Happy Birthday Quotes for Crush

2024 Best Happy Birthday Quotes for Crush

Just as life happens, love happens. Of the things we can hardly predict in our lives is who we’d fall in love with, the boy or girl we’d crush on with an unexplainable romantic feeling, as fast as it may come and go, it is a beautiful and sometimes an unforgettable feeling. To these people, the happy birthday quotes for crush which I have here for you will come in handy.

Your crush is special to you, and that makes his/her birthday important to you too. You shouldn’t let such an auspicious day go by without stunning him/her the best way you can. These happy birthday quotes for crush will help you. You know, you could combine these quotes with the most romantic birthday gifts for crush which you can use to win his/her heart if you haven’t already. You could take his/her birthday celebration a notch higher by asking him/her on a date. The best ideas for a memorable date with crush will help you with that.

You must have found yourself, at some point, thinking over how to express your feelings to your crush. You might have a lot on your mind to say to him/her, to tell how you feel, how much you desire to be with him/her, to which these happy birthday quotes for crush will be of great help to you.

Enjoy these happy birthday quotes for crush which I have here for you, and make your crush’s birthday a remarkable one to remember.

Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Crush

Make your crush’s birthday a very sweet one with these happy birthday quotes for crush. If you’re are falling in love with your crush, use the opportunity this birthday provides you to apply these happy birthday quotes for crush, and get on to maximize romantic ideas to make your crush fall in love with you.

1. I wish that your new age be as exciting as the smiling face of sunrise, and as beautiful as the serenity of a sunset, just as the day I first set eyes on you. Happy birthday, my crush.

2. As water nourishes the earth, so shall you be nourished into the fullness of your heart desires as you launch into your new age. Happy birthday to the one my heart longs for.

3. Like a fruity tree, and a juicy fruit with sweet juices, you shall be called a blessing to many as you rise into your new age. Many shall love you and long for you as I do. Happy birthday, my dear crush.

4. My wish for you as you become a year older is to develop faster in all facets of your life than the ever-rising clarity of dawn and the increasing rate of my affections for you. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

5. The desires of your heart shall be made manifest in more folds than you anticipate. That is my desire for you as you head to your new age. Happy birthday to you, gorgeous.

6. As your beauty tantalizes me at every sight of you, so shall you be delighted by the success of your endeavours. Happy birthday, beautiful.

7. May your new age be sweeter than the juice from grapevines. Happy birthday, cutie.

8. May the joy of today be with you as I long for love with you. Happy birthday, dearest.

9. Birthdays are happy and fun-filled days, and I wish you’d always be happy and life for you will be fun. Living that life with you will be a dream come true. Happy birthday, lovely.

10. As eagles soar in the sky, may you rise and soar in all that you set out to achieve in your new age and beyond. Happy birthday, sweetie.

11. My wish for you is to lead a life sleek to the tongue as ice cream, sweet to the mouth as chocolate candy, that you enjoy life’s pleasures and watch your dreams unfold into your reality. Happy birthday to you, my darling crush.

12. Sing, dance, laugh, and make merry like I would if I heard your voice say yes to me. Let in the happiness of today into every inch of yourself, and glide into the fullness of the successes that await you in your new age. Happy birthday to you. Just want to let you know, I’m crushing on you.

13. As you launch into the beginning of a new cycle in your life, let life for you be about positivity, possibility, tenacity and consistency. And because you are most important to me, I think of you with those virtues in mind, hoping love would bring us together. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.

14. I wish you that you live in the beauty of the life you crave. I wish that you receive the blessings for which you pray. It’s the beginning of a new year for you, and these are my sincere wishes. Happy birthday to you, the one my heart crush’s for.

15. Happy birthday to you, my one and only crush. May your new age be like a land flowing with milk and honey. May you find the treasures you so desire, just as I found love with you. Cheers to your most amazing year.

16. Welcome to a new cycle, my darling crush. Go ahead and crush all hurdles to your success in your new age. Experience the best of years in success and excellence. Happy birthday to you. I can hardly wait to experience love with you. It’s the sweetest of dreams I have got.

17. To the crush of my life, happy birthday to you. In love, and the reality of the dreams and wishes dear to your heart shall you enjoy your new age.

18. Happy birthday, my dearest crush. Like the high flying rainbow spread across the sky, fly high in all facets of life and exude the beauty of excellence in a plethora of exciting colours. Have your best year yet.

19. As dear as air is to the soul are you to me. I wish you a happy birthday, my lovely crush, and the full manifestation of all that you are set to accomplish in your new age.

20. With all of the beauty God has for you, enjoy your new age in bliss. Happy birthday to the crush my heart is sold out to.

Cute Birthday Quotes for A Girl Crush

Your girl crush is cute, right? Send her these cute birthday quotes for a girl crush, and make her feel like the cutie she is.

21. Joy, peace, love, happiness, and prosperity, I wish you in your new age. Happy birthday to you, dear. Have a blast.

22. Beauty on all sides of life I desire for you, cutie. Happy birthday to you. Have your best year yet.

23. Of the sweet blessings of each day, the glamour of audacious successes, the identity of unrivalled excellence, I wish you in your new age. Happy birthday, beautiful.

24. Like sweet drops of honey may your life drip with God’s grace in all ramifications. Happy birthday to you, my sweet crush.

25. Happy birthday, my cute crush. May this new cycle for you be as melting as your beauty is to my heart.

26. I am captivated by your beauty, your style, all of you, and I wish that all you will seek be captivated by you. Happy birthday, dearest.

27. Every moment with you is worth than gold. You are golden to me dear, and I wish you a golden year in your new age. Happy birthday to you.

28. The most beautiful moment of every day is the time spent thinking of you. I wish this new year of yours is as beautiful as you are to me. Happy birthday, sweetie.

29. A year of brilliant awesomeness I wish you as you clock a new age today. Happy birthday to you, cutie.

30. The clear blue sky reminds me of how clearly I fell for you at first contact. May all that you seek fall for you in your new age. Happy birthday to you, gorgeous.

Do you want to express how you feel to your crush? Don’t overthink how to. Find here the most romantic ideas to express your feelings to your crush.

31. Like sweet music from an orchestra, shall each day in your new age be. I wish you a happy birthday, beautiful. Have the most exciting fun today.

32. I wish that as I seek to hear your voice every day, so shall you be sought for in ways that will bless you exceedingly. Happy birthday to my cute crush.

33. A year as beautiful as sweet love shall be yours in your new age. Happy birthday to you, my crush.

34. May the new cycle of life you begin be as smooth as milk, and as pleasant as the sweet taste of wine. Happy birthday, my darling crush.

35. Happy birthday to the most beautiful of girls, beautiful in and out. It gladdens my heart to swim in your love.

36. All year round, may life be gentle on you like gentle breezes under the night sky. Happy birthday, cutie.

37. Live to the fullness of life undeterred by hurdles and naysayers. Happy birthday, dearie.

38. Be the best of who you are, achieving the best in life. Happy birthday, my dear.

39. Have the most pretty of years, the brightest of days, the loveliest of riches. Happy birthday to you, my sweet crush.

40. A craving for you, for what you do, shall the world go after you to bless you. I wish you a happy birthday, my dear.

Best Birthday Quotes to A Boy Crush

Wish your boy crush a happy birthday with these best birthday quotes to a boy crush.

41. Of all men, handsome and true, you stand out as the best, and I wish you a happy superlative birthday.

42. I crave for no other like I do for you. There is no boy sweet as you are. Happy birthday to you, sweet.

43. If wishes come true, I’d have the rest of life lived with you, and nothing beats that for me. Happy birthday to you, my sweet crush.

44. The best life has to offer, I wish for you, in good health and in wealth. Happy birthday to the one I long daily for.

45. A sweet life, a progressive year, I desire for you in your new age. Happy birthday to you, dear. Have the best of years.

46. As no day goes by without the rising of the day, no day shall go by without immense blessings for you. Happy birthday, handsome.

47. Of the desires you crave to accomplish in your new age, I wish that you achieve them, and be as great as you dream. Happy birthday, my crush.

48. I love to see you shine, to be the best everywhere you are. I wish you the same as you begin a new year in your life cycle. Happy birthday, my dear.

49. May you find all that you desire for your growth and happiness in your new age, as I have found love with you. Happy birthday, most handsome.

50. Live the best of your years yet, in awesome blessings, unfathomable joy, and unlimited successes. Happy birthday to you, love.

These happy birthday quotes for crush are yours to use as you please. If you are dearly in love with your crush, and you desire to know if your crush feels the same, here are /sure proofs your crush is crushing on you/. If that’s true for you, you have every reason to be excited at what your choice of happy birthday quotes for crush will do to bring you closer.

Do not feel inhibited to share the happy birthday quotes for crush. Share with your friends that they may apply these quotes to their crush too.

Written by Kayode Sonibare

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