Birthday Prayers for 1 year Old Baby Girl

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl (2024)

There are a lot of reasons why supporting the girl child is important. And praying for them, especially on their birthdays, is one way to show support.

And really, starting from when they turn one year isn’t too early. What is the essence of life if we don’t create memories? If we don’t understand why we should be grateful for every milestone we reach?

So, along with how your birthday prayers make the day special, you’re setting a pace for the baby girl. That life and its victories should be celebrated, and every milestone savoured and enjoyed.

Bless the first year of your baby girl or that of your loved ones with these birthday prayers for 1 year old baby girl.

Happy Birthday Prayers for Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday

These happy birthday prayers for baby girl’s birthday will not only have far-reaching effects in your baby girl’s life but will serve as good wishes for her 1st year.

1. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. You are definitely our good and perfect gift from God. May this new year bring you amazing blessings and favour from the Lord. Happy birthday, my darling.

2. May God cause only the sweetest things to come to you in this new year. And may all that is needed to properly take care of you be in abundance. Amen. Happy 1 year birthday, angel.

3. You make me so proud, and so content. As you turn one, I pray that you will find contentment and joy for the rest of your days. Amen.

4. You are a sweet girl through and through, and there’s no one in the world like you. as you clock one today, may God make available only the sweetest and choicest of His blessings to you. In Jesus name; amen.

5. Today, and on every other day of your life, may God always grant your heart desires. And may your needs continually be met. Even though you’re under our care, for now, may all you’d need to succeed in life always locate you. Amen.

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl    

6. If I had my way, you’d never want for anything in life. Since God has all it takes to care for your needs, I’m committing you into His hands today and for the rest of your life. Happy first year birthday, sweetheart.

7. As you grow older, may door continually be open for you. May you experience only blessings and divine connections. Amen. Happy one year old birthday, angel.

8. I could stare at you all day and not get tired. You’re so innocent, beautiful and angelic. May you continue to shine bright, and to fulfil all that God has planned for you. Amen.

9. As much as I want to be there for you all the time, I know it is impossible. But God’s eyes see all, and He protects those that are His. May this grace always extend to you for the rest of your days. Amen. Happy 1st birthday, my girl.

10. May the good Lord be with you every step of the way. May His light continually shine on your path. Happy one year old birthday, daughter of mine.

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

11. You make our world all right. You make our world a happy and content place. And I pray for you with all of my heart that evil will always be far from you. I love you so much, darling. Happy birthday.

12. May the storms of the coming years be calm for you. May the crooked paths of the coming years be made straight. Happy first year birthday, love!

13. Already, you make me and your daddy so proud! May good achievements be constant in your life. Happy birthday, (insert name).

14. Anyone that comes in contact with you always leaves smiling. You’re such a happy and lively baby girl! May sweet smiles and happiness continue to remain a constant in your life. Amen.

15. May your life be filled with so much joy, laughter and comfort, as you turn a year old today. Happy birthday, honey.

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

16. Being a first-time mum has been so challenging, but there’s no way on earth I’m giving up on you, and on us! As you’re a year older, may the universe always be kind to you. And may it bring you beautiful beautiful things. Love you, baby.

17. My angel, may the years ahead bring you clarity and strength. May you always find help and provision. Happy first birthday, darling.

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18. All of the sleepless night and frustration have been worth it; I wouldn’t have it any other way. May God’s blessings and favour be in abundance for you always, my girl. Happy birthday!

19. Since you are already bright, smart and beautiful. May your growing up to be brighter, smarter and more beautiful. Happy birthday, my dear.

20. May pure laughter and love never depart from your life. May they abound always for you. Amen. I love you, sweetheart.

Prayer for 1st Birthday – Girl

Your girl needs as many prayers as she can get. And her 1st birthday is a super good time to start, to speak words of strength and blessings in her life.

21. May you grow up to have a good and happy life. May you find strength and understanding, to know that you can be anything you want to be in life. Happy one year birthday, baby.

22. You will always be a reminder of God’s goodness and kindness. May this same goodness and kindness never depart from your life. Happy birthday, sunshine.

23. How beautiful you are is undeniable. And I pray for a very beautiful and warm life for you. Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart.

24. As you begin another phase, may good health and happiness never be far from you. I wish I could show you the depth of my love for you. But Lord knows that I will do right by you, and will try to raise you up in the right way. Happy birthday, baby!

25. May today and the rest of your life be wonderful. Happy 1st birthday, baby. I love you so so much, darling child.

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

26. You’re growing up real fast! But I have no complains, as you are healthy and happy. May this new year bring you much health and happiness. Happy birthday, baby.

27. Your arrival into my life gave me renewed hope and strength; things that were lacking before you. I’m always grateful for you, and I pray that your life doesn’t lose its colour and that your heart retains its innocence. Happy birthday, my dear.

28. Since your arrival, my life has seen tremendous growth. And I’m a better human because of this. Here’s to holding your hands, and always offering prayers of health and happiness for you. Happy one year birthday, baby.

29. Because of you, I’ve learnt to appreciate the big and little things in life. I pray that your years will be long and colourful. I love you, darling.

30. You’re still life’s greatest gift to me; I say this from the extent of exposure and comfort I’ve been exposed to. Every other thing pales in comparison to you, baby. And I pray for a full and healthy life for you. Happy 1 year old birthday, my angel.

31. I didn’t know I could love someone so completely, with all of my heart and soul. Until you came along. I’m so hopeful that you will have a fulfilling and beautiful life ahead. Happy birthday, girlie!

32. I can’t wait for the many adventures we’ll have together when all you’re grown up! Stay alive for me, stay healthy too. Happy first year birthday, baby!

33. I know you will make us proud. There’s no question about that. Now, I’m wishing you long life, good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet.

34. May you grow into a graceful and beautiful lady. May your days be long and full. Happy one year birthday!

35. Well, you literally turn the house upside down! (LOL). But I wouldn’t have things another way. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May the good Lord bless and favour you.

36. Hurray! We are one today! May you grow and achieve all of your life’s goals. Happy birthday, darling girl.

37. I haven’t stopped praying for love, happiness and good fortune for you. And I’m not stopping in this new year. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

38. May happiness and favour fill your life’s journey. Happy first year birthday, baby girl. I love you so much!

39. Happy one year birthday, darling! I pray that you have a delightful new year. I love you plenty, baby girl.

40. Despite how cruel and mean the world could be, may God’s protection always be there for you. Happy birthday, love.

First Birthday Prayers for Baby Girl from Parent

It is fascinating having a baby girl and then getting to watch her grow. Amidst the challenges, the many mistakes as parents, and the happy memories together, you finally get to celebrate her first birthday.

These first birthday prayers for baby girl from parent will definitely make the day more special.

41. I can’t help but be grateful that you chose me as your mother, and decided to be an important part of our family. You’ve made me so complete, darling girl! And I pray that God’s wisdom and protection will always abound for you. Amen.

42. While I can’t wait for when we’d rock matching clothes, hair and shoes, I’m super thankful for the one year we’ve had with you. May the good Lord continue to keep you in good health for the rest of your days. Happy first birthday, sunshine.

43. I had no idea that my heart could be this full. I have so much love for you, baby girl. So much love. My prayer for you today, and on every other day, is that the Lord will continue to shower us with all it takes to see you soar and shine. In Jesus name; amen. Happy first year birthday!

44. I thought my life was complete before I had you. But I was so wrong! You filled those empty spaces I never knew I had. And see how better my life is! May happiness and joy fill your life, for the rest of your days. Happy one year birthday, (insert baby’s name).

45. You’ve literally been our sunshine. Your dad and I are so proud to be your parents. I pray that the good Lord will continue to keep you safe, sound, and in good and perfect health. Amen. Happy first birthday, sweet girl.

46. The world is in trying times. But you, my daughter, have kept my spirits up with your liveliness. I’m so proud to be your father, so proud to do this life with you. Continue to grow in wisdom and understanding. Happy birthday!

47. God never gave up on you and on us. Even when you were born so sick, and the prognosis was far from hopeful, He kept you for us. See how colourful our lives are because of you! This year, may God’s eyes continue to rest upon you. May He continue to keep you in good and perfect health. Happy one year birthday, daughter-shine. Daddy loves you so much.

48. Alongside your mother, you’re the greatest motivation I have for working hard, for staying consistent and disciplined. I promised to always do right by you, and I’m not relenting. But as much as I love you, I know God loves you more. So I pray that He will continue to uphold you and keep you long and safe for us. Happy birthday.

49. May the plans of the enemies for your life never come to pass. May God’s protection continue to surround and abound for you. Happy first birthday, darling.

50. Your liveliness always has keeps our mood high and hopeful. As you turn a year older, may God’s faithfulness continue to speak for you. May you experience unlimited blessing and favour. Amen.

Birthday Prayers for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

51. Today may be ordinary to other people. But to me, it is the day my jewel was born. I’m so sure there’s no one as happy as me in the entire world. And I pray that God will continually bless and increase you. Happy birthday, love.

52. As long as you live, may only good and beautiful things always come to you. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you!

53. As you grow older, may your dreams come through. May your expectations never be cut short. Grow in grace, darling!

54. You mean so much to me; more than I can describe with words. May the universe favour you, bless you and be kind to you. Happy first year birthday, honey.

55. Today is one of my favourite days of the year. Because I had the world’s most amazing daughter a year back. As you turn one today, may lack never be your portion. May abundance fill your life forever.

56. You and your mum, you both bring so much joy to me. I can hardly picture a world without you both. As you celebrate your birthday today, may God’s blessings continually be with you. Amen.

57. We are definitely having a party today! Lord knows you have made our lives happy and full. Happy birthday, my angel. God’s blessing always.

58. You deserve all the happiness in the entire world. And I pray that the coming years will bring you pure happiness. Happy first year birthday, sweetheart.

59. Knowing that you are my flesh and blood gives me indescribable joy. May your years be long and full of stories of great achievements. Happy birthday, daddy’s girl.

60. May your life never lack colour and fruitfulness. You have added these and many more to our lives, and we’ll always be grateful for you. Happy one year birthday, baby.

Christian Birthday Wishes for One Year Old Baby Girl

There is no better thing than to commit your baby girl into the hands of the Lord on her special day with these Christian birthday wishes for one year old baby girl.

He has kept her alive, He can keep her alive for many more years to come. In good health, timely direction and prosperity.

61. As you have clocked another year today, may smiles never depart from your face and that of your parents. Happy birthday, baby girl.

62. May God cause you to continue on a path of godliness, prosperity, good health and love. May His blessings rest upon you always. Happy one year old birthday, darling.

63. May your life glorify God for the rest of your days. May it be a source of inspiration and strength to other people. Happy 1 year birthday, angel. I love you so much.

64. This year and in the coming years, may your life draw a lot of people unto God. May it be one that gives only glory and praise to God. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetie.

65. May your end be an expected one of happiness, godliness, true worship and love. May God’s presence be with you for the rest of your days. Happy one year birthday, honey. Love you!

66. May your future be so bright and appealing, that whoever sees you will have no option than to thank God. Happy birthday, dearie.

67. May you continue to be a source of joy, strength, hope, and fulfilment to your parents. May your days be long and full. Amen.

68. In your coming years, may you never be put to shame. May you never suffer disgrace and reproach. In the name of Jesus; amen. Happy one year birthday, dear girl.

69. May your life be one that flourishes and continues to multiply. May it be one that tells of God’s faithfulness and kindness. Happy first year birthday, darling girl.

70. May the good Lord that has kept you alive to see one year, keep you alive to see many more years. Happy birthday, sweetie. You’re loved by God!

71. May God’s blessings that give only joy and adds no sorrow be your portion as you grow older. Happy birthday, dear. We have decades to go!

72. May God’s peace that passes all human understanding be felt by every day of your life. You’re so loved, darling. So loved! Happy first year birthday!

73. Because following God entails happiness, may you grow up to know and love God. And to find the happiness that is inherent in Him. Happy birthday, baby.

74. May your life, today and in the coming years, be filled with joy and only joy. Happy birthday, my darling.

75. May the Lord’s abiding presence bring you comfort and happiness as you grow older. May these also extend to your parents and loved ones. Amen.

76. May you grow to know how special you are; that you have been bought with a price; and that your worth is far above rubies. Happy first year birthday, sweet child.

77. God definitely has plans for you. And my prayer today is that you will grow up to fulfil purpose and live a life that is pleasing to God. Amen.

78. May God continue to bless you, today and on every other day. May His watchful eyes continually rest upon you. Happy birthday, honey.

79. May you grow to know the love of the Father, and to live a life that is a testimony of His unending kindness and goodness. Happy birthday, baby.

80. You are never alone. And I pray that you grow up to really know that God has got you always. Happy birthday, child. I love you so much.

1st Birthday Blessings for Baby Girl

Birthdays are good opportunities to speak words of blessings into the life of the celebrating baby girl.

And these 1st birthday blessings for baby girl will give you a head-start.

81. May evil be far away from your dwelling place. May you experience only good things in this new year, and in the years to come. Happy birthday, love.

82. May your years be filled with abundance. May lack and want be far away from your dwelling. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

83. As little as you are, you keep surprising us with the things you do. May your life continue to be filled with good surprises! You’re so loved, my darling!

84. Till you are old and grey, may you know and experience only peace and joy in surplus amounts. Happy birthday, dearie.

85. May you never lack for sustenance in your life. May you always find all that you would need to survive and thrive and in this world. Happy 1st birthday, baby!

86. May you always find favour in the sight of people. May you never be stranded in the coming years. Love you so much, darling!

87. May you know only blessings for as long as you live. And yes, may you also live long, and in good health. Happy birthday, child.

88. May good feats and achievements never depart from your life. May they fill your life, and bring joy and pride to your loved ones. Happy birthday, sunshine!

89. May your life be full of blessings. And may the blessings extend to your family and loved ones. Happy birthday, dear.

90. May news that will cause you to be depressed be far away from you forever. May you also grow up strong and healthy. Love you so much, dear.

91. May your years be full and rich. May you know joy in great leaps and bounds. Love you, darling child!

92. May you never become a write-off. You’re created with purpose, and you will fulfil purpose. Happy first year birthday, dear.

93. From the beginning, your life has been a testimony. As you grow older, may your life be filled with testimonies and good reports. Love you, baby!

94. May only wonderful gifts and good news fill your life, for the rest of your days. Happy birthday, blessed child.

95. See how grown you’ve become, and I’m so proud to experience the transition. Happy birthday, my angel. Only blessings upon your life; only blessings.

96. May each milestone bring you happiness and joy. May this milestone bring you only happiness and joy. Happy first birthday, honey.

97. So proud to know a lively and healthy baby like you. May your years see you glowing and healthy. Happy one year birthday, dearie.

98. May you always find the right path. May you never thread on the wrong ones. Happy first birthday, darling child.

99. May goodness and mercy follow you for the rest of your days. May your first year bring you plenty of blessings and favour. Happy birthday, honey.

100. May you walk the path that will make the people around you super proud of you. Happy first birthday, beautiful.

I totally enjoyed writing these birthday prayers for baby girl for their 1st birthday, and I really hope you enjoyed reading and using them too.

Do leave a comment and share with friends.

Thank you!

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