2024 Best Happy Birthday Greetings for Crush

What time is best to show that you admire and/or are affectionate towards a person’s if not on a day that means a lot to them, just like a birthday. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending your crush good wishes on their birthday.

For a generation that has learnt to embrace growth and thus, celebrate birthdays and the significance of a new age, birthdays are associated with many activities that enhance the joy and happiness that come with it. So, your crush definitely wants to be happy!

You must not shy away from being one of the people to make your crush happy on their birthday; sending them these best happy birthday greetings for crush is the way to let them know that you genuinely care.

Cute Birthday Greetings for Your Crush

If your crush has the grace to celebrate another birthday, you should make it awesome for him or her using these cute birthday greetings for your crush.

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1. You’re far away but that has not changed how I feel about you at all. Happy birthday to you, my dearest.

2. Very few people get me or connect with me the way you do. Happy birthday to you.

3. I am both grateful and in awe of what we have been able to do together these past few days. happy birthday to you.

4. I cannot believe that I am about to admit this but I genuinely miss your smile and laughter. Happy birthday to you, dear.

5. I think you being far away has opened my eyes to new realities like the fact that you have touched my heart. Happy birthday to you.

6. The things I have been able to do with you in my corner are amazing and although you are far away right now, I would like to let you know that you are appreciated. Have a great birthday.

7. Since your departure, I have had constant flashbacks of the moments we spent before you left and all are beautiful to the core. I miss you and wish you the best on your birthday.

8. My wishes for you on this day are crystal clear; I hope that you get all that you desire and get more. Happy birthday and remember to send my cake!

9. Although you are away I will be celebrating with friends on your behalf here. Have a great birthday.

10. You are loved by me and all the friends here that you have touched before going. Have a great birthday.

11. It is about time to let you know that you make my heartbeat. I am making this known on your special as I hope that you have the best of it.

12. My hope for today is that you have the best time with yourself and with friends. I will be thinking of you. Happy birthday.

13. You are such a great inspiration to me and everyone around you and it is such a privilege to celebrate your birthday with you even if it’s from afar.

14. You have no choice but to have a great day because I will be here hoping and praying that you do. Happy birthday, love.

15. You are trying to be the best version of yourself and I hope that the universe agrees with you and it happens soon for you. Have a great birthday celebration.

16. I wish you happiness and joy like never before. Have a great birthday celebration without me.

17. If there is anyone who deserves happiness, it is you. Have a great birthday celebration

18. I am now unapologetic about my love for you and I hope that you realise it’s not going away anytime soon. Happy birthday.

19. A lot of things I would like to do with you would have to wait because you are far away. I hope you have a great birthday regardless.

20. You have the best day and send me happy pictures of you. Happy birthday, love.

21. You mean a lot to me. I thought I would let you know as I let you know that I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday.

22. For a while now, you have been melting my heart with your good deeds and charm. Happy birthday, dear.

23. You have been consistent about your love for everyone around you and that is such a loving trait to emulate. Happy birthday, champ

24. You have exuded the best of energies around me and now that you are not around, I cannot help but miss you terribly. Happy birthday to you.

25. I genuinely hope that this day gives you all the good things that you deserve.

Birthday Greetings for Long Distance Crush

These birthday greetings have been created for you to celebrate your crush that is long-distance away on their birthday. Use them!

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26. You are such a breath of fresh air. I hope that you continue to live the way you do. Happy birthday.

27. You’re so contagious that I do not have to be where you are to know that you are happy right now. my prayer is that your happiness remains. Happy birthday

28. I can imagine how you feel on this day. happy, I hope. Have a great day.

29. Even a million miles is not enough to deprive me of this feeling I have for you and your special day. Have a blast on your birthday!

30. You are allowed to have fun today. I hope that you free yourself to enjoy the goodness of the day. Happy birthday.

31. You are blessed and there is no doubt that this birthday is another time to add to your blessings.

32. I am glad to have you and yo be able to celebrate life with you.

33. I am grateful to the creator who has blessed us with a new day and you, with a new year. Happy birthday, love.

34. I hope that you do not give in to the pressures of life and that you continue to thrive under all circumstances. Happy birthday

35. As usual, I am feeling blessed to have you today more than ever. Have a great day, dear.

36. You are about to have a great day; I hope that you believe in what the day has in store for you. Happy birthday to you.

37. It is a good day here and you are about to have the best time of your life.

38. As usual, I will be celebrating your birthday here even as you do yours over there. Happy birthday, love.

39. You are such a person of substance. I love and appreciate your ways. Happy birthday, dear.

40. You have the most lovely personality and it is such a delight to be able to celebrate you. Happy birthday to you.

41. It is that time of the year again and we are celebrating your birthday apart this year. Have a blast anyway!

42. I hope that every moment of today bring you Joy because you deserve nothing less. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

43. Being far away from me will not stop me from celebrating you. I hope you have a great birthday celebration.

44. You are such a blessing to me and I will forever be grateful to God that you exist. Happy birthday!

45. God must have had me in mind when he created you because you are such a perfect match for me. Happy birthday, dear.

46. I am so happy to have you in my corner even if you are not here right now. Have a great birthday celebration

47. I can’t wait to see you so that we can have a proper celebration. just the two of us. Have a great day!

48. It is such a happy day because it is your birthday. Not even distance will make us sad. Happy birthday, dear.

49. You are one human I respect and love simultaneously and I’m proud to be celebrating your birthday today.

50. I hope that the day is blessed so much that you do not remember your worries for a very long time. Happy birthday to you!

You should make your crush feel special on their birthday and let them know just how you feel by sending them these best birthday messages for crush.

Written by Adebayo Esther

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