Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend's Son

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend’s Son

A friend’s son can also be one’s son as long as the relationship between the parents and you are strong. To see him as a son means he has earned it with either his attitude or because of your relationship with the mother.

Letting him know you love and care about him on his birthday will enable him to work harder as to not disappoint you and also make your relationship with his mom stronger. He will want to get your love especially if he also sees you as a parent to him.

Not only will he pleased, but your friend also will be happy because you have shown that he/she hasn’t failed as a parent.

These unique happy birthday wishes quotes for friend’s son are great for you to send your wishes to your friend’s son on his birthday.

Wishing My Friend’ Son Happy Birthday

Dear son, you have made your parents proud and also the community. I hope these birthday wishes will give you the strength to continue being a good son. Happy birthday to you, dear friend’s son.

1. Happy birthday, dear son. May you continue to be a blessing to not only your parents but to the world at large. Enjoy your day.

2. When I look at you, I see a replica of your father whom I’m proud to call a friend. You have the same goal-getting spirit. As you celebrate your day, may you accomplish all that you dream of. Have a fantastic birthday, son.

3. Here’s to more years of success. You are like a child I pray to have someday. Happy birthday.

4. I have never seen a happy child like you. Your respect for everyone is top-notch. I know your parents are as proud of you as I am. Happy birthday, son.

5. I’m wishing you a creative mind to succeed and a heart to love more. Happy birthday, dear child.

6. Your dad is proud of you and me, his friend, am also proud of you. I wish you the best the universe could offer. Happy birthday.

7. You support your father and make your mom proud of you. You watch over your siblings and even help the neighbours. I wish you long life, dude

8. My little man, I’m so happy to have known you and equally proud of you as your father is. You have shown how hardworking and dedicating you are to your father and the business. You are an incredible son. Happy birthday.

9. Here’s to my friend’s son who is celebrating his birthday. May you be located for good.

10. Being my friend’s son makes you my son. Being a good boy makes you my friend. Happy birthday, young friend.

11. God’s blessings and grace on you as you see another year. May all that you touch turns to gold. Happy birthday, my friend and friend’s son.

12. Happiest birthday son. Your family even we, the extended family, are honoured to have you in our lives. Have a splendid birthday.

13. You make the neighbourhood a friendly one, We all wish to have a son like you. Happy birthday to you.

14. You are the older brother my kids never had. You love them like they are your blood. On your birthday, may you be loved all the days of your life. Happy birthday, son

15. Your attitude strengthens the friendship between your father and me. It lightens the love between my children and your siblings and tightens the closeness between your mum and my wife. You are the glue that holds our lives. Happy birthday, dear son.

16. We love you like you are ours, we cherish you like our blood. You are a special boy to this community. Your day who is my friend is proud of you. Here’s to more success and breakthrough in your career. Happy birthday, our son.

17. Your type is so rare. You love and respect everyone equally. You are the answer to your parents’ prayer. You are the best thing that has ever happened to the community. Happiest of birthday to you dearest son.

18. Happy birthday to his dad’s resemblance. You are an amazing boy. May you live long and prosper. Enjoy your birthday.

19. To see the smile on your boy’s face are our priority because he makes not only you (his parents) happy but everyone close to him. We love your son and wish him a happy birthday.

20. I’m so happy to see my children emulate the kind of zeal you possess. You are a role model to them just like your father is to me. Happy birthday, dear son.

21. A fantastic birthday to you. I love the bond you share with your parents and pray nothing trash such a beautiful love. Enjoy your day.

22. Your father’s friendship is one of the things I cherish so much, that means you are also important to me. Happy birthday, son

23. A hearty shout-out to your gentle son dear friend. I love him for his kindness and generosity. My kids look up to him. You will never be a disgrace, son. Happy birthday.

24. Even as your mum’s friend, I feel so much happy today just because it’s your birthday. You are a special kid and I’m happy to know your son. Happy birthday.

25. Your mum can’t stop talking about today for the past 2 weeks now. You’ve made her the happiest mother on earth with your achievement and I am also proud of you dear son. Here’s to more success. Have a splendid birthday.

Birthday Greetings to Friend’s Son

Dear friend, I’m sending you birthday greetings to your son for being a role model to my children. I hope these greetings make him a better dude and also put a cute smile on his face and he will continue to keep his head up because I have come to love him as my own.

Check out these beautiful birthday greetings to your friend’s son

26. Right from when you were a baby I have admired your courage and kindness. You are the answer to your parent’s silent prayers. You are a good example to the community. Happy birthday, son of all.

27. You are every parent dreams. You are every parent prayers. You are every parent wishes. I’m so sure your parents are glad to have you as their own. We all love you and pray you to live longer. Happy birthday.

28. I wish your wonderful son a happy birthday. May he be ten times greater than you are.

29. Dear friend, as your son celebrate his birthday today, he will be a great man and you will not know his graveside.

30. Hey son, you have been a good and obedient boy to your parents and everyone. As you see another birthday, make a wish and see it come to pass. Have an awe-mazing birthday.

32. Hey friend, this is to wish your dear son a happy birthday. A strong boy you’ve got with you. Success is so sure for him.

33. Wake up with a wide smile, go round and shout loud. Nod your head and shake your body, it’s your day so be merry. Happy birthday to you, son. I am proud of you as your father’s

34. To a special boy who is I see as my son. Happy birthday, Young man. Your father has been wonderful to me and praying for you will be an honour. Happy birthday, dear.

35. Happy birthday to your son, I pray he becomes greater than you are. I pray he lives long and achieve all that he wishes for.

36. I see how proud you are of your son, dear friend. As he celebrates his birthday, may he never stops the make everyone proud. Happy birthday.

37. Just so you know, your son is everyman’s dream child. So respectful, hardworking and friendly. I wish him many happy returns on his special day. Happy birthday to him

38. Dear son, when I look at you, I see my friend’s replica in you both in attitude, hard work and achievement. He cherishes you because you are a good boy. Happy birthday to you

39. If 99% could love you this much, then you are loved by the world. We are honoured to know you and your family. Happy birthday, son

40. My friend’s child is also my child. So let me use this medium to wish you a happy birthday and many more to come. I’m proud to be your God mummy.

41. Your father talks about you daily because you are making him proud, I am wishing you a happy birthday because you are becoming a role model to my children. Live long and prosper more.

42. Happy birthday to a dear son. You are a motivation to my kids. Your parents love towards you and mine are less than 5%. Thanks for living a good example. Happy birthday, son.

43. Sometimes, I hear your dad’s silent prayers of Thanksgiving on you. You have made him feel gratified and honour. Happy birthday, child.

43. On your birthday, as you have made your parents and even those of us living in the community proud, may you be proud of your own son. Happy birthday.

44. A special son of a special friend with a special heart towards those with special needs. On your birthday, may everything becomes special to you. Happy birthday to you.

45. I hope your son has a splendid birthday. May he receives more love than he has shown to everyone. Happy birthday to him.

46. Today is a happy day, not only for you and your parents but for us because we love you and your family. Having your parents as friends has been wonderful. On your birthday, may you find fulfilment in whatever you do. Happy birthday, son.

47. Hurray, it’s your birthday and we are so happy to celebrate with you. We hope to celebrate many more with you. I hope you love what your dad (my friend) and I bought for you.

48. For you are a jolly good fellow and so say all of us. Your dad, mum and siblings are proud of you. We are honoured to know you. A blessing to this community. Stay happy always.

49. Being my buddy’s son makes your u my child. I’ve watched you grow to become a responsible man and I know you are going to be successful. So glad to call you my son and friend. Happy birthday.

50. I know a responsible boy just like his mother who happens to be my friend. Happy birthday, son.

Happy Birthday to My Friend’s Son Quote

You might be my friend’s son but I’m proud to call you my son because you are a go-getter and you love everyone around you. I am sending you these sensational happy birthday quotes to tell you not to weary or get tired. You are loved, son.

Below are heartfelt happy birthday to my friend’s son quotes

51. Always aim for improvement and be the best version of yourself. Happy birthday to you.

52. Your parents are happy for you, siblings looking to be like you, everyone loves you. Above all, the world celebrates you. Happy birthday to you

53. Happiness is yours as you see another year. You are doing well. Happy birthday.

54. I see the radiance on your mother’s face, you make your dad filled fulfilled. You are their fine child. Have a sweet birthday boy

55. His parent’s pride, his siblings’ motivator, his community’s joy. That’s you. Happy birthday to you.

56. To us you are a great boy, to your parent, you are their world. Keep basking in God’s love

57. You are braver than you or anyone thinks. Your parents know you are the bravest. Happy birthday, dear.

58. You are no more the little boy any longer. You are now grown to make plans and work towards achieving it

59. Longer life and happiness are only for those loved by family and friends. Happy birthday to you.

60. Continue to be a good boy and see the reward. Happy birthday, boy.

61. You should be thankful to your parents. They raise you a perfect man.

62. The multiple prayers from friends can not quench the single prayer of a parent.

63. You are a rare gem that is so precious to his parents and the world. We love you, dear. Happy birthday.

64. Millions of people can be compared to you. You are one in a million. Happy birthday, my friend’s son.

65 Hey friend, you are one lucky guy to have birthed this great son of yours. Congratulations to him.

66. I remembered how you stood by your dad and work hard to make him proud. He can’t stop talking about you. On your birthday, I wish you success and breakthrough in every you lay your hands on. Happy birthday, Son.

67. I can call you my son because you are the kind of son every responsible parent prayed to God for. I’m excited for my friend to have you as a son. Happy birthday.

68. Dear friend, I wish your son a very fantastic birthday today. He deserves all the good things of life. May them locate him. Many happy returns.

69. Hey friend, I’m wishing your son a joyous birthday today, you have raised a responsible boy. Well done to you and him.

70. Hey dude, make today special for your son. He deserves it because he has been a wonderful son. Happy birthday to him.

71. I’m wishing the first son of my friend a happy birthday. May you continue to be relevant to the family. Many happy returns.

72. As the stars are uncountable, so shall your blessings become. Happy birthday dear son from your mum’s friend.

73. I pray your son shines like the sun and filled the work world. Happy birthday to him.

74. Now I know why you call him your son-shine because he brightens not just you but the community.

Happy Birthday to My Friend’s Son

Hey son, I hope you know how I cherish you. You are like the son I never had but you are everything one could need in a son. You make your parent walk head high because of your good behaviour. So, here I am wishing you a happy birthday.

Look at these beautiful collections of happy birthday to my friend’s son.

75. Proud parents are you because you gave birth to an amazing boy who is so intelligent and loving. I wish him long life. Happy birthday to your son on.

76. May you be happy right from this moment. May you encounter success. You’re making your parents proud and as your family friend, you are making me proud. Happy birthday, dear son.

77. You are a child that means so much to me because you are hardworking and fabulous. Your siblings love you and my kids are you.

78. Many are celebrating birthdays but yours is recognized because you are a lovely son. You make your parents happy and being your parents’ friend has made me respect you more. Happy birthday, dear one.

79. Dear friend, I join other well-wishers to wish your darling son a happy birthday. May his greatness triple your own. Many happy returns to him.

80. I’m so happy that you are witnessing your little boy growth and achievement. He is doing well. Happy birthday to him.

81. From your birth, I know you are created for greatness. The cute look on your parents showed how you are going to be loved and my smile on that beautiful day showed how much you mean to me. I love you just as much as I love your parents. Happy birthday, son.

82. Another year, another age, more love, more success and less worries, long life and good health. These are my wishes for you. I love you as I love your daddy who is my friend. Happy birthday to you.

83. Today reminds me of how handsome you were as a baby, how respectful as a juvenile and how hardworking you are as an adult. For making your parents proud, I salute you. Happy birthday to you.

84. Hey friend, happy birthday to your son, may you not know his grave.

85. Cheers to the world best son who makes my buddy (his daddy) proud always. Happy birthday, man.

86. Here’s to more life and more celebration of your son’s birthday. Happy birthday.

87. Dear friend, as you rejoice on your son’s birthday, may you not mourn over him. I celebrate him too.

88. As your son celebrates his birthday today, his name will be named among the greatest men on Earth. Happy birthday to him.

89. Hey dude, never stop smiling on your birthday and believe this is not going to be your last. Happy birthday.

90. Hey buddy, happy cake day to your kid. He is like a son to me. A very decent boy. May he see and hold on to goodness.

91. Long life, prosperity and divine favours are my wishes for your darling son. Happy birthday to him.

92. The zeal your lovely son possesses is second to none. He’s an inspiration to both the young and old. Happy birthday to your dear son.

93. Let your darling son knows that he’s loved by all of us. His behaviour strengthens our family friendship. We wish him many happy returns. Happy birthday to him.

94. You took everyone around you as family. You made us feel like one. You made me cherish the friendship between your father and me. On this day, I wish you favour in all areas. Happy birthday, dear son.

95. On your birthday, I want to thank you for making your parent’s hard work show forth on you. You are forever blessed. Happy birthday.

96. Happy celebration day to you and your son. May today brings unspeakable joy to him. Have a fun-filled day, little one.

97. Not many parents are privileged to have a wonderful son like yours. So I joined all well-wishers to celebrate with your boy. Happy birthday.

98. Happy birthday, little man! You make your dad smile every day, you make your mum glad every day. You are a favoured, child. Live longer to fulfil all that you have ever imagined. Enjoy your day.

99. The priceless joy that your mummy possess is having you. Happy birthday to you.

100. Happy birthday to the coolest kid ever. Your smile will always be wider. Enjoy your day.

Find these happy birthday wishes quotes for friend’s son interesting? Go ahead and choose as many as you desire and use them for your son’s friend as he celebrates his big day.

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