Happy 84th Birthday Prayers for 84 Year Birthday

Happy 84th Birthday Prayers for 84 Year Birthday Celebration (2021)

Happiness is not determined by age. The young and the aged love to be celebrated. The aged love it more because it gives them a sense of belonging. Many of them have spent their entire lives looking after us and giving us the best support in our happy times, celebrating them now would our turn to make them happy.

The experience of an 84-year-old may be many, but no one is tired of adding more to his experience of joyful moments which celebration of birthday provides. What it means celebrating an octogenarian is that you have given back to them a time to feel appreciated for all the time they have invested in others.

The best ways to make old people enjoy their birthday may be a search that may take forever but your prayers for them on their special day will go a very long way to lift their spirits. How about looking for the most fitting birthday gift to present to an aged person, well, give them your love and your presence at this special day and make sure you send them one of the 84th birthday prayers and messages below. It is very important.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 84 Years Old Sister

Your sister deserves the best of birthday especially as she celebrates the 84th birthday. The best of the birthday prayers for such an occasion is right here.

1. I pray that you experience joy more in all areas of your life and that you will recover all you had lost in the past. Happy 84th birthday to you, my dear sister.

2. To my sister at 84. The Lord has declared comfort into your life. As you mark your 84th sojourn here on earth, you will be a blessing to many generations. Happy 84th birthday.

3. Everything like a hill in your life will become plain and every valley shall be exalted. The Lord will grant you double relief for all your troubles. Happy 84th birthday to you, my dear sister.

4. The glory of the Lord shall be revealed in you. Every rough ground shall become level and every rugged and crooked place shall become smooth. Happy 84th birthday, my sister.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 84 Years Old Brother

Give your brother the best of birthday prayer message by sending to him any of the messages in this section. Its the 84th birthday and it’s awesome.

5. The Lord has spoken about you that glad tidings shall be heard around you. You are a wonder at 84th with good health. Congratulations on your 84th birthday, dear brother.

6. Happy 84th birthday to an amiable brother. The Lord will continually grant you the needed strength to function in your capacity.

7. Even youth grow tired and weary, but as you in this 84th occasion of your birthday, may you continue to be replenished in strength and favour of the Lord.

8. The Lord says to you Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid for I am your God. As you mark this 84th birthday, my lovely brother, the Lord will unto you a mighty warrior at all sides. Congratulations.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

A cousin at 84! How the time flies. The messages ere are deemed fit for the prayers rendered on such occasion of birthday.

9. A big congratulations to a cousin at 84 years. Your enemies will never be found and those who oppose you will be as nothing before you. Happy birthday to you.

10. On this 84th birthday, the Lord himself will hold you by his mighty hand ad guide you in the paths of life. Happy 84th birthday to you, my brother.

11. The Lord who has kept you till this great day of 84th year of living here will make you to trample upon the mountain and subdue them. Happy 84th birthday to you, brother.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 84 Years Old Friend

Your love for your friend could be best portrayed by the prayer messages for 84 years old friend written here specially for 84th year birthday.

12. Dear friend, I celebrate you as you mark your 84th birthday. The Lord will turn every desert in your life into pools of water. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

13. Happy birthday to my distinguished friend, you are precious in the sight of God. For these past 84years, the Lord has been your helper. You will never be left alone. Happy 84th birthday.

14. The Lord who has kept you this far will never leave alone. Happy 84th birthday to you, my dear friend.

15. Your sons will be brought from afar riding on the wings of kings and queens. Your years shall be replenished. Happy 84th birthday to you, friend.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

A big uncle or aunt is worth the touching birthday prayer messages below. Send them to him or her and celebrate the 84th birthday in grand style.

16. An aunt at 84 is an aunt forever. As you clock 84 today, I ask that your life be like an unending spring. Happy 84th birthday to you.

17. The Lord whom you serve will uplift you beyond every obstacle of life and grant you joy everlasting as you mark your 84th birthday. Happy birthday, my uncle.

18. As you mark your 84th birthday today, the Lord will call you by a new name which will diffuse through your innermost being and separate you. Happy 84th birthday to you, my dear uncle.

19. The Lord will prove himself mighty in your life. From the rising of the sun to its setting, you shall be lifted beyond boundaries. Happy 84th birthday you, my aunt.

20. The Lord will be a light to your path and a lamp to your feet. As become 84 years old today, the Good hand of the lord will always be upon you. Happy 84th birthday, my beloved uncle,

21. You are a shining light and a beacon of hope. You’ve been there many times for many people. The Lord will always be by your side. Happy 84th birthday to you, aunt.

22. Happy 84th birthday, my dear uncle. The Lord will sustain you even to your old age. He will carry you in his hands and rescue you from all evil. Happy birthday to you.

23. The beauty of the Lord over your life has never faded and will never diminish. He will be your God both now at 84 and forever. Happy 84th birthday to you, my aunt.

24. The Lord will refine your age as pure gold. Your youth will be renewed in you. Happy 84th birthday to you, my uncle.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

For a brother-in-law or sister-in-law celebrating a wholesome 84th birthday, they deserve nothing but the best these birthday prayer messages and they are right here for your use.

25. My wonderful brother-in-law is 84. Congratulations to you. The Lord is speaking comfort to your life today. Happy birthday.

26. As you mark your 84th year today, I celebrate you for you have been an inspiration to me. I ask that your garment of praise never be turned to despair. Happy 84th birthday, my sister-in-law.

27. Your broken walls will be rebuilt and very leakage in your life will be closed. Happy 84th birthday to you, my wonderful sister-in-law.

28. You will be called the beloved of the Lord. As you mark your 84th birthday, the Lord who sees the end from the beginning will be your helper. Happy birthday, brother-in-law.

29. The Lord will make an everlasting covenant with you and reward you for all your hard labours. Happy 84th birthday to you, sister-in-law.

30. For every of your shame the Lord will grant you double glory. I’m so glad you are celebrating your 84th birthday today, my dear brother-in-law. Congratulations.

31. Instead of disgrace, you will rejoice. Your inheritance will never be denied you. Happy 84th birthday to you, my sister-in-law.

32. The Lord will compensate you at your old age and restore to you all your lost fortunes. Happy 84th birthday to you, my brother-in-law.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Give your dad and mom a hug by sending the prayer messages below on their 84th birthday. Let them know you love them.

33. A dad at 84 is a special daddy. Your ancient ruins will be rebuilt and you will experience everlasting joy. Happy 84th birthday to you, dad.

34. At 84, you have been a role model and still, you are. You will feed on the wealth of nations and in their riches, you will boast. Happy birthday, mom.

35. Hurray, daddy clock 84. I celebrate a man of estimable value. Foreigners will work your fields and aliens will shepherd your flocks.

36. The Lord is your portion in the land of the living. He will always be with you as he has always been. Happy 84th birthday to you, mom.

37. For your sake daddy, the Lord will not keep silent. He will grant you justice and overflowing prosperity. Happy 84th birthday to you.

38. The Lord rejoices over you today, mummy. Rejoice become you are valuable to the Lord. Happy 84th birthday to you.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

The best moment to celebrate granddads and moms is on their birthdays. And for this 84th birthday, use the prayer messages below.

39. My immaculate grandmom. Happy 84th birthday to you. You will experience the peace that flows like a river, now and forever.

40. To the best grand-dad in the entire world, I say a big congratulations on the occasion of your 84th birthday. You are a star, you will never be snuffed out. Happy birthday.

41. The Lord has promised that he will never fail you and as you clock 84 years today, that promise is re-established over your life. Happy 84th birthday, grandma.

42. You are the apple of the Lord’s eye. For 84 years, the Lord has been your support and helper. Congratulations on this great day. Happy birthday, grand-dad.

43. As you clock 84 years today, remember you have been precious to us and much more precious to God. Continue to enjoy the love of God. Happy birthday, my lovely grandmom.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 84 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

Celebrate your mother-in-law and father-in-law on the occasion of 84th birthday ceremony with wonderful prayer messages from the heart.

44. To best father-in-law in the world, happy 84th birthday to you. The Lord will remember all your good works and bless you abundantly. Congratulations.

45. My mother-in-law grows in knowledge and wisdom and in the glory of the Lord. Eighty-four looks good on you. Enjoy Gods good grace. Happy birthday to you.

84th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

For your boss who is celebrating the 84th birthday, the best prayer messages are right here for them.

46. To a leader and a mentor, I celebrate you today as you clock 84 years. The Lord will continue to do awesome things in your life and grant you more wisdom. Happy 84th birthday to you.

47. At 84, you move like a youth and display knowledge compared to one. May the Lord grant you abundant joy in everything you do. Happy 84th birthday to you.

Opening Prayers for 84th Birthday Party

You need not worry what to say in the opening prayer of an elder’s birthday again because I’ve got you covered by the messages for 84th birthday party in this segment.

48. Dear Lord, as we gather to celebrate today on the 84th birthday celebration, grant we beseech you the love that no one can fathom and let your light shine on our celebrant.

49. Almighty God, thank you for this special day. May you make it special for us and especially for our celebrant on whose account we have gathered to celebrate this 84th birthday. Let this joy be permanent in our lives.

50. Our Dear Lord, we thank you for the gift of life and for your protection. Thank you for your love spread across our different home. We ask that you will always be a shield to us and in particular to our 84th birthday celebrant and the entire family.

Asides from the merriment, prayers are needed to make the birthday of every celebrant memorable. There you have them. Use them generously and I hope you’ll love them.

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