Birthday Prayers for 16 Years Old

16th Year Birthday Prayers for 16 Years Old Teenager

The joy of watching a child grow from an infant into a teenager leaves you in awe. While you say the words that show you’re grateful, you’re also asking how time flew by so quickly. You’re looking at this teenager and seeing how adulthood and all that it entails is looming.

With the thoughts of gratitude, and thoughts about the coming years, the 16th birthday is one of those beautiful times to speak words of prayers over his or her life.

Words of prayers for safety and good health. Words of prayers that they grow into responsible adults, bringing joy and happiness to their family and community. That they discover how to find purpose, fulfilment and contentment in their lives.

You may not always have your eyes on him or her, but these birthday prayers for 16 years old teenager will have a long-lasting effect.

Prayers to My Son on His 16th Birthday

It is a day of joy, seeing your son celebrate his 16th birthday. Not so long ago, he was a baby depending on you for almost everything. Now, he is all grown. Today certainly calls for celebration, and words of prayers.

1. Even when you came out, face squeezed and not smiling, I still thought you the most handsome son ever. Its been 16 years since then and my feelings haven’t changed. I still think that you’re the most handsome boy ever. May this year bring you rich and beautiful blessings, my son. Happy birthday.

2. There’s nothing that gives me more joy than being your mother. Even with a career that keeps getting better and better, with friends and family people would give a lot to have. Nothing trumps being your mother. As you’ve filled my life with so much joy and happiness, may your years be filled with so much joy and happiness. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

3. See how you’re entering 16 in grand style! I’m still wondering when you stopped being my small boy, waiting for me to give you baths, to carry you around, and to feed you. It’s been years of growth and learning. And I pray that as you celebrate 16 years, growth, blessings and favour will never depart from your life.

4. If I had my way, I’d guard you every minute of the day. Because, even though you’ve turned 16 today, you’ll always remain my little boy, my sweet child. But I know how impossible this is, so I’m entrusting you into the hands of God. May He protect, guide and bless you for the rest of your days. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

5. Where did the years go?! Because I didn’t ever think we would get to this point so fast. As a single mother, all I just kept thinking about was how to make it through, one day at a time. And now, you’re 16! With all my heart, I pray that only good surprises will follow you for the rest of your days. May favour from heaven and men locate you always. May you never beg before you eat. Happy birthday, baby.


6. See the fine man you’re turning out to be. Oh, my heart is full of so much joy! I doubt other mothers are as happy as I am today. Happy 16th birthday, my son. May life’s situations always favour you. And where it seems as though you’re lacking, may God’s coverage speak for you. I love you so much.

7. I made a promise to always look out for you, to always provide for you, and to ensure you get to whatever point you want to go. It’s been 16 years, and all I do is still geared towards this dream. You’re a good son through and through, and I pray that grace and perfection will continue to be yours all the days of your life.

8. I never thought we’d reach this point. I honestly didn’t. Not when I was only concentrating on taking things one step at a time. You’ve made being a mother so easy, so fulfilling. I pray that the years from now will be kind and rich. Happy birthday, baby.

9. There’s no father that is as proud as I am right now. With all the hurdles we had to face and cross, I get to witness you turn 16. I pray that the Lord will keep you for many more decades to come, that His light will always be on your path, guiding and showing you the perfect path to take. Happy 16th birthday, son.

10. If I was asked to change anything about you, flaws and all, I wouldn’t. You’re unique, you’re from my loins, and I love you with all my heart. And I pray that as you turn 16, the Almighty will continue to shower you with His blessings and favour; amen. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 16 Years Old Daughter

Daughters are gifts, adding colour, light and life to our lives. To celebrate her turning 16 years old, and to make her day even more special, you should totally use these happy birthday prayers.

11. The labours of 16 years have been worth it! If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate. The rides, the lessons, the growth, have all been worth it. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. God continue to guide you and show you goodness.

12. I love the way you carry yourself. With so much poise, strength and dignity. As you turn 16 today, may strength, dignity, poise and blessings never be found lacking in your life. Happy birthday, love.

13. While I want to pray that we never grow apart, I know that at some point you’d have to leave to start your own life. And because I love you more than anything in this world, I pray that your path will be filled with good and long-lasting people. I pray that your life will be filled with happiness and warmth. Happy birthday, dear.

14. Your presence in our lives has brought in many blessings and good additions. You’re 10 children in one! And I pray that grace and mercy will never depart from your life. Happy 16 years birthday, darling.

15. There’s nothing as warm as your smile. It warms my inside and makes my toes curl. You’re a sweet child! And I pray that you will know sweetness for the rest of your days. I really really love you! Happy birthday.

16. I should probably be praying for a good husband for you. But, no. Rather, I pray that you grow up to be a woman secure in herself, and bursting with so much self-esteem and confidence. Already, I love your strength, and I am always proud of you. Happy 16th birthday.

17. You’re the best daughter any parent would ask for. Kind, loving, strong and intelligent. May your steps be continually ordered by God, and may your decisions be those that will bring you true joy and contentment. Love you, girl!

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18. Your dreams are legit, and I pray that you grow up to realize this. And to find the strength to chase them with all of you. Happy 16th birthday, daughter-shine.

19. My prayers have always been that you’d find purpose, strength and clarity of mind. 16 years down, and even years from now, I’ll still be praying these for you. Because I want you to experience the joy and happiness you’ve brought, to not just me, but to the people around as well. Happy birthday, love of my life.

20. Sometimes I have to stop to ask if I really raised you if the amazing journey of 16 years has been real. The grace and aura you carry are just humbling, and I will not stop thanking heavens for you. May you continue to know joy in surplus. Girl, I love you so much! Happy birthday.


16th Year Birthday Blessings

The 16th year birthday is a time to speak words of blessings, renewal, good fortune, good health and long life.

These birthday blessings are just perfect for the celebrant!

21. May you never lead a life of confusion. May your every idea come together to form perfect ones. Happy birthday, dear.

22. May this year be full of adventure and good feats. May wonderful news fill your everyday. Happy birthday, dear.

23. May ceaseless blessings, good news and laughter fill your life. May we always have reasons to celebrate over you, and with you.

24. Since you’ve made it this far, may your life and expunctions never be cut short. I speak long life, good health and prosperity upon you. Happy birthday, darling.

25. For the rest of the year, may you know only warmth and kindness. May you know only favour and goodness from people. Happy 16 years birthday, love.


26. Arise and shine, your time actually has come. From today till you’re old and grey, may you continue to shine bright. Happy birthday, love.

27. As you’ve started on this path of godliness, may you find the strength to continue on that path. May your name only be mentioned for good, and never for evil. May you be found taking only the right choices always, and never the wrong ones. Happy birthday!

28. As the Lord never sleeps nor slumbers, may He continue to defend and uphold you. May His wise eyes rest on you always. Happy birthday, love!

29. May laughter never leave your mouth, just as you bring laughter to ours. May taste never be found apart from you, just as you add taste to our lives. I speak blessings on your life. Happy birthday!

30. May your life continue to bear fruits, like a tree planted by the waterside. May you never lack all that it would take to lead a comfortable and beautiful life. Happy birthday, baby. I love you so much.

Birthday Prayers for 16 Years Old Girl

There are times we are moved to contemplate about life and time. One of such times is when a girl that was a baby (not so long ago), is suddenly grown up and is now celebrating her 16th year birthday.

Surely, prayers of gratitude and those wishing her a good life are needed.

31. May you know peace like never before. May the rough paths be made smooth and straight for you. Happy birthday, daughter after my heart.

32. You’re enough. Simple! And I pray that you grow up to never forget this fact. I pray that you grow to have big expectations of yourself and to find the strength to pursue them.

33. May we always have cause to rejoice over you always. May sorrowful stories be far from you and the family. Happy birthday, baby girl.

34. When you need help, may men rise to offer help. May you call out in your hour of need, and find favour and blessings from heaven. Happy 16th birthday, honey.

35. I struggle to find words to express how I feel today. But I’m eternally grateful for a girl like you. And I pray that your days on earth will be full and rich. Happy birthday, baby girl.



36. Even though you’re just 16, may you continually find reasons to leap and shout for joy. Today and on every other day, I speak only blessings in your life. Happy 16th birthday, darling.

37. Since you came into our lives, it’s been pure happiness and laughter. May God never take a break from showing you His goodness and love. Happy birthday, darling.

38. May you slay in your exams, in your career, and in your life as an adult. I speak only favour, good connections and open doors into your life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

39. People have only good reports from you. I’ve never really had a cause to regret having a daughter like you. I pray that you will continue on a good path and that people’s report about you will continually be good.

40. May you grow to realize your worth, to have big dreams, and to realize that you are unstoppable. Happy birthday, my darling.

Birthday Prayers for 16 Years Old Boy

It calls for celebration, watching the boy of yesterday turn 16 years old.

Your birthday prayers, in addition to your beautiful wishes, will definitely make the day complete.

41. Being your mother leaves me on a different kind of high. I’m proud of the journey of 16 years, and of you. May you never be helpless or stranded in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, dear.

42. Here’s to a year of more hugs and kisses, even though you feel you’ve outgrown them. (Rolls eyes). May you find reasons to jubilate as you turn 16. Congratulations, darling!

43. As you clock 16 today, may you enjoy blessings on every side of your life. Happy birthday, big boy!

44. May you know and enjoy elevation and increase like never before. Happy birthday, darling boy. I love you.

45. You’ve shown courage for as long as I can remember. May your new year be filled with stories of courage and strength. I love you, dear.


46. Here’s to a year of possibilities and unlimited success! May the real you shine bright for the world to see and celebrate. Happy birthday, dear boy.

47. May this new year be a truly wonderful, fulfilling and prosperous one for you. Happy birthday, dear. I truly truly love you.

48. May you grow to realize your worth, to realize that you’re unique and destined for greatness all the days of your lie. Happy birthday, darling.

49. May nothing stand in your path of success and amazing feats. May your 16th year be a really amazing one for you. Happy birthday, love.

50. You’re not crawling around anymore, and I can’t have my eyes on you all the time. But God’s is far-reaching, and I pray that His eyes will always be on you. Happy birthday, darling.


I hope these 16th birthday prayers were helpful and helped make the day even more special.

I’d love to see your feedback, so don’t forget to leave a comment. You can also share with friend.

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