Birthday Prayers for 8 Years Old

8th Year Birthday Prayers for 8 Years Old (2024)

Almost every human I’ve met in my life is excited about their birthday; adults, children, male, female, irrespective of who they are.

And when it is children, it’s more of ecstatic expression which supersedes excitement. They are happy and more than eager for the day to come. They count down like that’s the only thing that matters in the world, and of course, it is the only that matters to them!

Parents of hyperactive children can attest to this. Birthday Prayers for 8 Years Old

Celebrating 8th birthday is more of a big deal, it’s like the threshold between the innocence of the child and the actual realization that they are no longer ‘babies’ but in the way to responsible adults.

If you have a potential 8 year old around you, you’ll understand this more than anyone else. They just can’t wait and sometimes, this bubbly personality and energy can rub off on you.

If you are the parent of an 8-year-old and you are planning to have a party for the birthday celebration, I just want to say that it’s a good thing as long as you can conveniently afford it.
And if the right words to send across to your baby as she or he celebrated 8th year is what you’re looking for, you are definitely in the right post because here, you will have the right words to motivate your kids with.

Nothing beats the parents heartfelt prayers for their children especially when they celebrate on their special day. Your kid deserves to know that they are special.

And if you have difficulty picking out a gift item for your 8 years old’s birthday, you can check some of these birthday gift ideas for an 8 year old. It’s one of the several ways to give your kid a special birthday treat.

In this post, you will come across several touching and motivating prayers and messages for that 8 years old around you, celebrating their birthday.

I want to let you know that there are several things you can do to help brighten up the day for that 8 years birthday celebrant, a text or prayers printed on customized card is one of the simplest gestures.

And, depending on how cordial your relationship with the 8 years old parent is, you can actually help them to put together some party ideas for 8th birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for 8 Years Old

These prayers are ideal for your 8 years old on his/her birthday. It will help them know that you love them and wish them life’s blessings as they grow.

You can also learn how to create the right impression on an eight year old here are
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1. It’s with great eagerness that I am announcing to you today that you’re 8 years old! So much to thank God for, for you and through everything, you have been more than a blessing to your family and us all. May God bless not just the day you were born but also every day of your life. Congratulations darling, may your days be blessed.

2. Hearty cheers and many happy returns to the coolest kid on the block! We’re happy you’re celebrating today and we all pray that you’ll live long and do exploits. May the Lord keep your always dearest one. Happy 8th birthday to you!

3. The whole world stands still to celebrate as an Icon clocks 8 today! We are more than proud that you belong to us. Long life and prosperity will definitely be your portion. May you grow up in wisdom and understanding to become the blessing you were born to be to humanity. Happy 8th birthday to you our angel.

4. Ever since you came into our world eight years ago, you have been nothing short of a bundle of laughter and joy to us. Today as you clock eight years, from my heart I pray for you that you will live long and fulfil purpose. Continue to grow in strength, wisdom and stature, may God be with you. Many happy returns to you our baby.

5. The first time I met you, you struck my heart immediately as one of the blessings this world will encounter. I pray for you today that you will not be cut short but will live long to do great exploits. Long life, good health and prosperity is your portion. May God bless you all your days, happy eight birthday son.

8th Years Birthday Prayers for Christians

Help Christian parents celebrate the birth anniversary of their eight-year old with these birthday prayers.
You can also check these bible verses for children to help them up in the wisdom of God.

6. Our Lord Jesus asked that every child be brought to him, that’s because he loves them with all sincerity. Today and henceforth, you are a beloved of God. The Lord will keep you till the end of your days and help you grow strong in love for him. Grow in the strength of our Lord, happy 8th birthday dear.

7. I pray today, that your life will bring not just to you, but us all, joy, happiness and great excitements. I and everyone around you can boldly say that you’re a unique blessing from the Most High and I pray that you’ll never cease to be this. God bless you every day of your life our angel, I join my voice with that of everyone today: Happy Eight Birthday baby.

8. It’s been an amazing 8 years that you’ve been with us. Thank God for the gift of you, our epitome of God’s Divine Favour. So far, you radiate every beautiful and good thing of life. God bless you today, to when you celebrate 80 and even though all the days of your life. Cheers to 8 and the years beyond it. Happy birthday, darling!

9. We don’t have to look far to see how beautiful God is, you’re a representation of that to us all baby. Today, we say thank you to God for giving you to us and for keeping you since your first day on earth. You will live long to fulfil your purpose. Happy eight birthday our baby.

10. Glory to God for the blessings that surround you and us all. It is amazing that you’re 8 years already when it feels just like yesterday you arrived as a newborn baby. We have known your beginning, we will definitely not know your end. Enjoy your years with God’s grace. Happy birthday to you dear.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 8 Year Old Baby Girl

You know a sweet girl celebrating her 8th year birthday? Help her celebrate with these birthday prayers.

11. I know a baby girl who is special, beautiful and definitely amazing in all ways. Sweetest, we are all proud of you every day and will continue to support you till forever. I wish you a beautiful 8th year and several years ahead. Happy birthday, baby.

12. No one can understand how much we all love you. You are one of the greatest life blessings that I know. I pray that you will grow old in wisdom. Happy birthday to you our little baby princess.

13. A happiest eight birthday to you baby girl. Today, I say thank you to God for giving you to us all and also helping you grow well. You’re loved, always. Happy birthday to you today.

14. Just a day ago, you were 7 and now, you’ve become and 8 years old. Girl! That was very fast! May every day be beautiful with you and for you. Happy birthday to you today.

15. It’s our baby’s 8 years birthday celebration today and I am the happiest being on earth. Always know that we all love you and got you always. Happy 8th birthday to you our wonderful princess.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 8 Years Old Baby Boy

Every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday and boys are definitely not an exception. Below are some birthday prayers for 8 year old baby boy, choose from any of these to help him celebrate.

16. It’s time for you to say goodbye to 8 years and start the journey of an 8-year-old. I know you had fun but trust me, more to unfold as you go, but first, Let’s get to cut the cake and have a celebration. Happy birthday to you boy.

17. Rise and shine darling, it’s the 8th anniversary of your birthday today. Don’t worry, your mummy is going to be right by your side all through the way. Happy 8th birthday big boy, long live you.

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18. You have never for once being a cause of unpleasantness to us and you will never be baby. As God lives, you will grow to your full stature and be a pride to us all. It’s your birthday today and yes we’re celebrating big. Happy birthday, my dearest.

19. Not too long ago, you were a baby being waited on and fed, and now you’re a big boy of 8! Everything has changed though, except for your radiant smiles and beautiful laughs. As you grow older today baby, you will never lose any of these. Long life and prosperity to you.

20. 8 hearty cheers to you today boy, I join everyone to celebrate you today because you have been a good boy all the way and you deserve it! Happy 8th Birthday!

8th Year Birthday Blessings

Nothing can be compared to warm and sincere blessings from you to your 8 years old as he/she celebrates their birthday.

You should definitely check here if you’re in doubt as to different ways to celebrate an eight year old

21. It’s someone’s birthday today and I am more than excited! Excited for how you’ve been and how you’re growing. God’s blessings are my sincere wishes for you today baby. Have a beautiful 8 and several more years ahead.

22. Today is an indication that you’ve reached the beginning of the next lap of your life race. You’re 8 already, and that’s a big deal, trust me! Nothing is stopping you, dear, because I deeply believe in you and what you’ll become. Happy eight birthday darling.

23. Firstly, you were 8 hours old, then, 8 days, and then, 8 weeks, to 8 months and now 8 good years! My wish for you today is that may every good thing of life Never elude you and you’ll make mom and dad proud always! Many happy returns to you today baby, happy 8 years birthday.

24. Today, someone’s age equals 2 presidential terms, solid 8 years! You’re excited I know and I’m twice as excited as you are. From today and even till the end of your life, you will never fall. You are a star and you will definitely shine bright. Happy birthday to you, baby, make sure to enjoy your day.

25. Today, our breathtakingly sweet girl is 8 and you surely deserve to be celebrated. Thank you for coming to us and bring smiles and laughter. This new age, you will be blessed of God and even till forever. Cheers to 8 and 80!

8th Year Prayers for Daughter From Dad

Don’t be a boring dad, you can send prayers across to your eight years old as they celebrate another year. Pray for them, get them gifts, help them celebrate. It’s a great way to create a bond so strong with your 8 years old that will not be broken even when they become adults and independent.

26. The number 8 is one above perfection, and today that’s the age you’re clocking. I am more than proud that you are my daughter and I can boldly say that I couldn’t ask for another. Even as you grow older, I hope you know that daddy loves you more than anyone in this world. Happy birthday my little angel.

27. It’s almost hard to believe that my sweet little angel is growing and today clocks 8. How time flies? Dearest daughter, you will grow well and string in God’s love. May God be with you every day of your life. Happy birthday my baby.

28. Now that you’re 8, it’s time to celebrate your birthday again, because even when you’re 80, you’ll always be daddy’s little princess. You are my life’s perfect gift and that’s what you’ll always be. To my little angel, happy 8th birthday. Daddy loves you.

29. I think I’m the luckiest father in the world because my daughter is 8 today!! Enjoy every moment of today baby, because it’s all about you. You are the greatest if my life achievement and I love you dearly, daughter, I hope you’ll always know this. Have a beautiful birthday celebration today.

30. God loves me so much and gave me you as my daughter. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks for coming to us and giving is the title of a parent. Happy birthday my princess. May 8 and the years that follow favour you.

8th Year Prayers for Son From Dad

Your son is ‘little’ you, help him celebrate his special day by sending him any of these 8th years prayers.
Of course, you should cap it up with some of these ideal birthday gifts for boys

31. It’s been an awesome 8 years with you in my life so far and I can boldly say that you are replica through and through. I never once regretted having you as my son and I definitely never will. Daddy loves you boy, happy 8th birthday.

32. My son is 8 today and I am a proud father! May your smile never stop. May you grow to your full potentials. It feels like it’s just yesterday that I could hold you with one arm. Now, I don’t even dare to lift you. God’s blessings son, happy birthday to you.

33. With so much love and joy in my heart, I welcome you to 8 years and hope you’re ready for the years ahead. You are my son, my pride, never forget that. Don’t worry, there’s a celebration today just for you. Happy birthday, kiddo.

34. And you are steadily and speedily moving to the stage that I get to proudly call you buddy. It’s going to be fun watching you grow to a young man, that I’m sure of. But first, let’s celebrate your 8th year, today! Cheers to you my son.

35. My reward from God was you and I am more than contented. Steady, you’re in your way to becoming a young man, and that feels cool already. But most importantly, I pray for you that God will keep you for me, for us all. Happy 8th son, I’m proud of you, now and always.

8th Year Prayers for Daughter From Mom

You want to create a lasting mother-daughter bond? Well, start with touching prayers for your 8-year-old little lady. It is one of the several things you can do for your daughter. Pray for her, set her feet with ease on life’s journey.

36. In you, there’s plenty of me, I love that you’re my daughter any day and time. There’s much to do today to celebrate you but I want to start with prayers for you. Paramount of all, may God keep you so that you’ll live long and do us all proud. Happy 8th birthday to you, mummy’s little lady.

37. Everyone says you look like me too much, well, I pray that God will give to you double even triple of my strength. Always remember that you are my daughter and I love you so much. May all your days be beautiful, happy birthday my sweet angel and cheers to the big 8.

38. Today you’re 8 and I cannot but wonder at how fast and well you have grown. Very soon, you’ll be a teenager and I won’t get to see much of you around me as I do now, but always know that I love you even then. You are my pride, always. Happy 8th Birthday sweetie!

39. It feels so cool to be the mommy of the cool 8-year-old celebrating her birthday today. I’m glad you’re growing well dearest daughter. I wish you a beautifully exciting life ahead. Happy birthday to mummy’s sweet girl.

40. One fact that I’m excited about is that you’re 8 years old today. You are already showing the traits if a strong and amazing young woman that I am more than excited for your future. As you grow in years, remember that nothing should ever take your beautiful smile away, it’s your charm. Happy birthday to you my darling. I wish you many happy returns of today.

8th Year Prayers for Son From Mom

The mother-son relationship is a beautiful one, and you will love to bond more with your son as he grows older with each day. These 8th years prayers for son from mom will help you do just that.

41. My heart swells with pride when I remember that I birth this young man. Mommy loves you and is super proud of you any day. Today as you celebrate, I pray that nothing stands in your way through life journey. I pray that you’ll continue to be a source of happiness to me. Happy birthday, son!

42. To the most wonderful son any woman could wish for on this planet, I wish you a most beautiful happy birthday. You’ve been an amazing child all these years and today, you just deserve to be given a beautiful birthday celebration, and you’ll surely have it. Once again, happy 8th birthday my sweet son.

43. My little boy is already set to become a big man, you don’t know how excited I am right now. So far, mothering you as been beautiful that I’m positive it will be rewarding eventually. May God keep you for us all baby. Happy 8th birthday.

44. I have the sweetest boy in the world and right now I’m super proud. I love that you’re mine, son and I’m praying that God be with you till forever. May your life stand firm in excellence. 8 hearty cheers to you today, happy birthday darling.

45. You have a strength that I’m sure will drive you for positive things in life. Today you’re 8 and I pray that you will witness many more years of God’s blessings. Happy birthday my big boy and welcome to the league of big boys already.

Opening Prayers for 8th Birthday Party

It’s your 8 years old loved one’s birthday party and you’re more than excited to help him/her have a pleasantly memorable celebration.
There are several ways you can do that and one is coming up with nice and sincere opening prayers for 8th birthday party celebrations
It’s an event and you’ll want to help not just the celebrant but you and everyone present create a good atmosphere for a nice birthday party.

Check out these samples of opening prayers for 8th birthday party, help add some sauce to the whole event.

46. Thank God for the life of us all, he has made us alive and brought us together to have a pleasant event. We have all come together to celebrate with our baby, so we pray that this everything will go smoothly. Our baby, you will be celebrated all the days of your life and you will never know any shame. May God bless you and us all.

47. This is the day that the Lord has made, and we are very excited to be in it, to celebrate our baby’s 8th year birthday. We come together to pray for you today baby, that you will live a long and fulfilled life. May you continue to grow in good health. Your days are blessed of the Lord already.

48. We thank God for the gift of you to be like an angel in our lives, radiating peace and love all around. There are not enough words to explain how excited we are that you’re 8 today and about your future. We pray that God will be with you and never leave you each of your days on earth. As you celebrate 8 today, you’ll celebrate more in peace. May God bless you.

49. It’s an occasion and opportunity to celebrate today, the anniversary of your 8th year on earth. It has been an honour having you as our life gift. Your days will not be cut short abruptly. Your 8th year is worth celebrating and that’s what we will do. But first, we pray that today will be remembered for goodness always. As you celebrate today, you will never cease to be a source of happiness and blessings from God.

50. On behalf of everyone here today, we thank God for the gift of you to humanity. We sincerely pray that as you step into your 8th year today, you are feeling to be a blessing to your generation and the ones to come. 7 was beautiful, 8 will be much more. No harm will come your way, all these we pray for through Jesus our Lord.

These prayers and wishes are more than enough to send your love across to your 8 years old as he/she celebrates their birthday.

It is a combination of strictly straight from the heart and genuine prayers and wishes that I’m sure you’ll make the day of any 8 years old you send it to, and their family’s too.

This is a reminder that on here, I am always open to your feedback. It’s what encourages me to do more.

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