Best New Year Status for Whatsapp

2024 Best New Year Status for Whatsapp

It is a new year! 2024 is here, and I assume you are tired of saying just, ‘happy new year’. You need some other inspiring, motivating and captivating words to convey your new year wishes to your loved ones through WhatsApp. Not to mention how unprecedented 2024 was, many looked forward to 2024.

So, saying only happy new year sounds like a cliché at this point. However, what are alternative ways to say, ‘happy new year’?

As you are wishing your loved ones and yourself a great year, you can also inspire in them life-changing resolutions to make for a better year. All these are things you can say besides, ‘happy new year’.

If you need inspiration on how to go about it, I’ve got you covered with the best new year status for Whatsapp status.

Best Whatsapp Status for New Year

There are different ways to write the best new year messages out there but are you thinking of a unique way to wish your WhatsApp contacts a happy new year? This collection of best WhatsApp status for the new year is for you.

1. Happy new year. Congratulations to every one of us for seeing the new year. We give thanks and honour to God.

2. Whoever was able to scale through the hurdles of last year need not do anything but trust God for an even better new year this time.

3. I’ve many reasons I’m glad to have crossed over into a new year; top on the list is that I’m still alive, breathing, and growing, which means God isn’t done with me yet.

4. At some point, I thought I wasn’t going to make it out of last year but I saw the hand of God turn my captivity into victory like a dream. Happy new year!

5. This new year, I’m going to be very gentle with myself. I believe sound results are not produced from a place of confusion. Cheers to the new year!

6. There is this joy the new year brings, it assures us of a fresh start, a fresh grace, and a fresh sheet. Everybody gets to choose to do something differently.

7. Finally, the year we have all been looking forward to is here now. I feel the vibes already, it’s priceless. Happy new year to everyone.

8. I’m overjoyed being alive to see this very new year; it is a huge miracle of which I’m most thankful to God for. Happy new year.

Happy New Year Wishes Whatsapp Images

You might want to create creative and happy WhatsApp images for your WhatsApp status to celebrate the new year and wondering how to go about it. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place.

9. Welcome to a brand new year, may this new year be favourable to you. Happy new year.

10. Happy new year, gorgeous soul. May this joy and laughter never cease from your life.

11. The colours of your heart are like the colours of the rainbow, may nothing bring darkness to your shine this new year.

12. There are lots of goodies in store for you this new year, just keep calm and let them reach you. Happy new year.

13. I don’t care what last year may have brought to you, but in this new year, miracles in numerous numbers are in line for you. Happy new year.

14. You’re victorious on every side. There shall be no lack, no loss, and no limitation. Welcome to an amazing brand new year. You shall harvest God’s blessings.

15. God has set his love upon you this new year, don’t let the enemy shake your confidence. You have a Godly heritage. Happy new year.

16. May this new year release all the blessings of God upon your life, and may the lines fall for you in pleasant places. Happy new year.

Happy New Year Messages for Whatsapp

Writing a new year message on your WhatsApp status does not change that fact that you should send new year messages to certain people on Whatsapp as well. Use any of these to get started.

17. I’m delighted to witness the start of another 365 days with you. Welcome to a brand new year. During the course of this year, while you pursue money and dreams, don’t forget me, don’t forget God.

18. Isn’t it wonderful to be celebrating a brand new year? I’m glad to see you this new year. You shall get all that you have purposed for this new year.

19. A happy new year to you. It’s a privilege to have you here despite the challenges of the previous year. I’m super proud of your previous achievements, and I strongly believe you can do much more this new year.

20. You’re not ordinary, it is in God’s divine agenda to bring you into this new year. Have in mind that you are part of His intricate plan. Happy new year.

21. You’re a covenant child, and may the purpose to which God has brought you into this brand new year come to light. You shall excel like never before. Happy new year.

22. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, and the reason to which I’m thankful for you is that I walked into this new year with you. That’s a lot of achievement on its own. You shall walk with clarity and sound mind this new year. Happy new year.

23. Don’t think about what you lost but be grateful that you survived. This new year, God will rewrite your story. Happy new year.

24. It’s thrilling to feel the new energy in the world. A brand new year is just so great. It wasn’t easy and I’m glad to see you are in this new year with me.

25. Happy new year. I sincerely celebrate you for making it into a brand new year. You’re triumphant. May you have the strength of the tiger, the speed of the cheetah, and the eyes of the eagle this new year.

Happy New Year Wishes Whatsapp Status

What are your wishes for your WhatsApp contacts in the new year? Why don’t you wish them with any of these happy new year wishes.

26. It’s wonderful to see another brand new year. Nobody would say it is by their power or might, and to this end, I’m thankful for my life, and that of everyone seeing this post.

27. At some point last year, I felt like I was drowning. Whatever happened that made me finish strong and enter a new year wasn’t by my strength. God is awesome.

28. Sometimes, we tend to focus on the things we don’t have, concentrating on what should make us sad instead of happy. This year, I’m not going to let that be the story anymore.

29. I couldn’t have made it into this year on my own. I was helped by God. It’s a testimony I cannot afford to swallow. It’s God that allowed me to see this new year.

30. God has brought us out of darkness into His marvellous light. To think that we thought we would not survive last year. I’m very glad to be seeing yet another brand new year.

31. To everyone seeing this post, I thank God for you. It’s not because we are special that we are seeing another year. It was God’s mercies.

32. It’s another brand new year, excitement is heating up over the roof, and I’m glad to witness this new year with you all. Happy new year.

New Year Quotes for Whatsapp Status

A new year means a new beginning for many, a time to reflect and make plans for the future. This is why we need quotes; to reflect our thoughts and put them in perspective. If you are looking for new quotes for your WhatsApp status, you’ve come to the right place.

33. There is grace attached to every start. Recognising this grace and working with it can change the trajectory of anybody’s life, especially on a new year like this one.

34. A new year is a time to reflect and make new resolutions. The beginning of anything matters a lot. I hope we all make great decisions at the start of this year.

35. Life is chiefly not about how long you lived in it, rather, how good and effective your time here amounted to because a man who died at 100 with little or no achievement can’t be remembered like another with a short but effective life.

36. We all have our different definitions of the best life. This new year, just make sure you’re living out yours.

37. The foundation of anything matters a lot. A year well started has the power to take you to heights unimaginable. You can start well this new year.

38. In this brand new year, learn to water your own side of the ground. Others are doing theirs too, that’s why they get massive results in the long run.

39. One thing to not forget this new year is that you’re not stuck at that place you are. You can rise from anything. Just keep thinking new thoughts, and taking the best of the opportunities that come your way.

40. A man without a plan is like a moving vehicle without a driver, next he goes tumbling down the cliff. Have a plan for this new year and be committed to it.

41. It’s always different when challenges meet you with a well-structured timetable for the new year. You may not achieve all but, assuredly, you will achieve most.

Funny New Year Whatsapp Status

Laughter is good. We are always encouraged to laugh. So why not put a smile on the faces of your WhatsApp contacts with this funny new year WhatsApp status?

42. One thing common about a new year is always the new year resolution, which most people throw away even before the first month goes halfway. I hope you will not throw yours away by February.

43. You see that habit you have been postponing to end. Don’t let this year go on with the same failed narrative. You’re a human being; stop being as unstable as the traffic light.

44. There is essentially nothing an honest man won’t do to survive a hard economy as long as it doesn’t warrant him to steal from other’s pockets and brandish it as hard-earned. Try being that honest man this new year.

45. Who else has noticed that people now sneak into their hometown just for two days and sneak back out quietly again just to avoid much billing in the new year?

46. The way money disappears during the new year, one would think money decided to go on strike.

47. It’s usually in the new year that people remember how much food and drinks they flushed down their belle by the time they start looking for money to venture into business with.

48. What’s with the increase in the prices of practically everything during the new year though or is it just me?

49. Where do people get money to throw large parties at new year when in fact, they have complained all year round of poor finances?

50. If roads were to be humans, I’m sure they would ask why cars want to kill them with so much heat and suffocation during new year travels.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is definitely one of the best platforms to wish your family and loved ones a happy new year.

So feel free to use any of these best new year statuses for WhatsApp and please feel free to comment and share, thank you.

Written by Ayandola Ayanleke

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