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Happy 42nd Birthday Prayers for 42 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

After 40, comes the type of life that people live only on their own terms. so, people in their 40s are often happy, bubbly people. If you have any of them in your corner, you’re blessed.

So, when it’s 42nd birthday and you’re wondering how to celebrate this wonderful person in your life, remember that you only need to reciprocate all the energy they have been exuding.

Of course, you can also do well for the 42 years old celebrating their birthdays in style by using some of the best happy 42nd birthday prayers for 42 year birthday celebration. 

42nd Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Myself

I hope that you know it is perfect for you to want to celebrate yourself. Go ahead and do that as you rock 42 with some of these 42nd birthday prayers and blessings.

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1. It’s been a rollercoaster. But, I would not want to trade the experiences of 42 years for anything. I am so grateful to be celebrating yet another year. Happy birthday to me

2. I am so happy to be alive, healthy and in a good position. I wish myself a beautiful birthday celebration.

3. There are a lot of things I would rather not talk about today. But, one thing I want in my lip for the rest of the day is Thanksgiving and gratitude. Happy birthday to me

4. it’s always a thing of joy to celebrate myself and all of my achievements in Grand style. Happy birthday to me

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Sister

Sisters are gifts from God. Sending your lovely sister some blessings as she celebrates 42 years is a better way to show gratitude for what she does. So, go ahead and bless her with these birthday prayer messages for 42 years old sister.

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5. Hey sis! it’s your 42nd as a wonderful woman, sister and mother and I think it’s worth celebrating. Happy birthday!

6. Nothing will prepare you for the type of year you are set to have. I feel like it’s going to be such a great one. Happy 42nd birthday, Sis.

7. There is nowhere I would rather be than beside you and nothing I would rather be doing on this day than celebrating a queen like you. Happy birthday to you.

8. It is time to laugh and rejoice. You deserve happiness. so, embrace and feel it. Happy 42nd birthday, sweet sis.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Brother

Use these birthday prayer messages for 42 years old brother to bless you brother who is hitting the age 42.

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9. Hey brother! I believe we have both had a great ride in life so far and this is mostly because we have each other’s back. Happy birthday!

happy 42nd birthday    

10. Cheers to another year of exploit. Knowing you, you will do great things again this year. Happy birthday, brother.

11. A brother like you who is a shelter and backbone in times of need should not be taken for granted. Happy birthday!

12. I am so pumped for you. you’ve been through so much in the past few years that every day you get to stand on your feet is a day to be thankful for. Happy birthday, brother.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

It is rare to still be here celebrating your son’s 42nd birthday. Do not take the blessing for granted. Use these 42nd birthday prayer messages for your son.

13. It feels great and a bit surreal at the same time to see be calling you my son. But, that is what and who you are. Even at 42, you’re my baby. Happy birthday.

14. I am hoping that you choose to lead a better life than I did and that all that you do continues to prosper. Happy birthday, son.

happy 42nd birthday

15. I am so proud of your life and what you have been able to achieve in 42 years. I am positive you’re set to do even more. Happy birthday, son.

16. When I count my achievements in life, I count you twice. You have made me so proud this far and I am sure you’re just getting started on the success story. Happy birthday, son.

17. There is nothing I would rather busy myself with on a significant day like this like thinking and praying for you. Happy birthday, champ.

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42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

Appreciate God over the life of your daughter who is celebrating 42 and bless her new age with these powerful 42nd birthday prayer messages for daughter.

18. You have proven to be strong and undefeatable times without numbers. I am proud of you, dear. Happy birthday!

19. I am so happy that I get to celebrate you again. I am so hopeful that the year will be greater than the last. Happy birthday!

20. I hope your heart is filled with gratitude this day and that you do everything with the hope that you’re about to have the best year of your life. Happy birthday, dear.

21. I wish that this birthday will begin good tidings for you and serve as the end of all and every problem in your life. Happy birthday, dear.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

You’re definitely doing something right if you are thinking of using some of these beautiful 42nd birthday prayer messages for your husband or wife.

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22. I look at you daily and stand in awe of the beauty that is you. You are doing just fine. Happy birthday, beautiful. may God bless you abundantly.

23. You have given me some of the best years of my life. I’m more than grateful for them. you are set to take the world and do exploit. may you do that much and more. Happy birthday!


happy 42nd birthday

24. I hope that this birthday celebration signifies the start of many great things for you. happy birthday, darling.

25. God will surprise you with riches soon and you will rejoice and be glad in him. Happy birthday, dear.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Using these 42nd birthday prayer messages for cousin may be one of the most effective ways to tell them just how much they mean to you.

26. It is such a great time to be alive my dear cousin. I am happy that you are still here and we get to do exploit together in the coming years. Happy birthday to you.

27. May the blessings that you have so craved for all these years come to you in a hundred folds as you celebrate your 42nd birthday.

28. There is nothing I wish more than to have you flourishing for the rest of your life. so shall it be! Happy birthday.

29. I am praying that you begin to do wonderful things and that your days and nights bring you nothing but joy always. Happy birthday.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

These 42nd birthday prayer messages for aunt/uncle are perfect for you to celebrate your aunt or uncle who is rocking 42.

30. You will not live a lonely life. I am praying that everything you need to flourish as a person will be granted to you. Happy birthday.

31. You’ll have victory over challenges this year. it is a year of celebration for you, uncle.

32. I am not going to stop praying for you. I believe you deserve the best and that is what you will get!

happy 42nd birthday

33. Everything good you have ever wished with your heart will come to you this year. I hope you are prepared to receive them all. Happy birthday to you.

34. I am so happy to celebrate a household name like you. You will always have a reason to burst into laughter and be at ease. Happy birthday!

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

There is a need that birthdays should be celebrated with wishes, gifts and prayers. Here are some 42nd birthday prayer messages for your sister-in-law or brother-in-law as they celebrate 42 years on earth.

35. I am convinced that you need to smile more. So, I am praying that this year is filled with things that only make you smile and laugh. Happy birthday.

36. I am hopeful that you will have a great day and praying that every day in the next year will be filled with testimonies for you. Happy birthday.

37. You have been so kind in your dealings towards me. And I would like to let God know that you are next in line for a miracle. I hope he hears. Happy birthday!

38. Nothing will shove your blessings down the drain. believe it! Happy birthday, champ.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

You should learn to appreciate the important people in your life. Of course, your mom or dad would be more than excited to receive these 42nd birthday prayer messages for dad/mom from you as they celebrate 42 years.

39. It is a perfect time to be happy and chuffed with everything you’ve done with your life. Good result for you. Happy birthday, ma.

40. To the woman who has taught me what life truly means and what love looks like, I hope that you never have to beg for love or life. I pray that you have both abundantly.

41. You are such a great dad! you are good at parenting. Hence, deserve to have a full life and blessings upon blessings. May you get them.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Nothing in the world is against you using these awesome birthday prayer messages for 42 years old Father-in-law/Mother-in-law. Just ensure you use them appropriately.

42. As you move into a new year, I pray that the goodness of God loves in with you. Happy birthday.

43. I do not want you to have regrets this year. I want you to have joy. I pray that my wish is granted.

44. May all that you desire come to fruition. You’ll watch as your life unfolds to greatness like heaven I’m motion. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Friend

It is going to be a great day anyway. But, you can definitely make it better with some birthday prayer messages for your 42 years old friend.

45. You are such a gem. You’ve been a wonderful person since I knew you and I feel like you deserve nothing but joy. so shall it be! Happy birthday, friend.

46. I am so proud of you. I hope that the new year gives you more reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, champ.

happy 42nd birthday

47. I wish you a wonderful day and a brilliant year ahead. you deserve that much. Happy birthday, friend.

Opening Prayers for 42nd Birthday Party

Everything you are supposed to say to open a 42nd birthday party can be found in using opening prayers for 42nd birthday party.

48. It’s a new life and day. I hope that you have the strength to push for more success this year. Happy birthday.


49. I am optimistic about your future. You are going to do exploit especially this year. Happy birthday

50. Happy birthday and have a kind of year that gradually turns into a dream come true for you.

Hopefully, you find joy in using some of these messages to celebrate life, love and laughter.
If you use these happy 42nd prayer messages well, there is no saying you can’t break barriers for yourself and your loved ones.

Written by Adebayo Esther

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