91st Birthday Prayers

Happy 91st Birthday Prayers for 91 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

When you say birthday wishes and prayers to your pal, father, grandfather or neighbour on their 91st birthday, it reminds them of how they are important to you.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable in our lives and forget how to make old people feel special, feel younger and appreciated every day and on their birthdays.

Every day we wake up in the morning, we worry about our feelings and become overly self-centred that we sometimes forget that we will grow old and when we do, we would also want others to remember and celebrate us. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to pray for the old people in our lives as this will offer warmth to them and make them happy.

When you pray for your old loved ones celebrating 91 years, it should be backed up with your earnest thoughts, memories and wishes. This could send a wave of smiles across their faces. The prayers could also be supported with a dance with them as their favourite music plays that let them know that they are special to you and you want them to live longer and younger. You can be very innovative as possible.

There are a lot of ways to be creative when coming up with prayers for a 91year old, it can be supported with verses from holy scriptures. You can pen it down in a greeting card, or make a video of you and your family members saying their wishes along with all snippets of wonderful moments of past birthdays and memorable moments which can be played to them for their viewing pleasure on their birthday.

Here are some birthday prayers for a 91st birthday prayers for a 91year old loved one as they celebrate to beautiful age.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Your 91 Years Old Sister

Say a prayer for your 91 years old sister and fill her heart with beautiful memories of joy by communicating your love for her through these carefully composed birthday prayers for a 91year old.

1. The life that you are living and the one you have will forever be a great thing for us. we know we can’t fill your shoes in a thousand lifetime, but we pray to God to bless you and we will be constantly reminded of your good deeds in our lives.

2. Dear God, we are happy and thankful that our sister is celebrating today. We are entirely grateful to you for sparing her life up till this moment of her 91st birthday. We ask nothing but for you to constantly keep her in your grace. Amen.

3. The way you have blessed us and shown a motherly and sisterly love to us, we ask God to do the same to you and may you find rest and eternal joy in him in all the rest of your days.

4. In blessing and fulfilment you shall never lack. May your stars not grow dim with your age, all your efforts shall never be spoiled and may the rest of your life never be crowned with regrets. Amen.

5. As some old wine are usually legendary and held in high esteem for their perfection so shall you be preferred in your lifetime. Though you are old, you will forever remain gold. We bless the day you were born, and we bless the moment life brought us together.

Birthday Prayers for 91Year Old Brother

A wish or a prayer is a way of telling your brother what you feel deep within and what you want for them. You can make your brother feel warmed up and happy through these birthday prayers for a 91year old.

6. We know that growing old comes with its perks and the feeling of not being able to do things by yourself, therefore we pray for the strength that you need by yourself, the energy to stay strong and the will to live on. Amen

7. Everyone has a countdown moment, but you have lived for 9 decades and successfully achieved a life worth emulating. We pray for the grace to live a life such as yours and that your laid down legacy and principles be a shining star in our darkest paths.

8. There are times that you might think that you are a burden to us before that very moment come in your life we pray against it and we ask God to fill your heart with joy.

9. We know birthdays come once per annum but you have seen so many. We pray for the strength for you not to get tired of celebrating with us.

10. The journey you started and the labour you did before your very own eyes shall not be in vain. At the end of the day, you shall be counted worthy to celebrate with God. Amen.

91st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Make your cousin feel your care and concern for his or her life through these awesome 91st birthday prayer messages.

11. As you celebrate today, let all the elements and the forces of nature heed to your heart desires, I pray for all your wishes to be made a reality.

happy 91st birthday    

12. I pray for all the strength in the world for you to keep being a wonderful cousin.

13. May all the stars in your sky shine, all the flowers in your field blossom and all the instruments in your orchestra break forth with new songs.

14. Living this long is a great achievement, therefore we pray that may your remaining days not become sorrowful and may your joy be in abundance.

15. I pray for your comfort every step of the way, looking back at your past, may the memories not bring you heartaches and you shall always be in God’s protection.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 91 Years Old Friend

Friendship is a bond that should last for a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice if you reinforced your commitment to a dear old friend in every opportunity you get? You could do so through these birthday prayers for a 91year old friend.

16. We have come a long way dear old friend and we have been through a lot this past few years. I pray for the strength for us to remain strong and I wish you the very best from the depth of my heart this day. Happy birthday.

17. There are no other moments I would rather have than watching us smile and have fun together, I pray that the good moments that we have shared all these years bind us together and keep us strong.

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18. My dear buddy, you are an amazing personality. Wherever you go and whatever you do, great things seem to ooze out from you. I pray that it continues to remain so and may it have a positive feedback mechanism on you.

19. I pray for your good health. I pray for more years; I pray that you see God’s goodness and mercy here and thereafter. Amen.

20. May the joy of the moment do not reproduce tears. Till the end of your days, may your laughter know no pain and may you continue to live in peace. Amen

91st Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Celebrate your aunt or uncle on their 91st birthday with these prayer messages that will make their hearts joyous and peaceful.

21. Happy birthday to you dear aunt/uncle. May the peace of the lord and his goodness continue to overshadow you this day, now and for the coming years. Amen.

happy 91st birthday

22. There is so much I would want to say but so little I can give, but what I have within me is love and admiration for you and your family. May the Lord continue to show you unlimited kindness this day.

23. May the heaven remember you and your household and may your joy be full and your barn break forth with plenty. Happy birthday.

24. Goodness, mercies and all that nourishes be unto you. may the joy of the Lord be your strength and may He uphold you with his right hand of righteousness.

25. The head of your enemies be made a mat for your feet and the cries of the wicked against you be heard in the streets. You are an overcomer and forever you will be. Happy birthday.

91st Birthday Prayer Messages for My sister-in-Law/Brother-in-Law

Send some heart touching wishes to your sister-in-law or brother-in-law on their 91st birthday through these prayer messages specially crafted for them.

26. I pray for your life and that your happiness knows no bounds and that your life will forever be a wonderful tale of victories.

happy 91st birthday

27. I ask God to guide and protect you and your generation and that your household lives in God’s protection.

28. As you celebrate today, may you find rest, peace and tranquillity and may your laughter not depart from your face and your household.

29. I pray for the prosperity of your second and third generation and that your labours and troubles be far away from them. And your success in life continues to follow them.

30. I pray for you this day, let your sun not be darkened neither shall your skies at night be empty with stars. All you have set to do and have done and those before you will forever know success and good news. Amen.

91st Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Mom or Dad should have a blessed celebration on their 91st birthday. Amongst the gifts and display of love and affection that you can offer to them is a prayer messages for their 91st birthday

31. We are alive and well because of you, you have given so much to see us grow and succeed, your prayers have protected us. I pray that all that you did in our lives not be in vain.

happy 91st birthday

32. May your life continue to be amazingly beautiful and may you continue to reap the fruits of your labour.

33. All the years of your labours shall be crowned in glory and may your seeds in us reap good fruits. Amen.

34. I pray for more strength and joy for the rest of your days and may you remain satisfied in what you have achieved in your lifetime.

35. The lord shall remember all the labours of your lifetime and grant you eternal rest when your time has come, you shall not suffer another man’s problem and neither shall they reap from where you have sown.

91st Birthday Prayer Messages for grand Dad/Mom

Old but not forgotten, this is a thought that should occupy your mind when you think about your grandmom or your grandfather. Make him or her believe that you want them to have a blissful 91st birthday with these prayers.

36. Through you your future generations shall be blessed, all that you have ever worked for shall not be wasted and you shall continue to live in peace.

37. The land shall honour you, the elements shall fight for you, you are a human of inestimable value, all your remaining days shall be clothed with joy.

38. In all the remainder of your days you shall never have a cause to lack, you shall always be in plenty and your barns or your seas shall never be empty or run dry.

39. You shall not cast out your young neither at this very age shall you have a cause to bury your children. In the rest of your days, you shall remain in safety.

40. May the joy we have being your grandchildren and having you as our grandparents not cease in our lives and we shall always have the cause and grace to celebrate with you till the end of time.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 91 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Being allowed into a family apart from your own is a thing of joy. Celebrate your 91 years old father-in-law or mother-in-law with these birthday prayer messages on their 91st birthday.

41. We are happy this day. To honour and celebrate with you. may the good Lord bless you immensely for allowing us into your household and may you continue to enjoy his mercies.

42. Thank you for being a wonderful father to us all and thank you for accepting us into your family, I pray for God to bless every of your benevolent act deeply.

43. I pray that you continue to be in good health as your family prospers and that your eyes shall not be blind to good things. Happy birthday.

44. Thank you for everything that you have done for your family and I pray that the almighty reward your efforts in making our marriage a success. Happy birthday.

45. I pray that you continue the good of this life and may your remaining days be crowned with a lot of good health.

Opening Prayers For A 91st Birthday Party

It is always good to start a birthday celebration with a soul-lifting opening prayer offered to God almighty. Here are some opening prayers for a 91st birthday celebration.

46. Lord we bless your name as we have gathered to celebrate this birthday, we ask oh lord that you grace this occasion with your presence. Come and be with us at the beginning and end of this celebration.

47. Lord as we wine and dine, we do so in your presence under your watchful eyes. We ask oh lord that you protect everyone present including the celebrants and may they have another celebration again next year in Jesus name.

happy 91st birthday

48. We declare this celebration blessed and open in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Let the joy of His creation be acceptable unto him this day.

49. As you celebrate today, may you find all the joy in the world that goes with being a year older. I pray for good health for you to live longer and healthier until your next birthday and beyond.

50. As we begin this celebration, may all your children and their children that you have toiled to bring up in the fear of God not give you a reason to cry. You shall always hear a good report about them. Happy birthday.

Birthdays are special moments. Using any of these specially written 91st birthday prayers for your loved ones who just clocked 91 will sweep the celebrant off their feet. Go ahead and use them to the best of your ability.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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