happy 38th birthday

Happy 38th Birthday Prayers for 38 Years Old (2024)

At different points in our lives, we were faced with the realization of how life can be flitting. We realised how life can be lost in a twinkle of an eye. So, now that you have the opportunity to celebrate your 38 years old loved one, you should make the most of it.

Because, by celebrating him or her, you’re showing that you’re grateful to have them in. You’re seizing the opportunity to celebrate life at every given time. You’re assuring them of their value and usefulness in your life, and the world in general. And you’re praying that they have a good and fruitful life.

Just before you underrate the power of your prayers. Remember how words are powerful and long-lasting. If they can make or break, then your words can shape the life of your loved one. They can pave the way for them, and usher them into a beautiful new year. So, go ahead and bless your loved ones who are celebrating their 38th birthday with these 38th birthday prayers for 38 year old.

38th Birthday Prayers for Myself

Usher yourself into your most beautiful year yet with these birthday prayers for 38th birthday.

1. Lord, I could try. But I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done and keep doing for me. I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for the gift of life, protection and blessings. But I do know that I am grateful. And for as long as I live, I won’t stop praising your name. Thank you for my 38th birthday. Thank you for another opportunity to celebrate. In this year, I ask that your mercy and love keep speaking for me. Amen.

2. Your gifts in my life have added no sorrow. Your gifts have made my life full and rich. Thank you for the gifts of life and health. Thank you for your mercy that is ever-present for me. To you be all the glory, Lord. I pray that as I celebrate my birthday today, there will more reasons to celebrate in the name of Jesus. Amen.

3. You’ve transformed my life in more ways than I can count. You’ve taken me from grass to grace. You’ve taken my terrible history and rewritten it. There’s no one like you in the entire universe, Lord. Thank you for all that you’ve been to me. I pray that as I celebrate 38 today, I’ll celebrate more and more years to come. This year will be marked with joy and celebration. Amen!

4. I experienced a lot in the past year. And I’m not ungrateful to not acknowledge your enduring presence and guidance. I’m not ungrateful for the life, health and many provision you gave me. Thank you, my Lord and God. This is a brand new year. This is 38 for me. I pray that you’ll continue to protect and lead me. I pray that you will continue to do new and marvellous things for me. In the mighty name of Jesus. Happy 38th birthday to me!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 38 Years Old Sister

You know the extent to which your sister has been a blessing to you. This is why you should send her any of these birthday prayer messages for 38 years old sister as she celebrates her 38 birthday.

5. I am so glad that you’ve reached the age 38 today. I am so glad! Because I know the story of how you got here. I know the struggles over time. But you’re here, and you’re doing okay. For this year, it is my prayer that you’ll do much more than be okay. This time, you will thrive and flourish. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Happy 38th birthday, sister.

6. God has indeed been faithful in your life. He has kept you and your family. He has blessed and provided for you all. And he has never failed in showering you with his good health. As you turn 38 today, it is my prayer that God will continue to bless you, provide for you, and keep you in good health. You’re a good sister through and through, and I love you so much. Happy birthday, sister.

happy 38th birthday

7. God’s blessings in your life have been countless. We could practically go on and on, recounting every small and big blessing. I pray that as you celebrate your 38th birthday, God will not relent in blessing you. He will also not relent in granting you your heart desires. Happy 38 years birthday, sister. I love you.

8. I’ve seen you get to the heights you dreamed and prayed for. I’ve seen you fight for the life you’ve always wanted. I know the struggles behind the success you enjoy today. And you’re an inspiration through and through. For your 38th birthday, I pray that God will take you to heights you never imagined. I pray that he will add more feats and success to you. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 38 Years Old Brother

Turning 38 years old is no small feat.

Hence, you shouldn’t hold back on the good wishes and birthday prayer messages for your brother on his special day.

9. Welcome to 38! Welcome to a new year! I can already feel that the new year will be filled with loads of blessings and good news for you. And I also pray that you will enjoy the clarity of mind much more. So that you can get to the heights you’ve dreamed of for the new year. Happy 38th birthday, brother. I love you with all my heart.

10. 38 is a year of strength for you, brother. I pray that you will run and not get tired. You will meet those milestones you’ve always dreamed of, and you will enjoy an increase on all sides. Thank you for all that you continue to do for me and the people around you. You’re a brother indeed. Happy birthday.

11. I know that life hasn’t been easy. I’m especially aware of the many struggles. But don’t worry anymore. This year is a good time to heal. It is a good time to meet goals and to create new experiences for yourself. It is also a time to extend grace and mercy to yourself. As you celebrate your 38th birthday today, I pray that you will meet helpers and that you will enjoy open doors too. Happy 38th birthday, brother.

happy 38th birthday

12. There’s nothing as fulfilling as living a life of purpose. This is why I pray that your purpose will be clearer to you. That you’ll clearly know the things you’re meant to do. That you will impact the lives you’re meant to impact. May you experience clarity, strength and connection in this new year. Happy birthday, brother.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

You can usher your son into a glorious new year with these birthday prayer messages for 38!

13. Whew! My son is 38 today! I’m in awe! I can’t believe that we’re at this stage. I can’t believe I’ve watched you grow this big. It wasn’t long ago, you were depending on me for everything. Now, you’ve become this achiever. Oh my! I pray for you with all my heart, that your life will continue to please God. I pray for more achievements for you. I pray for the strength and wisdom to lead your family right. And I pray that God’s goodness will dominate your life. Happy birthday, my son.

14. God’s blessings add no sorrow. God’s blessings are without worries. And people that have them don’t have to worry about payback someday. This is why I’m praying for you, my son. That as you celebrate 38, not only will God continue to keep you alive and healthy, he will also bless you. Happy 38th birthday, son. I love you so much.

15. Your life has always been a testimony. To me and to those around you. It is my prayer that your life will remain a testimony. That your life will be a source of inspiration and strength for the people around you. That through you people will find succour and the strength they need to live their best lives. I love you, son. And I am so proud of you! Happy birthday, baby boy.

16. Today, and on every other day of your life, may God bless you with his choicest blessings. May he give you so many reasons to celebrate and be happy. Just as you keep giving me so many reasons to be happy, and to celebrate. I love you always, son. Happy happy birthday!

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

You wouldn’t know the extent to which your birthday prayer messages can make your daughter feel special and loved.

Until you send any of the messages below for her 38th birthday.

17. I’ve seen that there are numerous opportunities when there is life. People can still achieve their goals, and live the lives they want, so far as they are alive. This is why I’m praying and asking God to bless you with long life. This is why I’m praying for good health and a free heart for you. Because I know that there is still time to be all that you’ve dreamed of becoming. I love you, baby girl. And I’m super proud of you. Happy 38th birthday.

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18. As you celebrate 38, it is my prayer that God will continually grant you your heart desires. That he will answer those prayers you’ve been praying. And that he will give you the comfort and wishes that you desire. Happy 38th birthday, daughter. I love you so much.

happy 38th birthday

19. Lord, I’m so thankful for the life of my daughter. I’m so thankful for how far you’ve brought her. And for her 38th birthday, I’m committing her into your hands. I pray that you will uplift her, you will uphold her, and you will be there for her. Through all of life’s up and down, you will help her. And you will help her live the kind of life that she wants for herself and her family. In Jesus name. Happy 38th birthday, sunshine.

20. I see how you strive to take care of your family. I see how you strive to see everyone live their best life. To see everyone stay fresh and cool. I pray that God will crown your efforts with success. And that he will grant you the desires of your heart. Oh, of course, I also pray that he will help you stay cool and fresh too. Happy birthday, baby girl. You rock!

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

You can add more colour to your husband or wife’s 38th birthday celebration with these prayer messages.

You can use these in addition to the gifts, surprise party and good wishes.

21. Baby, I wish we could stay young forever. But I know it isn’t possible. And I also know that nothing can rival the depth of friendship and companionship we’re both building with the years. I still have it for you, as I did on the first day. And I pray that God will keep you safe and strong. That he will guide and lead you. And that he will crown all of your efforts with success. I love you, husband. Happy 38th birthday.

happy 38th birthday

22. You’ve been a wonderful husband and father. You’ve guided and led us all with respect, firmness and love. If I had to do this again, I’d choose you over and over again. Here’s to God blessing you with long life, prosperity and good health. Happy 38th birthday, husband.

23. I could search, but I’m certain there’s no woman like you in the entire world. Don’t ask me how I know this. But believe that it is the truth. Thank you for being constant. Thank you for your love and strength. I pray that God keeps you long for me. I pray that he grants you all of your heart desires. Happy 38th birthday, wifey. I love you!

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Nephew/Niece

Your niece or nephew will have an even more special day with these birthday prayer messages.

Check them out!

24. Nephew of life. I’m so thankful to God for you. I’m thankful to God for how far he has brought you. As you celebrate your 38th birthday, I pray that he will fill your life with many surprises. May this year be your best one yet, and may it bring you so much happiness. Happy 38th birthday, nephew.

25. You constantly work hard to live your dream life. You’re constantly seeking for new and legitimate ways to make a headway in life. I pray that you will reap the harvest of the seeds you’ve sown. And that all your efforts will not be in vain. Happy 38th birthday, niece.

26. Just as you wish for good things to fill the people’s lives that are around you. I pray that good things will continually come your way in this new year. I also pray that this year will be coloured with testimonies and good news for you. Happy 38th birthday, nephew!

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

If you think back on the many experiences with your cousin, whether annoying or not, you’ll find reasons to celebrate him/her on this special day.

To help you get started, try out these 38th birthday prayer messages for cousin.

27. I can already feel that 38 will be a wonderful and amazing year for you. Just as you have been wonderful and amazing to us all. And I pray that this new year will mark the beginning of unending blessings and favour in your life. Happy 38th birthday, dearest cousin.

28. May you seek and find in this new year. May you knock and see doors open for you. May you search and find the answers that you seek. May you live a long and full life. I speak blessings and favour upon your life, family and resources. Your 38 birthday will be your best year yet. Happy happy birthday, dearest cousin.

happy 38th birthday

29. Forget the mistakes of the past. Forget the broken dreams that you have left behind. And all of the ‘what ifs.’ This is a brand new year for you. A time to forgive and extend grace and kindness to yourself. Be calm too, because 38 will be a very good year for you. It will fill your life with testimonies. And you will find all of the strength and resources you need to live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and family. Happy 38th birthday, cousin.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt or Uncle

Our aunts and uncles make life beautiful, fun and colourful. So much so that it is hard to imagine a complete family without them.

To show them that you’re grateful for them and that you love them, you can send them one or more of these 38th birthday prayer messages.

30. You are always willing to help those around you. You just want them happy and comfortable. Truth is, this family is a much better place because you’re in it. I’m always thankful for an aunt like you. And I pray that you will continue to receive help from people. As you celebrate your 38th birthday, may you never be helpless or stranded. Happy birthday, aunt. I love you.

31. Through you, difficult situations have been easier to endure. Thank you for the succour and comfort you give to your family and the people around you. May you never lack comfort and succour in your times of need too. Happy 38th birthday to the best uncle in the entire world. Love you, sir.

32. You’re ageing like fine wine, aunt. And you’re still one woman I want to be like when I’m older. Thank you for the grace, aura and class that you emit. You’re loads of inspiration always. As you turn 38 (something I still don’t believe, because you look younger), I pray that you will continue to age in grace. Happy happy 38th birthday, aunt.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law

To appreciate your sister-in-law, and to tell her just how much she means to you and the family in general, you should send these 38th birthday prayer messages.

33. You bring strength, vitality and excitement with you. Actually, now that I think of it, the days without you here weren’t as colourful or fun. Thank you for bringing life, honesty, optimism and a new perspective with you. May these and more never depart from your life in this new year. Happy 38th birthday, sister-in-law. Here’s to many years of making us laugh!

34. You’re the sister that I never had. You’re the sister I prayed hard for, and the daughter my mother always wanted. Thank you for choosing our family. Thank you for being such an amazing addition to us all. And thank you for completing our family. There’s no us without you, and I pray that the Lord will bless and keep you long for us. Happy 38th birthday, sister. I love you.

35. You teach us a lot. And I can boldly say that our lives have all changed since you came into the family. As you celebrate your 38th birthday today, I pray that you will continue to stand out. I pray that you will reap the harvest of your labour and effort. Happy birthday, sister-in-law.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Brother-In-Law

It’s amazing how marriage affords us the opportunity to get a new brother and family.

These 38th birthday prayer messages would surely usher your brother-in-law into an amazing new year.

36. You’re worth all the blessings and good fortune coming your way. Because you always seek the good of others, and you’re always striving for things to work for the people around you. I pray that your 38th birthday will bring you more blessings and good fortune. And that it will be your best year yet. Happy 38th birthday, brother-in-law.

37. Thank you for lifting us all up. Thanking you for trying in your own little way to make the life of family members better. I pray that God will continue to lift you up. I pray that he will uphold you and give you many reasons to be grateful. Happy birthday, brother. More blessings and favour on your 38th birthday.

38. I don’t know the content of your heart. I don’t know the things that you desire. But I’m praying for you with all my heart, that God will always meet you at the point of your needs. That he will cause the universe to align for you always. And that he will help you to live your best life. Happy 38th birthday, brother-in-law.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

You will make your mom or dad teary and emotional with these 38th birthday prayer messages.

Try them already!

39. Daddy of life! You know, I never fail to thank God every day for a kind and godly father as you. I never fail to thank God for giving you to me as a father. My life is so much better and easier with your guidance and lessons over the years. As you celebrate 38 today, I pray that you will live to see many more years. I pray that God will keep you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday, dad.

40. Mom, you’ve modelled a lot to my siblings and me. And I wish I could show you the depth of my appreciation for a mother like you. As you celebrate 38, I pray that things will be in alignment for you all the time. I pray that you will live long and full. Happy 38th birthday, mom.

41. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your constant help and support. Thank you for always helping me, putting me first and constantly supporting my dreams. May you continue to grow from grace to grace, dad. I love you so much. Happy 38th birthday, dad.

42. You deserve happiness and enjoyment in your life. This is why I’m praying that God fills your new year with loads of happiness, joy and excitement. I pray that he puts new songs in your heart and mouth. And that he will fill your life with testimonies. Happy 38th birthday, mom.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 38 Years Old Friend

Friends are indeed blessings! We could honestly go on and on about how much they make life beautiful and better.

So, to make your 38 years old friend feel special on his/her special day, you should send these birthday prayer messages.

43. I’m so grateful that you’ve turned 38 today. And I’m so grateful for the gift of friendship over the years. To say you’re an amazing person will simply not cut it. But for lack of a better description, we’ll stick with amazing. Happy birthday, darling friend. May God’s provision and protection surround you always. Love you!

44. I love your courage. I love your perseverance. I love your strength. There are indeed depths to you, my friend. There are no shallow ends. Thank you for sticking by me through the years. It has been a journey, and I’m always thankful for you. As you celebrate turning 38, I pray that God will stand by you. He will uphold and shower you with His blessings. In Jesus name; amen. Happy birthday, dear friend!

45. If there’s anything I’m certain of today, it is that loads of good and beautiful things await you in this new year. You’ve been such a good and beautiful friend, so it comes as no surprise at all. Happy 38th birthday, my friend. It’s a beautiful year already!

46. Over the years, I’ve learnt a lot of things from you. This is due to the privilege of friendship. A privilege that I’m grateful for, and never take for granted. I see that you have many plans for yourself. I see that you work hard to be the best version of yourself, to live the life you’ve always wanted. So, I’m praying for you today, that you’ll find strength and focus to stay on the path you’ve chosen for yourself. Strength and focus so that you can smash all the goals you’ve set for yourself. Happy 38th birthday, darling friend.

Opening Prayers for 38th Birthday Party

Opening prayers for birthday parties just got cooler!

You can make your opening prayers for that 38th birthday celebration fun, beautiful and all-round with the prayers below.

47. Heavenly Father, it’s another opportunity to celebrate the gift of life. It’s another opportunity to gather together as friends and family. It’s another opportunity to celebrate with the celebrant. We are ever so grateful, Lord. And we ask that you receive all our thanks. Lord, as this birthday party kicks off, we pray that your presence will be with us. We also ask for the celebrant, that there will be no reason to sorrow in this new year. And that you will place her ahead of life’s troubles. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

48. Our Lord and God, thank you for the gift of life you’ve bestowed upon us all. Thank you for your incredible love and mercy towards our brother and friend. Thank you for the ripe age of 38. To you be all the glory, in Jesus name. We ask that you be with us as we kickstart this celebration. We ask that this will not be the last time we celebrate with the celebrant. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

49. For as long as we can remember, you’ve always been here for us. For as long as we can remember, you’ve always given us reasons to celebrate and rejoice. Thank you for another opportunity to do this. Thank you for another opportunity to gather together. We pray that this birthday party will go on smooth. And we ask that you’ll give us more reasons to stay thankful to you. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

50. Precious Lord, there’s indeed none like you in all the earth. Thank you for this opportunity to gather to celebrate. Thank you for the life of the celebrant, and how far you’ve brought him. As we are about to start this party, we ask that your presence be with us. May we not party amiss. And may you continue to bestow us with blessings and favour. In Jesus name; amen.

Since birthday prayers never go out of fashion, I’m certain that you found these 38th birthday prayers really cool.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. And, you can also drop title suggestions for other contents you’d like to read.

Thank you!

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