Birthday Prayers for Pastor's Wife

2024 Amazing Birthday Prayers for Pastor’s Wife

Apart from sending some birthday wishes to your pastor’s wife for her birthday, you can also send lovely birthday prayers as a way to give back what you have been taken from the altar.

So pick one of the following birthday prayers for your Pastor’s wife and send to her.

Happy Birthday Prayers for Pastor’s Wife

Effective happy birthday prayer for pastor’s wife.

1. Happy Birthday Ma, May the spirit of the Lord never depart from you.

2. Happy birthday, mummy G.O. May your life always be filled with God’s love.

3. I celebrate a courageous woman today. May the rest of your life be meaningful. Happy birthday, Ma.

4. May the love of God always be true to you, and never depart from your family. Happy birthday, Ma.

5. Happy birthday to the woman of God, who gives tremendously, not minding what she’ll later face. I celebrate God in your life, Ma.

Best Birthday Prayers for My Pastor’s Wife

6. Happy birthday to my Pastor’s wife. May heavenly blessings be yours as you celebrate.

7. Happy birthday to this beautiful woman of God who’s got our back always. Continue basking in God’s unending care.

8. Happy birthday to one of the few good women on earth. May the Almighty God continue to increase you spiritually.

9. May God’s goodness and mercy never depart from your family. Happy birthday, Ma.

10. By God’s grace, this shall not be your last birthday on earth. You’ll live to see more of it. Happy birthday to you, Ma.

Happy Birthday Blessings for My Pastor’s Wife

11. You’re such a nice woman. Thanks for all the advice, love, and support. May God never leave you unsettled. Happy birthday, Ma.

12. I pray for you and your household, you shall live to testify to the glory of God in your lives. Happy birthday, in Jesus’ name.

13. May witches and wizards never have dominion over your life. Happy birthday to you, Ma.

14. May the good works of God never be put on hold in your life. Happy birthday to you, Ma.

15. May God favour you as long as you live. Happy birthday, Ma.

Lovely Birthday Prayers for Pastor’s Wife

16. Things of celebration will never be far from your life and family. Happy birthday to you.

17. May you never record any form of casualty as you journey through another year. Happy birthday.

18. May you never have reasons to doubt God’s love for you and your family. Happy birthday.

19. May the angels of God guide and guard you and yours from now on. Happy birthday, Pastor Mrs.

20. Wonderful is the name of Jesus. May you always be called wonderful throughout your lifetime. Have a very happy birthday, Ma.

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