruitfulness for all of your hard work! You are doing well, Happy New Year to you!

74. With the whole of my heart, I am sending my most genuine wishes that you will have a very smooth 2024 ahead. May this year be filled with nothing but pure joy for you.

75. May every opportunity that comes up turn into a great success for you in this coming year. All is working for your good. I wish you a very beautiful 2024 ahead!

76. My days would have been very boring if you’re not in it with me. Thank you for the experience of having you. I wish you a very perfect 2024 ahead.

77. On behalf of my humble self and I, I want to smoothly and happily welcome you into 2024. I wish you blessings and prosperity this year.

78. I pray that you will enjoy the coming year with great peace of mind. May you always find reasons to laugh out loud and genuinely too. Happy new year!

79. I am sincerely wishing you a very marvellous year filled with loads of success and promotions just for you. You are a good person so you deserve it. Happy new year 2024. God’s blessing follow you.

80. People like you make the world go round, you make everything perfect even in their imperfections. This new year, I pray that you’ll be favoured. God bless everything you lay your hands on in 2024 for you. Happy New Year.

New Year Greetings for Family and Friends

Do something different outside the norms, creatively send some new year greetings to your family and friends for this period.
It’s been a long year, it’s the least you can do for your acquaintances.

81. It’s the coming of a new year and the message is quite simple. Don’t stop aiming, don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop hoping and been stop praying. May God be with you in this new year. Have a great one ahead.

82. No matter what comes your way, this new year and even beyond, success is yours all the way. It’s going to be a very happy year ahead. Happy new year and God bless you.

83. In this new year, you’re encouraged, you’re strengthened, you’re motivated, you’re favoured, everything you lay your hands on to do will greatly prosper. God’s got you entirely. Happy new year 2024.

84. For every of your past labour, God is giving unto you new favours this new year. It is going to be a very exciting and quite adventurous year ahead, I’m quite optimistic. Happy new year to you.

85. Soon it is going to be sunset and everything that has to do with 2024 will be exhausted. Thank God because I got you guys, it’s been a very amazing year, let’s do more of this in 2024. God bless you!

86. May the happiness that comes with every new year never fade out for you. I wish you happiness all-round in this new year. May your heart be merry forever. Happy New Year!

87. Don’t forget to hold onto everything that has made you smiles in this year, trust me, that stuff is the real MVP. I wish you a beautiful 2024 ahead. Happy new year!

88. May every step you take lead you into pleasant and wonderful adventures. May all your stress be drowned completely. You have done well so far, I wish you the most beautiful year you’ve ever seen ahead. Welcome to 2024.

89. I pray that you will enjoy every moment of your days in this year. I pray that your mind be opened to amazing opportunities too so that you will have a great year ahead. Welcome to 2024, it’s going to be a good one.

90. Don’t feel sad that 2024 is gone, instead, look into the future with a bright mind and an open heart to greater things that lie ahead. May this year be filled with colours and brightness. Welcome to a beautiful 2024.

New Year Thank You Messages for Friends and Family

What other time is best appropriate to say thank you to your family and friends for all they’ve done, for having them in your life and for sticking with you other than on new year celebrations?

Which other ways are there to show that you appreciate your family and friends except on new year day? Not everyone has the opportunity to be surrounded by the people they love and are related to. Say thank you to this set of special people you’ve got in your life, with these unique new year thank you messages for friends and family.

It is that time of the year again when despite the busy schedules of everyone, they’re united and they show it by coming together to celebrate. Show your relations that you’re grateful for the gift of them unto you. That’s how to maintain a cordial family relationship

91. Another year is gone and the best part of it is when I get to meet my family again. I just want to say thank you guys for your love for me. It is something I can’t ever trade for anything. I wish you all a very happy new year ahead.

92. May the incoming year be the most fruitful one we’ve seen so far, may it add more fun to our lives. Thank you guys for an amazing 2024. 2024, here we come!

93. It’s been a very great year for me and that’s all thanks to the support you guys gave to me. To the best family ever, toast to 2024! Happy new year guys.

94. I am grateful for life, for family, for friends and for every good thing I enjoy. May the incoming year give us many more pleasant memories to share. Happy New Year guys!

95. A new year is a perfect time for another chance to do things right, and I hope this will help us as we go in the new year. To the best family in the whole world that anyone could ever ask for, I raise my glass to say “thank you and have a pleasant 2024 ahead!”

New Year Wishes for Facebook Friends and Family

Your Facebook friends are family now, I’m sure several people will agree with me on this. They’re the one you share some parts of your life and moments with, it is only deserving that you wish this virtual family a beautiful new year ahead.

96. I know some people whose new year resolutions don’t last more than hours. Well, that’s why I’m praying for y’all that your troubles will last as long and these premature resolutions. Happy new year fam.

97. It’s a new year and a new beginning. I pray that in this new year, we will not fail. 2024 was good but 2024 will be better fam, I’m in high hopes. Welcome to a brand new year that has got beautiful gifts to unfold.

98. How time flies, it seems just like yesterday that we started this year. It’s been a bumpy ride but then, thank God we had each other to lean on. It’s going to be a good year ahead. Happy new year fam!

99. Let go of every imperfection that came with the last year, it’s time to start anew, on a fresh plate. This new year will be a better one. Welcome to 2024 fam.

100. In this new year, may every opportunity we missed from the previous years catch up to us. May 2024 favour us totally. It’s a year of laughter already. Happy new year everyone.

No matter what it seems like, the new year is always a time to celebrate, that’s why you need the right words to convey your thoughts to the people in your life as they (and you also) start another year.

In this post, you will find that the best happy new year wishes for friends and family that have been complied specially for you are the right words to appreciate, celebrate and motivate your loved ones in readiness for the new year.

Send your loved ones any of these wishes and touch their heart with love that’ll make them look forward to the new year.

Thank you for your patience to read through this, I’m sure you might have found some of the wishes you needed, all you need do is select and forward to your loved ones

Don’t forget to reach out via the comment section, let me know what you think. As a matter of fact, I always look forward to it.

And just one more thing before you go, please don’t hesitate to share this post, that’s a swift way to reach my heart.

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