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Happy 48th Birthday Prayers for 48 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Birthdays are special moments and they are celebrated in most homes. To most people, it is a day to be given over to them. The cravings of messages and showers of love from families and friends increase and justifiably, they deserve it because birthday comes once in a year. There are different names for ages of life celebrated and you should learn how to make the birthday celebration special with special effects of the age being celebrated.

While we prepare all the gifts and menus for celebration, we must realize the kinds of gifts you should present to someone celebrating a fortieth birthday and that the celebrant wants to have a special feeling of being special to flocks of people surrounding him/her. It becomes necessary to get them a beautiful message that personalizes their joy to us.

At ages over forty years, we may fall into that deception that they do not need special messages again but you would be shocked that older people love messages directed to them celebrating their joy on their special occasions. At 48, you don’t want to miss out the moments of love in a father’s life. How about uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandma, father-in-law or sister-in-law? Don’t miss out your long-time friend who will clock 48 years old too.

Celebrate with them with carefully selected 48th birthday messages accompanied with powerful prayers that shows you mean well for them.


48th Birthday Prayers and blessings for Myself

After crossing the forty-year mark, the journey continues into what is known in some quarters as the full adulthood. Celebrating yourself on this glorious feat is necessary especially when 48th year is like knocking onto the golden jubilee. The birthday prayers below are personal. Say them with confidence.

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1. When I was born, I cried and every other person laughed and smile. Having come this far even to clock 48, I pray that my life will portray one that will make me smile while everyone cries while I am gone. Happy 48th birthday anniversary to me.

2. I am a year older. I am forty-eight glorious years old. May all the happiness and joy embedded in today abide with me forever. Happy big 48th birthday to me.

3. The world has a lot of things filled in it with a different measure. It gives us what we demand of it amidst some contamination. What we make out if depends on our character, I wish myself all the beauty left in the world to live for after 48 years. Happy 48th birthday to me.

4. Forty-eight times I have been a passenger on the special of the earth in its revolution around the sun. as I walk into this new age, goodness and mercy shall accompany me. Happy 48th birthday to me.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 48 Years Old Sister

Celebrating our sisters no matter the age matter a lot. You need the best message, the right words to convey your message to a sister who is turning forty-eight. It helps to make her glow in her new age. Here you have the best birthday prayer messages for your 48 years old sister.

5. Big sister, when you clocked forty, I thought I had seen the best of you but alas! I was wrong, forty-eight looks good on you. Keep shining and rocking. Happy 48th birthday to you my sister.

happy 48th birthday

6. My sister, I am delighted to say these words of prayer to you on the occasion of your 48th birthday. You have been a shining light, may your light never grow dim. May you continue to be relevant in things that matter. Happy 48th birthday to you.

7. Were you not to be my sister, I wouldn’t have believed you are 48 years old. Your age in numbers is only depicting the years we have enjoyed staying with you. You are becoming better each year. Continue to grow in wisdom as you keep setting the pace for those coming behind.

8. There are many things to say to you today but one thing I desire is that that smile on your face today will be a permanent signature of yourself in cold, in summer, winter, autumn and spring. You are 48 and younger! Happy 48th birthday, sister.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 48 Years Old Brother

A brother who is 48 years old may be very good at hiding his joy but the right message can give him out. He wants to be celebrated; he only needs the best of messages to express his joy. You have the best messages to celebrate a 48 years old brother here.

9. A wise man at forty is a wise man forever. A man of understanding at 48 is a man to love and cherish forever. As long as earth abide, everything will work together for your good. You will never have any reason to long for good old days because every day will always be great for you. Happy 48th birthday to a brother.

happy 48th birthday

10. Every minute is important to a man clocking forty-eight, as he longs to share in his wealth of experience. Amy your life be full of good examples for everyone following you and may your days on earth bring joy to mankind. You are special. Happy 48th birthday to my brother.

11. Forty-eight loud hurray for a man of noble character. You have been a role model, a mentor and leader, may you never be found lacking. Keep growing in wisdom and prestige. Happy 48th birthday to you, my brother.

12. Growing up with you is a very good experience. Living with you was a privilege and learning from you is something I’ll cherish forever. You will never be put to shame. You will never be reduced a bag trampled by the feet of men. Happy 48th birthday to you, my brother.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

To celebrate forty-eight years of living and in it being in love is a special thing. Love gets to its peak when a husband sends his love first through a message to his wife on her birthday. Husband cherishes also when their wives celebrate them. The collection of messages that makes the impact are here especially on your 48th birthday.

13. You were younger when I married you. I watched as we both grew in love. To celebrate your 48th birthday today has made me realize how special you are. Just like fine wine, you get better with age. Whatever that gives you joy will not turn sour. Happy birthday, my husband.

14. Love is not only meant for the young, even a woman celebrating the 48th birthday can do better in showing and playing love because being young at heart is all that matters. Your age does not affect your heart because you are younger at heart than the figures. You will live your life to the fullest measure in comfort. Happy birthday to you, my dear wife.

happy 48th birthday

15. Our life was ordained to be perfect even before we met. After we met, it became merrier and with the celebration of your 48th birthday today, I cannot but pray that you will experience more greatness and upliftment in all your endeavours. Happy birthday to you, dear.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

You can celebrate your cousin who will clock forty-eight soon with messages capable of bringing back the memories of how lovely families are. To celebrate 48th year as cousins means you’ve come a long way together and sending a happy 48th birthday message to your cousin is the height of family love.

16. Who says we can only be cousins when we are little kids. It is merrier as we get older to celebrate one another as family members. May your life continually ooze out goodness and love to everyone. Happy 48th birthday to my darling cousin.

17. My cousin is forty-eight years old. WOW! What a wonderful time to be alive to celebrate another beautiful family member. I pray that the best of your wishes come true and that may your dreams drive you to a place of fulfilment. Happy 48th birthday to you, cousin.

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18. I celebrate you today, my cousin, as you clock 48 great years today. How fast times flies! May your life be one that will give you joy. May you find joy and satisfaction in all you do. Happy 48th birthday, my cousin.

19. As we grow old, we see clearly what life truly means and how close families are. I pray for a life worthy of emulation for you. You have been a star, may you continue to shine like a diamond. Happy 48th birthday to you, my dear cousin.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Our uncles and aunties are special people in our lives, we have special places for them in our heart. When they celebrate, we rejoice with them but we could make it more special by celebrating them with special messages especially when it is the 48th birthday. Tag them and celebrate them with the following.

20. My beautiful Aunty, I celebrate you today as you clock forty-eight. My prayers are that your beautiful reward will ever elude and that the peace of mind you deserve will never be cut off. Happy 48th birthday celebration to you.

21. As you mark your 48th birthday today, may everything you earnestly desire and pray for come to you. You will be blessed beyond curse and be lifted when others are down. Happy birthday, Uncle.

22. You are one-in-a-million uncle, I celebrate you today. May your life never be starved of help when you need it. As you have risen I times of needs for others, may heaven rise to your aid anytime you call. Happy 48th birthday to you, Uncle.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

Family bonds are stronger when we celebrate one another. In-laws are special units in a family, the happier they are, the better the peace in our homes. For a sister-in-law to clock 48 and for you to remember and send her a special message to mark the day is a big deal. Don’t joke with the chance to be close. The messages are here.

23. To best sister-in-law in the world, I decree that your light will continue to shine with o obstruction. May you forever have reason to celebrate. Happy 48th birthday anniversary to you.

happy 48th birthday

24. I do not call you a sister-in-law, I call you sister-in-love because you are such a lovely woman. I celebrate you today as you clock 48 years on earth. You will never be put to shame. Your life will never become a burden to you and to anyone. Happy birthday to you.

25. To my adorable, ever young, ever active sister-in-law. I celebrate you today as you mark your 48th birthday. You will continue to be a good example to many and most especially, the good things of life will never be scarce from you. Happy 48th birthday to you.

26. A wonderful sister-in-law you have been, so I join everyone to celebrate you today. Happy birthday to you, dear.

27. You are not just a sister-in-law, you are a beloved. My relationship with you is more like a mother. May that which cause you to rejoice not turn to sorrow. Happy 48th birthday to you, my sister-in-law.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

A brother-in-law is a significant personality in our lives. They provide moral support, emotional and psychological support. At 48th birthday celebration of such people, giving them a message of love is a special way of giving back to them, loads of love they deserve.

28. A wonderful person you are, my brother-in-law. As a beacon of light, you will continue to shine. May your life display enormous strength and care to the lives around you. Happy 48th birthday to my brother-in-law.

29. Happy 48th birthday to my handsome brother-in-law. You are a jewel to cherish, a loving personality to adore. As you clock forty-eight years on earth, you will never go back on a downward slide. Your life will continually be forward ever, backward never.

30. My amazing brother-in-law is FORTY-EIGHT. Hurray! I pray that your joy will be multiplied many times over. Many many happy returns of the day. Happy 48th birthday to you, my brother-in-law.

31. There are many families ruled by the law but I am happy that we operate under love. I am happy having you as a brother-in-law. You will be celebrated beyond borders. You are most blessed. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

At forty-eight, daddy and mummy are grown to begin to expect their children to celebrate them. Celebration is part of the love in a family and daddy that gives all to the sustenance of the family deserves to be celebrated. Mummy, the manager of the home also deserved to be showered with prayers and praises. The best of such prayer messages are below.

32. My lovely dad, I am of all men most blessed to have you as a father. May all your dreams come true. May you derive joy in the success of your offspring. As you clock 48 years today, you will celebrate even may more to come. Happy 48th birthday to you.

33. Your 48th birthday is a special one. You are an angel on earth. A mother to adore and celebrate. Amy this celebration today not be the end of your celebration on earth. You will be ushered into a higher realm of glory. Happy 48th birthday to you, Mom.

34. Mom at 48, HURRAY! What a wonderful thing to be surrounded by the best hands in the world. Such is the type of person you are to me, mom. I pray that you will experience joy unspeakable all the days of your life and the hands of the evil one will never come near you. Happy 48th birthday celebration to you.

35. If I were to come on earth again, I would choose you over and over again as my father. As you mark forty-eight years on earth today, heaven will crown you with outstanding success. You will be a source of blessing to many and never beg from any. 48 is good on you, happy birthday to you.

happy 48th birthday

36. Hurray, the best mom on the planet is forty-eight today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mom, you will not cry over your children. You will never be abandoned in times of need. You will excel and go beyond your expectation. Happy 48th birthday to you.

37. My heart is full of wishes, but I have decided to send this prayer message to you on the occasion of your 48th birthday. Heaven will smile on you. Your head will be lifted. You shall not suffer any loss. Your prosperity will shine to the nation around you. Happy 48th birthday anniversary to you, dad.

48th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Here are the best 48th birthday prayer messages for granddad and grandmom you can use to bless the new age of your grandparents.

38. Hey, my Grand Dad is forty-eight. Holla to the youngest grand-dad in the world. On the occasion of your celebration, I pray for fruitfulness for you and that your children will make you proud. May you live long to enjoy your fruits. Happy 48th birthday, my Grand Dad.

39. Happy 48th birthday to my Grand Mom. You have so good to me even when others reject me. I run to you for support and you have never turned me away. I pray that you will continue to find joy all around you. Everything you do shall prosper and your health will never give you trouble. Happy 48th birthday, Grand Ma.

40. To the most agile, strong and ever active grand-dad alive. Happy 48th birthday to you. With you in jeans, no one would believe you are a grand-dad. May you continue to stride in confidence and comfort of your children. You are blessed beyond imagination. Happy 48th birthday to you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 48 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

When your father-in-law or mother-in-law clocks forty-eight, you can’t keep calm. It is a necessity to celebrate them. It is necessary to give them all the encouragement, showers of love and praise they decide. When it comes from you as an in-law, how marvellous. Let’s go with these below.

41. To a wonderful father at 48. To a helper who is always willing to help. I celebrate you today. Though you are my father-in-law, I see you more like a father. May you never be put to shame. Your children will always be like a garment to cover you. Happy 48th Birthday to you, dad.

42. A mother is a mother no matter the tag. Yes, as an in-law, you have been a good mother-in-law. One to be envied and wished for. It gets even better as you clock 48 today. May all the best wishes to you come to pass. May your secret prayers be answered. Happy 48th birthday, ma.

43. On this occasion of your super forty-eight birthday, I appreciate all the kindness you have shown to me as an in-law. You have been the best father-in-law to me. As you celebrate this special day, many more will come. You will always find a reason to rejoice. Your smile will never disappear from your face. Happy birthday 48th to you.

44. On the occasion of your 48th birthday, I pray that your desires will be met. You will be called blessed among mothers. Your 48th birthday is a call to your golden celebration. Happy birthday to you, my special mother-in-law.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 48 Years Old Friend

How does it feel to have a friend you grew up together with and celebrating 48th birthday? It is such a good thing especially when you share in their joy. As we grow up, we tend to take simple things for granted such as celebrating our friends. You don’t want that to happen today. Celebrate your friend with the prayer messages below.

45. They say not all childhood friends are kept till adulthood. Yet, you have been a faithful friend since inception. I pray that all your dreams and aspiration come true even as you strive to get better every day. Happy 48th birthday to an old friend.

46. To a special friend at 48. Birthdays come just once in a year and when it comes, memories flood in. May all the success you rejoice in never turn sour. You better years are just beginning. You are more than enough. Soar higher and keep conquering. Happy 48th birthday anniversary to you, friend.

47. You pretty face isn’t speaking forty-eight but when engaged in a discussion, one realizes you have spent a good number times journeying around the sun. As you celebrate 48 years today, may today never be the end of the joy flowing into your bosom. Happy 48th birthday to you, my friend.

Opening Prayer for 48th Birthday Party

To celebrate a 48th birthday celebration, you need prayers that meet the occasion. You may be caught off-guard but I’ve got you covered. The messages below are 48th birthday special prayers for opening a party or celebration.

48. O Lord our help in ages past and the hope of years to come, we appreciate you for thus far you have brought us even in this auspicious 48th birthday celebration. We beseech that you multiply our joy beyond our imagination and grant that we continually rejoice as we celebrate more years to come.

49. To celebrate a year old is a big deal. To celebrate a decade is by his mercies. To celebrate four scores of year and eight is by his grace. We thank you for this journey of 48 years and we beg that you continue to abide with us and never depart from us in the rest of the journey of our life.

50. We bless your name, O Lord even as you have seen us from childhood and unto this day. We have come to bless your name for this celebration today, the 48th birthday celebration of our dear partner. We beseech you that your goodness and mercies will follow throughout our journey and help celebrate more success as we grow.

There you have them, all types of prayer messages for a 48th birthday celebration of a friend, family members and even your foe. Send them messages sometimes and let them know you also think about them. LOL. Share with everybody!

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