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Happy 49th Birthday Prayers for 49 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

A prayer message may come off as a simple gift to a birthday celebrant but it is indeed a powerful means of letting someone know that you care and wish them well for their new year.

The year before the golden one is also special because a person is just one year away from the big fifty, so therefore age 49 is also as beautiful as year fifty.

Knowing how all-powerful God is, it is only deserving that you help your loved ones start off their new age the only right way; committing it all into God’s hands.

Everyone would love to receive words of prayers for their birthday and so it is important that you know the best prayers to send to different people for their 49th birthday depending on the relationship shared with them.

From parents to grandparents, extended family members and friends, I have written words of prayers that you can send to any one of them as their happy 49th birthday prayers for 49 year birthday celebration for 2024 and beyond.
Go on then and find what speaks to your heart.

49th Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Myself

Every birthday is special for the celebrant as each year marks the beginning of a new chapter. These prayers and blessings for your 49th birthday will help you get an excellent start to your new age.

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1. I feel blessed to see another birthday in a new year.
Dear God, you have been good and faithful to me.
Please help me to navigate my 49th year on earth in order to live according to your will filled with your blessings, amen.

2. Happy 49th birthday to me!
God is so good and I feel blessed to witness yet another new chapter.
The God who has seen me through all these years will continue to lead me on.

happy 49th birthday   

3. Oh wow, it’s another birthday for me.
As excited as I am, I return all glory to God.
Thank you, father, for blessing me with the gift of life.
Kindly fill my life with every good thing and let your light shine upon me always.

4. Thankful to wake up to another birthday.
Today I turn 49 and I cannot wait to see what the new age has in store for me.
With God by my side, everything will be great.

5. A year away from the golden year, father in heaven please take all the praise and honour.
You have blessed me thus far oh Lord, please direct my steps as I live through my 49th year in your world.
Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 49 Years Old Sister

On the anniversary of her 49th year in this world, it will make your sister happy to get one of these birthday prayer messages.
It ushers her into her new age and leads her through the year.

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1. I set a reminder on my phone because I didn’t want to forget this special day.
You deserve all the blessings and goodness from God and so shall it be.
Happy birthday, sis.

2. 49 years ago, a star was born into our beautiful family.
I’m so happy that I got to share my childhood with you.
Let God’s love and light guide you throughout the year and beyond.

happy 49th birthday

3. This is the year of full happiness and joyous moments.
Dear sister, welcome to your 49th year.
I love you so much and have a wonderful birthday.

4. You only turn 49 once!
Today is the day, rejoice and be glad in the Lord.
Let heaven open up and shower you with abundant blessings.
Happy birthday, sister.

5. Delighted to share in the joy of your special day.
I celebrate the amazing woman that you are and the great sister that you are to me.
May the Lord see you through your 49th year and always.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 49 Years Old Brother

The birthday love should be a lot special than it is every day.
As your brother turns 49, send a couple of prayer messages to him to show your love and support.

1. Happy birthday big bro.
Today is the beginning of your chapter 49.
I wish you all of God’s love and grace as you live through it.
Enjoy your day.

2. Dreams do come true, everything you have wanted is coming to you.
I’m so happy about your life and I wish you much more goodness.
Happy birthday to you my brother for life.

3. To a brother who loves me more than anything, happy 49th birthday dear.
You are a daily inspiration with the way you live your life.
Drink for both of us today.
Have a blessed year.

4. When I think of you, my joy is full.
Having you as a big brother and mentor has truly shaped my life for the better.
Thank you for being amazing.
Have an incredibly beautiful birthday.

happy 49th birthday

5. Coming from the deepest part of my heart, I want to wish you a happy birthday my dear brother.
You have come this far by God’s grace and you will go even farther by God’s grace, amen.
Have a wonderful day.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

I’m pretty sure that it feels great to wake up next to the birthday celebrant, but the day is theirs and theirs alone and of course, you should make them feel special throughout the day.
Your wife/husband will smile at these prayer messages for his/her 49th birthday.

1. 49 years sure looks gorgeous on you.
You are still as beautiful as the day that I met you and having you as my wife is still my best decision so far.
God is by your side and you have me too.
Happy birthday my darling.

2. Happy 49th birthday to my favourite man.
I love you so much and today is your day.
Make a wish for heaven will hear it today.
You are forever blessed, my sweetheart.

3. I’m the luckiest man alive because God blessed me with you.
I know how special your birthdays are and as you turn 49 today, may your life get even better and our love stronger.

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4. It’s my big baby’s 49th birthday.
The Lord has been so good to you and to us.
Yes, it’s my birthday as well.
I love you (insert husband’s name) and God loves you even more.
Have a fantastic year ahead.

5. I’ll be with you year after year through every season because you are worth it all.
I thank God for your beautiful life, the smile on your face every day and your birthday today.
You are forever blessed, my dear.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Cousins are the extra brothers and sisters that God gives us in this journey of life.
They bring a combination of family and friendship.
If you have a cousin who you adore so much then you must send him or her these messages of prayer for their 49th birthday.

1. Sending you tons of sunshine and birthday blessings today.
I hope there’s a party because 49 years isn’t a joke.
God is still on the throne so you are forever covered.
Happy birthday (insert cousin’s name).

happy 49th birthday

2. I so much appreciate you for all that you have been to me over the years.
I’m praying for you as you begin chapter 49, the Lord shall see you through every day of your life.

3. I hope you are already having a beautiful morning because you deserve the most special birthday.
I’m raising a glass to toast to your great health and wealth this year and always.

4. I’m getting you birthday presents and God is gifting birthday blessings.
Happy 49th birthday dear cousin.
You are loved.

5. I can’t even imagine how you feel today but in all, give thanks to God!
You deserve all the happiness the world can offer and I pray that you have it all.
Happy 49th birthday to you.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Starting a new age with prayers is always a great idea.
Celebrate your uncle or aunt on their 49th birthday with these prayer messages.

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1. If feels so great to have you as my aunt and second mom.
Happy 49th birthday aunty (insert her name).
I wish you all the best for your new age.

2 Happy 49th birthday uncle.
You are blessed and long may it continue.
You will have a beautiful year.
Do take care and have a wonderful birthday.

3. I love that I have a cool aunt like you.
It is well with you always.
Happy birthday dear aunt, enjoy your special day to the fullest.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

Your sister-in-law will deservingly love to receive a prayer message for her 49th birthday.
Send her one of these and thank me later.

1. I got an extra sister when our paths crossed.
Thank you for being all that you are.
I hope you enjoy your 49th birthday and have the best of the year going forward.

2. You are going to have the perfect year, just believe it.
You are one in a million and a great sister-in-law.
Happy 49th birthday to you.

happy 49th birthday

3. With you, a lot of things are easier and I thank God for that.
I thank God for your life and the gift of your year 49.
You shall flourish like a tree planted by the side of a river.
You are God’s own always and forever.
Happy birthday.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

There is something heartwarming about sending prayers across to people as they celebrate their birthday.
A prayer message from you to your brother-in-law will be a great idea, go ahead and send one of these.

1. I can’t get over the stories my spouse(be specific) has been telling me about the childhood you all had, must have been fun.
I hope that you get all that you need in the year and in all the years to come.
Happy 49th birthday to you.

2. You have become a brother to me as well.
I appreciate you in a lot of ways.
I pray for you that your health may be sound and for your mind to be at peace.
Happy 49th birthday sir.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

It feels nice to celebrate your parents, especially on their birthdays, what joy you must feel. It is important that you keep them happy not just on birthdays but every day as much as you can.
These messages of prayer for your mom or dad on their 49th birthday will bring happiness to their heart.

1. Dear mom, I hope that this is your first message for today.
You are a golden star and I’m always in awe of your kindness.
You are the first among equals and you shall continue to prosper beyond all imaginations.
Happy birthday, mom.

2. Happy birthday dad.
I count myself so blessed to be your child.
You have taught me so much and your wisdom is unmatched.
It is my prayer that your life will be amazing always and forever, amen.

3. It’s your 49th birthday dad, what a great day it is.
I thank God for everything about you and I ask Him to continue to bless you abundantly because you deserve the very best.

4. When I think of all that you are to me, my heart is so full.
My dear mom and friend, happy birthday to you my sweetheart.
I cherish our moments together and I wish you unending joy and progress for your new age.
Happy birthday, mom.

5. I look forward to your birthdays hoping that each year I can do something special for you.
This time around, I want to specially pray for God’s grace and love upon you as you begin your new age.
Happy birthday, sweet mom.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Your grandmom or dad is turning 49? Wow, that’s incredibly amazing.
Kindly send them these messages of prayer to celebrate with them.

1. Happy 49th birthday, grandmom.
You are still as amazing as ever.
I’m always proud to show you off (insert wink emoji).
I know that God will watch over you every day of this year and beyond.
Enjoy your day because you deserve to.

2. I’m so happy that you are my grand pops.
You are so kind to me and everyone else.
You are going to have an amazing year, I hope you know that.
Happy birthday, granddad.

3. Happy birthday dear granny.
I can’t imagine calling anyone else my granny.
Blessed to have you here.
My prayer is that I’ll have you here for a very long time and in great health.
Enjoy your 49th year around the sun.

4. Happy birthday to the coolest granny on the planet.
I’m so happy that you are all mine.
Mom/dad and I will take care of you always and forever.
We are with you always and God has your back 24/7.
I love you so much.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 49 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Prayers are a great way to show support to people we care about and what better time than on their birthday to show this support.
These prayer messages will make the 49th birthday celebration of your father-in-law or mother-in-law much better.

1. I am sincerely inspired by your life and how you started your own family at such a young age, taking up all that responsibility.
I celebrate you today sir and I wish you a happy 49th birthday.
It is my prayer that God will keep you alive and healthy in abundant prosperity.

2. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother-in-law, it is not a coincidence that our families met in this beautiful way.
Thank you for raising my spouse(be specific) with love and kindness.
I hope that your 49th year is absolutely beautiful and rewarding.
Happy birthday, ma.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 49 Years Old Friend

Friends make life a lot more colourful and beautiful.
It is only right that we celebrate and pray for them on their birthdays.
As your friend starts chapter 49, these prayers messages will do them a lot of good.

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1. It’s a pleasure having you in my life as a great friend.
Everything that you are to me is beyond appreciated.
Have a wonderful birthday and cheers to 49 years.
God is your strength, always and forever.

2. You are more than a friend to me.
Your wellness and happiness mean so much to me, therefore I share in your joy today.
Happy 49th birthday my, dear friend.
It shall be well with you at all times, amen.

3. I raise my voice to heaven to pray for you as you celebrate your 49th birthday today.
You shall have all that you need for life.
I’m so thankful for all the years of friendship and long may it continue.

Opening Prayers for 49th Birthday Party

These opening prayers will be ideal to kick start a 49th birthday party.
Calling on God to take charge of the ceremony and the celebrant.

1. Dear Lord, we invite you to this blessed gathering to take the centre stage.
All we have and are belongs to you.
Thank you so much for your son/daughter who has invited us today to celebrate his/her 49th birthday.
May all glory return to you.
Bless the celebrant with every good gift and grant us all your grace now and always.

2. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day in your presence.
Thank you for this party that we have been invited to.
Thank you for the celebrant and the celebration of a new age.
May your love and grace lead him/her throughout the year.
We thank you, Father, for answered prayers, amen.

3. Today is a beautiful day that God has made in his faithfulness and love.
Dear father, thank you for your daughter/son who You have blessed with the gift of life and a new chapter starting today.
We have come to celebrate with her/him and we pray for your blessings to fill this home.
Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness, amen.

A happy birthday to your celebrant and I sincerely wish them all the best for their 49th year.
It’s great that you came by to look for 49th birthday prayer messages to inspire and celebrate them.
I really hope you found the perfect message for your celebrant.

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