Happy Belated 30th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Happy Belated 30th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

It’s not funny when you realize a birthday of a loved one has passed by without you reaching them, not even when it was a milestone celebration – a 30th birthday. The party’s over and only after did the celebrant of honour realize that they have turned another year older without getting some love from you. This is not necessarily something to be ashamed of because it happens with friends and family. Some justifiable and non-justifiable excuses could lead to it.

Nonetheless, belated birthday wishes come so much in handy in a situation like this and can be a really massive rescue from the wrath you may get from that special someone; you what I mean, right?

So, with no ado, proceed with this post and see the best of all and stirring happy belated 30th birthday wishes, quotes and messages you can ever come by. They were specially written for you, to probably apologize for missing someone’s 30th birthday and wish them well. It shows you are really thoughtful! And next time, you could quickly get some happy birthday wishes for a 30-year-old to avoid it being behind schedule. Good luck!

Best Belated 30th Birthday Wishes

I am sorry I missed your birthday. It’s hard to believe you are 30 years old. You still look so young and you age really gracefully. I’m sorry for not having bought you a present yet. However, you are very important to me and I would never miss sending my best wishes for your day! Happy belated 30th birthday!

Have you tried sending some happy almost 30th birthday wishes to someone before the big day? You really should, It doesn’t matter if it’s in a year time or just a few days.

See some more belated 30th birthday wishes and greetings below!

1. I was a little busy on your birthday. I am very glad to know that you are back on track and getting things done in life. Just wanted to let you know that you are one of a kind. Happy belated 30th birthday.

2. I’m sorry this is coming late. You are a guy with such big dreams. You have made so many goals, and you have realized most of them. I admire you for your persistence and courage. Best wishes for your birthday.

3. I am so sorry for not doing this sooner. The time just slipped away. I wish you the best in life, hopefully. Hope you have a great day. Happy belated 30th birthday.

4. If ever there was someone who deserved to enjoy life, it’s you. You are one of my best and most loyal friends. I hope this belated birthday wish finds you well and happy.

5. No matter how much time passes, my friendship with you never wavers. No matter what other people say, we are a family and will stay as one forever. Thank you for all the support and laughter you have given me over the years. Never forget that you are one of the very few people in this world who love me without any strings attached. I wish you a happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated 30th Birthday Wishes

6. A belated birthday card for my best friend. I know, it’s been a while since we met, but these past few weeks have been mind-blowing for me. Can’t believe how much you have grown up to be as wonderful as you are. Can’t wait to see what life has in store for us all!

7. Congratulations on making it to your thirties. I still remember all the time we spent together in school and all the things we did together. All I can say is, continue being yourself. Happy belated 30th birthday.

8. My warmest birthday wishes to a wonderful brother. I hope this year brings you much joy, health and fulfilment. I’m grateful that life gave me an opportunity to be your friend. I hope you had a fantastic day. Happy belated birthday.

9. I am sorry that I am being late in wishing you a very happy birthday. It is never too late. Just because your birthday passed, doesn’t mean you should be unhappy. Your day should be full of joy and glad tidings. Happy belated 30th birthday.

10. I apologize for forgetting to wish you a happy birthday. I hope your party was a smashing success. However, here’s wishing you many more happy returns in the future. Happy belated 30th birthday.

Happy Belated 30th Birthday Wishes

11. Sorry I was busy yesterday and did not get to wish you a happy 30th birthday. But here I am, wishing you the happiest of birthdays and may you celebrate them with love and laughter all your days.

12. My dearest, am sorry I totally forgot about your 30th birthday. Now that it’s past, all I can do is wish you a happy belated birthday and hope next year brings even more success.

13. I hope you are doing well. Sorry for not sending you a birthday card before. I was so busy that I forgot. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope that life is treating you really well. I hope you enjoyed your day. Best wishes

14. I am so sorry I could not reach you on time to wish you a very happy birthday. Hope your day went well and was fun. Happy belated 30th birthday.

15. I forgot to wish you a happy birthday, I’m sorry. I just want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart always. I hope your day was special and filled with happiness and love.

Happy Belated 30th Birthday Wishes

16. Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great time and are taking it easy at the moment. I wish you kindness, goodwill and God’s mercy in abundance on your special day.

17. You reached this milestone in your thirties,
You are a great friend, brother and business partner. Wish you many more years of success, love and happiness in your life. Happy belated birthday.

18. Sorry for not sending this on time and all. I’ve been caught up with work lately. I hope you and the family enjoyed your special day. Take care.

19. Happy belated 30th birthday and many more. I am so glad that you are my father, you make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I’m sorry this is coming late.

20. Happy belated 30th birthday. I hope you are doing great, and getting on with life Take care of yourself, and I pray God grants you all your wishes.

21. your 30th birthday was a month ago, but I couldn’t wish you here because I have been busy. With this message, I wish to say that you look happier than before and I hope life treats you as good as you deserve. Enjoy your new 30 years.

22. Thirty years is a long time to be alive on this earth. You have been through a lot and survived. You inspired me every step of the way, and I am now ready to take on anything that life throws at me. You are a true inspiration to all who know you. Thank you for being everything to me. Happy belated 30th birthday

22. Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, all I want to wish you is, happy belated birthday. I hope that you had a fun day and I’m sorry for not being able to be there. Can’t wait to see you.

24. I am sorry I couldn’t make it on time for your birthday. I really wanted to be there but work got in the way. I hope you found a way to celebrate it, and that you had a great time. A belated happy birthday to the man who has always been there for me, who has supported me and stood by me when it mattered. Thank you for making my world a better place.

25. Belated birthday wishes to you. I do hope your birthday was extra special even though I forgot about it for a day. I am lucky to have such a great friend in you, someone I can always count on, someone who loves me more than family does. And I hope to be there for you when you will need me to. I wish we could be friends forever.

26. I hope you had a great day. I wish it great success and achievement as you celebrate your milestone. Happy belated 30th birthday.

27. Happy belated 30th birthday, my friend. I am so glad you happen to be my soul mate. It never ceases to surprise me how well we understand each other. Our friendship has grown over the years and I know I will cherish it forever. Wish you all the best.

28. I know you will not believe it, but I completely forgot to wish you a Happy birthday. Since I have the opportunity to do it, I am very excited and overjoyed. May your coming year be awesome and beyond anything you have seen in all your thirty years. Happy belated birthday.

29. I hope it was a blast on your birthday. I wish we were celebrating together. To the best and most sincere friend I have ever had, happy belated birthday.

30. Happy belated 30th birthday, friend. I know you are busy but I couldn’t wait until the next time we catch up. Just want to say thanks for being such a great and loyal friend all these years. I hope you had a blast.

31. I know, I skipped your 30th birthday party. This little letter is to say, I am sorry for the same. You have always been my best friend and have always supported me in all ways round. I want to use this opportunity to thank you. You are more than a friend. Happy belated 30th birthday.

32. I know I could not be there on time. I’m sorry. But this is the best way to let you know, that I was thinking of you. Hugs and kisses. Happy belated birthday.

33. Dearest, I missed your birthday celebration. It would have been great to share this day with you. I hope you had a great one. Hope you are doing well. I pray God answers all your secret prayers.

34. Happy belated 30th birthday wishes, my good friend. I hope it was as eventful as you wanted it to be. I am sure you have spent a wonderful time and have come home with lots of new memories. I wish you all the best.

35. Happy belated 30th birthday wishes to one of the most humble human beings I have ever met. Life has taught you some harsh lessons, but that has made you a better person. I am grateful for all the kind gestures you have shown me. And for that reason alone, I wish you a happy belated 30th birthday.

36. Happy belated birthday wishes to my friend. I have known you for almost a decade and you have been my closest friend of mine. Birthdays are always a big deal to us but since it is belated, I don’t want you to feel bad. May your life be filled with as much love, joy and peace as any human can crave for.

37. Happy belated 30th birthday. It is so bad I couldn’t make it to your party. I hope you had a great time. I wish you excel in good health and prosperity.

38. Hey dear, sorry I had to miss your party, I was busy working on my next project but I intend to make it up as soon as possible. I hope you have a great time celebrating your special day with family and friends. God will continue to bless you abundantly. Happy belated birthday.

39. I am sorry am sending a belated birthday wish, but it doesn’t make this special day any less significant. You are special to me not only in your personal life but also in my professional life. You have always been kind and generous to me. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all you have done for me.

40. I wish you a happy belated 30th birthday. You are such a sweetheart, I cannot let this day go without congratulating you on this milestone. I hope it was an amazing one. I love you so much and hope you will have a fun time.

41. 30 years is a milestone, and you deserve this celebration. But what I love most about you is your warm nature and kindness. May these qualities make you stronger as the years go by. I am sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate with you. Hope you enjoyed your day.

42. I just realized that I missed your birthday, So, I am sending you a belated shout out on your 30th birthday, wishing you much joy and happiness in the days ahead.

43. A belated happy birthday wish to my friend who is always there for me. You are the person who has listened to my advice most in my life so far, Has been a pleasure to know you, my friend.

44. I’m sorry I missed your birthday, but I wanted to keep you in my heart and on my mind. We wonder where we would be if it weren’t for you, a guide, a friend, and such a great asset to the family. Wherever we go from here, whatever we do from this day forward, know that I love you more than anything in the world. Happy belated 30th birthday.

45. I know I missed your birthday party, but I hope you had a blast. I am wishing you a smooth transition into this next decade of your life where it’s full of healthy living and adventurous times. You are going to achieve many things ahead and I just want to wish you all the best. Happy belated 30th birthday.

46. I’m sorry I missed your birthday party. But I would like to tell you that you are a beautiful person to grow old with. Your smile is precious and only found in the few hearts that beat with love. Your love is a treasure and you look equally beautiful in every outfit. I wish you a happy belated birthday.

47. I was out of town for your birthday, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I really was looking forward to celebrating this day with you in person, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it happen. However, I hope your birthday went well and you had fun without me there.

48. I know I haven’t been there for you on your special day and I am extremely sorry. Thank you for appreciating all those who have supported you during the long and treacherous journey you took to get where you are right now. I hope this new age brings you even more success and joy, and that everything that is supposed to happen in your life, happens smoothly and without any problem. Happy belated 30th birthday.

49. I am so sorry I missed your birthday, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing you look. Seriously, congratulations on being 30. I am sure you will have a great year ahead of you. I hope this message finds you in good spirits, belated happy 30th birthday.

50. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday but I had work to do. You know me. I just wanted to wish you a happy belated 30th birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day.

51. Hey birthday boy, I hope you had fun on your birthday. I just want to wish you a belated happy 30th birthday and apologize for missing the celebration because I was out of town. Hope you had fun.

When it comes to wishes, it’s never too late. There are so many things in life that should be expressed. Your close friends and family should know how much you care. Send these belated 30th birthday wishes for him or her today!

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or your spouse’s 30th birthday, having the right words of wisdom and inspiration can help illuminate a special moment. Good news you have them right here!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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